Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


1. Prologue ...

I'm waiting for my princess to come. I just have to be patient. -Niall James Horan :)

It's odd that girls ask if they can hug me. Don't ask, just do it. I'm just a regular guy. -Niall ♥


Prologue ...



I hopped off of my Volkswagen and walked freely without being bugged by anyone and I'm loving it. I always love being free.. it's just so refreshing and it's like the second definition of being happy and just being your true self and that's what I always wanted. It's not that I'm being caged by someone or my parents. No..my parents just let me do anything I want and whenever I want and that's why I love them very much. Referring to what I love.. I love purity.. but I hate reality. I sleep to dream.. I eat because my body needs it. I sing because I find it entertaining. I laugh and giggle because it's not illegal and I hurt myself just to know that I'm still alive.

As I walk to the place where I usually go in the mornings..I finally saw the stairs that will lead me to the fishes. Without thinking twice, I made my way towards it and walked down the stairs. Once I'm at the end, I sat on one of the steps and pulled out my stash bag full of bread chunks then I started to feed the fishes.

"Ici, louche louche! (Here, fishy fishy!)" I cooed as I throw some bread bits on the water. I watched the cute little fishes as they grab on each particles. I love everything that's God made and I just can't help but go here than to laze around at home and have these poor little creatures not be fed for the whole day.

"Là-bas, un peu plus! (There, have some more!)" I threw the last bits and smiled to myself as I watch the fishes fight over some food.

I was about to stand up from the step to head off when I saw some more fishes coming towards me; asking for food. I frowned. I have nothing left with me no more..

I shoved my hand inside my stash, hoping that there's still left but to no avail..

"Here, fishes.. have mine!" I heard someone say in a thick foreign accent.

I glanced up to see a boy. He's blonde and yes..a foreigner.

He looked at me and smile. I smiled back, seeing the nice thing he was doing for me and for the fishes. He was about to throw the whole sandwich from his hand to the water when I stood up and stopped him, "Attendez, non! (Wait, no!),"I halted him.

He stared at me blankly but at least, he stopped. I took the sandwich from him and pinched some small bits from it and fed it to the fishes. He smacked his forehead in realization, "Right! Fishes won't be able to eat that huge," he said.

I nodded, "Pouvez-vous comprendre le Français, monsieur? (Can you understand French, mister?)" I asked him as I throw the last bits of the sandwich.

He scratched the back of his neck, feeling uneasy.

Oh..he can't understand Français.

I cleared my throat, "Are vous from here, monsieur?" I tried my best to be understood.

He snapped his finger as he shook his head, "Oh no, madam! Me and my band mates just stopped by for the whole summer and well.. management chose Paris.. I.. did you.. did you understand that?" he asked, scratching his head in the process.

I giggled.


"So vous said vous have a bande..?" I asked, smiling at him.

He nodded, "Uh.. I'm from One Direction.."

"Oh! One Direction. Je sais que .. Je sais que j'ai entendu parler de vous les gars, mais je ne suis pas sûr .. (I know that.. I know I've heard of you guys but I'm not quite sure..)"

He just stared at me.

I scanned him all over and I just can't help but bite my lower lip. This guy is fit and I think he's really cute.

"Uhm.. monsieur, avez-vous un nom?" I asked. I laughed realizing he would not understand that, heck, he didn't get any word I told him! I mentally rolled my eyes at my own stupidity. "My apology.. I said, I knew your band and.. if vous have a name?"

He smiled, "Niall Horan. And you..?"

"Ah.. Un champion.." I said in glee.


"I said, a champion.."

He chuckled, "What was that supposed to mean?"

"Your name, monsieur.. Niall means 'Champion'.."

"Oh... uh amazing..," he mused, "And uh.. y-your name.. I didn't know.. it yet..," he asked shyly.

I giggled at his cuteness, "Je suis Monsour Celestine (I'm Celestine Monsour)," I said, offering a hand.

He took it willingly and shook it, "Ce-Celestine, innit?" he asked unsure.

I nodded. All of this introductions were getting us nowhere and I'm getting bored with it. So, I decided to start and mess with him like I usually do.

"Do you have nothing to do after this, monsieur Niall?" I asked, slinging my stash bag over my shoulder.

He shook his head, "Nah.. why..?"

"Oh, c'est bien! (Oh, good!)" I beamed. I walked towards him and grabbed him by his wrist, dragging him to where my Volkswagen is parked.

"W-Where are you taking me?" he asked, "This is your car..?"

Ignoring him, I opened the door to the passenger side, "Obtenez po. (Get in.)"

He was hesitant but he still understood so he obeyed, climbing in and I'm happy with that. I slammed his door shut then made my way to the driver's seat. I slammed my door and started the engine.

"Where are we..going..?" he asked.

I looked behind me to drive the car backwards to get out of the parking lot. Once I'm ready to go, I glanced at Niall and flashed him my best innocent smile, "We'll have some fun," I winked at him which caused him to stiffen from where he was sat.

* * *

"A-Are you..sure about this..?" he stammered, covering up his naked torso with his arms. He looked so cute and innocent just wearing his Calvin & Klein boxers.

I nodded my head slowly as I give him a puppy look, "I am.. you got to help me, Niall.. veuillez oh s'il vous plaît (please oh please)," I playfully pleaded, "Come back to bed?" I said, tapping the bed. I drove us to Hotel Beaugrenelle Tour Eiffel where I was currently staying at and it took us half an hour before we reached.

I saw him swallow a lump as he walk towards the bed nervously. I like this guy. He's so dense and innocent that I could actually do anything I want with him.

Cautiously, he sat down next to me and so I sat up straight as well and faced him. I cupped his face to make him look at me. He was scared..and nervous and I can't help but get excited. I could feel my hormones jumping in anxiousness under my privates.

"This will only last an hour, Niall.. don't worry too much. Relax..," I said reassuring him, "Or..unless you're a virgin too?"

His eyes widened, "O-Of course not! I'm not a virgin anymore!" he stuttered as he blush furiously.

I smirked, "Grande. (Great.)," I said as I slowly take off my white-colored lingerie. He averted his gaze away from my chest and I could feel his body shiver from my touch. I held his chin to make him look at my bare breasts, "Relax...," I said as I try to sooth him. He's a child..

He shook his head, "Right.. sorry.."

"Close your eyes, Niall..," I whispered to him.

He gulped and closed his eyes. I lifted up both of his hands and had them reach for my breasts. I pressed his palm on my bare breasts and I felt its coldness on my skin. He was turning pale. I sighed, letting go of him. He pried his eyes open, "That's it?" he asked, blinking.

I shook my head, "You don't seem ready..," I said softly, covering myself up with the blanket.

He hung his head low, "I'm sorry..," he apologized softly.

"I just really thought that you could help me with my insecurity and low self-esteem issues..," I said, pouting.

He sighed, "Okay... I will... do it. I'm ready now," he said.

My eyes lit up.

He crawled towards me and took the blanket off of my torso. He took in a deep breath before he leaned in. His face was coming near mine until it's mere inches away from mine. I could feel his breath fanning my face and I could smell his scent all over my senses and--

That's it!

Niall paused, "So.. I'm going to kiss you now if that's al--" I cut him off as I snake my arms around his neck, crashing my lips onto his. He returned the kiss almost immediately. I smirked through our lips. I parted my mouth and touched his lower lip with my tongue for entrance.

He wasn't letting me in.

I parted from him, "Are you sure you're not a virgin anymore? Tu es sûr que vous savez ce que vous faites? (You sure that you know what you're doing?)"

"Uh.. I..," he stammered.

"Niall. Part your lips open so I could enter my--"

"Yeah. Sorry.."

I sighed as I lead him back to where we stopped and this time, we've done it right. Our lips moved in sync and I'm loving it. His lips tasted sweet and they were very soft. I scooted even closer to him which made the kiss deepen, "Niall.. roam your hands around my body..," I murmured through our interacted lips.

He obeyed for I could already feel his cold palms roaming my bare stomach and down to my undies. I expected him to stop there but I was surprised and happy that he didn't. He slid in his hand inside my panty and played with my most private with his middle finger. Now he's getting me convinced that he's done this before.

I let out a moan, I gripped his arms with my finger let alone my nails which made him yelp in pain, "Sorry.. please don't stop..," I moaned.

He continued on doing it until he decided to let me have the real thing to enter me. I bit my lower lip hard. Hard enough to the point that I could taste my own blood.

"Am I doing it right enough for you..?" Niall managed through heavy breathing as he ride on top of me.

I nodded my head vigorously despite my position with him towering over me, "Oui, Niall, oui! (Yes, Niall, yes!)," I breathed out quite loud.

We did it for I don't know how long and I must admit that he was good at it. We're finally at the tip of the finale and for my pleasure, he went fast 'till he lost all of his energy. He got off on top of me and flopped down right next to me in bed. I was sweating all over and damn, I feel like I'm on cloud nine again, "Merci, Niall! (Thanks, Niall!)" I said in glee.

He chuckled beside me, "You said 'thanks' if I wasn't mistaken, ain't it?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. I nodded with a grin. "Right. So.. can I ask you a favor?"

I sat up from bed and tied up my hair in a messy ponytail, "Anything!" I told him.

"Pronounce my name as Na-yal.. not Nii-yaal," he said, chuckling slyly.

I giggled, "Bien sûr, Niall.. (Of course, Niall..)," I said.

"You still haven't got it right yet..," he whined as he chuckle.

"Sorry," I giggled, leaning down to peck his forehead which caused him to blush furiously. He looked so cute with his red cheeks. I stood up from bed, "Let me cook something for you. What would you like?" I asked him as I cover myself up with my bathrobe.

"I'd love to but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to go now.. my mates must be worried, looking all over for me," he said quite rushed as he shot up from bed. He picked up his scattered clothes on the floor and wore them one by one, "Uh so... I guess I'll.. see you around?" he asked hopefully.

I nodded, "Je te vois autour.. (I'll see you around..)"

He stood there awkwardly, shoving his hand to his pockets, "Is that a.. uh.. a yes..?"

"Oui, Na-yaal..," I struggled to pronounce his name.

"You're already improving..," he mused, walking his way towards me. He held me by my waist and kissed my cheek, "Bye."

I watched him from his back as he walk his way towards the door. I caressed my cheek where he'd left his one last kiss.


I could feel butterflies inside my stomach flutter..and it's weird. This never happened before! I have had all these one night stand but I never once had this butterfly feeling!

I gasped as my eyes widen, "Niall!" I called him, "Attendez-moi! (Wait for me!)" I quicken my pace, trying to catch up with Niall.

I saw Niall stopped in the middle of the hallway then he turned around almost immediately, "Forget something, my Celestine?" he asked, smiling warmly at me.

I took in a deep breath, "Uhm..," I pondered, biting my lip, I can't lie to him, "I.. I'm really not a virgin anymore. I just.. I--"

He cut me off by placing a finger between my lips, "Sshh. I know.."

I sighed of relief, "Great.. you know.. and you're not mad?" I twitched.

He shook his head.

"Sorry, Niall. C'est juste que je veux vraiment avoir des relations sexuelles avec vous-- (It's just that I really want to have sex with you--) Oh.. I mean.."

"Uh.. I think I get it already..," he said unsure, "But.. just so you know.. I was really a virgin. You were the first one to..uhm.."

I don't know why but suddenly I felt my heart leap knowing that no one had done it with him yet. I was the first one. I had him all by myself. Aren't I lucky?

"Right..," I smiled, "So.. bye now. Good luck with your uh.. fame and what not.."

He chuckled, "Bye. I'll ring you as soon as I can!"

And with that.. he was gone.

Niall...Naa-yaal..Je dois te rappeler ce nom. (I gotta remember that name.)

Euh .. comment pourrait-il être en mesure de me téléphoner s'il ne dispose pas de mon numéro? (Erm.. how will he be able to ring me if he doesn't have my number?)



A/N: This is just the beginning. Real happenings will start real soon so, keep reading :) thank you! - Lou x

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