Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


4. Le chapitre trois ...

I'm an emotional guy. So, I don't have to worry about a girl trying to get me to open up. - Niall Irish Horan


Le chapitre trois ...

I was seated across the table of Poker from a good-looking filthy rich man who was constantly taking glances at me for the past two hours now. I hate admitting it but I think he's worth a shot. He isn't telling me anything yet I know what he want. It's me. I'm at one of the mostly known parties of the Monsours. My cousins are here, my uncles and aunts as well. They're all wealthy and to be honest? I'm not loving my stay here as of the moment. Everybody's getting drunk and gambling about. I don't fancy gambling. I think of it as a waste of time and money. They could've just give it to the poor..

My father does this event yearly; usually every July but well, obviously he decided to held it earlier. It's barely even April and now here I am, getting bored all the while, just watching these local people gamble away.

I let out a bored sigh as I slouch on my seat.

"S'ennuyer? (Getting bored?)" my cousin, Taleema asked. I was seated next to her while she play like a champion in Poker. She's a total hustler in this game. She was gifted.

I shrugged, "Probablement. Je garde des soupirs et bâillements .. (Probably. I keep sighing and yawning..)"

She chuckled as she play with her chips, making it flip on her fingers, "Pourquoi ne pas vous venez de nous rejoindre? (Why don't you just join us?)" she asked, cocking an eyebrow.

I crossed my arms over my chest, "Vous savez comment je trouve le jeu est .. (You know how I find gambling is..)"

She nodded, "Gaspillage d'argent et de temps, je sais. (Waste of money and time, I know.)"

"Donc, vous saviez. (So you knew.)"

"Ce sera amusant. Juste pour tuer le temps. Allez, Celly .. (It'll be fun. Just to kill time. Come on, Celly..)," she pressed.

I pursed my lips, "Nope. Je vais bien (Nope. I'm fine)," I said, standing up. "Je vais aller boire un verre .. (I'll go get a drink..)," I said. Then I walked towards the bar.

"Que voulez-vous, Mlle Celestine Monsour? (What would you like, Miss Celestine Monsour?)" the bartender asked.

I sat on one of the high stool and pondered, "Hmm .. Vodka citron vert s'il vous plaît (Hmm.. Lime vodka please)," I said politely.

The bartender nodded as he pour me some glass of Lime vodka. He handed me my drink and I downed it in a matter of time, "Donne-moi un peu plus (Give me some more)," I said. He obeyed right away.

Just then it had been a while since I left Taleema on her own. I've been having myself drunk for the past hour now and well, I don't feel drowsy enough just yet. I want more. I'm a heavy drinker if I might add..

I reached for another shot and had it down with one gulp.

"Vous buvez dur .. (You drink hard..)," I heard someone say.

I looked to my right and I can't help but smirk. It was the rich fellow that's been checking me out the whole while that I was seated across him. "Je ne suis certainement .. (I sure do..)," I responded.

He sat on the stool next to me and leaned his elbow by the bar and looked at me with those eyes full of lust, "I.. envie d'aller quelque part ce soir, mais .. Je vais avoir besoin d'un peu de compagnie .. ferez-vous l'honneur ..? (I.. wanna go somewhere tonight but.. I'm going to need some company.. will you do the honor..?)" he asked huskily.

I swallowed as I lick my bottom lip with my eyes darted on his rosy lips, "Est-ce une invitation? (Is that an invitation?)" I flirted turning my gaze back to his brown eyes.

"Si vous souhaitez le mettre de cette façon il pourrait aussi bien être un .. (If you would like to put it that way then it might as well be one..)," he interjected teasingly.

I smirked, "Clever.."

He stood up from his stool and helped me to get myself down my stool without tripping on my red long dress, "Et votre nom est Celestine, ai-je raison? (And your name is Celestine, am I correct?)" he asked.

I nodded, "Corrigez .. (Correct..)"

He lead the both of us out my father's party. He dragged me somewhere that I don't know anymore. My vision was becoming more blurry and I'm feeling all dizzy as we walk. I've been wobbling and stumbling on my feet with my high heeled stilettos. The stranger was mumbling some words but I can't seem to comprehend no more. The last thing that I recalled is that we were calling for a cab and I gave away my address to my hotel. I thought that that was tad weird.. why would he take me to my place? I expected him to take me somewhere else.. like his flat or whatever cause he invited me along, didn't he?

Niall would be a much better company then him..

My Niall.. oh geez.. I forgot to ask about his surname again.. I'm a horrible person..

"Celestine .. miel .. (Celestine.. honey..)"

I pried my eyes open and roamed my sight till it drop on the stranger who was currently trailing kisses on my neck, "Où sommes-nous? .. (Where are we..?)" I managed with my slurry voice due to the fact that I was too high by liquor.

"Votre hôtel .. Chambre .. douce chose .. (Your hotel..room..sweet thing..)," he huskily said between smooches.

I moaned as I push him gently which caused him stop, "Je ne me souviens pas de monter .. (I didn't remember going up..)," I said rather confuse.

He chuckled, "C'est parce que vous m'avez demandé de vous transporter, hun .. (It is because you asked me to carry you, hun..)"

I tilted my head to the side. Still confused.

This man who was lying on top of me continued to kiss my neck which doesn't bother me at all. All that bothers me is how on earth did we get here.

Just then, I felt him tugging on my dress, lifting it up to gain access inside my thighs. I arched my back to grant what he was craving for. I stayed behave, just letting him do what he want to my body. I don't really care if he want to take advantage of me; he could do whatever he want.

I'm too high to care..

* * *

I stared out the glass window. I hated the fact that I can't see the Eiffel Tower from here. Got to live somewhere that would have a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower soon enough. I shifted from bed and a face of a sleeping stranger landed on my sight. I grabbed the blanket that was keeping me warm to take it off my fully naked body. I sat up slowly from bed and winced almost immediately. I lifted up a hand only to give my temple light rubs.

"Gueule de bois .. sont .. horribles .. (Hangovers.. are.. horrible..)," I muttered as I struggle to stand on my feet.

I wobbled my way towards the bathroom, once I got in, I went straight to knelt down in front of the toilet and.. threw up. I scrunched up my nose, not liking the awful scent of my own vomit. I reached for the handle and flushed everything down.

Standing up from the ground, I didn't let go of rubbing my temple. I washed my mouth with cold water in the sink and then I walked out the bathroom for some breakfast.

I was nearly stepping inside the kitchen when I heard my phone blaring from somewhere.


Where did I put it?

I ran to my bag and racked it; and there I saw it. Without checking the caller identification, I pressed accept and pressed it in my ear, "Bonjour? (Hello?)"


I narrowed my eyes. It's no French. "Oui, c'est moi. Qui est-ce? (Yes, it is me. Who is this?)"

"Sorry, what..? Celestine.. I can't understand French.. remember? It's me, Niall.."

I bit my lip, "Niall. It's you! Oh, I'm so sorry," I gushed to the phone. I walked towards my desk and sat with my naked bum on the chair; my skin feeling its coolness, "What made you call me?" I asked casually.

"Uh.. I.."

I stifle a giggle, "What is it, Niall? Just tell me.."

"I just want to..uh..," he trails off. I heard some people shouting from the background then I heard Niall sigh, "Can we meet?" he asked and I could feel that he was hesitant.

I pursed my lips that was threatening to smirk, "Sure, Niall. Where should we meet?"

"No. I'll be the one to fetch you! Stay there, okay? I'll be there in a tick," he said quite in a hurry before hanging up.

I blinked. He's.. coming here. Niall is coming!

I hastily stood up from my seat, nearly knocking it down. I ran to the stranger in my bed, "Hé, monsieur! Vous devez partir maintenant! Levez-vous! Réveillez-vous, monsieur! (Hey, mister! You must leave now! Get up! Wake up, mister!)" I yelled frantically as I tug on his naked chest.

He groaned, "Hein? (Huh?)"

I slapped his face, trying to wake him up, "Monsieur! Levez-vous! (Mister! Get up!)"

He pried his eyes open, "Oh! Bonjour, mon ange .. (Oh! Good morning, angel..)," he said with his groggy voice. I scrunched up my nose in disgust. He smelt of alcohol.

"Vous devez partir, monsieur. Je vais avoir un visiteur (You have to leave, sir. I'm having a visitor)," I said calmly.

He frowned as he sat himself up from bed. His feet met the floor and then he gathered his scattered clothes one by one. He looked at me and smirk, "Vous avez vraiment un grand corps, Celestine .. (You really got a great body, Celestine..)," he teased, scanning my naked body up and down.

I pursed my lips, "Très bien. Quoi que vous disiez. Maintenant, laissez s'il vous plaît .. (Alright. Whatever you say. Now, leave please..)"

He chuckled, wearing his clothes from last night. He walked towards the kitchen and did a food search. Sighing to myself, I left him to do whatever he want and had my body clothed with something simple and nice. Just a denim short and some loose shirt. I tied up my hair in a high ponytail and then I came to the kitchen.

He was still there, drinking coffee.

I stuck my hands on my hips, "Quel est votre nom, de toute façon? (What's your name, anyway?)" I asked.

He grinned, "Peppin."

I nodded, "Droite. Donc, euh, M. Peppin, vous voudrez peut-être se dépêcher parce que mon euh .. mon ami vient. (Right. So uh, Mr. Peppin, you might want to hurry up cause my uh.. my friend's coming.)"

He blew out a whistle, "Un ami (A friend)," he repeated, "Hmm .. ok, je suis fait! (Hmm.. okay, I'm done!)" he announced, standing up from the chair, taking a last sip on his coffee.

I lead him out the kitchen and that's when the doorbell rang. I bit my lip.

I walked rather fast to answer the door.


My lips parted slightly at the sight. He was wearing a black shirt over his gray cardigan and was just wearing a beige chinos yet he looked so yummy in my eyes. This child sure got me hooked to him right away.

I shook my head, "Hey Niall.."

"Eh bien bien .. si ceci est votre ami. Il avait l'air plutôt familier .. (Well well.. so this is your friend. He looked rather familiar..)," Peppin said, peeking his head out the door to have a good look at Niall.

Niall gave me a look as he avert his gaze from this tall person behind me. I opened the door wide to make way for Peppin, "Dehors (Out)," I said, referring to Peppin.

Peppin stepped out my room, "So .. puis-je vous appeler? Pour une autre fois sexy? (So.. can I call you? For another sexy time?)" he asked.

I shook my head. I grabbed Niall's wrist, pulling him in my room, "Non, vous sucer au lit. Au revoir (No. You suck at bed. Bye)," and with that, I slammed my door closed.

"Who..is that?" Niall asked.

I bit my lip as I keep myself from laughing. Niall looked so cute and innocent with his confused facial expression. Like a lost kid.

"He's no one, Niall..," I said softly. I spread my arms open, "Aren't you going to give me a hug?"

Niall blushed furiously, "Right..," he said shyly, engulfing me in for a gentle hug. I inhaled his sweet baby scent which brought a smile to my face immediately. I pecked his lips once we parted.

"So.. where shall we head today?" I asked with a smile.

"About that.. I was thinking.. a coffee or tea time, maybe? Or maybe we could catch a film if you want.. or..," he trails off, looking all shy.

I giggled and I can't help but peck his lips again. I hung my arms on both side of his shoulders and smiled, "A nice coffee and a stroll out the streets is good.."

He cleared his throat, "A-Alright.. uh so.. shall we?" he asked nervously.

"Sure!" I beamed, "But.. I should wear something more decent first. I'm still in my simple ones..," I said. He nodded, "Go sit somewhere first and I'll be right back."

Niall obeyed. And so, I walked to my room to change.

* * *

I looked forward and neglect everyone's gaze. It's not worth my time anyway. I smiled widely and grabbed on my hat, letting my loose hair fly off with the wind; I skipped and hopped in excitement. Niall laughed next to me. I walked rather fast and faced him, I started to walk backwards, "It's our very first date, my sweetie," I beamed.

I saw Niall's cheeks tinge a rosy pink, "A d-date, you say?" he stammered.

I reached on Niall's nose to give it a pinch, "You're so cute, Niall. Don't stammer like that," I teased then I ducked low and faced him, "Because.. it turns me on.. you don't want me to make love with you out the streets now, do you..?"

His eyes widened.

"Relax, Niall. I'm just kidding about!" I chirped, waving him off. I hopped on the ground to pass off a man hole. You see.. I'm a child at heart whenever I feel so excited about stuff to the point that I don't care anymore.

"W-Wait, Celestine! So it's a date?" Niall asked once he caught up with me.

I shrugged, "It had to be.. I mean, you. A boy. And me. A girl. We will dine alone. And well.. we kiss, we hug and..," I trailed off, looking at him teasingly.

I saw him swallow, "Right.. I get it, Celestine.. you don't have to state the--"

"Sex," I finished.

"That..," he sighed.

I pouted, pinching his cheek, "Aw, Niall.. sorry I just really had to say it. I love that word, you know..," I cooed.

He chuckled, "You're really enchanting.."

I grinned cheerily, "Am I though?"

He nodded, "Yep. You're so...," he trails off.



Hearing that had me stopping from walking fast as I feel butterfly fluttering in my stomach once again.

"W-What? Was that offensive?" Niall panicked.

I bit my lip as I shook my head, "No..Niall. I just.. nothing, nothing. Uh.. let's go.."

Niall and I continued our sweet little journey and finally we reached Starbucks. I like Starbucks from countries like America, Canada and Australia but Starbucks here in Paris is my favorite. I don't know why though.

Maybe it was the fact that I'd be able to dine while glancing at the Eiffel Tower. Yeah.. that must be it.

Niall beats me from opening the door that will lead us inside, "After you," he said as he grin.

I grinned back, stepping inside. I quickly searched for a place for us to sit and found one by the corner. I ran to it and sit happily like a little girl. Niall laughed at my action then soon he seated next to me. I wrapped my arms around him then I planted a chaste kiss on his lips; I forgot that I was still wearing a hat so when I parted, I saw him scrunching up his nose with his eyes shut, "Oops! I'm sorry, sweetie..," I apologized dearly.

He grinned, "It's alright, love..," he said softly, "So.. what would you like? Coffee? Tea?" he asked, taking out his wallet.

I held his wallet and shook my head, "I'll pay for us, Niall."

"No. I'll pay," he said.

I pouted, "But I want to pay for us, sweetie.."

Niall shook his head, "I will pay for us, Celestine.. please? Let me. Besides, you said it's got to be our first date. And in first dates, boys should be the ones who'll pay for their dates.. right?"

I furrowed my brows, "I didn't know that, Niall.."

Niall's jaw dropped, "Are you being serious..? Have you ever been on a date anyway? Well, I didn't mean to be rude but.. have a guy ever taken you out for a date..?" he said, whispering the last part.

I pursed my lips. I took off my hat and leaned close to him to whisper something in his ear, "Can you keep a secret?" he nodded, "Nope. No one has ever taken me out on a date. Plenty had asked me out but all because they only want my body and not me. All I do is have sex with boys.. I didn't know that there was more than just that."

Niall silenced for a second. He stared at me with an expression that I couldn't extinguish..

"Celestine.. I.. I'm asking you out for a date..," he utter suddenly.

My lips parted, "But Niall.. we're already on a date, aren't we?"

He nodded, "I just thought I should make things formal and clear. Right, so.. tea or café?"

I grinned cheekily as I ponder for an answer, "Mmm.. say.. what would my handsome date choose? A tea or café?"

"Tea!" he beamed.

"Tea it is!" I beamed. And then I remembered, "Oh Niall! What's your surname again? I forgot..," I said sheepishly.

He grinned, "Horan. Niall Horan."

"Oh.. sounds good.. Celestine Horan.. agree with me?" I joked, raising an eyebrow at him.

He turned red. That's just cute.

Giggling to myself, Niall stood up from his seat and walked towards the counter. I watched him while he talk to the lady by the cash register. This boy right here just asked me out on a date..

I smiled just thinking about it. He really thought that I've never been on a date. I've been on one as I recall. Back when I was in kindergarten.. this nerd boy on my class asked me out. At least, that's what I thought. Well, he asked me this that time, 'Will you eat with me at Wendy's later?'

Just then, I saw Niall coming back with a tray on his grasp; our teas in it with two doughnuts.

Doughnuts.. bread.. that reminded me of something..

I clutched on the tea in my hand as we walk out the streets. We had our teas and doughnuts.. well, my doughnut I mean, because Niall ate his, then I had mine be taken away because I wanted to go to where the fishes are. It's half past ten and I should be feeding them now.

My eyes lit up once I saw the very familiar stairs coming in view, "Hurry Niall! I could hear their cute little stomachs growling from here!" I sing-sang, running towards the place. I skipped down the stair and took out my paper bag full of doughnut chunks. I sat down.

Niall caught up behind me and sat down on one of the steps next to me.

I shoved my hand in the paper bag and grabbed some; I threw them on the water.

I bit my lip out of happiness. There goes my fishes.. fighting over the food I supplied them for today. How I love seeing this kind of scene.

"You loved doing this, ain't you?" Niall asked from behind me.

I nodded my head vigorously.

"Why don't you just... bring them home? I mean.. you know.. instead of going here every single day just to feed them..?"

My eyes lit up, "Oh my goodness, Niall! You're a genius!" I squealed and I couldn't help but tackle Niall in for a bear hug.

He chuckled.

* * *

I stared at the fishbowl in front of me in awe.

"They are so lovely...," I breathed out; never tearing my gaze upon my new pets.

We came back to my hotel took the fishes with us. Niall helped me out on gathering them at once. We struggled on looking for a plastic bag though, because it was already prohibited to use plastics here in Paris because it causes Global warming and I completely agree with that. But soon we have managed to find one; Niall is just the best.

"They are.. just like their new owner. I bet they are now in a good hand," Niall said softly which had me tearing my eyes off my lovely pets to face him.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and leaned my head on his chest. I shut my eyes and listened to his heart beat, "Thank you for today, Niall..," I said almost in a whisper.

I felt Niall's arms slowly snaking on my back, "You're welcome, princess.."

I shot up my head to flash him a grin, "Princess.. I must say.. that sounded lovely," I said cheekily.

Niall placed a soft kiss on my forehead, leaving some remnant of his wet lips that didn't bother me at all, "Then I shall address you as princess from now on then.."



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