Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


7. Le chapitre six ...

If a man whistles at you, don't turn around, ignore him. You're a lady not a dog - Niall James Horan <3333


Le chapitre six ...

I rubbed circles on Niall's bare chest as we lay peacefully on my bed. It was barely 9 in the morning and there's really nothing to do right now. I invited Niall along last night to come by my hotel room and was surprised that he was indeed on his way here already. Says, he doesn't want his girlfriend all by herself in any moment. I smiled dearly to myself. I am now Niall's girlfriend.. wow.. it actually felt good, knowing that someone's officially owning you. I don't get it though. For me, it's just the same. I mean, we could kiss, hug or do all the stuff even if we're not together as a couple. So, I really don't get the much higher benefit of having a someone then to have someone in bed whenever I want to.

I could feel Niall's chest, rise and fall due to his breathing. I leaned my head to hear his heart beat. It's in its usual rate. I looked up to him, "Niall..?" I uttered softly.

He looked down on me, "Hmm?"

I bit my lip, "Am I that easy..?" I asked shyly. After all this time, it was just then that I felt shy around Niall. I don't know why but I bet that having this adorable boy as my official boyfriend has something to do with it. It's just all so new to me. You see.. Niall is my first ever boyfriend. They say that you tend to love the person that happened to be your partner. Niall is my partner and I sure as heck as am that I loved him already even before I met him, but.. that's just me. I'm fond of loving beings. But I was actually referring to the real one. The actual love. Like my parents had for each other. That's the point right there; I don't know if I love Niall.. and as for him.. does he even love me? Was it possible for a guy to love someone as worthless and tramp like myself? Tramp.. that stung..

Niall raised his brows, "What do you mean, princess?" he asked curiously as he wrap his arms around me securely and I'm surely loving his soft skin brushing on mine.

I pursed my lips, "I mean.. am I that easy to have? An easy to get..? I mean, I was even the one who asked you to be mine, officially.. some people say that it should always be the boy that should ask a girl out..," I said softly as I caress his slightly stubble jaw.

Niall held my cheek, "Don't say that, princess.. people shouldn't really care about the relationship we have. People should mind their own business. It just so happened that you have beat me to ask you out first. I wanted to ask you out, I was just.. shy and.. I didn't think that you want to be my girlfriend either," he frowned. He let out a sigh before he continued, "And you are not easy, baby.. I wouldn't say that..," he said.

I felt my heart melting against my chest, "Do you think we'll last..?" I asked softly. I know I don't really have to know the answer to my question anymore.. but hearing Niall's sweet voice is just really sounding so melodic to my ears that I would want to talk to him forever. Only if I could..

"Hmm," he hums, "If you won't give up on me..," he said seriously.

Give up? Will I give up on him soon?

Silence took over the room. All I could hear is the running movie that's barely 6 high on its volume and the sound of the bell chimes I had on my window.

Just then, I found myself smiling. I sat up from bed, opened his arms and laid on top of him. I hugged him gently then I whispered, "I will never give up on you, my sweetie.. even if I'm not sure yet if I love you already.."

Niall wrapped his arms around my waist as he hastily peck my forehead, "Same here.. I will promise to you.. I will never give up on you no matter what. We may have started fast but that doesn't mean that all of this is just a bluff. This is real. You gave me your everything to me right from the start, even if I didn't ask for it and it's really endearing for my part.. I was happy that you're fully open to me.. I'm beyond grateful, you must know.."

I blushed, "Niall..," I breathed out.

He locked eyes with me. I didn't notice how beautiful his eyes are.. and the sunshine was just adding up its beauty and I can't help but smile with the fact that I have a very attractive boyfriend.

"You're so beautiful," he said almost in a whisper.

I felt myself blush, "So are you.."

Niall cupped my face and pulled me in for a chaste kiss. The taste of his lips never had me irking out of disgust, ever. He always tasted nice and sweet. Niall pulled away and looked deeply in my eyes, "I want to take you out on a real date. Like a real one apart from our last coffee time..," he said, smiling at me. I could sight his braces and still, he looked so perfect to me.

I leaned my head on his side and buried my face at the crook of his neck, "Mhmm..," I inhaled his musky scent, "That's so sweet.. alright." I sat up from bed and looked at my man laid on my bed. His cheeks are red, he's torso is naked and his blonde hair was messy. I giggled, "Let's shower together," I smirked at him.

Niall blushed furiously, "S-Shower together?" he almost choked out his words.

I nodded, "Yes.."

Niall shot up from bed, "I don't even have something to wear..," he stated shyly.

I giggled as I lean in to give his lips a peck, "We'll work something out.. now, come on!" I beamed. I grabbed his wrists and dragged him along with me. He grumpily walk behind me. Once we reached my bathroom, I let go of him to flick the lights on. The bathroom is just as spacious for the both of us inside. This hotel is fancy that is why I daren't check out this place. Not until I finally decided that I wanted a flat of my own. I will be discussing that to my mother.

I stepped inside the bathroom then I started to strip off my clothes. I took my top off my torso then I bent down to take off my shorts to reveal my black laced undies. I looked behind me to see Niall standing by the doorway. His face was all red and I could tell that he's feeling uneasy throughout. I made my way towards him and wrapped my arms around his waist, leaning my cheek on his shoulder, "What's the problem, sweetie..?" I spoke softly.

"Nothing, love.. you just really amaze me at times on how much of a beauty you are..," he whispered to me which sent tingles on my skin. He held me by my waist, then he walked the both of us inside the bathroom. He pushed the door gently, leaving it ajar, "Don't you ever realize how amazing your body looked?" he whispered huskily.

I bit my lip, "I.. no, sweetie.. I never notice..," I admitted as I feel myself blush.

He looked at me intently, "You don't know what you're doing to a guy like me..," he said huskily. He leaned in and kissed my lips, "Your charisma is very strong that it actually had me hooked the moment I knew half of the real you.."

I swallowed as I stare right into his beautiful eyes, "Why are you saying this to me..?"

He smiled warmly at me. He ran his fingers through my hair and stopped to cup my face. I could feel my heart melt at his touch, "I've fallen for you, Celestine.. hard."

My heart beat pounded against my chest.

"Y-You mean to say... you love me?" I stammered.

He leaned his forehead to mine, "Yes..," he lets out a sigh before continuing, "I know it's kind of pathetic because we barely knew each other.. then here I am.. saying that now, I've fallen.. I can't help it.."

"Sshh.. Niall.. it's alright.. I completely understand..," I told him. I wanted to cry right now. A guy just told me he loves me.. no guy told me this before.. no one. I've given up on dreaming of a guy loving me, way back on my teenage years..

Niall was looking at the ground, seeming so ashamed. I lifted his chin up and kissed his cheek. I tugged on his belt and had it loosen, I undid his pants' front button then I zipped down his zipper open. Niall didn't say anything instead, he helped me to take off his pants, revealing his white boxers to me. Niall wrapped his arms around me to unhook my black laced bra. The both of us climbed inside the shower and so I switched it on and the water sprinkled on the two of us right away. I snaked my arms around Niall's neck and let the warm water pour on us. Niall reached for the wall to have his palm pressed firmly on it, making me cornered against him. He leaned his head and crashed his lips to mine. He tugged on my lower lip with his tongue for entrance; I grant it, tasting his wet sweet tongue battle with mine along with the pouring water that is slightly entering our mouths. My heart beat is going wild all the while. He was the only one that could make me feel this way.. only him..

* * *

I looked up to flash Niall a cheeky grin. He grinned back as he give my hand a gentle squeeze. I fixed my hooked arm on his as I take in my surroundings. After that steamy moment we had on the shower, we eventually had ourselves dressed. It turned out that the both of us just settled on our yesterday's clothes which I find pretty cute for us couples. We stink! I giggled mentally at the thought. I glanced to my left and right in search for some shop.

"Where do you want to go first?" Niall asked.

My eyes lit up when I saw a thrift shop across the street. I pointed to that certain shop, "There!" I beamed. I jumped up and down in joy then I ran, dragging Niall along with me. I can hear him laughing behind me but it didn't really matter.

"A thrift shop," Niall mused, reaching for the door handle. He pulled it open for us.

"Yes! Thrift shops are so adorable!" I gushed, stepping inside the shop. Niall chuckled he as follow to step inside, behind me. I walked straight ahead and searched for the men's clothing. I wanted to buy something for Niall. Seeing his style and his type of clothing, I could tell that he have never bought one from a thrift shop and I understood that pretty well. He's a pop star so he tend to buy something so expensive, not to mention, they were bound to be branded all the time. I've seen him wear Jack Wills, Topman, Penshoppe and Bench branded clothes but never an average one. So, I will buy him something cheap cause I must be that special to him to accept it with pure will.

I racked the messily hung sweaters that says it only costs £8. I could feel every costumer's gaze at us. Probably because Niall is famous. Just then, he popped behind me, "Why are you here at the men's section, love?" he asked curiously.

I grinned at him, "I'm going to buy something for my favorite boy," I said cheerfully.

He blushes furiously, "That's really sweet, princess.. but you don't really have to.."

I shook my head, "I insist."

He pursed his lips, "Okay then..," he said shyly.

I giggled as I turn my attention back to the sweaters. Niall then, left to have himself occupied somewhere else. Just then, my eyes lit up when I saw a very cute yet simple sweater that would probably suit Niall well. I hastily took it before anyone else does. I roamed my eyes around in search for Niall; he was looking at the shoes by the corner of the shop. I smiled to myself. He was looking uneasy with the fact that there stood three girls, whispering to each other. I bet they're planning to have Niall's autograph. I turned on my heels to approach the cash registrar, "I want this one," I said politely as I place the sweater on the counter. The lady placed it in a paper bag and typed some things on her computer.

I fished out my wallet and took £20 out of it. I lend it to her and hold onto the paper bag. I thanked her then I walked towards Niall. The three girls was still there. Niall was holding a pair of faded blue converse on his grasp. "Hey, you done?" he asked.

I nodded, "Here!" I beamed, handing him the bag.

"Wait. I should purchase this first," he said, referring to the shoes. He was about to stroll his way to the cashier when I stopped him short by pulling on his sleeve, "What?" he asked.

I nodded my head toward the three girls behind him, "I think they need something, sweetie.."

Niall tilted his head to the side when he sees them. He then gained his composure and faced them, "Uh.. something we can do for you, girls?" he asked.

One girl trudged forward, "Signez notre noter chelem ..? (Sign our slam note..?)" she asked shyly.

Niall looked to me for help. I giggled, "She wanted your autograph, darling.."

Niall scratched the back of his neck as he held the shoes together in one grasp, "Right..," he uttered. I took the shoes from him so he could sign the slam note easily. The three girl gave Niall each a peck on his cheek.

One looked to me and smile, "Êtes-vous princesse de Niall? (Are you Niall's princess?)" she asked shyly.

My eyes lit up, "Hey .. vous avez obtenu cette raison! Niall ne m'appelle princesse! Oui, oui, je suis .. (Hey.. you got that absolutely right! Niall does call me princess! Yes, yes I am..)" I chirped.

She gushed, "Oh mon! Je ne savais pas Niall a une petite amie maintenant! (Oh my! I didn't know Niall's got a girlfriend now!)"

The other two eyed me then they gasped, "Oh mon Dieu! Niall a finalement trouvé sa princesse! (Oh my God! Niall finally found his princess!)"

I smirked at Niall, "I'm a princess, Niall.."

Niall chuckled as he shook his head. We left his fans to purchase the shoes by the counter. The lady looked to my direction, "Mademoiselle, vous avez oublié votre changement (Miss, you forgot your change)," she said, handing out some cash.

"S'il vous plaît, gardez-le (Please, keep it)," I hastily said as I flash her a confirming smile.

She nodded, keeping the change. Niall then placed the shoes on the counter. The price says £13; Niall paid then we're done there. We were strolling towards the exit when I handed Niall the paper bag. He took it and kissed my temple; I smiled. He stopped in front of me right after, "Here. This is for you," he said, handing me the bag with the shoes in it.

"My, my.. for me..?" I blushed. I am the one who would always give stuff to people but it wasn't me who's being given. Ever. My friends back in my teenage years sure did give me presents but that's because they're friends with me. This one is different from that. The guy that said he loves me is giving me a present. I'm beyond thankful. I tackled Niall in for a bear hug, "Thank you, my love!" I gushed.

He chuckled in my grasp, making his chest vibrate against my body, "You're very much welcome. I just noticed how you fancied vintage shoes.. that's why.."

I parted from him and took the paper bag, "So, you noticed..," I mused. Actually, I don't expect people to notice my love for vintage stuffs but Niall is just so considerate to take the time on noticing.. he must really love me..

"Of course. Who wouldn't?" he mused.

I shrugged, "I don't know.. I never expect people to notice those little details about me..," I admitted sheepishly.

Niall held my chin up and brushed his nose to mine, "Have you listened to our song Little Things?" he asked, almost in a whisper.

I pecked his lips as I shake my head, "No, sweetie.. I'm sorry.. what was that about anyway?"

"I'll sing it to you sometimes..," he said grinning. He then, held my wrist and stepped us out the shop, "But for now, I will take you out on a date. I'm famished anyway!"

I giggled behind him as I let myself get dragged by him, "I am famished too!" I cheered along with him as we run the streets of this lovely town, Paris.

Niall slid his hand from holding my wrist to touching his palm to mine. I glanced at him and smile, I entwined our fingers together and swayed it happily. Niall looked to his right and pointed to a certain shop, "That seemed awesome!" he beamed. I ran my way towards it bringing Niall along. We dodged, hopped and turned as we cross a street crowded with vehicles on a busy morning traffic. Niall beats me once again in opening the front door that will lead us inside the shop, "After you, m'lady," he grinned cheekily.

I mocked princess bow as I stroll my way in, "Why thank you, my darling.."

Niall and I spotted a seat for two and ran our ways towards it like little children competing to be first. Niall burst out in laughter once we have seated. I laughed along with him for I find his laughter quite contagious which caused other customers to give us strange looks. But who cares, right? We're having fun and there's nothing wrong about that.

A waitress walked to approach our table. She handed out two menus then she left us to decide what to order, "What would you like, love? Everything's on me," Niall said while he scan the menu on his grasp.

I narrowed my eyes as I scan the menu in front of me. I'm not that hungry to begin with but to eat with Niall is the least I could do to complete our date. Because to be honest, all I want to do right this moment and for the rest of the day is to snuggle with this Irish boyfriend of mine under the covers of my bed. I lifted up my hand to stroke my imaginary beard as I ponder for a food choice, "Hmm," I hummed, "This one..," I answered, showing Niall the choice I made.

He licked his lips, "I think I want that one too..," he muttered, taking the menu from my grasp. I giggled at his cuteness. I think Niall is more in love with edible stuffs than me. Just to add up to the teasing part, I prefer myself as an edible one as well. Niall loves me.. I smiled to myself just remembering his confession to me on that steamy moment we had in my bathroom..

Niall called on the waitress and picked what we wanted to have. He ordered two Strawberry milkshake and that's that; the lady strolled away right after. Niall looked to me and smile. I shot him a wink which caused him to laugh. "Sweetie, I forgot to ask this," I started as I remember something. I just thought I should know, "How old are you?"

"Nineteen," he answered proudly, "How 'bout you? 18? 17? You gotta be 17. I must be older than you."

I giggled as I shake my head, "Oh Niall..," I sighed dearly as I reach out to ruffle the top of his hair, "I'm 22 this year, sweetie.."

Niall blushed crimson-red, "B-But.. I thought I'm older than..you.. I mean, I should be, right? I'm the guy here, yanno? I should be older," he said warily.

I reached out from across the table to cup Niall's face, "Sshh, baby.. don't you believe in the saying that, age doesn't matter?" I said as a matter-of-factly.

He bit his lip as he nod, "I was just worrying about you, princess..," he said softly.

I cocked an eyebrow, "Why..?"

Niall slumped on his chair, "Well, Harry used to date a woman trice his age and it has been hard for the two of them. The lady's been bugged constantly by the fans. They send her death threats and all that sort.. and well.. I don't want that to happen to you.. you don't deserve any of it, no one does in general..," he said with his tone full of concern.

I gave his hand a soft squeeze, "That's incredibly sweet of you but.. you don't really have to worry about me anymore, my love.. I'll be fine.. I promise..," I gave him a reassuring smile.

He sighed. Just then, the lady came back with a tray of our order. I reached out for my milkshake and took a sip. I can't help it; I must drift my mind somewhere else for the meantime cause my Niall's currently upset..

* * *

I looked down to mine and Niall's intertwined fingers and I can't help but smile. Niall could somehow get upset at times because he said he couldn't stand knowing that the girl he love would be getting hates because of him anytime soon and any moment from now, but seeing him at this state.. he seemed to have recovered from it already, earlier just now, after our meal or date rather. He's got a passion for food so it had him getting over that possible fact almost immediately, which is a positive news for me, I must say. Because all of the sudden, I wanted this boy to be always happy and smiling. He deserved every happiness in this world..

As we walk peacefully, with no one uttering a sound.. I have taken a notice on the surroundings before us. There goes that neatly lined bicycles by the sidewalk.. and those Pine trees with its swaying leaves. A grin crept its way on my lips once my eyes landed to the sight of the waters. "Niall! Let's go there!" I chirped, letting go of Niall's hand to skip my way towards the wonderful place where me and Niall first met.

I heard Niall laughing from behind me as he catch up on me. My feet stopped short to see the stairs that will lead me to the other side near by the ocean. Niall was now beside me, so I grab ahold on his soft warm hand and gripped it, "You really love this place, don't you?" he asked with a slight chuckle.

I nodded vigorously, then I fixed my gaze on him and smile, "That's because.. this is where I first saw the guy..," I said softly as I trail off. I took a deep breath then I continued to speak, "The guy.. that I have never expected myself to fall with.."

Niall had his mouth gaping open. We stayed silent for a moment as we stare into the eyes of each other.

Niall was seeming yet to process what I had told him just now. Even I, was shocked myself that I have actually fell for him now.. despite the fact that I didn't even know what it feels like to love a guy. But, Niall.. he's amazing.. very much different from all the other French I've slept with. He somehow, changed me.. I wouldn't admit this if it wasn't for him but, he thought me how to love.

Niall then suddenly dropped the paper bag with the sweater I bought him. He tackled me in for a breath taking hug that I've never experienced from anyone before. My father and mother would hug me but not to this point that I literally wanted to jump in joy. I'm feeling so happy right now. Niall's arms around my waist tightened. I snaked my arms around him as well as I bury my face on his neck, sniffing in his baby scent, "Do you mean that? D-Did you.. really really mean that?" he whispered in my ear.

"Yes, Niall..," I breathed out, "I truly mean it, my love.."

Niall parted to look at me. I stared deeply into his pool of crystal blue eyes that looked so mesmerizing. I could feel my heart pounding in an unusual rate against my chest as I could almost literally sight sparks dancing along the thin air. Niall cupped my face and planted a sweet, chaste kiss on my lips, "I'm so happy.. I'm so so so happy.. you have no idea what you're making me feel each time, Celestine..," he said softly.

I shut my eyes in joy, kissed his lips and smiled against it, "You brought color to my dull life, my love. And I thank you for that.."

Niall smiled warmly at me. He grabbed my hand gently and bent down to pick up the paper bag from the concrete ground, "Come along.. let's sit by the sea side..," he said dearly as we both walk down the stairs. We stopped at the end and sat down on the edge of the railings, letting our legs hang loosely as we sit.

I looked at the beautiful sight before me and it was just then that I noticed that it's about dawn. The sky was sporting the shades of yellow and orange as the sun was beginning to set. I leaned on Niall's shoulder as I take in a deep breath out of this overwhelming feeling that I can't seem to explain how good it felt to me.

Niall's phone suddenly buzzed, "Take it..," I said.

Niall smiled as he nod. He fished out his phone, "Just a text message from Liam..," he said, sighing, "I should head back soon.. the lads are worrying.."

I giggled, "It's alright, Niall. I completely understood.."

Niall put down his phone on the ground beside him and up came his arms to hug me. He tightened his hold on my body as he kisses my temple. He sighed, "You're so beautiful..," he inhaled then he looked far away, "Just look at that.. the sun set was seeming so ugly as I compare it with you..," he teased.

I felt myself blush, "I'm not that beautiful, now am I?" I mused.

He chuckled, "You are that beautiful to me, princess...," he said, emphasizing it.

I bit my lip, "Okay.."

I glanced up at Niall and quickly steal a kiss on his cheek which he strike tickles on my sides in return. I laughed uncontrollably.

Dear God, I know I've been a bad girl.. but, I just wanted you to know how thankful I am to you.. for letting me and Niall meet.. despite the fact that my time is almost up..



A/N: *Gasps* Okay, tell me what you think please? :D by the way, this story was originally published on my Wattpad account. If you're interested to know my Wattpad acc, just tell me so :) you'd see my other stories that are posted on there - Lou x

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