Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


8. Le chapitre sept ...

"Zayn: What will you do if I ate your food again?"

"Niall: Nothing. I'll just shave off your hair while you're sleeping.."


Le chapitre sept ...


I stared at myself in the mirror and was happy that nothing's changed about my appearance. My blonde hair was still full of life, lovely and thick. I twirled my hair around my right hand at once and pulled at it; I grinned, feeling it as strong as it roots on my scalp. I rubbed my skin in glee for it was definitely on its usual softness and complexion. While I was enjoying my reflection over the mirror, suddenly I heard my phone blaring behind me. I grinned as I was assuming it was my Niall whose calling. I flopped down on my bed and sighed dearly. I picked my phone up and answered, pressing loud speaker, "Hi my Niall! I miss you, sweetie!" I beamed.

"Bonjour, sweet pea .. (Hello, sweet pea..)"

I frowned. It wasn't Niall. I let out a sigh out of disappointment, "Qui est-ce? (Who's this?)" I asked in a bored tone. I twirled some strand of my hair around my index finger as I promptly chew on my gum.

"C'est Sergio, pois de senteur. Tu ne me souviens plus? (It's Sergio, sweet pea. Don't you remember me anymore?)" he teased.

I irked, "Non (No)," was all I said, then I hung up.

I rolled on my bed and let out a sigh. I'm bored and I needed something to have myself occupied. Must not waste a day. I stared up the ceiling and twiddled on my fingers, that was laid firmly at the flat surface of my tummy. I felt my lips forming a lopsided smile as I thought about my death. How would I look like when I was finally laid on a nice looking casket..? Weird thought, isn't it? But things like this just really pop inside my mind whenever I'm alone and bored. I'm a jobless person and I don't have any sibling as well.. I'm a girl that had no childhood to cherish or reminisce, so I guess that's the real reason behind my thoughts about what would my death be like.

My phone rang once again. I bit the side of my cheek and reached for my phone. It was mother. A smile crept its way on my lips; I pressed accept, "Bonjour, ma mère! Tu m'as manqué tellement! (Hello, mother! I missed you so!)" I beamed happily. It's been like weeks since the last time I spoke to her.

"Ma fille adorable! Comment avez-vous été? Ton père et moi a désiré ardemment pour vous! Vous n'avez pas à nous appeler ... (My lovely daughter! How have you been? Your father and I has been longing for you! You didn't call us...)," she said softly.

I pouted, "Maman désolé .. Je me sens mal .. hmm, je vais bien et .. (Sorry mom.. I feel bad.. hmm, I'm doing fine and..)," I trailed off as I remember Niall, "Oh! Mère! J'ai quelqu'un que je veux que tu rencontres! (Oh! Mother! I have someone that I want you to meet!)" I gushed excitedly as I sat up from bed.

"Vraiment? Mon ma .. qui est-ce possible? (Really? My my.. who could that be?)" she mused and I could sense that she's grinning from ear to ear which only had me feel more anxious. She's so gonna love Niall!

I stifle a giggle, "Oh, vous allez adorer à sa rencontre, la mère .. (Oh, you're going to love to meet him, mother..)," I said dearly.

She gasped, "Lui? Un garçon? (Him? A boy?)"

I nodded vigorously though she can't see me as I do so, "Mon ami, la mère .. (My boyfriend, mother..)," I gushed.

"Oh mon Dieu! (Oh my goodness!)"

I squealed, "Oh mon dieu, maman non?! (Oh my goodness, right mommy?!)"

"Vous n'avez jamais eu de petit ami avant, ma chérie .. (You've never had a boyfriend before, sweetie..)," she gushed, "Ce jeune homme doit être quelque chose .. (This young man must be something..)"

I bit my lip, "Oui .. il est vraiment quelque chose, mère .. Je l'aime .. (Yes.. he's really something, mother.. I love him..)," I said in my dreamy voice.

She sighed dearly, "Enfin, ma chérie .. (Finally, sweetie..)"

I mocked her dearly sigh, "Yeah.."

"Eh bien bien .. deux d'entre vous sont venus par ici pour le dîner. Serait-ce possible, mon chéri? (Well well.. the two of you shall come by here for dinner. Would that be possible, honey?)"

My eyes lit up, "Nous sommes en! (We're in!)" I beamed excitedly. I shall contact Niall later on. I just hope that he's up for it too and not busy at all. I don't want to bother him today, really. We have been hanging out a lot lately and I was beginning to notice that he's almost been spending most of his time with me other than any other stuff, and well.. I might be starting to become a burden for him now..

"Bon alors! C'est très bien, ma chérie! Je vais en informer votre père d'avoir nos chefs cuisinent un aliment entier Extravaganza! (Alright then! That's great, sweetie! I'll inform your father to have our chefs cook a whole extravaganza food!)" she exclaimed.

I chuckled slyly this time cause I was now worrying with the fact that Niall must be busy with other stuff and couldn't come by. But then again, I don't want to disappoint my beloved parents..

"Mhmm. Bon, maman .. (Mhmm. Alright, mom..)"

"Au revoir, cher .. Je t'aime tellement! (Bye, dear.. I love you so much!)"

I smiled, "Je t'aime aussi, ma mère .. (I love you too, mother..)"

"Je dois y aller maintenant, chérie. Je dois répondre à l'autre ligne. Rendez-vous dans la nuit .. (I got to go now, honey. I have to answer the other line. See you at night..)," she said and with that, we both hung up.

I sigh, staring at myself in the mirror. I frowned, tilting my head to the side as I notice the flatness of my breasts. Niall told me about how he was fully amazed with the fact that my body looked so great. I laughed to myself, I looked like an 11 year old to be honest. I held my breasts and pressed on it as I check its size from side to side; they're so..flat. Sigh.

I stood up from bed and paced back and forth as I debate with my thoughts on whether should I invite Niall along or just tell my parents that he couldn't make it. You know.. just to cover up with him..

It was a matter of time then, when my phone rang again. I pursed my lips as my make my way towards it. I peered over and was happy all of the sudden when I saw it was Niall whose calling. I hastily took it and accepted his call. I almost dropped my phone in excitement; I stifle a giggle, "Hello, babe?"

"Hi babe! I missed you so much," someone that doesn't sound like Niall at all, cooed over the phone, and was followed by kissing sounds. I already knew who it was but I'm not quite sure.

I giggled, "Louis? Is that you?"

"Lou! You're embarrassing me!" I heard my Niall shout from the background.

"Oh.. no no, it's me, Niall. Your handsome leprechaun," Louis teased.

My eyes lit up, "Hey. Leprechauns are adorable! Lovely!" I chirped. I like leprechauns.. Ireland is a wonderful country indeed.

I could hear the boys laughing and snickering from the background and how I pity my baby. I thought it was adorable of them to tease him about his relationship with me like that but, I feel terrible for my Niall. He was a shy snowflake anyway.

"Mate! Give me that!"

I heard something squishing through their line and seconds later someone spoke again, "Hello, Celestina?"

I hold back a laughter. They got my name wrong!

"I told you, Li! It's Celestine! Rude! Very rude!" I heard Niall yell frantically. So, it's Liam. I sighed, they seem so happy back there.. and to think that I just sulk here in my hotel room all day with no one to talk with. I wish I had friends..

Liam chuckled awkwardly, "Sorry..," he said sheepishly.

"It's cool, Liam. What's up? What is going on in there?" I asked happily as I was beyond curious. I could hear various noise coming from their line. There was the sound from some video game.. TV.. stereo and all that sort. I couldn't really extinguish what else the other noise was coming from. There was just so many! I wonder if they were having a party there..

"Nothing, really. It's just Louis. Having his period again," I heard him sigh, "Anyway! Here, I'll now pass the phone to Niall."


I heard someone laugh, "Good ole Niall got himself a girlfriend now after a long span of time, unlike this curly lad here!" it teased.

Laughter erupted. I could almost hear Niall's laugh becoming more audible as a sign of him getting near the phone, "Hello, princess?" he spoke, still chuckling.

"Shut up! The fans hates it whenever I'm getting linked with someone anyway. Even if it's a goddess, so never mind...," I heard someone grumble.

"Hey, baby..," I cooed to Niall, "Who was that..?" I asked curiously as I play with the gum in my mouth.

"Hold on, babe. I'll go to my room first, it's noisy here and the lads are annoying," Niall said as I hear some feet shuffling. Moments later, the noisy background have slowly muffled away, "There! This is better! So, what is your question again, babe?"

I chuckled, "I was asking if who's who?"

"Oh!" he sighed, "Well, the first one was Louis.. then the one who rudely called you Celestina was Liam.."

"And the one who doesn't have a girlfriend was..?"

"That. It was Hazza. I.. Harry, I mean. Fans go wild whenever he's having himself a girl.. even if it's only a friend of his.."

I frowned, "Wow.. that's terrible.."

Niall sighed, "It is.."

I pursed my lips as I brace myself for my own invitation. I parted my lips as I was ready to speak, "Are you available tonight..?"

"Tonight? Well, yeah. Why?" he asked anxiously.

My heart beat went fast as I could feel myself grinning madly, "Dinner with my parents, sweetie.."

"W-With your p-parents..?" he stammered.

I giggled as I nod on my own, "Yes, Niall.. will you go with me? They're expecting you.. I just talk to my mom over the phone actually..," I admitted sheepishly.

"R-Really..? But.. would they be fine with me..?"

I chewed on my gum, "Why wouldn't they be?" I asked casually.

"I dunno..? With our age gap maybe..? They must hate me for that.."

I stifle a laughter, "Oh Niall. You must know by now that I inherited my cheekiness from my parents... dear, we are the family that never get mad. Hate doesn't belong in our vocabulary.."

"You know what, princess? I have actually noticed that.. you always seemed happy and you doesn't worry about..," he spoke softly.

I smiled. He does really notices small details about my personality. It's true. I don't like hating over stuff. That would just be unnecessary for a being like me. We, Monsours, don't hold grudges. We're mostly hippies from inside and out so we act happy all the time. It's not that we're purposely let alone forcefully doing the smile-all-the-time thing but you see.. we just really couldn't help but be nice and be thankful for everything and anything this world beholds.

"So, I was told..," I said, chuckling.

Niall chuckled along with me, "So.. should I.. come to your hotel room or.. should I just head straight to your parents' instead? Would that be better?"

"Just head here. I want to travel with you..," I said softly.

"Great choice..," he chuckled.

There was silence after him.

"Niall..?" and so, I broke it.

"Yes, princess?"

"I love you...," I said softly as I feel the sincerity of my own self as I say those three strong words.

I can almost hear him smiling, "I love you more..."

"See you..," I said then we hung up. I walked towards my dresser to brush my hair in full bliss. I love it.. I love the feeling of being in love..

I sang in front of the mirror and I must say that I sounded horrible. I pursed my lips out of boredom. It's only 2:54 in the late afternoon and this feeling of getting anxious about the fact that my parents will be meeting the man I love finally, wasn't helping at all. In fact, it's just making it worse for me. I sighed.

My phone's blaring sound erupted all over the room from my bed. I grinned as a thought of Niall calling again because maybe he decided to come over earlier than later popped inside my mind; I hastily went to my bed and picked the phone up, "Hello, Niall? Missed me?" I asked excitedly.

"Que diriez-vous d'une autre aventure d'un soir, pois de senteur? S'il vous plaît? (How about another one night stand, sweet pea? Please?)"

I rolled my eyes as I tap 'end call'.

No one can have my body anymore. I'm Niall's from now on. Only him and nobody else.. but him.

* * *

My heart swarmed with joy and full contentment once this handsome face of my partner showed up in front of my door. I didn't notice how much I missed him. It has only been two days since the last I saw him yet it felt like we've never seen each other in a month. I engulfed him in for a massive hug and as usual I would inhale his musky, yet baby scent, "I missed you..," I murmured against his skin. I've never once expected that loving someone would drive your mind crazy. Just having him near me like this again, felt so good.

Niall wrapped his arms around my waist as he pulls me even closer to him, "I missed you so much more, princess...," he said softly.

"I want to stay like this forever..," I said in a hush tone.

Niall moved forward and stepped inside the room, shutting the door behind us without parting from the hug, "Want me to stop the time?" he asked, chuckling.

I giggled, "Would that be possible..?"

Niall parted to stare right into me, "I will if I had to..."

My cheeks burnt madly at his words. Only if he knew, how much impact it had on me. Stopping the time just to spend more time with him is to die for. He smiled warmly at me as he leans in, he planted a soft chaste kiss towards my lips and I could feel his nose brushing on my skin ever so slightly.

"I.. I love.. you, Niall..," I managed after recovering from his affection towards me.

Niall shot me a teasing smirk which caused me to bite my lower lip in the process. He suddenly ducked low and heck, he caught me off guard there for he carried me by the back of my knees weighing his arms; I snaked my arms around his neck for dear life as he carry me towards the bed in a bridal way. He threw the both of us on bed that's followed by our muffled laughter. I stared up the ceiling as I was catching my breath out of so much laughing. Niall's laughter subsided in a matter of seconds and that's when he shifted on bed to face my side, "I love you so much more, Celestine..," he said in a serious tone. I looked at him and silence all over the room took over. He lifted a hand and came he tucked some strand of my hair behind my ear, "Can you.. promise me something, princess..?"

I licked my lips as I stare at him intently.. he looked so fine with his shirt under his gray cardigan, and that hair of his was just so suiting the whole of him, "What is it, my love..?" I asked softly.

Niall pressed his warm palm gently on my right cheek, "Promise me you'll never leave me..."

My heart beat went ballistic against my chest as I was feeling my stomach creating a knot. I swallowed hard, "Niall... I...," I saw him frown which was so hurtful for my part so I told him the most horrible lie ever, "Of course, my love.. I.. will never leave your side.. ever.."

Niall blew out a sigh, "I really thought you'd say no.. that frightened me.."

I forced a smile, "Why would I say.. no..? I love you so much..."

Niall sat up from bed and fixed his cardigan. He lend me a hand so I took it and so he lifted me up, "I want you to know that I will never leave you too. That's a promise, princess," he said, then he leaned in to peck my temple, "We better get going. Your parents must be wondering now.."

I nodded and smile, "Right.."

We both stood up from bed and gathered ourselves together. Niall walked his way on the front door as I came to get my bag with me together with my mobile. I turned on my heel and there I saw him standing by the doorway, leaning on the door frame with a sweet smile plastered across his lips. I shot him a wink and once I finally made it next to him, we hooked arms then we're off.

Getting toward the lifts was peaceful. No man greeted me when they saw me with Niall. Men used to tease and flirt with me whenever I walk pass them along the hallway and well, I was beyond happy that no one bothered this time. From now on until the end, I don't want anyone but Niall. I would chant my affection for him everyday if I had to.

As we step out the building, Niall rubbed his palms together and blew at it. He saw me looking at him so he flashed a toothy grin at me. He reached out to rub his palms against my bare arms, "Feeling warm now?" he asked.

His warmth actually worked well on my cold skin so, I nodded, "Thank you, sweetie.."

"Let me call for a cab, stay there," he said and was about to run by the sidewalk now when I stopped him by grabbing his hand, "What is it, love?" he asked.

"Let's use my car," I said with a cheeky grin.

Niall nodded and so I lead him to where my Volkswagen was parked. I sighed dearly seeing my baby parked safely by the sidewalk. I roamed my palm on its hood. How I missed this thing. I walked around and got inside the driver's seat. I reached out to unlock the door to the passenger side and in came my lovely leprechaun. My eyes lit up at that. Leprechauns are lovely..

I started the engine and it roared to life and off we go.

* * *

Street by street we passed by people who are pretty busy which didn't surprise me at all. Paris might be a beautiful place to be but the people that lived here wasn't the best of the best; some might be but I'm afraid, not all of them could. I glanced at my Irish boy and I could sense that he's slowly tensing up a little more the closer we get to Maison Saint Lión and I can't help but get excited. My parents will surely love him and he's got no idea at all that he'd be the first one that would come across my parents' love for a son; they'd treat him as one that's for sure. Because, he's my first boyfriend over the years that I have lived. My parents were dying for me to find one on my own and now that I finally found one myself.. they'll be surely happy.

Using my free hand from the steering wheel, I reached for Niall's hand and gave it a soft squeeze. He looked up at me and smile, "You'll be fine...," I assured him.

He shrugged and let out an audible sigh, "I hope they'd like me as your boyfriend.."

"Oh they would," I winked at him as I turned to park my car outside, beside Maison Saint Lión's tall, white concrete wall. I switched the engine off and glanced back at Niall. I leaned over to give his lips a kiss, "Relax...," I whispered through our lips.

He sighed, "Okay.."

We both climbed off my car and slammed the door shut. I walked around the car to get to Niall's side. He came to clasp his hand with mine then we both trudged towards the gate. My smiling face was replaced with a frown when I saw a beggar seated on the cold ground beside our gate. I let go of Niall to approach the old man. I bent down and racked my bag for my wallet, "Bonjour, jeune femme .. (Hello, young lady..)," I heard him croak, "Avez-vous un changement? .. (Do you have a change..?)" he asked with his voice sounding so awful. Must be the cold weather..

I pulled out my wallet and took out a whole tied paper that costs £7,000 out of it. It's what I got when I swiped my card this afternoon. It was actually an advance gift cash from my aunt after saying that she won't be able to make it on my birthday this year. I understood that very well for I know that she's currently traveling at Alaska this whole summer. Seeing this beggar in front of me, sickens me.. I lend out the cash and placed it securely in his grasp, "Ceci est pour vous, monsieur .. vous êtes nourri .. le donner à votre famille .. (This is for you, mister.. have yourself fed.. give it to your family..)"

The man before me.. bawled his eyes out as he willingly accept my gift to him, "Merci beaucoup, cher .. merci .. (Thank you so much, dear.. thank you..)," he cried.

I smiled genuinely. It was just then that I felt Niall's hand weighing my shoulder, "Let's go, princess.."

I looked up to meet his crystal blue eyes as he help me by pulling up my waist, "Alright.."

With one last glance at the poor old man by the side, finally I had gather myself together again. Niall did the honor of pressing the doorbell and so it rang through the gardens; Myrna came after seconds to open the gate for us. She greeted us politely and in came the two of us, hand in hand.

Niall's grip on mine, tightened as we walk along mother's garden, "That was so kind and generous of you.. do you do that often?" he asked.

I smiled at the ground, "Yes.. I can't help it.. every time I see poor people like that, my heart will feel scarred and so I would do something about it.. you know, just to ease the pain in my heart..," I said softly.

"That's really nice..," he said.

I looked up at him, "It's the least I could do.."

Once we have reached the massive hall that will lead us to the music room, I saw my mother's silhouette by the side of the room. My eyes lit up almost immediately. I saw her turn her head sideways and that's when she had caught a glimpse towards our direction, "Celly?" I heard her gushing voice from across the hall. There stood my mother, sporting a peach colored gown that stopped on her ankles with her blonde curly locks, framing her heart-shaped face.

I ran my way towards her, dragging Niall along, "Mère! (Mother!)" I frantically waved at my lovely mother.

She grinned as she wait for me with her widened arms, ready to engulf me in for a hug. I let go of Niall's hand as I duck low to give mom a massive hug, "Il a été un moment, mon enfant .. (It's been a while, my child..)," she murmured through my hair.

I sniffed in her strawberry scent that father loved so much, "Toujours c'est ... (Forever that is...)," I said softly. We parted from hugging, "Où est mon père? (Where's father?)"

She giggled, "Sauvegardez dans notre chambre. Nous avons attendu par la salle à manger pour vous, mais je présume que quelque chose est fait vous rentrez tard si .. (Back in our room. We've been waiting by the dining hall for you but, I assumed that something's made you come home late so..)," she trailed off as her eyes landed to Niall. I looked over at Niall whose got a pink blushing cheeks behind me.

"Oh maman! (Oh mother!)" I laughed, "C'est Niall .. (This is Niall..)," I said as I move Niall forward, "Mon copain .. (My boyfriend..)"

I saw my mom's eye lighten up, "Oh Dieu! Qu'est-ce un garçon beau, Celestine! (Oh goodness! What a good looking boy, Celestine!)" she gushed, cupping Niall's face. I can't help but giggle for I could clearly see that Niall's feeling very shy let alone uneasy at where his feet was currently rooted, "Il est tellement adorable, Celly. Où avez-vous rencontré? (He's so adorable, Celly. Where did you two meet?)" mother asked some more as she squish Niall's cheeks in amusement.

"Uh...," Niall managed.

"Mère, s'il vous plaît allez-y doucement sur lui (Mother, please go easy on him)," I said as I chuckle softly, "Et il ne peut pas comprendre le français, maman. C'est un étranger .. (And he can't understand French, mom. He's a foreigner..)"

Mother's mouth formed an 'O' shape, "Oh! Ceci explique cela .. il ne semble pas français .. (Oh! That explains it.. he doesn't seem French..)," she mused. She lets go of Niall's face, "My my.. what's your name again, son?" she asked with a smile at Niall.

Niall cleared his throat, "I.. I'm Niall, ma'am.. Niall Horan..," he said sheepishly.

"Champion..," my mom mused, "And, I'm positively sure that you're an Irish.."

Niall nodded, "Correct, madam.. I am."

Mom giggled as she wave Niall off, "Please, call me Adelpha..," she said then she came to hook her arms on the both of us with her in between us, "Viens, on va manger .. vous deux doit avoir faim .. (Come, let's eat.. you two must be hungry..)"

As we let my mother lead us to the dining hall, I looked over to see Niall's tomato face beside mom, which made me stifle giggles to myself again. He looked so cute and troubled.

Once we reach the tall door which was the second passage to the dining hall, my grin widened with the fact that I'll be dining here again. I remember all those time when I was younger, I would go and run around the table because I don't want that nasty ole spoon be shoved inside my mouth. Mother and father should be scolding me for doing so but then again, my parents aren't like that. They raised me spoilt with anything and everything. I could buy all the things I wanted and I sure as heck am loving it. But with the fact that my parents are totally loving and down to earth, I didn't grow up as a spoiled brat like every people thought of all the rich kids in this world. I have fully inherit that loving and down to earth personality from them which I in real life am totally proud of. If someone needs help, I would go superwoman for them.

"Darling, ici, s'accrocher à votre premier petit ami, je vais faire appel à votre père (Darling, here, cling onto your boyfriend first, I shall call on your father)," mother said then she disappeared toward the maids by the kitchen.

I obeyed as I came to hook my arm with Niall's, "Hey..," I said softly to him.

Niall blew out a heavy sigh, "God, I didn't notice that I've been holding that much breath!"

I giggled, "Oh no.. sorry about this, Niall.."

He shook his head, "Please don't feel sorry, princess.. I like your mother. She's really kind and jolly..."

I smiled, "Thank you, sweetie.."

"And, just like her daughter, she seemed to have the same giggle as yours..," Niall mused, piching cheek.

"Like mother like daughter?" I said in glee.

He nods, "Yeah.."

"Des enfants? (Children?)" I heard someone's very very familiar voice boom all over the dining hall.

I turned to see my father approaching from the other passage of the hall, "Père! (Father!)" I exclaimed in full anxiousness.

I ran my way towards him as well as he met me halfway; we hugged, "Ma petite fille ... (My baby girl...)," he said softly in my ear.

I rubbed my face against his chest; he's just too tall, "Je vous ai manqué, père .. (I missed you, father..)"

"Je vois que vous avez apporté à quelqu'un .. (I see that you brought someone..)," he mused above me.

I looked up to meet those grayish blue eyes that was utterly same as mine, "Oui, mon père. Son nom était Niall. C'est mon petit ami .. et bien, c'est un irlandais .. (Yes, father. His name was Niall. He's my boyfriend.. and well, he's an Irish..)"

"Good evening, sir..," I heard Niall spoke behind me.

Father parted from me, "Come here, son..," he beckoned for Niall to come forward and so he did, "What a strange young man..," my father mused, stroking Niall's hair.

"Eh.. Hello, Mr. Monsour..," Niall uttered out nervously.

"Why do I feel like I've seen you before?" father asked.

"Oh, mon père! Niall est de One Direction .. (Oh, father! Niall's from One Direction..)," I piped in.

Father looked to me and smile, "Droite .. qu'il explique .. (Right.. that explains it..)," he mused, "Très bien, nous allons manger .. voici ta mère. (Alright, let's eat.. here comes your mother.) Niall, son.. please, feel free to join us," he finished, shooting Niall a warm smile which was a good one for my part. I wanted Niall to feel his normal around my parents.

The four of us came to sit and dine on our long table that a total of 20 persons could occupy. Crazy, innit? It just so happened that there's a whole lot of Monsours around Europe so it'll be better to have a massive table for everyone to fit.

"So.. you are a member of One Direction, I see?" mother spoke from across the table. Father was seated next to her and of course, Niall's seated next to me.

I could sense Niall tensing up beside me, "I.. yes, ma'am.. for almost 3 years."

Mom smiled, "That's lovely.. you know.. you were the first one that Celestine brought here. She never once had a boyfriend.. you must be really something, sweetie," she mused.

Niall just smiled as he look down on his half-eaten food on a plate.

I felt myself blush all of the sudden as father was giving me this teasing look. I reached down on my side to hold onto Niall's hand from under the table cloth; he gripped my hand as I grip his in return. I always loved holding hands with him.. I feel secured and loved.

"Are you two going somewhere after this?" father suddenly spoke after a long silence while we carry on finishing our food.

I looked over to Niall; he shrugged.

"We didn't plan anything actually..," I said sheepishly.

"Well, it's already dark outside, my child. Why won't the two of you just stay for the night and leave in the morning?" mother suggested.

I looked over to Niall once again. I don't want to decide for the two of us because I'll be fine either way anyway, so I'll leave it to him. Niall smiled at me, "Okay. We'll stay..," he answered for the two of us and that made me very happy at heart, to be frank. I would really love to cuddle with him tonight till dawn.

"Lovely..," I said, biting my lower lip as I look into Niall.

"That's wonderful..," mom said in awe. How I loved hearing mother's voice. It was always soft and soothing.

I stood up from the chair, then I pulled Niall with me, "Nous prenons une pause maintenant, mère .. père .. (We're taking a rest now, mother.. father..)," I announced over the table.

Father nods, "Donnez-nous un préavis demain avant de partir, d'accord? (Give us a notice tomorrow before you leave, okay?)" he reprimanded.

"Yes!" I beamed then I dragged Niall along with me to go to my room.

"T-Thank you for the wonderful dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Monsour!" Niall called before we have finally left the dining hall.

"Suit yourselves, children!" mother called out as well in return.

* * *

"Done, my love?" I sing-sang. I can't help it! I'm so anxious to see Niall! I peered over from covering my eyes with my hands, "Hey..? You done..?"

"No! Not yet!" Niall frantically squeaked which caused me to crack up.

I shut my eyes tight, "Done yet?" I asked again. I'm so excited!

I heard some feet shuffling and floor tapping and in the matter of moment, I could already feel the bed having weight which only meant that he had sat on the bed in front of me now. I heard him sigh, "Done...," he mumbled.

I shot my eyes open right away, "Oh my gosh!" I gasped.

"Don't laugh. You promised you won't laugh," he hastily said.

I covered up my mouth to prevent myself from laughing. Niall was blushing madly, "Aw.. you're blushing so much, my love..," I cooed in a teasing tone as I caress his cheeks.

He playfully glared at me, "Who wouldn't be ashamed of this?! No guy could take such humiliation!" he whined.

Niall was wearing my panty and bra which for the record was sporting the color pink; the bright shade of pink, if I might add. So now, we were both wearing just bra and panty.

I giggled as I bite my lower lip, "You're so adorable, baby..," I teased, "So sexy, indeed.."

He blushed, "Stop it, please...," he cried.

I moved forward with the use of my knees, I stopped in front of him and cupped his face with both of my hands. I ducked low and crashed my lips to his; I moved my lips right away for I was now so hungry for him. My body's aching for him. I felt Niall's hands roaming my bare waist as we carry on kissing passionately.

Niall crawled on top of me as he gently lay me on my back by the bed. My hand reached over to insert on the undies he was wearing and grabbed his stuff. Niall let out a moan that was very much pleasing to my ears. I gave his a soft squeeze as I move my wrapped hands on his stuff up and down; he moaned some more. I went fast this time and that's when he parted from the kiss to look at me with those tired and lusty eyes, "Celestine...," he moaned my name.

I didn't stop as I was making him come. I arched my back and struggled to reach his lips for a chaste kiss, "I love you, Niall..," I huskily said.

His eyes were shutting in full bliss and pleasure, "I.. love you.. more..," he moaned.

I bit my lip; he finally came.

I lifted my arms up as I let go of his stuff. I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him down to me; we hugged. I could feel our chests jolting with each other due to our heavy breathing.

Something popped inside this crazy little mind of me all of the sudden.


"Yes.. princess..?" I pushed on his chest to have him look at me, "What is it, baby..?"

I swallowed. Hope he agrees..

"Live with me.. just for the summer, Niall..," I said softly with a hint of pleading, "Come.. let's live in together.."



A/N: ...and that's when the Summer Love starts... this story was actually inspired by One Direction's song "Summer Love". If you are familiar with it then you're cool because it's my favorite song ever. And oh, the lyrics? If only you could comprehend with it then you might as well would know the real plot of this story (: - Lou x

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