Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


12. Le chapitre onze ...

Liam: Niall is always hungry because he has an angel eating inside him. That's why he sings like one.



Le chapitre onze ...



"My love! The faucet's broken again!" whined, my dear wife.

I swiped my sweating forehead with the back of my palm and stood up from bed. I carried our daughter with me and made my way towards her crib. I lend her down ever so gently. I smiled. She's so adorable.. looks exactly like my beautiful wife, Celestine.

Caressing her face once more, I finally jogged my way to where my wife has called; in the kitchen, "What is it, princess?" I asked. After all these years, I still call her princess.

She struggled to take a seat on the chair with that huge tummy of her. She's 7 months pregnant of our fifth baby. We just really don't get tired on making some. "It's this faucet, it broke again..," she said softly out of disappointment.

I bit my lip, "Okay, let me fix it..," I said, already examining as to where is the leakage coming from.

"Alright, I'm going to call our sons..," she said, standing up.

I came towards her and held her chin up, "Sure, princess..," I kissed her lips that is still so sweet to me over the years, "I love you, my wife.."

She smiled that angelic smile, "I love you more, my Niall..," she said with her eyes tearing up. Confusion filled me as worries had me. Why is she crying? Were those tears of joy?

"Why are you crying, princess?" I asked, wiping her tears away.

She didn't utter a word. She knelt on the ground as her sobs became more audible. I was about to kneel too when suddenly I saw her stabbed herself with a kitchen knife. There were blood everywhere. I could hear our daughter crying from her crib. My sons playing video games happily and here I am.. losing my wife..


My eyes shot wide open which was followed by me, sitting up from bed. I was catching my breath and I'm sweating quite exaggeratedly. I looked around me and let out a sigh. Just a nightmare.

I looked beside me in bed and there's no Celestine. My heart beat quicken. It can't be. I hastily stood up from bed and ran out the room, "Princess?!" I frantically yelled, searching for her.

I looked through the bathroom, living room and kitchen but, she wasn't there!

Worries filled my whole self state. I swear, if anything bad happen to her, I will never forgive myself!

Just then, I heard a sobbing sound. It was hers. I ran to the balcony immediately cause there's where I'm hearing it. Sure enough, she was there, seated on the cold ground. Damn it. I almost had a heart attack! I was so worried! But, seeing her alive and safe like this, sure made the whole worried feeling disperse my mind and heart a bit. But, then again, why was she sobbing?

"Niall...," she croaked.

Just hearing that made my heart sank and had my stomach creating multiple knots. I quickly crouched down to her level on the ground, "What's wrong, princess?" I asked softly as I hug her from behind.

She looked behind me and there I saw her teary eyes and tears-stained cheeks, "It's the fishes, Niall... I found them dead this morning...," she croaked between sobs.

I peered over and saw the fishbowl by her grasp placed on her lap, "Oh God.. this is all my fault, princess... I forgot to feed them... I'm... I'm sorry," I said softly. I cannot believe myself! How could I be so stupid?!

She set aside the bowl and came to wrap her arms around my torso, she buried her face against my bare chest and sobbed, "It's not your fault! It's my fault!" she cried.

I rubbed the back of her head, trying to soothe her, "No, princess.. sshh.. it's not your fault. It's mine. I'm supposed to make you happy.. and now, look at you.. you're crying.."

I shut my eyes tight as I listen to my princess' sobs. I'm so worthless. How could I let her cry like this? She's hurting because of me. I should've fed her fishes! I should've! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. My nightmare. It all makes sense now.

"No, Niall... you've done nothing but, bring happiness to me... don't you ever blame yourself again..," she said, sniffing, "Don't worry.. I'll be fine soon.. I just.. couldn't believe that my fishes died..."

I hugged her even tighter and cradled us both, "Sshh... I'm sorry that your fishes died...," I whispered to her.

Her sobs continued and I'm sure that it won't die down any moment now. I sighed as I close my eyes; I never stopped cradling her in my arms. I took a deep breath then I started singing..

When I look into your eyes
It's like watching the night sky
Or a beautiful sunrise
There's so much they hold
And just like them old stars
I see that you've come so far
To be right where you are
How old is your soul?

I won't give up on us
Even if the skies get rough
I'm giving you all my love
I'm still looking up

Her loud sobs have finally subsided after that. I stopped on cradling us then I looked down on her. She have slept on my arms. A smile made its way on my lips for seeing her this lovely and peaceful, makes my heart melt. I let out a dear sigh. I held her gently as I bent to stand, I moved her body from my grasp and carried her with me in bridal style. Leaving the fishbowl on the floor, I stepped out the balcony. I stared at the angel in my arms as I walk carefully. Her cheeks were red and stained with dried tears, her lips were swollen and pink and I could almost hear her soft snores. I made my way to our bedroom eventually. I laid her back gently by the bed, slowly dropping her head over the pillow. I frowned. She looked so troubled. Her brows were suddenly knitted together.. and her lips were parted a little. I reached for some strands of her hair that was scattered all over her face and tucked it behind her ears.

I leaned in and planted a soft kiss on her forehead then I sat on the floor beside the bed. I buried my face against my palms. I hate myself. Freaking much. I promised to be a guardian angel to her. A pricking savior! And now, look what just happened. Her pets died because I forgot to feed them. Just as simple as that, Niall. Why didn't you manage to do it? Now, you've just witnessed her vulnerable state. How does it feel, huh? It hurts seeing her like that, innit?

I pulled on my hair out of anger. Great. I'm now far from being sane.

"Niall... don't blame yourself..."

I looked up from where I was sat and saw my fiancé looking down on me from the bed. I frowned, "It's all my fault, princess. Every freaking time that I'm seeing you crying like that, I can't help but, blame myself.."

She sat up from bed and slid down to sit next to me on the floor. She took my arm and hugged it, she leaned her head on my shoulder, "What you sang to me earlier.. sounded so beautiful.. I could relate on its lyrics..," she said in a hushed tone.

I lifted up my free arm and held her cheek, I caressed it, "Are you feeling better now?" I asked softly.

She nods, making her cheek brush on my bare shoulder, "Yes, my love.. almost..," she said with her groggy voice, "Thank you.."

"Alright..," I said, "You don't have to thank me though.. you know I'd do everything just to make you happy.. to make you smile.."

Celestine looked up at me and flashed me a weak smile, "Of course.."

I wrapped my arms around her which she returned weakly. I totes don't fancy this kind of mood of hers.. I must do something to cheer her up.

I glanced at the wall clock and saw that it was just 8:48 AM. I parted from hugging her, "Go back to sleep, princess..."

She nodded, yawning, "Okay.. how about you?"

"I'll be fine. I'm not feeling sleepy anyway.. you go," I kissed her forehead. We both stood up from the ground then I tucked her in bed. I put the covers up her chin and leaned down to kiss her lips, "Sweet dreams.."

I saw her stifle another yawn then she shifted on her position to snuggle with the pillows. I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. I made my way toward one of my suitcases and knelt down. I zipped it open and took one shirt out of it. I wore it over my head then I went out our room with my phone, closing the door behind me gently.

I walked in our kitchen, straight on our fridge. I racked it in search of something I could munch on while I think of something to do to make Celestine happy again. I settled on a can of Dr. Pepper and some frozen jellies. I slammed the fridge shut then, I came back on the living room. I flopped down on the couch and placed my food on the coffee table in front of me.

I stared at my phone as I thought of someone who could help me with my problem. But, first I gotta think of something that Celestine wanted. Something that will cheer her up..

Thinking about that game we played, the 20 questions.. I wonder which of those would imply on this matter? Think.. think, Niall, think..

I reached for the Dr. Pepper and flicked it open; I took a sip as I was racking my brain for something. Just then, my eyes lit up once I remember something. I gulped down the tasty liquid and grin. I hastily turned to my phone and dialed Liam's number. I pressed it on my left ear as I tap my lap with my palm while waiting.

"Hello..?" I heard Liam's sleepy voice.

"Liam!" I chirped, "I need you!"

"Niall? Man.. why so early?" he asked tiredly, "What is it?"

"You got to help me, mate. Celestine, she.. she's upset and I just thought of something brilliant to cheer her up. Help me?" I asked, pretty much anxious.

I heard Liam sigh, "Alright. Shoot."

"Search through the net about Disneyland Paris. I need to know its location.. because, I'll take her there today," I said, grinning.

I could almost sense that Liam's grinning from ear to ear, "Awesome.."

* * *

I ran my fingers through my freshly dried hair from bathing. I racked my backpack for my DSLR for I'll be bringing it with me at Disneyland. I wanna capture some memories with her. If she ever smile, laugh, sneeze or if she would just simply stare into the thin air later, I'd capture it. I wouldn't wanna miss it for the world. This should be special for the both of us. Besides, I've never been to Disneyland Paris. I wonder what's the difference on one from Hong Kong and one from here..

Once, I saw it, I pulled it out the bag and examined it. I haven't used this during the last three months back when I was in the flat, living with the lads. So, it's pretty much dent-free. I'm not denying the fact that I tend to break stuffs. As I was examining it, I saw Celestine sitting by the bed and was just.. staring into nothing..

The room was actually quiet since none of us were talking. "Babe?" so, I spoke, breaking the silence.

"Yes, my love?" she responded, without glancing towards my direction.

I swallowed, "Get dressed.."

Celestine suddenly looked up and finally fixed her gaze on me, "Dressed? For what..?" she asked curiously.

"I'll bring you to some place that you will surely love..," I smirked at her.

Her face lit up, "Alright..," she said, sliding down the bed. She tied up her hair and hurried out the room.

As for me, I turned back to my DSLR. I walked towards the bed and placed it there then, I came by our other suitcases. We're gonna have to bring some clothes. I never expected Disneyland to be far from here. It was actually located near by Marne-la-Vallée and that place was almost out of Paris' boundary. Liam told me so after our chatting. He turned his laptop on and searched the place for me. Now, I got the map and some hotel for us to stay at but, the problem is.. I don't know yet where to go from here. It's been always easy around Paul.. But well, I was lucky that Harry knew someone from here so, I already got ourselves a driver. He should be on his way here now. I just hope he'd come or else I'll be doomed. About Disneyland.. I don't get why would they call it Disneyland Paris. I mean, they could've just call it France Disneyland or something.. well, that's just my rant. If Louis' in my shoes, he would also rant about it, I'm totes sure.

I pulled up my suitcase and slumped it on our bed. I zipped it open then, I checked everything. Just enough shirts and pants would be fine, we won't be staying there for long anyway. I came by to get her suitcase next and slumped it also on the bed. I opened it and checked her clothes. I could feel myself blushing as I was racking her cottony clothes.. they're so pink, soft and tiny. Very different from mine. My eyes widened when I saw her underwear.

"What are you doing?"

I hastily slammed her suitcase close and turned to face her, "I.. I.. nothing, I'm just..," I stammered. Great. Why am I still this shy around her over the months we've been together? She's my fiancé now for Pete's sake!

She giggled as she walk towards me with only a towel wrapped loosely on her dripping wet body, "Are you looking through my clothes?" she asked, stopping in front of me.

She was too close which had me flopping down on bed, "Well, y-yeah. I have to. We need to bring clothes.."

"Really? Why? Are we going on some vacation?" she asked with much enthusiasm.

That made me smile. From being seductive, her mood became childish eventually, "No. Just a one night stay with some place, princess..," I said.

She smiled, "I see.. I can't wait then!" she beamed. She leaned down and kissed my lips, "I shall get dressed now.."

I nodded, "Go ahead..," I smiled. She's back from her unbroken self again and I'm beyond happy to know that. I will be sure to buy her a new batch of fishes later..

Celestine came towards her suitcase by the floor and pulled out a shirt and denim shorts. I watched her come back beside me in bed then, she motioned for her suitcase that I've been racking before she even got here. I stood up and lifted up the suitcase for her. She pulled out a pair of lingerie then, she winked at me. My eyes widened and it was just then that I realize that she'd be needing to nude off to dress up. I quicken my pace to look away.

She giggled, "Oh come on, Niall.. as if you haven't seen them before.."

I chuckled awkwardly as I could feel my cheeks burning madly, "Y-Yeah.."

I heard her towel collide with the floor which only had my hormones tugging under my privates even more knowing that she's fully naked now. I swallowed hard as I keep myself from glancing her way. She does this to me every freaking time. This strange feeling of craving for a woman's body. I used to crave for just food and just food only but, when it comes to Celestine.. it seemed as if though that her body's one of those.. edible stuff that I usually drool over so much.

I shut my eyes tight as I swallow some more. I shivered once I felt Celestine's cold finger been put on my chin, forcing me to look at her, "It's alright, my love. I'm your fiancé now.. what's wrong with watching me while I put clothes on, right? You're looking away like as if it was a crime..," she sighed.

My heart sank, hearing that sigh. I'm upsetting her. Cautiously, I looked to her direction. She cupped my face and there I saw her body once again. Her perfect body. I was blushing a million times; I will never get used to this. She leaned down and kissed me on my lips.. then she trailed some gentle kisses down to my neck. My eyes were shutting down due to the blissful feeling she's giving me every time she'd do this to me. My manhood is tugging on my pants which had me biting my lower lip in the process. We can't do this right now. Harry's friend might caught us on this situation. I halted her.

"Princess...," I breathed out, holding both her arms.

She looked up, "Yes?"

"We should not go any further.. we must hurry.. someone's coming here to drive us..," I said.

She pouted adoribly. Damn that. She looked so cute! Not even funny!

She sighed, "Okay..," she stood up straight and walked toward her clothes. I stood up straight as well, trying hard to regain my composure, trying to keep my hormones to myself. I turned my attention back to my suitcase.

As I was halfway from getting ready, I heard some knocks on our door. That must be Harry's friend. I jogged out the room leaving Celestine with our other luggage. I straightened my polo shirt and fixed my collar a little before opening the door.

"Mr. Niall Horan?" asked a man that was seemed to be on his 26th year.

I nodded and opened the door wide to let him in, "Yes, that's me. Come in."

"Great. I was worried that I might be knocking on a different door..," he chuckled.

I chuckled along as I shut the door behind us, "Why? Did Hazza make the instructions hard for you?" I asked casually. This guy seemed kind.

He chuckled, "Sort of.."

I nodded. I gestured for the couch, "Please, take a seat first. We're not done packing yet, I'm so sorry..," I said sheepishly.

He waved me off, "Oh no! Please, take your time," he said, slowly sitting down.

I nodded, "Alright. So, lemme get you something to drink," I said, running off to the kitchen. I hurriedly open the fridge and took out a Coke in can. I jogged back to the living room, "Here," he took the drink, "What's your name, by the way?" I asked.

"Nick," he said, smiling.

"Oh.. okay, Nick. So, I shall continue packing now," I said as I start to walk backwards towards our room, "Please, feel at home. Put your feet up, slouch, do whatever you want!" I chuckled.

"Alright! Thanks, man!" I heard him say before I have completely went inside our room.

"Who was that, babe?" Celestine asked.

I walked toward our luggage, "Harry's friend, Nick. He'll drive us," I grinned.

She smiled, "Okay.."

I peered over her suitcase, "Are you done with that? Because, I already am.. Want me to help you?" I offered.

She shook her hair, "Oh no.. I'm almost done anyway.."

"Right," I zipped my suitcase shut then I sling over my backpack on my shoulders. I came to wear my red snap back then I grabbed my suitcase, "Let me carry that, princess," I said.

"Alright," she zipped her suitcase shut then she walked to her dresser. I grabbed her suitcase then I walked towards the door to wait for her.

I saw her get the keys to our flat from the jar then, she slung her bag over her shoulders. I bit my lower lip slightly, seeing how beautiful this fiancé of mine..

She walked her way towards me eventually and stopped to kiss my lips, "Let's go?" I asked.

Celestine nodded, "Let's go.."

We both went out our room and met up shortly with Nick by the living room. He hastily stood up, "Are we good to go?" he asked.

"Yeah, man.. sorry to keep you waiting," I apologized curtly.

He chuckled, coming over to me. He took one suitcase off my grasp, "It's alright. Let me take this," he said. I wanted to protest but, he's too quick.

I nodded instead, "Thanks. By the way, this is Celestine. My girlfriend and fiancé," I said, holding Celestine by her waist.

"Hello there! Call me Nick. Hazza's friend," he said politely.

"Nice to meet you," Celestine greeted back.

"Right, let's go. Thanks again, Nick."

The three of us went out the flat. We strolled our way to the lift then on the ground level. We checked out on the receptionist desk by the lobby. When did we have two receptionists? I don't know. Must be Celestine. She's been telling me about the lady being alone by the lobby these past few days so, that must be it. Yeah.. I own the kindest and the most modest girlfriend in the world. Guys should be jealous.

"I brought my car. I hope it's okay with one of the famous One Direction lad to ride a station wagon," Nick said sheepishly.

I waved him off, "Oh no! It's alright! I'm just a regular lad, don't be silly!" I chuckled slyly.

"That's awesome. So, let's put the luggage at the back. These doesn't have trunks," he sheepishly say while lifting up Celestine's suitcase. He dropped it at the back. I came to drop mine as well. He rounded the car to unlock the doors, "Climb in. There are some blankets and cushions for her if she wants to doze off," he said.

"Right. You go first, princess.. I will sit in front," I said, helping up my girl. I shut her door then I came to sit on the passenger seat. I had to, I will be helping out with directions; I have the map after all.

Nick started the engine without any further discussion and I'm happy with that. I'm already dying to witness Celestine's reaction once we have reached. I want her happy every time. Her happiness should be a job for me to be done perfectly. To see her smile is a must for my sake. She deserved every happiness and nothing but goodness in this world.

I pulled out my so-called-map, out my backpack and unfolded it wide. I draw it by myself and for me, I did a great job. It took me an hour to draw this for it was simply a lot. The place was just too far from here! This deserved an A. Nick then started to ask me some directions so, I told him what my map was telling me. The ride was alright and we didn't get any complications because, besides with the fact that we have my magical map on board, Nick is familiar with the places so, it's cool.

"France sure got lots of streets labeled with Rue..," I mumbled as I scan the map before me. It's true! Every street that Liam told me always got 'Rue' on it and I don't even know why. Well, I don't wanna know why either way.

"I know. I've noticed when I googled the place," Nick said.

I chuckled, "Okay so, you have to take a U-turn after that highway..," I said, pointing to the right side.


I glanced up the rear view mirror to check on Celestine. My heart melted seeing her sound asleep. I quickly grabbed on my backpack to get my camera. I must capture that. I pulled out my DSLR and switched it on. Nick gave me a look. I motioned for him to keep quiet because I will take a picture of a sleeping Celestine. He shook his head, keeping himself from laughing. I fixed the camera and peeked through it.

My heart was pounding against my chest while sighting Celestine's sleeping face through my camera. She looked so angelic and peaceful. Taking a shot of someone on their sleeping state should be funny but, this one was thoroughly different. She looked so beautiful..

Breathless, I cautiously tapped the capture button and got myself a picture of her. I slowly peered off the camera to look at my princess completely. She looked even better in reality. I turned my head back on my seat and stared at the picture I have captured on my camera. Never seen someone so effortlessly perfect in their sleep.. I love this girl very much..

"Hey. You okay, mate? You seemed baffled all of the sudden," I heard Nick spoke which had me shaken out of my trance.

"I.. I'm okay..," I murmured, not keeping myself from looking away from the picture in the camera.

"Right. Where should we go from here?" Nick asked. I switched the camera off and turned my attention back on the map.

* * *

The ride all the way here took us almost half the day. That includes the traffic and gas stop of course. We arrived by midnight and well, Celestine was asleep again. She woke up in between 8 to 9 in the evening when we were barely passed by Paris' boundary. I didn't really expect Disneyland to be this difficult to travel. Especially, by land. We could've rode a plane but, that would be exaggerating.

"Will you guys be fine if I head off after I drop you? My girlfriend's worrying," Nick said.

"What? How are we supposed to get home after this trip then?" I asked, completely taken aback.

"I'll come by in the evening. I promise."

I blew out a sigh of relief, "Alright then. Thanks again, man."

"Sure!" he chuckled, rounding up the car by the side to park it. He turned the engine off.

I got out the car with my backpack then I opened Celestine's door, "Princess..," I shook her gently, trying to wake her up.

She budged slightly then I watched her pry her eyes open slowly, "We're here?" she whispered.

"Yes, love. Let's go.. Nick is in a hurry..," I said in a hush tone.

Celestine rubbed her eyes then she searched for her bag. I helped her get down the car. Nick took out our luggage from the back and placed it in front of us outside.

"I'll come by tomorrow night," Nick said.

"Thank you again, man," I smiled at him. He smiled in return then he's off. I held Celestine from her waist to help her balance. She seemed so knackered and I don't even know why.. Shrugging away the thought, I lifted up our luggage and let her lean against my shoulder. We strolled towards Disney's Sequoia Lodge. It's a hotel. Liam contacted it for us regarding our VIP reservations. It's a good thing that Celestine's drowsy right now so, clearly, she hadn't got any clue as to where on earth we are now.

I approached the receptionist by their luxurious lobby, "Niall Horan," I simply said. The lady by the counter handed me a card key then she beckoned me to go over the lifts by the left side. I thanked her then I continued on my guilty pleasure struggling by taking care of Celestine's sleepy self together with the weight of our luggage.

Celestine pressed the up button then we waited. She stood up straight, "Where are we exactly, my love?" she asked. The tiredness clear on her voice.

"We're in a hotel, princess.."


The elevator door slid open. The both of us stepped inside. I looked at the key in my hand, seeing it says room 11 - 1189. So, I pressed the button that will end us up by the 11th floor. The door slid open by the 4th floor and in came a guy. Celestine stood up beside me. As the utterly slow ride went on, I have noticed that the guy was biting his lower lip as he was stealing glances towards Celestine. I could feel my blood boiling all of the sudden. Just then, Celestine hooked her arm on mine and leaned close to my ear, "Don't let him get into you, my love..," she whispered.

But, I couldn't help it! I feel like ripping his head off!

The ride went on and he's still eye-raping my fiancé. I found myself gritting my teeth as I could feel my veins hardening. Celestine took me by surprise by kissing my cheek, "Did you feed our daughter before you left them at home, my love?" she asked in a flirty way.

I saw the guy looked away quite fast. I smirked, "Yes, honey. The maids took care of them so, we could have our break..," I played along.

"Good. I love you so much, my love. I will never let anyone tear us apart. Never. Not a single one could tear us," she emphasized.

Just then the elevator door opened by our destined floor. Celestine and I stepped out the lift. I dropped the suitcases in my grasps, creating a loud thud as it clashed with the floor. I faced the scumbag by the lift, "Next time, just shut your fucking eyes off to keep them from eye-raping someone else's wife. Got that? Learn it, asshole," and with that, the elevator door shuts, leaving a taken aback scumbag inside.

Celestine was fast to wrap her arms around me, "Sshh.. babe.. don't mind that pervert.. just.. sshh..," she whispered.

I sighed, "He's fucking eye-raping my fiancé for God's sake! How can I let go of that subject? I can't just let people do that to my girl! I just couldn't!" I frantically yelled.

Celestine cupped my face, "Look at me, Niall..," she said calmly, "Look at me, babe..," she forced me to look at her which I did, "He's gone now. No matter how hard he try to eye-rape me, he could never change the fact that it was only you that owns my body. Okay? Stop it now.. let's just go.. let it go, Niall.."

I sucked my teeth, facing my defeat. I'm always a tad loser when it comes to her. I hate it. Sighing, I came to get our luggage then we continued through the hallway. She leaned on my shoulder as we walk. I could already feel my heartache easing..

"That's our room," I spoke, pointing at a certain door to our room with my pouted lips. Celestine giggled, taking the card key from my struggling fingers. She swiped the key and the door opens; we both trudged in, stopping by the doormat.

"Come. Put those down..," she said softly, beckoning for me to head inside.

I obeyed with no further argues, I dropped our luggage, including my backpack. Besides, I'm also knackered. I was surprised with myself that despite my laziness, I have managed to stay up late, giving directions to Nick the whole ride from our flat all the way here.

Celestine held my hand and lead me inside, after I shut the door behind us. The room wasn't that huge. Just the normal size that me and the lads used to check in with, back in New York. The walls are thick with carpet though so, I doubt people would hear any noise from room to room. Celestine flicked the lights on once we reached the bedroom. The lighting was yellow and dimmed, it surely got me relaxed. She lets go of my hand and flopped down on the bed. She tapped the bed beside her, telling me to sit. A smile crept on my lips. After that intense anger I have felt just now towards that scumbag, she still managed to make me smile genuinely like this..

I sat beside her in bed and stared at her smiling face. I couldn't tell what she was thinking right this moment but, I didn't really care anymore.

Just then, I had this urge to ask her something..

"Are you already getting tired of me? Of us..?" I asked in a whisper. I was scared to know her answer, to be honest. But, she made me realize that she was indeed, already getting tired of me. She's tad blunt the whole ride and I let her fishes die.. I don't know anymore. If she would say that she was in fact, tired of us now.. I will kill myself. I will totally kill myself..

She didn't speak for a moment which only had me feeling more scared.

Just then, she smiled, shaking her head.

I took a deep breath and sighed, "The truth please....," I whispered, shutting my eyes.

"Niall.... I have never once thought of leaving you someday... I hope you know that...," she said softly. I felt her hands, cupping my face, "So, why would I get tired of you? Hmm?" she whispered back.

I pried my eyes open. She's still smiling warmly at me. With no words coming out my mouth.. slowly, I found myself lifting up my arms. It came to stop at the back of her neck; I pulled her in and crashed my lips to her soft ones. She returned my kiss almost the same force as mine. She was smiling through our interacted lips, "I love you so much, princess..."

* * *

I readied my camera to capture Celestine's reaction.

Any moment now... bam!

"Oh my gosh, Niall! Oh my gosh!" Celestine gushed once we have reached the gates of Disneyland. I took a shot. She jumped up and down in so much joy. She glanced at me then she attacked me with a massive hug, "Thank you! Thank you! I love you!" she squealed.

I chuckled, hugging her waist, setting aside the DSLR, "Now, now.. I just really wanted to make my fiancé the happiest girl in the world today.. was that so bad?" I teased.

She parted and bit her lip with a lopsided smirk, "You got your goal," she simply uttered out.

I wiggled my brows at her, "Let's go?"

She nods, holding my hand. I entwined our fingers together and walked us both towards the entrance. I got us both a pair of ticket this morning while she was still sleeping. I don't know but, she tends to sleep longer than usual whenever we does 'it'. So, I have managed sneak out.

"Here," I showed the guards our ticket. I bought two ride-all-you-can tickets that cost a fortune. You don't even wanna know the price. The guard encircled it around on each of our wrists then we're good to go inside. I looked at Celestine, "Where do you want to go first?" I asked her.

"Anywhere!" she chirped anxiously.

I take in the sight before me and I couldn't help myself but gape. The place was just so breathtaking. It's thoroughly massive! There was this huge spacious park in front of you, filled with random people and lurking kids. In front of you was a pink castle with Mickey Mouse on the middle of a big clock at the center top. Everything is so Disney. Liam would totally flip if he was right here this moment. Celestine dragged me along with her, "Where do you want to go?" I asked, chuckling.

"I want to go and meet the Disney casts," she smirked.

We reached the road that will lead us much further inside. And to think that I already thought that we're already inside. After a minute, we stopped by the side then a tune went on. Out came the 'casts' that Celestine referred to. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Aladdin, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Cinderella, The Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Alice, Little Mermaid and many more did an opening parade. I can't help but smile the whole time. Celestine was so happy, smiling and giggling the whole while that we're watching the parade. I'm making her happy and that's all that matters to me.

After the parade, the gates opened for us all. Celestine was so anxious that we literally ran through the crowd of people. Some glared and some even recognized me. They've been calling my name but, I was too caught up with Celestine as of the moment so... I'm sorry loves.

The first thing we did was ride a freaking roller coaster of course. Well, it was not called a roller coaster though.. It's called Space Mountain but, hell, do I looked like I care? It's a pricking coaster to me! If I had known that Celestine loved riding those kind then, I should've had myself warned in the first place. Because she pleaded to me to ride with her. Me being me, didn't get the chance to back out with her invitation. Yeah yeah, go on, pity me. So, approximately, I just sucked in my fear of heights right on that moment and forced myself to enjoy the hell ride. Damn that, I'm glad I didn't throw up right after.

The next ride had me smiling from ear to ear for it was peaceful and does not includes anything that has to do with heights. It's called Alice's Curious Labyrinth. If you were wondering, it was the complete replica of the movie and or cartoon called, Alice in Wonderland. I'm proud of myself that I ever thought of bringing her here. I got to see her childish side all the way. I've been filming a video of her the whole time, from the entrance and all throughout the walk. You see, you'll just walk like as if you're the real Alice on this ride. I have captured everything. She was grinning from ear to ear whenever she'll come across some carved-stone characters. The one whose smoking some letters, the Cheshire cat that disappears, the bunny with the clock, the evil red queen, everything. I've never seen her so innocent and happy like this. Like a child in a Christmas day.

After being Alice, she got tired eventually so, we went to this certain ride called Adventure Isle. After seeing all those girlie stuff and weird looking creatures back in Alice's Curious Labyrinth, we now became pirates. That made me anxious. I mean, finally! A ride for boys. It was cool because you would literally feel like you're pirate. Disneyland did an actual great job. There was a huge map to the place that you'd be having your adventure. We traveled inside a cave full of treasure chests and skeletons. Celestine held me the whole strolling under that cave and I loved it. After that, we met an almost real looking ocean.. full of tiny crocodiles. It was an open replica of ocean. I fasten my pace on that part though. The crocodiles might eat me. After the ocean, damn, and I thought that I'm done with heights.. Sigh. We walked across a bridge. A wobbly, shakily, old wooden bridge. Just to get us to the other side of the journey. Again, sucking up my fears deep in my throat, we have managed to cross it. I didn't cry, man, I was glad. I'm supposed to be guarding Celestine. I mustn't cry. Big boys don't cry; yeah, whatever Fergie. The journey ended when we reached the massive pirate ship. It's so cool, to be complete honest. The structure was very fine and well created. Hands down to that. But, I still couldn't tell which is better. Whether it's the Disneyland in Hong Kong or Disneyland here in France.

I was in totes relief that I have managed to survive the adventure. So much for being happy with the fact that 'finally, a ride for a boy like me'. Celestine seemed to be more brave than me. I mentally rolled my eyes at the thought.

"You hungry, my love? Let's eat first..," she said.

I blew out a sigh of happiness, "Yes, please...," I muttered.

She giggled, pinching my cheek," Sorry to keep you hungry, babe.."

I smiled, "It's alright. Your happiness is more important."

She frowned, "Why are you doing this anyway? Why did you bring me here in the first place?" she asked, as we walk toward the pile of food stands.

I shrugged, "Your fishes died and you were so upset which made me upset all the same.. so, I thought I should make you happy again by bringing you here..."

She stopped on her tracks and turned to look at me. She cupped my face and drew me in for a chaste kiss, "I'm so lucky I have you..," she murmured through our lips.

I smiled, "I'm lucky that you're mine and nobody else'.. I'm the lucky one, okay?"

She pulled me in for another kiss, "Don't be silly now, Niall.. I'm the lucky one here..," she said softly.

I sighed, wrapping my arms around her, "You win.. you will always win over me.."

She grinned cheekily, "Now, let me buy you any food you want!" she chirped.

We went over each food stands and bought anything out of each. She gave some to kids; those junk food such as ice cream, pop corn, cotton candy, twin Popsicle sticks, jumbo hot dog in a stick, corn dog and all that sort. She gives money to the poor, feed random fishes by the waters, give tips to servants or vendors and give food to strangers. Now I'm starting to think that she runs a charity of her own. Confirmed, I own the kindest and most down to earth girlfriend in the world.. Father, God, you rock for giving me the best fiancé. I will promise to love her with all I got and all I have. I won't fail you with this one..

"There was one thing left that I want to ride on here, my love..," she said.

I held her by the waist while we're walking, "And that is?" I asked, taking the last bite of my burger.

She looked up at me and grin, "Phantom Manor..."

I almost choked, "P-Phantom Manor?" That ride is creepy! Hell to the no!

She nodded vigorously, "Yes yes yes! I want to go there! That place is so creepy!" she beamed, "I love creepy! It was actually so goth and 60's. Everything was vintage," she almost sounded like a fan girl. Oh God.. I hate creepy stuffs.

"I.. can we just go somewhere else, princess?" I sheepishly say.

She frowned.

I gulped, "F.... fine...."

She attacked me with a massive hug and buried her face at the crook of my neck which sends tingles on my skin every time, "Thank you, my love! I'm so excited!" she squealed.

I smiled despite the fact that my stomach's creating multiple knots, "L-Let's.. go then.."

She parted and grabbed my wrist, "Let's go!" she exclaimed, dragging me along as she runs.

"W-Whoa!" I gushed. I struggled to throw my finished burger by the trash bin that we have run passed by, "Easy, babe," I said between laughs. It's really cute of her to get anxious like this.

"It's almost dark out! It might get more creepy there if it gets dark. You don't want that, right?" she winked at me.

"Right...," I mumbled.

Once we reached, she stopped short. She looked at me, "Let's film it," she grinned.

I nodded, getting my camera ready. I lend it to her because I don't think I'd be able to film everything. I hate admitting it but, I'm scared. Even if it's just a freaking ride and everything inside were just mannequins, fake, replicas and such.

The so-called-mansion before us looked so real that you'd actually think that real ghosts must be lurking around inside it. Well, I hope that there's none because, I might piss my pants; that will have me dead on the spot, if ever that happens. We walked the gardens of the mansion and that's when Celestine started filming. She filmed the fountain by the side and our walk along the bridge that will lead us in. The more we walk further in, the more my grip on Celestine tightens. She giggled, giving my hand a soft squeeze.

"I'm scared, okay...?" I breathed out. I could feel myself blushing furiously.

I saw her paused on filming, "Do you want us to go back outside then? It's fine with me..," she said softly.

I hastily shook my head, "No, princess! I'm on it. I can do this," I said. I grabbed her hand and lead us both in. Darkness overtook. I take in a deep breath. Here it goes..

The place was looking so old. Antiques everywhere. Odd scary looking paintings at every wall. I almost screamed when I heard someone speak that booms all over the freaking place. I didn't understand though for it was French. Celestine continued to film our little journey. It was a short walk through the mansion and eventually, we'd have to sit by a couch train. First, it led us upstairs which was very very creepy, then it turned left to a freaking dark alley or hallway, whatever you might want to call it; it won't change the fact that it scared the potato chips out of me. Celestine was seated behind me which sucks because, while she was throughout enjoying the ride, here I am, longing for her touch to somehow ease my fright. After entering that dark alley, I shut my eyes and tuned out everything anyway so, it doesn't really matter.

Just then, I felt the couch train stop, "Was it over?" I hissed.

I felt a very familiar touch of a certain hand, clasping mine, "We'll walk from here. We're almost out..," Celestine said.

I stood up from my seat and followed her. And I thought it was done..

"I'm back.........," hissed the creepy bride by the nearby end of the exit.

I screeched.

Celestine giggled, "Run!" she exclaimed. The both of us ran and finally, in the name of all the saints, hallelujah, we're out!

"I....will....never go back there....ever again!"

"That was fun though!" she chuckled.

"No," I replied bluntly. I took the camera from her and shut it. I held her hand and hugged her, "I've been longing to do this... back inside, you were far by my side...," I murmured against her neck.

I felt her wrapping her arms around my waist, "I thought it was quite unfair that they doesn't have a couple couch chair by the train...," she said softly.

I nodded, "It is quite unfair..."

"Listen, I love you...," she whispered.

"And I love you so much more..."

"Let's go. It's already dark out. Nick must be near now..," she said. We parted then I held her hand. We walked out Phantom Manor.

As we were walking, an idea recalls in my head. "Come, quick!" I said, dragging her along with me.

I heard her giggle, "Where are you taking me now?" she asked.

I thought I saw a pet store somewhere. I stopped on my tracks and looked around the surroundings. The fireworks started and I could hear everybody gushing, including Celestine. My eyes landed on the pet store, at last. I trudged towards it, bringing her along, "I will buy you fishes, princess."


I pushed the store's door open and we both stepped in, "Pick anything you want.."

She looked at me in awe. But then, she smiled and started to look for a fish she fancies. She settled with two clown fishes; I purchased it then they placed it on a glass jar with small particles of fish food. The both of us walked out the shop and as if on cue, my phone buzzed so, I pulled it out my pocket. It was a text from Nick. Great timing, I thought.

"Thank you, my love.. I have the best boyfriend in the world... I love it... I love this... very much...," I heard Celestine mutter under her breath, never leaving her eyes off the glass jar for a second. Her eye balls were going in circles, going along the fishes' movement from inside the glass.

I chuckled at her cuteness, "Let's go. Nick said he's waiting by the exit."

"Okay... Let's go...," she muttered softly, her attention, still focused on the glass in her grasp while we walk. I shook my head in amusement.

* * *

"Stop right there!" Celestine exclaimed. Nick halted the car at that.

"What is it, princess?" I asked worriedly. We were almost home when she exclaimed like this. It was almost 10 in the evening and I'm surprised that we're nearly there on our destination. And so, it was true that going to the place you want to visit would make the journey long and slow for you but, when you're about to go home, everything is just fine and fast.

"I have to do something. I need to go out the car," Celestine said. She took her bag with her and hopped out the car. I was utterly dumbfounded by her sudden actions.

I looked over at Nick. He shrugged, "Well, what are you waiting for? Go after her!" he urged, chuckling.

"Right!" I hopped out the car and ran after Celestine. I saw her standing by, near the balcony railings by the edge of the waters. I caught up behind her, "Hey.. why did you take off like that?"

"I just really had to throw this by the waters, you see...," she said softly, pulling out a bottle from her bag. I narrowed my eyes, scanning it. It's containing a rolled paper inside..

"What's that, princess?" I asked.

"Message in a bottle. I wrote something in it after the day I first confessed my feelings for you on the place we first met. I kept it with me then, here.. I just wanted to let it go. I hope it gets to you someday..," she says softly. I watched her drop the message in a bottle by the waters. She turned to face me right after.

I blinked a few times, "Why must you do something like that?" I warily asked.

She shrugged, "I just want to...," she whispered.

I nodded, not getting her point. I held her waist, "Let's go.. Nick's waiting," I started to pull her with me when she stopped me.

"Wait, Niall..," she hold my hand that was gripped against hers. I turned to look at her, "Once you get to find that bottle, I'll be sure to say these exact words to you; 'I love you forever, Niall.. never forget about me..'. Remember those simple words, okay?"

My heart ached. I don't know why... but, something's telling me that something's not right.

"Uh.. why are you saying this?" I asked almost in a whisper.

She smiled, "Nothing... Niall... Nothing. Now, let's go..."

She then brought me along with her back on the car. My mind was drifted off to somewhere the whole ride.

Something's not right. I could feel it.. Though, I wonder what it is.. I don't know it yet but, my worry's suddenly increasing. Please someone tell me that it's nothing bad. I just hope that it's nothing bad...



A/N: Disneyland! Yay! :) Comment please! And like maybe? :) - Lou x

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