Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


10. Le chapitre neuf ...

I can't help but look into the crowd to see if I could see my future wife - Niall Horan :')



Le chapitre neuf ...



I yawned for the umpteenth time. No matter what I do, I can't seem to bring myself back to sleep again. I've been listening to Niall's soft snores as I was leaning over his bare chest; it was rising and falling due to his breathing. How I love this feeling of not being left out. I mean.. I am now sharing a flat with the man I love.. not to mention, the man that I'd love for the rest of my life..

I looked out the window beside our very own king-sized bed and there stood the Eiffel Tower from the far distant. It looked so beautiful with the moonlight adding up to it, along with the city lights.

This flat was especially for us two. Mother provided us everything we need; furniture, lamps, fridge, bath tub, this king-sized bed.. everything. She's the best mother in the world. Well, mothers are the best girl friend a daughter could have in general, anyway.

It's mine and Niall's third night here at Citadines Tour Eiffel. We haven't settled our stuffs yet but it's alright, as long as we're together. I super love this place, actually. Besides the fact that I'd be sighting the Eiffel Tower from anywhere this open flat, no one here would ever be able to hit on me from now on. Because, we own the place.. the whole place. Because, you know.. I'd rather buy a whole lot of place even if it will cost me a fortune, just to avoid perverts, rather than make my Niall get jealous again. I hate it when he gets jealous.. I can never let him feel bad again.. I wouldn't be able to take it..

I looked at where the wall clock was hanging. I frowned, it's only 4 in the morning.. why can't I go back to sleep?

I felt Niall shift from his position which caused me to move along with his body's rhythm. He wrapped his arms around me and snuggled closer to me; I inhaled his sweet vanilla scent and smiled to myself. I'll never get tired of his everlasting great smell.

"Princess...?" I heard Niall's groggy voice as I felt his chest vibrate when he talked.

I looked up at him and frown, "Oh Niall.. sorry.. did I wake you up, dear?" I asked softly.

"Sshh.. no, babe..," Niall stroked my hair, "You're so lovely..," he whispered as he leans to plant a soft kiss on my temple.

I smiled, nestling my face closer to him, "And you're adorable, Niall Horan.."

"Horan.. I'd love to share my last name with you..," he says softly.

My heart stopped beating at the moment he uttered those words. I looked up at him with my slightly parted lips; he was also looking at me. I licked my lips as I stare into his own pair of pink lips.. I crawled up to him and kissed them. Niall just told me the sentence that was nearly the biggest impact on my whole self. I might be assuming but, I bet what he meant to say was he wanted to marry me and he wanted me to be his wife.. was that even possible?

I parted from kissing him, "What do you mean by that, Niall?" I asked as I stare intently on his pair of beautiful crystal blue eyes.

I still saw him blush despite the moonlight being the only source of light, "I.. I wanna marry you someday.. Celestine.. I don't want anyone else but you.."

I didn't utter a word. No words were coming out my lips because, no words could express how much happiness I am feeling right now. And to think that it was barely 5 in the morning, an early hour.. and this is what I am hearing.. my day was already complete, I must say..

Niall chuckled awkwardly, "Y-You don't have to say anything about that now, princess.. because.. I.. I'll be proposing.. t-to you in a formal.. uh.. way anyway.. so..," he said shyly.

I felt my cheeks burning as I could sense a puddle of tears that was threatening to come off my eyes. I hastily tackled Niall for a massive hug, "Oh my God, Niall... you just didn't say that... you... wanna marry me... are you... are you serious about that?" I gushed. And by means, I could already feel my hot tears trickling down my cheeks, staining Niall's Ireland shirt. The man I love so much wanted to marry me. A good for nothing me..

Niall snaked his arms around my waist, "Yes, princess.. who else could I be possibly marrying other than you?" he chuckled, "You're my one and only.. forever.."

I buried my face at the crook of his neck, "I love you so much, Niall.. You're my one and only as well! Forever!" I exclaimed mildly. I couldn't help it, I just feel like shouting it to the world right now. I parted from Niall and sat up from bed, "Say, how about we make a truce!" I beamed.

Niall sat up as well, "A truce? How?" he asked rather anxious.

I grinned as I lift a hand up, sticking out my pinkie, "Like this, I'll start; From this day forward, I solemnly swear that I.. Celestine Diór Monsour, is now Niall Horan's future wife..," I said with much willingness and honesty, "And I will promise to never replace him with anything or anyone in this world. Forevermore."

Niall smiled warmly as he lift a hand up, sticking out his pinkie as well and intertwining it with mine, "From this day forward.. I, Niall James Horan is now Celestine Diór Monsour's future husband, guardian angel and saviour.. and I promise that never in a million year will I break this truce. I'm also promising to love her forever until my last breath runs out.."

My heart melted and sank at the same time at his words and I couldn't help but think about my destined fate again. As I was staring at his pool of crystal blue eyes while our pinkies were intertwined, I could literally feel the need as well as the should and must, to last this kind of relationship that we have, that we're currently sharing with one another.

This just couldn't end that fast. No, this shouldn't end at all. This is too perfect to end.. too perfect..

"Niall..," I breathed out, "Come and give me a hug, will you?"

He chuckled slyly as he leaned in. He opened his arms so I met him halfway then, we hugged. I rested my head on his breathing chest to listen to his heart beat. It was beating rather fast right now..

"You're engaged to me now, princess.. I know it's just something that the two of us decided on our own but, I'd still gladly tell everyone that I am now engaged to a lovely girl that is you.. you're so amazing.. there's no one that I could ever compare to you.."

I smiled, "Me too, Niall.. I'd scream to the world how much I love you.. I'd brag to every soul that lurks that, you're my fiancé and there's no one in my heart but you.. you occupied almost three fourth of my heart, did you know that?" I looked up at him, "And you just left my parents, relatives, my fishes, my shoes and my random vintage stuffs the one fourths part of it..," I said, chuckling.

He chuckled, pinching my nose, "And I suppose, you took the whole of mine..."

I giggled, "Whole of yours? How about your family? Your friends? Hmm?" I smirked, "How about One Direction?" I stuck my tongue out at him.

He mocked offended look, gasping playfully, "Oh so now you're really teasing me, aren't you?" he smirked, tickling my sides.

I budged as I laugh out loud, "S-Stop it! I'm very much ticklish!" I squirmed. Niall continued to tickle me until were both catching our breaths due to uncontrollable laughter. We both slumped back on bed as we breathe hard.

We were both sprawled on bed with our legs crossed with each other, "I'll never get tired of loving you, Niall..," I sighed dearly, staring up the ceiling.

"And I will never give up on us.. no matter what..," Niall said softly in his husky voice. I turned my head sideways and met his gaze. He shifted from his position to face me completely then he reached out an arm and touched my cheek with his palm, "My fiancé... it sounded so right... so right..."

A smile crept its way on my lips, "I can't believe it. I never once thought that I'd somehow.. get engaged.. it felt so good..," I said in awe as I could practically sight sparks floating in the air, coming from behind Niall's angelic figure.

Niall rubbed some circles on my back then he started to hum a certain tune with his soothing voice.

Suddenly, I just felt my eyelids growing heavy..

"Let's go back to sleep...," he said in a hushed tone.

I scooted closer to him as he did the same. He lend his arm, making my head leaned against it. I rested my temple under his arm then I wrapped an arm on his torso. He started to hum a tune again; and that's when I finally drifted off back to dreamland, once again.

* * *

I woke up to the lovely sound of the chirping birds by the window. I immediately felt a smile creeping on my lips. I pried my eyes open and the sunlight met my sight right away. I didn't cringe at all though. I'm beyond happy to cringe despite the fact that I don't like the brightness in the first woke. I sighed dearly and stared at my imaginary ring; I am now Niall's fiancé.. well, not officially but, as long as we both agree to that, we'll always be owning one another.

I shifted from bed and saw my guardian angel laying peacefully beside me. I reached for his hair and stroked it ever so slightly for I don't want to be rude and wake him up. The sunray's hitting on his face and so, I could see the whole of him right this moment. His cheeks were tinged with pink as well as his collarbone. I must say that he looked rather dashing. I'm such a pedophile for dating a young boy but, does it matter? Love doesn't have a limit. Not even death could bring it down.

I sat up from bed and walked freely toward the windows. I reached for both of the ends of the curtains and slid it shut. I glanced back at my sleeping Niall and was happy that he seemed much more peaceful and cozy now with the absence of the sunlight.

I made my way out our room to go to the bathroom. I took in the sight of our flat and giggled inaudibly to myself; it's a total mess in here.. and to think that we've now been here for an exact of 3 days and 3 nights, yet we still hasn't settled our stuffs. I shook my head in amusement while I step inside the bathroom. I sat on the toilet bowl for a morning pee. I rubbed my eyes to brighten my vision and soon I was done peeing.

"Princess?" I heard Niall call.

I grinned. I quickly stood up and flushed the toilet; I moved forward to the bathroom sink and washed my hand with the liquid soap father gave to Niall and I. I thought it was too sweet for a father to be this supportive of his daughter's relationship.. This kind of matters were rare, we gotta admit.

I popped out of the bathroom and ran to our room, "Yes, my love?" I asked cheerfully.

Niall was seated on bed and was just rubbing his eyes, yawning, "You left me by myself..," he pouted.

I blushed, "Aw..," I cooed, "That's so cute..," I chuckled, making my way towards him. I flopped down on bed and placed my arms at the both side of his shoulder, "Hungry?" I asked.

Niall grinned, showing off his braced teeth, "Yes.."

I grinned back, "Time for take aways.."

After finding out that I sucked at cooking, we have learned that ordering some take aways would be much accurate.

Niall shot up from bed and ran off the room. After moments, he came back with his phone. He flopped down on bed next to me, "What would you like?" he asked excitedly.

I giggled at his anxiousness. He's such a food lover. "Anything would be fine, my love..," I answered. It doesn't really matter what kind of food I would want to eat anyway. I mean, he's the edible lover here.. he shall decide.

He lifted up the phone in his grasp and started to dial. That was fast, innit? He just always knew what he wanted to eat. He pressed his phone against his ear and waited. He winked at me while he's on the phone which caused me to laugh at his cheekiness, "Ello?" he said to the phone, "Sorry, English please..," he said sheepishly.

I giggled.

Just then, I heard some knocking sounds coming from the living room. Confusion filled me. Strange..

I glanced at the wall clock and it says 10:07 in the morning. Who could be visiting our flat at this time of the day? And to think that we just moved here.. no soul should know this place yet except for mother and father. Also, no one lived here but us.. could mother possibly had the other flats downstairs rented?

"More like it! Okay, so I'd like to order two massive boxes of pepperoni thin-crust pizza," I heard Niall speak those to someone over the phone. He ordered pizza again. I sighed dearly, he never get tired on those..

The knocks got louder and louder so, I ran my way towards the door. Stopping short in front of the door, panting, I opened it with no hesitation, "Who is it?!" I beamed.


My eyes widened. It's the boys.

"Uh.. C-Celestina... why are you..."

"My eyes! Harreh! Cover my eyes!"

"Come here, Boobear!"

"Hey! Cover yours too! Niall will smack you if he sees you!"

"Right! Hey Zayn! Cover yours too! Play fair, will you?"


I giggled. They're so immature, especially Louis, "Hey, babe! Your band mates are here!" I called for my one and only love.

"What?! What are they doing here?! Princess, hide!" Niall yelled frantically. I didn't know what move should I muster up so I waited for him. He popped out from our bedroom, hurriedly wearing his boxers as he struggle to get on my side quickly. Once he did, he wrapped his arms around me securely and hid my body away from the front door which where the boys stood, "What are you lots doing here this early?!" Niall yelled madly.

I was thoroughly confused... does Niall want me by himself? And not share me with his best mates even though, I'm just friends with them..? I cheekily grinned to myself. I like that!

"Look, we just want to surprise you, okay?!" I heard Louis' high pitched voice. I giggled at that. He's too hilarious.

"But, why must you visit this early?!" Niall growled. Wow, that's pretty scary. I giggled mentally.

I heard Harry's laughter over the hall. It's too easy to extinguish for his voice was deep and slow, "Niall! We're sorry! We didn't know that you two are having sex at the moment!"

I felt myself blush. Having sex? I looked down on my chest and it was just then that I realized that I'm only wearing my bra and underwear. I smirked, that explains their reactions..

I frowned, now realizing Niall's reaction. He's not mad about me talking to his mates. He's furious because they saw me almost naked. Oh God.. I feel terrible..

"We're not!" Niall angrily shouts.

"Uh.. I.. boys..," I spoke. I could feel that everybody's attention was now on me, "Please, close your eyes first. I should go and put on some clothes.. shame on me..," I muttered shyly. Niall loosen his grip on me and I saw the four of then at the doorway covering their eyes. I looked at Niall with my apologetic look. He mirrored it and that made my heart feel even more guilty. Cautiously, I leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his lips, "Sorry about this.. I love you..," and with that I ran inside our bedroom. I shut the door and pressed my ear firmly against it, trying to eavesdrop.

"I'm sorry about that, mate..," I heard Liam's voice.

I could almost hear Niall sighing in defeat, "It's fine.. that just really made me panic, yanno? It's just that, I don't want her to be ever disrespected by anyone...," he spoke monotonously, "Anyways! Come in, lads."

"About time! We're sorry, Nialler!"

"Yeah, yeah! It's cool.."

I backed away from the door as I found myself smiling.

I bit my lip as I make my way to where some suitcases were lying about. Niall's so sweet.. he wasn't lying when he promised he'd be my guardian angel and saviour from now on..

I opened Niall's suit case for it was what I found on the floor. I took out a shirt out of it and wore it; I sniffed in, it smelt of Niall.. I then settled on my last night's denim shorts that was lying on the bedside then, I braided my hair loosely from my side and I'm done. I was about to walk towards the door when I saw Niall standing by doorway. My heart skipped a beat. I'm still feeling terrible and rather guilty..

"Princess..," he spoke softly. It was silent all over our room and all over the place except for the noise that the boys were making at the living room.

My knees weakened all of the sudden which caused me to sit down by our bed, "I'm so sorry, my love..," I almost whispered. My heart's aching for him.

Niall hung his head low, "Can I ask you a favor, princess..?"

I swallowed. I've never been this weak on the knees over a guy. But then again, Niall isn't just a guy to me anyway, "Anything, Niall.. tell me.."

Niall slowly made his way towards me. He knelt down in front of me and held both of my hands, "Please.. please don't let anyone sees you like that again, princess.. please.. it knocks me off my feet knowing that other guy's having fun to see your soul like that.. it makes me damn furious..," he almost pleaded. My heart sank at his emotional stature as we was kneeling in front of me with that desperate look on his eyes.

I could not take it any longer. I tackled him on the floor at where he was knelt to; I hugged him fiercely, almost sucking the air out of him, "Oh my God, Niall.. I'm so so so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you like this! I'm such a horrible person! I honestly think that I don't deserve someone as lovable and perfect as you!" I cried. My tears trickled down my cheeks as I was feeling a lot of emotions right this moment. Firstly, I feel terrible.

How can I be so dense most of the time?

Just as simple as having a little respect for myself was still seeming so hard for me to do. I mean, it's all written in there. It's for the best. For me and for him. It's what every boyfriend was asking for with the one they loved, wasn't it? Why can't I do it right? I'm so stupid.. Why am I so stupid? I'm hurting the one I loved so much without even noticing it.. On the other hand though, I'm very much happy with the fact that he's overprotective towards me; no one has ever acted like this for me before. And to think that it was in fact, just his band mates who saw my almost naked soul, he still panicked whole-heartedly, even if we both know that Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry won't take the scene seriously anyway.. I swear if I lose this boy because of my stupidity, I will never forgive myself. Not in a million decades I become a grudge holder but if it would involve my Niall, I might as well have my perspective changed.

Niall hold my arms to make me look at him, "Damn.. Celestine.. please, don't cry. I can't stand girls crying.. what more if it was my one and only girl? Please, stop crying now.. sshh.. and never say that again, princess.. you're perfect for me.. no one and nothing could ever change my mind of loving you..," he hugged me as he caress the back of my head soothingly. He hummed again, "I love you so much.. so much.. please stop crying now.. I can't help but feel bad just hearing your sobs, princess.. sshh.."

I became calmed all of the sudden. My panicked heart eased at his soothing touch together with his heart melting words.. I felt so loved but, still I feel awful, "I will never forgive myself if I hurt you again..," I croaked, "I just couldn't handle the fact that you were hurting and getting embarrassed because of me..," I sobbed, nestling my face deeper in his chest. Niall's hug on me tightened as we were both seated on the floor.

"Sshh.. don't say that.. I'm alright now.. please just stop blaming yourself.. please..," Niall said softly as he cradle me on the floor. My sobs just became more audible. I'm feeling so loved, I can't help it.

I sniffed as I wiped my tears away, I looked at Niall, "I'm.. s-sorry..," I managed through hiccups.

Niall tucked some strands of my hair behind my right ear, "You don't have to say--"

"I'm s-sorry, Niall.. please.."

"You don't have to be so--"

"I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. I'm a horrible fiancé.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry," I chanted in a tone of whisper. I will never stop until he forgave me.

Niall pulled me back to his chest, "Sshh.. I forgive you, princess.. I forgive you..," he whispered.


Niall stopped cradling the two of us to look behind us. I saw Zayn's head popping by the slightly ajar door, "Zayn..," Niall spoke inaudibly.

"Err.. sorry mate, am I interrupting something?" he asked shyly.

Niall shook his head, "It's fine. What is it, mate?" I was just hidden between Niall's arms while they talk. I leaned my head over Niall's chest as I patiently wait for their conversation to end. I'm feeling uneasy for I don't want any of the boys to see me in my wreck and vulnerable state.

"The pizza you ordered just came. I already paid for it though. Just thought we should let you two know that it's ready. Let's eat breakfast..," Zayn says softly.

Niall sighed, "Be there in a sec.. you guys go ahead.. thanks, Zayn."

"Okay, sure. Take your time guys..," Zayn said coolly then after that, I heard the door close gently.

I didn't notice that my sobs have already subsided. Niall looked at me and smile; I smiled back. He stood up and helped me up as well. He reached for my face and caressed my cheek gently, "Come.. let's eat breakfast..," he said softly.

I cupped his face and kissed his lips gently, "Let's go..," I groggily said as I sniff.

* * *

I giggled at Louis' fail attempt of making Liam eat with a spoon, "Aw.. that's just rude, Liam.. Louis' just being suggestive," I cooed as I can't help myself but giggle some more. Liam's frightened face is just priceless!

"See?! Even Celestine thought so! Even her!" Louis pointed at me which earned him a smack from Niall. I laughed, "Hey, oww! Eh, even Celestine thinks so! She! She thinks so! Now come on, Liam! Just one time! Please please! Eat with Mrs. Spoony!" Louis screamed rather than he spoke normally.

"Mrs. Spoony...," Zayn repeated.

"Yeah! Why, mate? Never heard of a spoon's name before?" Louis narrowed his eyes at Zayn.

Zayn rolled his eyes.

Niall laughed hysterically beside me and I can't help but feel so so happy just hearing that. I still can't believe that we had our first ever crying moment earlier just now. It's been so truly emotional but what's magical about it is that we have managed to fix it up right away with no further drama. And I like that. I just really lost my control that time because of the heavy feeling I was carrying the whole while. The guilt almost ate me alive.

Liam threw a chicken skin that looked so crispy on Louis, "Shut up, Louis! I will kill you!"

"Hey! Liam! No, no, no, no, no! You're wasting the food! My food! Mine!" Niall whined like a baby, snatching the chicken skin from Louis plate. I giggled at that. These boys are hilarious!

Harry snickered, "Yeh, Li. Knock it off and just try eating with a sp--"

Louis cuts him off short, "Mrs. Spoony!" he reprimanded.

"Eh.. and just eat with.. Mrs. Spoony..," Harry sighed.

Zayn laughed, shaking his head, "You guys never grow up.."

We settled on ordering another took away foods, only because two boxes of pizza didn't last long enough for everybody's grumbling stomachs. Harry suggested McDonald's. If you'd hear its brand, you might think it's a bit overrated now so as Starbucks but, for me those were the best shops here. I could never compare Starbucks nor McDonald's of Paris in any other branches of it across the world. There's no place like home after all.

Niall reached for my hand from under the table and gave it a soft squeeze. I smiled as I look up at him, "You want my chicken?" he asked with that cheeky grin plastered on his lips..that has some remnants of ketchup. I giggled.

I lifted a hand and wiped the ketchup off the corner of his lips, "Okay.. I'd love to have your chicken..," I said with a smile.

Harry wolf-whistled, "Getting jealous over here..," he teased.

Liam shoved his arm, "You're just feeling envy, Haz," he chuckled.

I giggled, "Why don't you go find yourself a nice girl, Harry?" I asked as I look at Niall pick his chicken up from his plate. He placed it on my plate and cut some small pieces of it with his fork and knife.

Harry snorted, "My last one didn't work out so, never mind. Besides, I'm happy with the lads.."

"Aw, Harreh!" Louis cooed, pinching Harry's cheeks.

I giggled at Louis' high pitched tone kind of voice. I've never met such lad that could muster up that kind of tone in voice, only this Louis here. As I was being entertained by Louis and Harry's bromance, I felt Niall tugging on my shirt, "Open your mouth," he said.

"Aaahhh...," I opened my mouth then he leaned the forked chicken towards my mouth. He shoved it in my mouth. I cheekily grinned at him then I chew happily right after. Do you know the feeling of having a someone that will literally take care of you? If you don't yet then, I must tell you.. it feels so good. Especially if that someone is the someone that you don't ever wanna replace with any other person anymore. For the rest of your life.. and that someone, happened to be Niall James Horan..

"Why is it that you two act like as if you just got married?" Liam asked all of the sudden.

My eyes lit up, I quicken my chews and swallowed after speaking, "We're engaged!" I chirped.

I saw Niall blush furiously. That's just cute.

Zayn choked on his food, "W-What?"

"Nialler?! What?" Louis hissed.

Liam had this bewildered look plastered on his face, "How? W-When?" he stammered.

Harry just kept his cool and didn't utter any word. Silence soon taken over the dining room.

Niall cleared his throat, "Well, partially, we did a truce. Like a vow.. that we'll never leave each other what ever happens.. we sort of uh.. had ourselves engaged with each other, yanno? B-Because, we wanna get married when the time comes.."

The lads had their mouths gaping open. I'm feeling so happy right now. I just wanna hug and kiss the life out of Niall and eat him right up at where he was sat.

"Wow...," Liam mused, "I've been dating Dani for almost three years now and we still hasn't discussed about stuffs like that.."

Harry faked sob, "Niall's engaged now.. who's next? Boobear with Ellie?"

Louis grinned, "I'd love to. I'll propose to Eleanor someday..," he said softly then, he turned to Niall, "That was very sweet of you, mate. I mean, to predict that Celestine's already the one for you.."

Louis was sounding so serious. It was the first time that I see him act like that.

Niall shrugged then he fixed his gaze at me, "She's the one. I just know it."


Louis stood up so as Harry, then they pulled on Niall, "Come you, little leprechaun. You must tell us everything," Louis said as they literally drag my Niall along out the dining room. I watched them scamper off. Liam ran after them as well as Zayn. And well, as for me, I can't seem to stop smiling dearly.. I couldn't help myself but think about mine and Niall's vow with one another. I thought it was just for fun at first, because we just called it a truce on that moment and now we call it 'vow'. I'm hundred percent sure that I will never break it. Hopefully, Niall doesn't too..

I sighed, standing up from my chair. I went to our room and straight to my suitcase. I smirked as I catch a glimpse of my packet of killers. I took it with me, together with my recently refilled Zippo lighter. I went out the room right after and into the balcony. The Paris breeze fanned my face, making me shiver, making my hair fly. Ignoring it, I placed a stick in between my lips and lit it up with small amount of fire. I puffed in the goods; I blew out the circulated smoke out. I inhaled the naturally fresh Paris air and I'm loving it.

I heard a throat being cleared from behind me which caused me to jump a little. I turned my head to see who it was, "Mind if I join you?"

It was Zayn. I smiled, stepping aside to make room for him, "Sure."

He trudge inside the balcony. I watched him take in the fresh breeze then he looked at me, "Can I have some?" he was referring to the packet of cigarettes.

I shrugged, "Sure! Here," I lend it to him.

He took one, "Thanks."

"Welcome!" I beamed. He chuckled.

I puffed once again on my stick and there I saw Zayn light up his stick with his own lighter. There was silence after that. We just enjoyed the sight with the Eiffel Tower from afar being the main attraction.

The thought of Niall suddenly popped inside my head, so I decided to break the silent but, Zayn beaten me to it, "Niall's so into you, Celestine. Do you know that? He's so.. so.. into you."

I felt myself blush. Of all the lads, it was Zayn who said those. He's a serious type of lad so it's got a heavy impact on me. With the way he stated that fact, it's so deep and real. I could tell that he's impressed, "I.. I know.. and well, I feel exactly the same..," I said softly with full honesty.

He looked at me, "Take care of our Nialler. He's a good guy," he smiled.

I nodded vigorously, still blushing, "Why of course, Zayn!" I mused, "I love him so so much.."

Zayn chuckled, "Very good.."

There was silence again. So I broke it this time, "How about you, Zayn? Do you have a someone?" I asked happily. Zayn seemed to be a genuine lover.

He nodded with that blushing smile, "I have. Her name's Perrie.."

"Aw..," I cooed, poking his side which had him squirming. I giggled, "You were blushing!" I teased.

He chuckled awkwardly, "She's just so awesome, you see..," he said shyly.

I grinned, "Then you must be lucky!"

He mirrored my grin, "I am."

"We are lucky then! With our lovers!" I beamed hilariously which caused him to chuckle.

Zayn threw his stick and was about to leave the balcony now when he stopped, "By the way, Celestine..," he started, "Tell your fiancé to come to the mall with us tomorrow. The two of you. We haven't got into one since we came here...," he said sheepishly.

I giggled with a slight nod, "Okay!"

* * *

I leaned on my Niall's shoulder as I make myself comfortable on my position on the couch. He lifted up his arm and drew me in, closer to him then he pecked my temple. I flicked on the remote in search for a good movie but to no avail. It was already 12 in the midnight now after all so, never expect a great movie at this time.

The lads took a whole while till they decided to leave just now. I feel sorta sorry for them because I could really tell that they're missing their Nialler. I couldn't blame them though. Any human would love Niall's company..

I sighed happily, turning the telly's volume down and just deciding to shut my eyes to enjoy my alone time with my fiancé..

"Princess?" Niall spoke softly.

"Hmm?" I responded.

He kissed the top of my head deeply, "I'm sorry that we don't have an engagement ring yet..," he murmured through my hair.

Butterflies fluttered inside my stomach, "It's.. it's o-okay.. my love..," I stammered, feeling myself blush madly.

He chuckled slyly, "Don't worry, princess.. I'll buy us a pair as soon as possible.. maybe in the morning.."

My eyes lit up when I remembered what Zayn said. "Oh, my love.. I just remembered! Zayn invited us along.. to go to the mall. Tomorrow.."

Niall lifted my chin up to look at him, "You up for it?" he asked softly.

I nodded, "I am.. I really like your best mates, babe.. they're so fun and kind.. I never get bored with their company.."

Niall smirked, "It's because we're One Direction.."

I giggled, "My hot Irish fiancé is in the band named One Direction. Suck that fan girls..," I half joked just to make him laugh. I love hearing his contagious laugh so much..

Niall laughed, "That's my girl!" he beamed, kissing my temple.

"I'll listen to your songs..," I grinned.

"They don't know about the things we do.. they don't know about the I love you's..," he sang as he pinch the tip of my nose which caused me to giggle.

"By the way, sweetie, what did the five of you chat about, after our brunch this afternoon?" I asked curiously.

Niall smiled warmly at me, "They love you.."

I bit my lip, "What do you mean?"

"They love you for making their Nialler happy and contented.. they're very supportive with our relationship..," he says softly.

I sighed, "I'll do anything and everything just to make you happy..," I said seriously.

"I will do the same," he hastily said.

I got off of his arms and climbed on top of him and sat on his lap. I leaned my face on his chest and wrapped my arms on his side, "I hope the time stops for us...," I mumbled.

I just really hope so..

"So, we'll go malling with them tomorrow...," he said, stroking my hair.


Niall pushed my arms to make me look to him. He kissed my lips almost immediately. My eyes widened for it shocked me. I actually shocked me, he was fast to crash his lips to mine. I felt Niall's tongue already tugging on my lower lip. So, I finally shut my eyes as I parted my lips open to grant him in. We moved in a perfect sync. I didn't realize how I missed making out with him. These past few days have been busy for the both of us. The packing, meeting my parents, new flat, house arrangement and all that.. The feeling of making out passionately with him feels so heavenly. He tasted so sweet that I just wanted to eat him up right now.

I pulled away, "The.. bed's waiting.. for us.. my dear..," I teased through heavy breaths.

Niall smiled, "I figured you'd say that. Let's go," and so he carried me in a bridal way and ran the both of us inside our room.

I wonder what would it be like, parenting a child with Niall.. it sounded real good.. and right..

But, then again.

That couldn't possibly happen in the near future and I know it. I just know it. I know it's sad, sorrowful and awful and I would most definitely hate to leave this relationship we have.. but, it wasn't really me whose deciding for my fate. It was always Him. It will always be Him.

And when He decides, there nothing we could do about it..




A/N: Please tell me what you think! As always. Hihi (: - LOU x

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