Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


9. Le chapitre huit ...

I'm carefree. - Niall Horan :)



Le chapitre huit ...



Niall, live with me, my love..

The voice of the girl that I love so much rang through my head. It's been circling in my mind the whole freaking time since she told me it until now, and it's driving me crazy, I must say. My head has been debating over it. The lads would totally flip if I announce this kind of matter. One Direction is the name of our band, therefore we should all go on one direction and never the other way around. And to live with Celestine only meant one thing; I'll be going on the other way rather then just in one direction and I can't do that. I just couldn't. But then, there goes that beautiful, innocent, sweet face of my princess again, popping inside my mind and now, I can't help myself again but to debate with my head over my heart. My mind says that I should not move in with her because the lads might kill me but, my heart was screaming yes I must and should move in with her, all along. I sighed exasperatedly as I throw my DS across the coffee table; it made a loud crashing noise as it hits the ground. This is insane! It's so difficult to decide! I've already told Celestine that I was agreeing with her offer and I bet she's already packing now..

I stared at the broken DS at the ground as I think about that smiling face of Adelpha when she agreed with my princess.. Celestine talked to her that morning right after she requested that I should move in with her just for the summer. Her mom told us that she'll be sure to find us a flat right away. Says that, she's got lots of sources around Paris because of her colleagues and old customers from her flower shop. It was just then that I've been informed that she's owning over a thousand branches of flower shop world wide. That's just beyond fascinating. She have beaten Nando's' branches. I barely see one whenever me and the lads goes touring world wide. Back to Celestine and Adelpha; I couldn't protest nor can't I reject their offer. I mean, Celestine? I could never reject that girl with anything in this world! Hell, even if it will involve my leave for the band.

I shook my head in disbelief, "I'm totally obsessed over her..," I found myself saying to no one in particular. Me? Will leave the band for Celestine..? Did I just think of leaving for her?

That's right. Oh God. I'm obsessed with her. Really now? This never happened before, not..even..once! This was all making me mad. Mentally mad.

I ran my finger through my hair in annoyance. I must decide today. She's waiting for me. I sighed.


I shut my eyes when I heard one of my best mates' voice boom over my room, "Liam.. what?" I nearly snapped. I'm just so pissed right now and none of the souls here even know my problem. That's a mistake for me though, because I should be telling them about it.

I heard feet tapping as I felt my bed sank a little, indicating that Liam had taken a sit on my bed as well, "We ordered take aways. I bought your favorite! The chicken buffalo wings that you loved so much back in Manchester! They have it here, mate! Can you believe it?" he said rather fast out of excitement.

Hearing that made my stomach grumble, but, "I'm not in the mood to eat right now, mate.. sorry..," I uttered softly as I look up at him. Great. Now, my hobbies and cravings are also getting affected because of my love life's complications..

Liam had this shocked look on his face, "Is something wrong, mate? Was it about Celesti--"

"Tine," I cut him off.

"Right, that was close.. sorry..," he said sheepishly, "Celestine.. uh.. so, what happened, mate?" he asked, concerned filling his man state.

I sighed. I know it would've taken him aback for he was one of my band mates let alone best mates but somehow, I should tell at least one of them this problem that I am carrying alone. I looked to my lap, "She wanted me to move in with her, Liam..," I mumbled.

"And..? What did you tell her..?" he warily asked.

"I said yes..," I said, wincing.

Liam gasped, "But you know how management punishes. They would totally scold you forever..," he sighed, "Niall, why would you agree with such thing?"

I bit the inside of my cheek as I smudge my face with my palms out of irritation, "I can't help it, Li! One second we were just hanging out then she suddenly wanted me to live in with her! Only if you saw the look she gave me when she offered that to me! I can not reject that face ever!" I frantically yelled in frustration, "You should've seen it, Liam. You should've!"

Liam chuckled, "Oh God..," he playfully growled, "You, mate, are one in love, clover," he teased, smacking my arm in the process.

I felt myself blush furiously, "I know... I can't help it, yanno, mate? She's just so....," I trailed off as I rack my brain for the best term.

"Amazing," Liam finished for me, "I know the feeling, mate. It's the same for what I had for Dani..," he stated with a geniune smile and with that, you could easily tell that he was indeed, content with what he have.

I smiled, "The feeling is just so... wonderful...," I said in a dreamy voice.

"That's true...," Liam agreed with a dreamy voice as well.

Just then, I found myself laughing at the two of us, "Here we are. In our dreamy states, talking about our girlfriends and with the fact that they're so fine.. we're so.. gay.."

Liam laughed along with me, "Gay.. Definitely."

We laughed all the while to the point that we're clutching our tummies in pain of so much laughing; I love that feeling, really. I pounded on my bed as I try to regain my normal self and breathing, "Okay.. okay.. I'm okay now..," I managed between laughs, I blew out a long sigh then I'm normal again, "So, what should I do now, Liam? It's so hard.. help me, mate," I whined, practically pulling on Liam's shirt.

Liam smacked my hands off his shirt, "Get off, mate! Fine! I will help you out with that one!" he playfully yelled at me in annoyance.

I grinned like Louis', it was madly like a Harry cat, "What's the plan?"

Liam rolled his eyes at me, "Okay. First we should tell the other lads about that and hope for the best. Because if you ask me, I'd give you my blessings regarding that but I don't know with Haz, boobear and bradford as of yet--"

I cut him off as I tackle him in for my famous Horan hug, "Thank you, Liam! I love you, mate!"

He chuckled, "Alright, alright! Now, get me off or else.."

I hastily let go of him, "Right! Right! Back to to the planning!"

Liam stroked his imaginary beard as I lean on Michael's shoulder--he's my imaginary friend, don't ask, "So.. once the rest of the lads have agreed, the five of us shall talk to uncle Simon about it. Pray now, mate. He might not agree."

I blew out a sigh, "Yeah yeah.. I know..," I muttered underneath my breath.

"Right. Now let's go," he said then we both stood up from bed and walked towards the door to exit my room. There I saw the lads, just lazing about, "Ready?" Liam asked me.

I took a deep breath, "More ready than ever," I answered as the thought of waking up next to my girlfriend every single morning has automatically came across my mind. To wake up next to Celestine in the mornings was to die for.

Liam nods then he turned toward the lads, "Niall have something to tell you lots," he announced. Harry who was currently being a potato couch, turned to look at me, so as Zayn and Louis who was munching with the food on the counter.. ugh.. envy..

Liam pushed me gently by my back which caused me to move forward, "I-I.. erm..," I stammered.

"What is it.. Niall?" Harry asked in a bored tone with his slow talking, as he give his scalp a scratch.

"Hungry?" Louis asked with his mouthful.

I cleared my throat, "I.. I will be moving in with Celestine, lads..," I said, barely audible.

"Huh?" Zayn was seeming utterly confused.

"Repeat it much louder, mate," Liam urged behind me.

I shoved both of my hands inside my pockets as I kick an imaginary pebble off the floor, "I said, I will now be living with Celestine.. like.. uh.. we'll live together in a flat..," I said shyly.

Harry wolf whistled, "Moving on to the next level, I see..," he teased.

"You're leaving us, Nialler? That hurts," Louis said dramatically as he lean his forehead on Zayn's shoulder which caused Zayn to snicker.

I rolled my eyes.

Harry stood up from the couch then he clapped his hand twice, "Right! So.. my say on it was.. okay. I'm okay with it," he stated. I flashed him a smile which he mirrored back for me.

"Me too," Louis said rather quick.

Zayn sighed, "What can I say? I'm cool with it, Nialler. Congratulations. Awesome girl," he said, smirking at me. My heart leap in full joy. It felt like having a ton getting lift off your shoulders.

"Bravá! Now, plan A's done. Time for plan B!" Liam cheered.

I sighed. Uncle Simon, spare me. Please don't kill me. I'm too young to die.

* * *

I struggled to shove in my fifth jumper inside my first suit case that was now overflowing with my various underwear; I just really had to squeeze in this one, simply because I want to.

I keep smiling like a lovestruck school boy and I can't seem to get over the fact that I will now be officially moving in with Celestine. My Celestine. The feeling is just so overwhelming for me. I was anxious about it as well as I'm nervous. Nervous because I haven't done this before; all of these was just so new to me. All the stuff and happenings that I was experiencing with Celestine were all surreal and throughout amazing. I'm so happy I met such angel in disguise. I must say.. I have finally found my princess..

I walked toward my drawers and grabbed as many clothes as I could muster up with my grasp at once and slumped it on my bed. I came to pull out another suit case for my next batch of clothes. I shoved everything right in without bothering to fold each neatly. I don't really care about neatness. I'm not Zayn after all.

I pulled out the last suit case under my bed then I headed for my shoe rack by the side of my door. I decided to just bring along a total of each three pairs of my shoe collection; and of course, my least favorites were the ones that I didn't reconsider to bring with me anymore.

I sighed happily, looking at my finished work as I was sticking my hands at each of my sides in accomplishment. I did all that without the feeling of grumpiness coming across my mind.. wow.. I am the one whose always lazy from time to time. Must be a miracle.

I heard a creaking sound coming from my door as a sign of it opening, "Niall?" I heard Harry's voice.

I turned my head to look at him, "What's up?" I asked casually, though deep inside me, I could already feel the pang of nostalgia cause I'll surely miss living with the lads.

Harry trudged inside my room and sat down on the rug sprawled down the floor by the desk, pressing his back against the wall, "You're really sure to leave, aren't you?" he asked, then he laughed slyly, "Stupid question, of course you are. You're already done packing.."

I sighed, "Yeah.. sorry, mate. I have to. I love the lass.."

He nodded, "I get it.. we all know..," he said with a tone of seriousness.

"Sorry mate..," I said softly.

"Sorry for? Don't be ridiculous, Niall. There's none to be sorry for. Just carry on," he said, giving me a reassuring smile.

I felt my heart's worried state ease a little, "Thanks, Haz.."

"I'm just really happy for you, mate. You finally found your girl..," he said then he stood up, "Once you're done there, come by the kitchen. Fill your tank first before you leave."

My eyes widened, "Right! I totally forgot about my buffalo wings! Was it still hot or..?" I asked, wincing.

Harry chuckled, "Microwave exists here, mate!"

I smacked my head in realizing, "Dumb!"

Harry laughed, "Right. See you, mate!" then he walked out my room.

As for me, I went inside my bathroom to gather up my toiletries with me. I walked out with my tooth brush, deodorant bottle, razor shave, blue men shampoo and my favorite soap. I placed them all inside my toiletry pouch and kept it inside my backpack. I took my snap-back with me and wore it over my head in backwards like I usually do; it makes me look cooler. I slung my backpack on my shoulders and bent down to carry my suitcases. With one last look on my room.. I walked out of it, shutting the door behind me without making any sound out of it.

I strolled my way to the kitchen and there, I saw my four best mates. Louis was drinking tea with Harry. Zayn's just lazing about and Liam's focused on his phone. I cleared my throat which caused them to look over my direction.

Liam looked up, "Niall. Going to leave now?" he asked.

I put down my suitcases and trudged inside. I sat on one of the chairs and slumped back on it, "Not yet. Gonna eat my buffalo first..," I mumbled. This is so awkward.. this was my first time ever to leave the rest of 1D behind to live with someone else. Well, she's not just someone though. She just happened to be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Zayn chuckled, "Of course..."

I grumpily took a pair of spoon and fork then I came to open the styrofoam the lads had for me. There laid the mouthwatering meal that I love so much. Silence was overtaking the kitchen and I could feel everyone's had their eyes boring on me as I fork down a piece. I sighed. I can't do this.

"Mates--," I started but Liam cuts me off short.

"Niall, mate. Please, carry on. It's all good with us. We support you, mate," he said, patting my shoulder.


"Niall. Say no more, mate. We know how much you love the lady. Go get her. We'll survive without our Irish man for the meantime..," Louis said with a smile.

"Uh, Louis.. but uh--"

Harry sighed heavily, "Please, Niall. Just go. It's really fine with us. It's just making us more sad, you know.."

"I.. yeah.. but I just want to--"

"Niall. Niall, mate. It's alright. If it was Perrie, I'd move in with her too..," Zayn said, wiggling his brows at me.

I shook my head, "Lads--"

"Niall--," Liam started but it was my turn to cut him short.

"Let me talk!" I frantically screamed, pounding my palms on the table, making my spoon and fork jump.

Louis and Zayn laughed.

I blew out a sigh, "So.. what I'm trying to say is.. I will be out, I know. But, I just wanted you lots to know that I will truly and genuinely miss you all. Like swear, cross my heart, hope to die. I'll definitely miss messing with you guys," I sighed some more, "Don't worry though.. because this was all just for the whole summer. I'll come to join the band again for the 2013 tour.."

I looked at everybody's reaction and was happy that they're all smiling. I smiled in return then, I lead myself back again to where I stopped; to devour on my buffalo wings.

"Come by sometimes, Nialler..," Louis said.

I nodded as I shove the first spoonful I took, in my mouth.

* * *

I clutched the suit cases in each of my grasps as I was face to face with Celestine's door. Her doorknob's looking all so shiny and interesting all of the sudden after all this time that I've been going here. Okay, I'm practically lying. The doorknob sure was shiny but it wasn't interesting at all. My mind was just currently drifted off to somewhere when suddenly, I found myself staring at the doorknob. I can't seem to process everything that's happening right now. Here I am, standing on my girlfriend's door with my suitcases and backpack, ready to move in with her now. It's all surreal..

I dropped down one of my suitcases and lifted my hand to knock. I took a deep breath then I started to knock a few times.

"Niall? Is that you?" I heard an angel's voice calling. I know it might sound cliche coming from a guy but she's an angel to me.. and I don't care what people would say..

"Yes.. it's m-me.." I stammered a bit. I'm so anxious as well as I'm nervous. I couldn't really explain the feeling to be honest.

"Just come inside, my love. I couldn't come to the door," she responded.

I sighed, turning the doorknob open then I picked my suitcase up again from the ground. I pushed the door open with my foot then I strolled myself in. I roamed my eyes around to see that her room's a mess.

"Princess?" I called out.

"Niall!" she beamed, popping out from the bathroom.

My heart beat went wild when my eyes landed on her. She was only in her blue towel that was effortlessly wrapped around her torso. It's barely covering up her body.. it stopped on her upper thighs and I bet if she bent, I'd surely see her whole from then. I felt myself blush for I could almost sight her cleavage.

I swallowed, "H-Hey.. what's happening here? Why so.. messy? Are you going to bring all these?" I asked as I chuckle awkwardly. I dropped down my suit cases on the floor as I look around. I turned my gaze back to her and I can't help but get excited all of the sudden at our newly arrangement regarding our relationship which will took up to the next level.

Celestine smiled widely then she ran towards me and kissed me passionately, "You came..," she gushed through our lips as we parted, "I was worried you might back out.."

I held her waist securely as I try my best to have her towel never falling down from her torso, "Princess, I will never back out on you.. we'll never give up on each other, remember?" I said softly.

She leaned in for another kiss then she nestled her face at the crook of my neck, "Yeah.. that, I remember completely..," she whispered. We stayed like that for a moment till she parted, "Sorry, it's a mess here.. I'm not done packing yet..," she said sheepishly which I find totally cute.

"Let me help you," I said, grinning.

She grinned back, "Let's start. But, I have to get dressed first!" and with that, she sprinted like a 5 year old girl inside her room.

I sighed out of relief with the fact that her towel didn't fall off or else we'll surely go steamy again and I wouldn't be able to say no to that girl. Celestine is a wonderful girl with all her flaws that completes her personality. She's perfect to me despite her misunderstood kind of attitute but that's the point there; you might love an attractive girl but it would always be the attitude and colorful personality of your partner that will always make you asking for more. You'd never get enough of them. I'm telling this to myself.. There's more to come. Celestine has more surprises to reveal and I'd be there always to catch every glimpse of it.

I looked to my surroundings once again, shaking my head. It's way too messy in here. Her clothes were scattered everywhere. Her suit cases were wide open and empty, socks everywhere, her charger's just lying about, tampons lined up in the sofa and many more. Wow. I bent down to gather her clothes at once, including some of her underwear. If we would live with one another like this then the flat must be ready for our messy tandem. I smiled at the thought as I make my way towards the suitcase laid on the coffee table. I folded some and shoved everything right in.

"Niall?" I heard her call. I turned to look at her and was happy that she's all dressed now, "I'm so sorry for the huge mess," she said sheepishly.

I hastily waved her off, "Please, princess, it's alright! You must see Louis and Harry's. They're way more messy," I said, chuckling a bit.

She strolled to where her other clothes were scattered and picked it up, "Really?" she mused as she walk to the other suit case to throw everything in.

I picked up her various kinds of socks with assorted colors from the ground and from the sofa, "Yup!" I said, popping the 'p'. I threw everything on the suit case I had put her clothes a while ago.

She giggled, "That's so cool. It must be fun living with them, yes?"

I chuckled, "It is.."

I saw her stop from where she was standing then she looked at me with that sad look, plastered across her beautiful face, "I'm.. sorry for having you to live along with me, Niall.. you must miss them..," she says softly.

I felt my self frown. I walked and stopped in front of her, she looked down on the ground and was seeming not being able to face me out of shame. I cringed at the thought as I lift her chin up to force her to stare into my eyes. I sighed, "Princess.. please, don't be sorry.. you didn't have me to live along with you. I agreed, remember? And you know why I agreed? Because I wanted to.. I really do," I said softly as I engulf her in for a hug. She smells so good.. every freaking time.

She nestled her face at the crook of my neck, making me cozy with her, "Thank you, Niall.. thank you for understanding my affection for you..," she murmured.

I raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean by that, princess?" I asked softly.

She hummed, "Well.. you're driving me mad each time, baby.. you're like a drug to me.."

My heart melted at that.. I mean.. to think that I always thought that I was the only one that was going crazy over her.. that I was the only one that's going mad on this relationship that we have. I love Celestine so much it hurts.. and she doesn't even have any idea. Just one smile from her.. it could make me melt on my toes. Her laugh that sends chills all over my skin. Those kisses of hers that makes my butterflies go wild inside my tummy; I'm not even noticing my hunger whenever I'm with her and that's just beyond surreal. She's just really amazing.

I parted from hugging her to caress her cheek with the back of my palm, "It's pretty cute, princess.. cause I'm practically feeling the exact same thing for you..," I said with a smile.

I saw her blush furiously, "Oh gosh, Niall.. that's just so lovely to hear from you.. I thought I was the only one that's feeling this way. Everyday, I'm dying to see you.. do you know that?" she sighed.

I felt my mouth gaping open. I can't believe this was all happening to me. She's crazy for me as well as I am to hers..

I pulled her in for another hug because no words could ever express how much happiness I am currently experiencing. She wrapped her arms around my torso and rested her head on my chest. I stroked her hair as I was smiling warmly with the fact that I have a beautiful and magical love life.

"Come.. let's finish packing..," I murmured through her hair.

She giggled, "Come on.."

Celestine and I parted then we went on separate places to resume on packing. We will be living somewhere else and I wonder where. She insisted on living to some place near the Eiffel Tower. She said she wanted to see the tower by her window. Adelpha says she's got it all under control and now I'm so anxious about this one. Not only because it's going to be a cool one but, because I'd be living with my lovely girlfriend now. I could only imagine waking up beside her every single day.. seeing those sparkling blue eyes of hers in the mornings.. and having the first one to kiss those pink lips of hers.. I'm totes in heaven..

"We don't have to bring everything, my love. A few would be lovely. All I want to bring along with me anyway was the shoes you gave me and the fishes," Celestine said, laughing a bit at where she was stood.

I shook my head, "No. Let's bring everything. You'd be needing clothes, you silly girl," I said, chuckling.

She pouted, "I know but.. I could always buy somewhere..," she muttered. She's so cute..

I fastened my pace as I pick every fabric I come across from the ground, "Oh come on, let's bring these. Besides, here. It's all done!" I chirped, throwing the last bits in the 2nd suit case.

She giggled, "Fine. I'm done here as well.. but.. how are we supposed to bring the fishbowl?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

I scratched my chin, "Good question..," I mumbled. How are we supposed to go like this? We got 4 suitcase, 2 bags each of our own and 1 fishbowl. And to think that we only own two hands each.

* * *

It turned out that we had asked for some help with her other neighbours to have our other stuff be taken out to her Volkswagen. She wanted to bring along some other stuff with her as well, like some of her favorite pillow, DVD's, her guitar, mini fan, and all the other random stuff she owns. It was cool that she's got helpful neighbours but, it sickens me the whole freaking time that those dirt bags had been hitting on her the entire time that they were giving us hands. If I only knew that that will happen, then I should've just went superman for Celestine and carry everything on my own. For the both of us. Damn those.

Trees by trees passed by while shop by shop were about to close. People scattered outside as well as children were still playing about. I thought that was odd, it was almost going through midnight and there they were, playing.. So why was a Niall Horan giving this kind of information? Because I'm feeling left alone and I'm mad. I was seated at Celestine's car, at the passenger side and well, my beautiful girlfriend's driving. I was feeling kind of uneasy around her right now. I hated the fact that I felt jealous over those perverts earlier before we left. I just hate it. I know that she wouldn't replace me with anything and anyone in the world and I'm very much confident about that but, I'm just a guy. It stung to see some other guys, hitting on the girl I love so much. It freaking hurts. I just wanna punch the tease out of them all just now. Just seeing their French faces in my mind makes me irk.

"Niall..?" I heard Celestine's angelic voice speak, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Hmm?" I uttered, not even bothering to look at her.

I felt her hand taking mine, "Are you alright, my love?"

I shrugged grumpily, "Yeah.. I think so. Why?" I glanced at her.

She's got this lopsided smile plastered across her lips.. her pink full lips. "Nothing.. I just.. nothing," she said, bringing her attention back on the road.

I sighed, "Seriously, princess.. what is it?" I pressed.

"I just.. I feel like you're mad at me or something and it's.. kinda.. cute actually," she said shyly.

I could already feel my cheeks burning. Always! Every time she'd speak something like this, she would make me blush or whatever. She's just really.. awesome at stuff like this. I wouldn't hate admitting this but, she's the only one that could make me flush so much. I must've had all my blood rising at the tip of my head now. If this continues, she'd be surely arrested as tempted murder for making Niall Horan's head burst. Not even funny.

"Princess..," I sighed, "I was jealous.. and I still am.. those..," I sighed exasperatedly, "..fucking perverts just hit on you! My girlfriend! For God's sake! Not to mention in front of me!" I frantically yelled. I can't help it! I'm getting more furious just thinking about it!

I saw her bite her lower lip then she came to park the car in front of some certain flat. I guess, we have already reach. I looked away from her and how I completely know that I'm entertaining her right this moment with my rants. I know Celestine; she's always happy and never getting mad about anything and I'm hundred percent sure that she won't tolerate this kind of conversation anymore.

Everything went silent after she have had the engine off. Right this moment, I could already feel her eyes boring on me. Then I heard her let out a very soft sigh, "I love you so much, Niall.. so much..," she said softly.

I felt the butterfly feeling again and I can't blame her for that as much as I don't like that feeling at all for I find it very cliché..

I turned my head to come look at her, "I love you too, princess.. so much more.. and I..," I trailed off as I sight something from the distance. My eyes lit up all of the sudden. It didn't take me a while on deciding that I should also subside this jealousy now. I grabbed Celestine's hand, "Come along with me, princess!" I said excitedly.

She grinned as she nods, "Alright," she said rather quickly.

The both of us climbed out of the car. I ran on her side then I held her hand; she entwined her fingers on mine and I was feeling most definitely alright now. I'm feeling no hate now and I love it, "Quick! This should be fun!" I chirped.

She giggled. How I love hearing that. "Okay, my love!" she beamed happily. We ran past the empty street and soon we reached. I walked in circle as I examine the structure then I looked to Celestine who was standing across from mine. It sure was pretty dark outside but I could still see her eyes sparkling in delight at what she was seeing right now, "A wishing well...," she gushed.

I smiled to myself, "I wanted to wish something..," I said softly.

She looked up at me from across the well, "Me too..," she says in awe.

"Right," I said then I shoved a hand in my pocket in search for coins but no avail, "I don't have any coin here.. I must've left my wallet in my backpack..," I said sheepishly.

She giggled softly, "Alright, my turn to check if I have some..," she said, searching her pockets. After seconds, I saw her frown, "I don't have some either.. it's back in the car.."

I scratched the back of my neck. This was awkward. Just then, I remembered, "Oh! Hold on! I think Louis shoved a carrot in my back pocket before I left the flat," I stated then I searched my back pockets. My eyes lit up as I caught a half munched carrot at my back pocket, I fished it out, "Here! Let's throw this in instead of coins!"

She grinned, "That would be more awesome!"

I cut the carrot in two parts then I lend her a part, "Here," I said.

She took it then I saw her close her eyes as a sign that she was already making a wish. So, I did the same..

I closed my eyes then I took in the advantage of the silence of my surrounding.

Uh, Hi.. My name is Niall and I'm here to ask for a wish but, don't worry! I'll pay with a piece of carrot.. eh.. so.. I wish that me and this girl standing in front of me would last.. I wanna marry her, if that's possible.. if it is then that would be great! Awesome.. Please please please, wishing well.. make us last forever. Please.

I pried my eyes open then I threw in the carrot. I looked up to see Celestine's smiling face, "What did you wish for?" she asked.

I shook my head, "Not telling," I said, sticking out my tongue at her.

She walked to my side, pouting, "Fine.."

I held her hand tight, "Can't tell. It might not come true..," I whispered to her ear.

She smiled, "I hope your wish comes true, whatever it was..," she says softly.

I let go of her hand and snaked my arms around her waist; I pulled her even closer to me, "I hope so, too...," I whispered to her ear.

She looked up at me and smile. That lovely smile that I will never get tired of seeing every single time..

She then leaned in signaling for a kiss, without hesitating, I also leaned in and there goes our lips crashing on one another. I cupped her face ever so softly as I enjoy the sweetness of her soft pink lips. She hastily pulled away, leaving my lips hanging. She laughed and ran behind me then she hopped on my back, wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging her thighs on my waists, "Piggy back ride!" she cheered like a 5 year old kid.

I laughed as I held her by the back of her thighs securely, "The pig is now about to fly! Hold on my princess!" I playfully cheered along with her as I ran us both across the street.

I'm hearing her laugh uncontrollably from behind me and I'm already satisfied in my life with her..

"Off to our new flat!" she sing-sang. As I ran, eventually I've reached her Volkswagen from the other side, despite the fact that she sure is heavy to carry. But, you know what? I don't even care. She's perfect to me. I dropped her off the ground gently then she sighed dearly. She leaned her head at my shoulder, "Finally, a flat of our own.."

I felt a smile making its way on my lips, "Yeah..."



A/N: Some really found this chapter adorable and sweet and I don't know why... could you tell me why though? Please? (: - Lou

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