Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


11. Le chapitre dix ...

The girls who don't love Niall are the ones who don't know how to choose a guy  -Harry Styles :3


Le chapitre dix ...



I struggled on wearing my pants for it was sort of tight now, after a long time of my usage of it. My mother used to tell me that I'm so skinny, like as if though I don't eat at all. But, now, I think I've gained. Well, I hope so. Living with Niall will sure make a girl gain loads of weight. He just eats a lot and well, me being me as a loyal fiance, I might as well would try my hardest to level with his eating habit.  I smiled mentally; getting fat would be very much lovely, if it was living in with my fiance anyway.. As for my mother, she's right, I'm pretty much skinny before, and I think I still am now and well.. I wouldn't hate that fact, even though it's rather disturbing. Because, to be honest, having long and slim thighs and legs, not to mention, partnered with a fair complexion, was just so unattractive. Don't you think so? That was why, I don't really get Niall's praises.. he'd always remind me that I'm perfect.

"Alright! Sorry, Louis! We over slept! Yeah.. sorry! Okay, she ought to know that," I saw Niall rolling his eyes with a snort, "Right, right Lou.. okay, see you. Bye!" he shut his phone off then he threw it on the bed.


I wore my beige long-sleeved blouse and gathered my long blonde hair and hanged it all at once on my right shoulder for it was sort of distracting my movements. I glanced at Niall, "Are they angry..?" I asked sheepishly. It was almost 3 in the afternoon and we still hasn't come out of the flat yet. We over slept last night after our intense making love and well, now we're late for our meet up with the boys. I feel bad..


Niall fasten his pace on putting on his shirt over his head down on its hem, "They're.. just.. being impatient. Don't.. worry about it too much, princess," he managed to respond despite him struggling to wear his chinos.


I sighed, "They must hate us now for being late, sweetie.."


Niall waved me off, "No. Don't be silly, babe!" he chuckled as he wear a black snap back over his head. He's too adorable with that. "The lads will understand," he said, walking towards the fishbowl by my dresser; he picked up the fish cereal bottle and fed my fishes.


I blushed to myself. He still took up the time on feeding my pets at this rush hour.. I bit my lip as I make my way towards him. I wrapped my arms around his torso as I was standing behind him then I leaned my head on his back, "I want us to get married under the Eiffel Tower someday...," I whispered. I don't know what's got into me but, suddenly I just felt the need to blurt that out.


Niall puts down the bottle and holds my wrapped arms around him, "Then I promise to you, princess... I will marry you there...," he said softly.


A smile made its way on my lips, "Thank you for bringing joy to my dull and tad boring life, Niall...," I whispered dearly.


Niall came turning around to face me, "You brought the happiness in my perfectly imperfect life. Always remember that, okay?"


I nodded, "I will always remember that.. I love you.."


He stared right through me with that pair of crystal blue eyes, "I love you so much more..," he hugged me every so gently which I returned weakly. We stayed like that for a moment until he parted for his phone was blaring once again. He sighed, "Must be them. Let's go.."




I came to get my blue beanie that was lying carelessly on the floor near the chair and wore it. I didn't even bother to comb my hair but, it doesn't really matter. I like it messy.


Niall stood by the doorway of our room, waiting for me as he play with our flat keys. I flashed him a lopsided smile and walked towards him then we went out together. I looked around the living room to check if everything was seeming fine to left with now, and was happy that it were. So I followed Niall out the door. He came to lock our front door then we walked along the hallway. It was peaceful.


We walked out after getting off the lift and after being greeted by the receptionist lady that was all alone to herself by the lobby. I'm sad seeing her alone like that to be honest. Note to self; must hire some more receptionist for the lady's sake.


I looked out the far distant and saw my Volkswagen parked by the safe side. I grinned happily, skipping my way towards it. I heard Niall chuckling from behind me as he follow suit. I unlocked the driver's side and climbed myself in. I unlocked the passenger's side as well then in came my Niall.


I started the engine as it roars to life. I looked at Niall, "They said The Baguette.. I'm not quite sure what that place looked like," he said sheepishly.


I giggled as I nod, "I know that place. It's a bakery shop, my love!" I beamed. I stepped on the pedal then we're off.


As I drove my way to the certain bakery store where we're cued to meet up with the boys, the thought of meeting Niall for the first time came popping inside my head all of the sudden. Only because, bread reminds me of me, feeding the fishes till I ran out of some that fateful day. A guardian angel suddenly showed up behind me and saved those lovely fishes that is now my pets.. I could still clearly remember how cute he looked that time. He's so innocent on that moment and just thinking about the fact that I lied to him just to accidentally steal his virginity, makes me cringe nowadays. I can't believe how much of a cruel of a person I am that time.. I didn't even have any idea. It just happened because of my naughty attitude..


I sighed.


I felt Niall's soft warm palm weighed on my right thigh, "Something wrong, princess?" he asked in a concerned tone.


I shook my head with a smile, "Nothing, sweetie.."


"Okay.. I love you," he said.


I looked at him and smile, "I love you too.."


I turned the wheel to the other street. I'm so sure that The Baguette was located here. I looked around my surroundings, passing shops and small houses.. then, there I saw it. I could already see the boys being surrounded by girls by the roadside of the bakery. I rounded up my car and slid down my window side.


"Niall! Celestine!" Louis exclaimed.


"Hey, mates! Get in!" Niall called, leaning beside me.


Zayn hastily got off the crowd after waving goodbye. He climbed in on the backseat.


"Bye girls!" Harry beamed cheekily, then soon he climbed in, "Move Zayn," he said, pushing Zayn.


"Hey, take it easy!"


"Sorry, Zaynie!"


Uh oh.. I don't think they'd all fit in my car..


The fans were squealing madly outside not to mention, tugging on Liam and Louis' shirts violently. I can't blame them though.. you couldn't really get hold of these boys. They can only be seen once in a blue moon. Lucky for me, Niall was the one who approached me that time we had our first awkward and utterly difficult conversation.


"Hold on! Hold on!" Louis frantically yelled as he chuckle a bit. Poor lad, he's being squished.


"Hurry up, mates!" Zayn called.


"I love you, Harry! Come out here!" a fan screeched.


"Liam! Hurry!" Louis shouts, pushing through the crowd towards the car.


"Haz! Make room for them!" Niall panicked next to me.


Harry and Zayn squished themselves further by the right side, "Ha..rry.. can't breathe," Zayn moaned.


"Sorry, Zaynie!"


I giggled.


"So, you think this is funny?" Zayn smirked by the rear view mirror. I nodded vigorously. He shook his head with a laugh.


"Coming through!" Louis screamed in his trademark high pitched voice. He's so cool.


"Sign my shirt, Louis!"


"I wanna kiss you, Zayn! Come out!"


"Liam! No! Don't leave just yet!"


Louis finally got inside.


"Move!" Liam followed suit, slamming the door on his side.


"Drive!" Liam and Louis exclaimed in unison.


I obeyed, stepping on the gas. I sped off right away. I glanced on the side mirror and saw the hoard of fan girls running after us. My heart beat quicken. Suspense. I added up the speed up to 160. Niall held my hand on the steering wheel, "Babe, it's alright now.."


I glanced back once again and was relieved that the hoards were gone now. So, I slowed down. I let out a sigh.


Silence filled the car as I continue to drive.


"That.. was.. surreal..," I said as I break the silence.


"I know.. we get that kind of scene lot..," I heard Liam mumble.


"Look at me Haz. Did I lose a limb?" Louis asked.


"No, boo. You're fine," Harry responded. Niall laughed that contagious laugh of his. I glanced at him and grin. He grinned back, showing off that cute braces he have.


"Thank goodness!" Louis exclaimed.


"I can't breathe here..," Liam moaned.


"Oh, sorry..," Louis said sheepishly as he scooted closer to Harry.


"I'm.. dying here.. Harry.. air.. air..," Zayn groaned.


Niall chuckled.


"Sorry, Zaynie!" beamed Harry, once again.


Dear, Lord.. I'm sorry boys..


* * *


I placed a finger under my chin as I examine the clothes in front of me. We're inside Gucci because Zayn said that he loves this brand. I'm really not in the mood to buy anything right now to be honest especially, if it's branded. My wardrobe back home was already full of branded stuff; courtesy of my parents, cousins and aunts. They're all in too deep with these kind of items really. Well, I'm a total opposite. That's why I go flipping whenever I'd spot a thrift shop. Thrift shops are the best. I looked at the men section and saw Louis, Zayn and Harry racking hangers by hangers while Liam's on the shoes section. Where's my babe? Shrugging, I turned my attention back on the clothes in front of me and closed my eyes. I lifted a hand, "Okay.. where ever my index finger points, it would be the one..," I mumbled as I spin around twice. I opened my eyes and saw my index pointing to the lavender lingerie by the women's section. I grinned.


Just then, someone whispered behind me. Niall..


"Hey, princess...," I felt Niall's arms snaking around my waist as he hug me from behind.


I giggled, "Hello, my Niall.."


He kissed my right ear which caused me to squirm, "No.. ticklish..," I giggled.


He chuckled, "What are you doing? I've been watching you from afar.. can't decide on what to buy?" he said with his husky voice.


I bit my lip, "Well, yeah.. that's why I let my index finger decide for me.."


"And what did your index finger want..?" he continued to kiss my ear, down to my neck.


I giggled, "That..," I pointed to the lavender lingerie by the women's section.


He chuckled, "Naughty finger."


I spun around to face him, "Don't you want me to wear that for you later at night?" I teased.


I saw him blush furiously, "W-Well..," he glanced to the item, "That.. will look so.. uh.. sexy on you, princess.. uh..," he stammered.


I bit my lip, held his shoulders for adjust then I tip-toed to peck his forehead, "Wait there. I'll purchase 5 different kinds of it," I said then I ran off from him.


"I.. wait.."


I giggled. I will totally buy these stuffs. Once I've reached, I took five pairs. One cream, red, cyan, flesh and the lavender one. I smiled in victory. I always find teasing Niall cute. I just can't help it. I made my way to the counter and met Zayn and Liam there with their own items. I placed the lingerie by the desk after them.


"That's.. a lot..," Zayn mused with his cheeks tinged with pink.


I grinned as I nod, "What? These are great.. don't you think?" I mused, caressing the lingerie, trying to tease them both.


Liam choked, "Y-Yeah.. But, don't you think that's a lot..?"


I shook my head, "Nope.. these are just enough."


Zayn chuckled, "Okay. Poor Niall.."


I giggled, "He likes it."


I looked over at where Niall, Louis and Harry was standing about which was on the benches by the center of the store. Niall was looking down on his lap, his cheeks were still red and he seemed drifted off to somewhere because whilst Harry's laughing at every joke Louis was pulling off, there he was, looking so troubled. I bit my lip. Am I making it hard for him?


Zayn tapped my shoulder, "You got a big impact on Nialler.. just look at him," he said, chuckling.


"I hope he's not too bothered..," I frowned, "I'm just teasing.."


Liam chuckled, "Don't you worry, Celestina. We know Nialler, he'll be fine."


I nodded, "Alright.."


Just then it was Liam's turn to purchase his new pair of shoes, "Give me those. Let's have it scanned together. I'll pay."


I hastily shook my head, "Oh no, Liam! I got this!"


"Are you sure?" he asked in an uneasy way.


I nodded.


"Please. Let us pay," Zayn interjected.


I shook my head, "I got this," I grinned at them.


They sighed. These boys.. always wanting to pay for ladies. Talk about being a gentleman. No wonder ladies love them. Just thinking about those fans earlier sends chills to me. I mean, I've never seen girls going wild like that.. I've never been on a concert as well.. why am I such a loser? I swear, I have no childhood.


As I was drifted off to somewhere, my turn eventually came and I'm beyond happy with that. I'm now dying to stand next to Niall and all these purchasing is preventing me to do so. The lady by the counter scanned my items and placed it in a black and white bag printed with 'Gucci' then, she told me the price. I took out my credit card and lend it to her. She swiped, gave it back to me with my bag of items then we're off. I was utterly upset because I didn't get the chance to give her a tip or what.. and that's one of the main reasons why I don't like to shop at known shops like this one. Because then, I'd have to use my credit card and I won't be able to give a soul some of my blessings..


I was walking behind Liam and Zayn for I was still glancing on the lady by the counter. I bit my lip in anxiousness. I halted.


"Wait for me," I said then I ran my way back to the lady by the counter.


"Did you forget something, miss?" she asked with a soft smile.


I took out the flesh colored lingerie and shoved it behind her desk, "Here. I'm sorry that I didn't give you a tip just now. I hope that one would do..," I said.


She was gaping her mouth, "I.. miss.. are you serious?"


I nodded, "Yes. Thank you! I loved your service!" I beamed then I walked off.


"T-Thank you!" I heard her call.


I smiled, feeling better now. I hurried back to where the boys are. My smile widened when I saw them all smiling widely at me. Niall came to my side almost immediately, he held me by my waist and kissed my cheek.


"Did you just give that lady a pair of Gucci underwear?" Louis asked with that bemusing look on his face.


I nodded, "Yeah. I couldn't help it. I just really have to give her something in return for her wonderful service..," I said sheepishly as I shrug.


"I've never done something like that before..," Harry mused.


Zayn smirked, "Then maybe you should start now..," he teased Harry.


"I shall..," Harry uttered softly.


"Me too... so, anyone up for a meal?" Liam piped in.


"Sounds like a great idea," Louis said, slinging an arm around Harry, "Let's go!"


We started to walk out the shop with Harry and Louis leading us all.


Niall's hold on me, tightened, he leaned over to whisper in my ear, "You're the nicest girl I've ever dated..," he said, then he took the bag from my hand to hold it for me.


I felt myself blush. I looked up at him, "You like that.."


He smiled, "I love it."




I brought back my attention in front of Harry and Louis whose skipping with hooked arms. As much as I wanted to join their immature state, I'm afraid that walking next to my fiancé is more fun and heart-self-contenting.


"Where to eat? Where to eat? Where to eat? Where to eat? Oh whoa oh, where to eat?" Harry and Louis chanted.


Zayn was laughing the whole while beside Liam.


"Loueh! Harreh! Keep it down! I swear, if Paul's here, he'll scold you lots!" Liam shouted at the two.


"Where to eat? Where to eat? Where to eat?" they ignored him.


Liam sighed.


"Liam, where to eat? Liam, where to eat? Oh, Liam where to eat?" Louis chanted.


"Oh.. where to eat?" Zayn echoed. Niall and I laughed this time.


Liam chuckled, "Not you, too," he smacked Zayn's arm.


"Oh, Liam, where to eat?" Harry sang.


"Li-Li-Li-Liam... where to eat?" Louis sing-sang. I laughed uncontrollably. They're so funny! One Direction is the definition of fun! I'm feeling so happy right now. I'm so thankful I met these boys. Even just for a short while, I'd be stifling a real laugh more often again. I just can't believe that I've finally gained friends after those years that I've lived this life I have. Well, I hope they're already treating me as one though.. If then, that would be awesome..


"Alright! Alright!" Liam sighed exasperatedly in defeat, "How's El Fuébo sounds to you guys? Zayn? Lou?" he asked, pointing to El Fuébo by the left corner.


Louis shrugged, "Sounds good."


"El Fuébow...," Harry dramatically said in his deep husky voice, "This is I, Le El Fuébo and I'm here to rescue you, seniorita.."


Louis playfully gasped, "My hero..," he mocked girlie voice.


Liam snickered, "Shut it, Haz."


"Are we eating or not?" Zayn piped in.


"I don't know 'bout you, lots. But, me and Celestine's going up ahead on you now," Niall announced, walking us pass them. As we reach the certain restaurant by the corner, Niall pushed the door open for us. I quickly searched for a table for six, "There," Niall beat me to it. We trudged forward then we sat. The place isn't crowded and it seemed quite peaceful in here. I've been here in Paris my whole life but, this was the first time that I'd be dining here. I must say that their place is a masterpiece. Just like T.G.I.F, this place is full of vintage Mexican items and figurines. They also own various paintings of cowboys and cowgirls eating tacos, cheese and lettuce. It's fancy.


Niall and I sat on the wall seat with the glass window behind us. Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry soon came to join us.


"Me and Zayn will order, what do you guys want?" Liam asked from across the table.


"Say.. I want something with potatoes, cheddar cheese and double patties," Niall was the first one to speak.


Liam nodded, "Haz, Lou? Celest--"


"Tine," Niall cuts him off.


Liam chuckled, "Celestine.. sorry.."


"It's alright," I grinned, "Anyway, I wanna try their taco shells with lots of lettuce and cheese.."


"Okay.. Lou?" he turned to Louis and Harry.


Louis stroked his imaginary beard, "I want pancakes.. and tacos..," he pondered, "How 'bout you, Haz?"


Harry pursed his lips, "Tacos and fries sounds good."


"Right," Liam and Zayn stood up and headed for the counter.


I slumped on my seat and rested my head on my adorable Nialler.. I smiled, "Nialler sounds good..," I mumbled to myself.


"Was it, though?" Niall spoke softly beside me.


"Yes.. it's cute.. the one who gave you that name is utterly genius.."


"Haz, look. Someone tweeted about you and Taylor again," Louis spoke.


Harry peered over Louis' phone then he scoffed after seconds of reading something there, "Haters gonna hate..," he grunted, "That's why it's hard dating someone if you're known to the world.."

I looked up at Niall, "What was that about?"


"He got linked with Taylor lately. Well, our directioners doesn't really approve of it.. says that, she's a player and all that sort..," Niall said with a shrug.




Niall looked down on me, "Taylor Swift. You don't know her, princess?"


I shook my head, "No...," I admitted.


Louis chuckled, "You're really something.."


I blushed, "Who is she...?"


"Show her a picture or something, mate," Niall said suggestively.


Louis tapped and scrolled on his iPhone then he flashed me the screen. My eyes widened, "She's so beautiful!" I gushed.


I saw Harry blush as he sank lower on his seat, "She is..," he mumbled.


"What happened?" I asked worriedly.


"Well...," Louis trailed off, looking over to Niall.


"Well?" I pressed.


Niall sighed, "She called me a fat pig then Hazza dumped her.."


I gasped. Feeling my blood rising up my forehead.


And so..


I exploded, "Eh bien, c'est une femme folle alors! Elle ne devrait pas avoir à dire que mon fiancé! Elle n'a pas le droit! C'est une honte de taille! Elle peut être belle, mais, à l'intérieur, elle n'est pas! Just .. très impoli de sa part de dire que .. très très désagréable (Well, she's a mad woman then! She shouldn't have say that to my fiance! She have no right! That's a big disgrace! She maybe beautiful but, on the inside, she is not! Just.. very rude of her to say that.. very very rude)," I ranted.


The boys looked at me with that confused look plastered all over their faces. I didn't care though. I've never been so mad in my life. It's just that, what that Taylor girl did to my Niall is foul. Beyond foul. Who does she think she is? God should punish such soul. Niall didn't deserve such public humiliation. She's lucky that Niall is not the type of guy who'd hate you for something and would hold grudge. My babe is awesome. He's wonderful.


"Princess.. I don't know what you said but, please don't be mad now.. I'm alright.. I don't really care if she'd call me that all day. I'm still awesome," Niall grinned widely at me.


My boiling blood suddenly eased. I let out a sigh, "You're always awesome, babe..," I said softly.


"Don't worry, Celestine. Haz already dumped the lass. We'll make sure that she stay away with Nialler. We actually stood up for Niall that time so, she still got what she asked for that time," Louis said, "Not only she bawled her eyes out but, Haz dumped her as well. So, whose got the crown now?" he smirked.


Harry rolled his eyes.


Just then, Zayn and Liam came back with two trays full of our orders. They placed it on the table, "Wait. I'll come back for the other tray!" Zayn said, then he jogged away.


"Right! To ease the tension, let's munch!" Niall chirped.


I smiled, "Count me in."


* * *


"Cold, cold!" Louis hissed as he shiver hopelessly, clearly annoyed with Niall. Niall laughed.


Louis gritted his teeth and cupped as much as water he could hold on his palm then, he threw it over to Niall, "Missed me!" Niall chirped as he dodge away.


I giggled. They look like kids that's barely 9 years old. Niall hopped for Louis' splashing him loads of water.


I looked down on my lap and enjoyed the breeze. We're sat by the fountain, Zayn and Liam's playing chess behind me because they rented it by The Antics earlier. They've been bragging about it. I was kind of worried about Zayn though cause he called Liam a nerd. Then, Liam must be good at it. As for Harry, he's just seated next to me, laughing at Louis and Niall's reckless enjoyment.


I glanced at the fountain waters and there I am again, thinking about my life. I wanna be a fish.. fishes are free. They could careless and they aren't thinking about problems and all that sort. How I wish I was one. But, I'm now okay with my life though. I met Niall.. these boys.. and well, for once in my life, I became happy and contented. I love it.


"What did you say back there?" Harry suddenly spoke, tearing me away from my thoughts.


I looked up at him, "Which?"


"Uh.. about Taylor. The French thing.."


I smiled, "Oh, that. I just ranted about her being rude is all.. don't worry about it too much," I waved him off.


He chuckled awkwardly, "It's okay. I just got curious.. and you could say that. She's pretty annoying at times anyway.."


I shrugged, "I see.. Anyway, I don't know her. I don't know anything about her so, I won't speak about her any further."


Harry nodded.


Just then, Niall kissed my forehead which caught me by surprise, "Princess! Me and Lou will go somewhere first! You stay with Haz," he said quickly then the two of them took off.


I blinked a few times then I looked at Harry. He shrugged. I raised an eyebrow. Where will they go?


"Yes! I'm winning! In your face, nerd!" Zayn cheered.


"Sshh! I'm thinking, Zayn! You're distracting me! That's cheating!" Liam grunted.


"Who do you think will win?" Harry asked, wiggling his brows at me.


"Hmm," I pondered, "Liam?" I piped.


Harry laughed, "I say, Zayn. Wanna bet?"


"Bring it on," I smirked.


"What's the prize?" he asked.




Harry nods, "It wouldn't be fun if there's no prize that we'd compete with."


"Okay. You decide of the prize!" I beamed.


He pursed his lips, "Okay.. if I win, you'll have to promise me that you'd steal Niall's V card later when you get home," he teased.


I giggled. Oh, Harry, you must know by now that we've done it so many times now. But, no one could blame him though. Niall's such an angel that everyone thinks he's as innocent as he looks. I nodded at Harry, "Alright!" I chirped, "But if I win, you will kiss Louis on his lips. Deal?"


Harry choked, "What?!"


I laughed, "Your face! The look on your face! Priceless!"


Harry ran his fingers through his messy curls, "F-Fine!" he scoffed. He turned to Zayn and Liam, "Zaynie! You better win that chess game! Liam, back..off.."


"Go Liam!" I cheered.


"I can do this..," Zayn muttered.


"Don't let his bishop eat your queen.. go on Zayn..," Harry muttered darkly. Geez, he's serious about this one. Louis' lips looked rather inviting, why does he not want to lock lips with the lad?


As the game went on, it had my mind drifting off to somewhere to the point that I've just found myself staring into a far distant. The figure of Niall and Louis came into view all of a sudden. My eyes lit up. They were both walking towards our direction with Louis slinging his arm around Niall's shoulder.


I stood up from the fountain's marbled railing and gave Niall a bear hug, "Where have you been?" I asked softly against his neck.


He chuckled slyly, "We just looked around the shops.. I felt hungry is all.."


I parted from him and stared into his eyes, "Okay.. then..," I said, rather unsure whether I should believe him or not. I don't know but, I kind of feel like he was lying about something.


He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him, "I love you," he whispered in my ear which sent chills all over me.


All the doubts suddenly fade away, "I love you more..," I said softly.


"PDA alert," Louis fake coughed, "PDA alert."


Niall blushed as I giggle, "I'm sure that you and your girlfriend does this too."


He nodded in agreement, "Sometimes."


"Zayn's totally winning now!" Harry chirped.


Louis moved closer to Zayn and Liam's game, "Team Zaynie? Why?" he asked confused.


I laughed, "Liam will surely win that. I'm just so positive."


"No!" Zayn groaned.


"Whoo! Victory!" Liam cheered, fist pumping the air. I tackled him for a hug.


"You did it!" I cheered along with him. Liam spun us around then he puts me down. I turned to Harry. I smirked, "Now, for the main event."


Harry's face was unexplainable. His brows was scrunched up, his mouth's gaping and his eyes were shot wide open.


"Sorry mate," Zayn mutters.


I felt Niall leaning behind me, "What's going on?" he whispered.


"Just watch, my love..," I giggled.


Harry faced Louis, and held both of his arms, "Boo. Forgive me or kill me later."


Louis was very baffled, "H-Haz? What's going--"


Me and Liam burst out into fits of laughter. Zayn was gagging behind Harry and Niall's just feeling shocked next to me.


"Sorry, boo," Harry said after he parted from kissing Louis.


Louis stood there completely dumbfounded.


I came onto Harry and tapped his shoulder, "Thanks for playing fair," I said, nodding my head.

"Harreh... you... I'm giving you... 5 seconds.. to run..," Louis said softly.


"Bye!" Harry hastily piped then he took off, "I will get back at you, Zayn!" he screamed as Louis' running after him.


Niall, Liam and Zayn laughed along with me. I still can't believe that Harry would do that though. I high-fived with Liam.


"Where do you think those two will be heading?" I asked as we start to walk.


"Who knows..," Zayn said.


"To your car, maybe?" Liam said suggestively.


I nodded, "Probably.."


Niall held hands with me, "That was genius," he said, grinning at me.


I giggled, "Why thank you.."


* * *


The six of us rode my car and this time, Harry's driving. Louis was seated on the passenger seat and well, they're okay now after that epic kiss they shared. It's cute anyway, so there's really nothing to worry about! Besides, no fans of paparazzo caught them. I was seated at the back with Zayn, Liam and my Niall. Zayn's sound asleep next to me and Liam's busy tapping away on his phone beside Niall. Everybody's knackered now. Well, except for me and Niall.


"My turn!" Niall whined.


I giggled, "Fine, here," I said, lending my hand. He slapped it, "Ouch!" I winced as I chuckle a bit.

He stuck his tounge out at me.


I pouted, "Slap! Slap! Slap!" I slapped his hands in return.


He slapped mine in return. And then a slapping war begun. As the slaps continued, Niall eventually had enough and caught my hands and hugged it, "I'm done," he said.


I leaned in and gently bit his ear, "You're a child," I said.


He playfully gasp, "You want me to give you a child?!"


I giggled, "Yes!" I played along.


He leaned in and kissed my forehead then he looked at me, "Soon..," he said softly.


A lump had hastily formed in my throat, "Sure..," I uttered out.


"Too early, guys.. nah-uh, uncle Louis wouldn't be so happy with that," Louis piped, wiggling his index finger to us.


I smiled, "Of course.."


Niall held my chin and forced me to look at him, "Let's play a new game, princess.."


I nodded, "Let's! What game?"


"20 questions.. I just realized that I haven't known your favorites yet, so..," he trailed off, seeming shy all of the sudden.


"Alright!" I beamed.


"What's your favorite food?" he asked.


"Typical Niall," Louis, Harry and Liam stated in unison.


"Shut up, mates," Niall shoved Liam which caused Liam to laugh.


I giggled, "Any pastries..," I answered, "You?"


"All," he said, "Okay, what's your favorite color?"


"White. You?"


"Green. Who's your celebrity crush?"


"Niall Horan of One Direction. You?"


"There's none any longer. You're the one. What's your favorite thing to do?"


"Give money to the poor, feed innocent creatures and just enjoy life..," I smiled, "You?"


"Eat... and spend the rest of my time with my fiancé."


"PDA alert," Louis coughs, "PDA alert."


I giggled, "Okay, my turn to ask. What place do you wish to visit?"


"Hmm... I don't know... anywhere is fine. How about you?" he asked, taking my hands in his.


I bit the inside of my cheek, "Well.. there's this one..," I said softly, "Disneyland..," I uttered out in a hush tone so, no one must've heard. I wanna keep it a secret anyway.


"Really? Why?" Niall asked as he play with my hands on his lap.


I slumped on my seat and shut my eyes. I sighed, "I don't know.. I just wanna go to that place. Ever since, mother and father became focused and dedicated to their jobs, they didn't get the time on taking me there anymore..," I said softly, "They promised that they'll bring me there though.. but, they never did.."


Niall intertwined our fingers and gave it a squeeze, "That's alright, princess..," he whispered, planting a kiss on my cheek.


I smiled, "Yeah.."


"Lads, we're here," Harry announced after giving the car a halt in front of a certain flat.


I shook Zayn awake, "You guys reached," I said.


"Huh?" Zayn yawned.


"We're here, Zaynie. Get up," Harry said, climbing out the car. Liam and Louis both stepped out the car. I crawled over the driver's seat as Niall did the same on the passenger seat.


Zayn stepped out the car as well, shutting the door after saying, "Bye, guys. Drive safe."


"Bye, Nialler! Celestine!" Louis waved.


"Bye, boys!" I waved back with a smile.


"Bye, mates! Let's hang again soon!" Niall waved at them.


"Bye, guys!" Liam said.


"Bye you two..," Harry said with a yawn.


We watched the four of them disappear inside their flat before I drove off.


The drive home isn't that long for the streets were traffic free tonight. It was silent inside the car but, it's a comfortable silence. Our flat finally came in view and so, I parked the car by the safe side. I turned the engine off then we both climbed out the car. I rounded against it to get on Niall's side. He held me by the small of my back and lead us both inside. We saw the lady by the reception area again which reminds me that, I shall hire another one for her company.


We got inside the lift after passing by the lobby then, we'll be heading up to 3rd floor where our very own flat is located. I'm very knackered now and I just really need to soak in the bathtub or something like that..


We stepped out the lift and opened the door to our flat with the keys that Niall beholds.


"Hungry?" I asked once we have stepped in.


"No..," he mumbled with a yawn.


I giggled tiredly, "Okay.."


I took off my coat and hung it to the couch handle as I flop down on it. I moaned in pure bliss. My body hurts. Niall dropped my Gucci lingerie on the coffee table in front of me which had me excited all of the sudden. I took it with me then, I went inside our bedroom.


"If you need me, I'm inside the bathroom..," Niall said.


"Okay, sweetie!" I beamed.


I took off my pants and my buttoned up blouse off my body. Next, I took off my bra and underwear. I lifted up the Gucci bag upside down and dropped what it's containing on our bed. I chose the lavender lingerie and wore it. I looked at myself in the mirror in glee. It actually looks good on me, as much as I don't like my body's posture, I still gotta admit that one fact.


"Why are you so quiet?" Niall barged in, "Oh....," he trailed off, staring me down.


I felt myself blush, "Eh.. how do I look?" I asked, trying to regain my confidence.


Niall smiled as he was approaching me, "You look so perf.."


I folded my arms over my chest, "You lie. Just look at these flat boobs...," I said shyly, covering my chest.


Niall stopped in front of me. He took off his snap back and threw it aside then, he held my hands to take it off from covering my chest; he pulled me in for a hug. He buried his face at the crook of my neck then he swayed the both of us, "You're perfect to me, okay? I would never lie about something like that, princess..," he whispered, his lips brushing against my bare collarbone.


I gulped as I feel myself tensing up, "Thank you for making me feel... so loved and special... Niall...," I breathed out.


He parted to look at me. He kissed the tip of my nose then he smiled, "I bought us something..," he said. I watched at him as he shove his left hand inside his left pocket, "Close your eyes..," he said softly. Confusion filled me yet, I obeyed. I closed my eyes and waited.


Seconds later..


He spoke again, "Now, open.."


Cautiously, I pried my eyes open and saw Niall with his right leg, kneeling on the ground, his left leg being his balance. I gasped, "Niall...."


"I promised, innit? So, here..," he said softly. He cleared his throat, "Will you marry me?" he asked, lifting up that sparkling ring socked on a small velvety red box.


I felt tears filling my eyes, making my vision blurry, "I...," I stammered, "Yes, N-Niall.. yes...," I croaked. My knees weakened in so much tears building up in my eyes. I knelt in front of Niall and came to hug him fiercely. He wrapped his arms around me as well.


"I will never let you go. You're so close to being completely mine now, Celestine...," he whispered.


I parted then I nodded vigorously, "I'm all yours, Niall.. all yours..," I sniffed.


He wiped my tears with his thumb, "Give me your hand," he said. I lend my right hand to him. He took the ring out the box then he slid it on my ring finger ever so gently, "It looks so perfect on you...," he said, then he took out another ring and wore it, "There. We're nearly there. We're almost close to owning each other completely.."


I smiled weakly, "I love you so much..," I said.


He grinned, "I love you so much more.."


I will marry him. I will, I must. Nothing must stop me from marrying him. Nothing.. Not even Him.




A/N: Please tell me that you gasped. Please. (:

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