Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


3. Le chapitre deux ...

There's no such thing as fat girl. Every girl is beautiful on her own way - Niall Horan <3


Le chapitre deux ...

The ride on the way to my beloved parents' mansion at Maison Saint Lión as people call it, was quite amusing. The boys were fond of teasing each other and they bicker a lot. It was just a while that we spent together inside a vehicle but then I have managed to learn each of their personalities right away. Well, not practically their whole personality but you know what I mean..

Zayn is the quiet one. Every once in a while he would just smile or stifle a very small and audible chuckle when his mates pull of some hilarious jokes. But seeing him like that doesn't make me think that he's a shy type. He's just really quiet, behave and acting his age. Harry is quiet as well but he's got this alter ego that he would somehow mess around with Louis. Just like earlier, him and Louis was teasing me and Niall. They were shooting us multiple questions, from how we met and if we did something. I wanna smirk to that because there was literally something that happened to us that exact day we first met. But instead of smirking, I acted innocent, so as Niall. He's a shy snowflake and I completely understood that. He was a virgin and well, I knew that his mates know that he was indeed, still a virgin. The evil me stole his virginity away from him and I'm proud if it. Back to Harry; he was pretty much cheeky and gentleman. I can tell with the way he would go easy on shooting me questions, unlike Louis who was very much straight forward which I think was very mischievous of him. As for Liam, he is very much behave seated beside me the whole ride. He would somehow laugh at Louis and Harry's ruckus from time to time but just like Zayn, he wouldn't dare to join their immaturity. I'm sensing that Liam is the eldest amongst the five of them, but then again, I also have the hitch that it was Zayn whose the eldest and again, it was regarding the way they acted.

Well, as for Louis, he is very talkative and funny. He's got the most sense of humor amongst the five of them. He would never halt on pulling out some punch lines that could make one crack up. He's cheeky and I bet he'd be a great friend if you wished to be his friend. And lastly, my Niall. This boy who was seated next to me the whole ride as well. I've been holding hands with him and I couldn't help but giggle at him. His hand was sweating from mine the whole time. He seemed to be the youngest from them all and well, he's shy around girls.. cause the first time I saw him with his band mates, he was acting normal but then when he spotted me, he became shy all of the sudden to the point that he can't even utter a word.

The six of us have already reached my parents' mansion. I looked at everyone and I can't help but smile to myself. They were staring at the mansion in front of them in awe. They have their cute little mouths gaping open with their softly blinking eyes.

"This is it?" Louis spoke.

"Are we staring at your house now or..? Was your house that way?" Liam asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion.

"I don't know about you mate but this house in front of us sure wasn't a house. It's a freaking mansion..," Harry mused.

Louis slung an arm both on Liam and Zayn's shoulder, "Let's go mates. Let's have Celestine lead us to her house. I'm so anxious to see a French people's house," he said, making his mates walk the other way around.

"Wait. This is our house. My parents' mansion," I said, making them stop on their tracks. The three of them turned their heads and looked at me as if I was fooling around. I flashed them a smile, "So, shall we?"

Harry smirked, walking towards the gate, "I'm sensing adventure," I heard him say as he walk pass me. I cling onto Niall and lead everyone to the front gate.

"I didn't know that you're a rich girl," Louis mused.

"Hmm.. not me exactly. My parents are," I pointed out.

"Right.. right.."

I lifted up my hand and pressed the doorbell button. The sound of our bell rang through the house and in a matter of minute, one of my mother's maid opened the massive gate for us, "Bienvenue à nouveau manquer Celestine (Welcome back miss Celestine)," Myrna greeted with a smile.

"Hey!" I beamed, wrapping my arms around her shoulders which made her stiffen from where she stood, "Où est la mère et le père? (Where's mother and father?)"

She let out a chuckle and then I parted from her, "Ils sont partis pour un projet d'entreprise .. (They left for a business proposal..)," I nodded understandingly then turned to introduce the boys one by one.

So it turned out that Myrna knew them and we had to scamper away immediately before she fan girl-ed over them lads. I lead them inside and the first place we have walked past to, was mother's incredible garden full of roses, tulips, lilies, blue grass, clovers, orchids and every flower you could think of. She loves flowers and she's also a sucker for nature just like me. I inherited it from her and I'm proud of it. I looked at the lads while we walk, their heads were shooting from left and right with their roaming wide eyes. I giggled at the sight.

"Why are you giggling?" Niall suddenly asked beside me, making me jump.

I looked at him and smile, "Your mates have this overwhelmed expression plastered on their faces as they look around the place. It amuses me," I said, laughing a bit.

Niall hung his head low, "I didn't know you were this wealthy..," he mumbled but was just enough for me to hear.

I frowned, lifting up his chin by my fingers, "I told you. It was my parents' hard work. Not mine..," I said softly. I don't know why but there was something about Niall that made me act all soft and sisterly around him. And well, aside from that, he's also my sex mate so I would probably act sweet around him as well. But seeing him so small, shy, experience-less and fragile like this, I bet he wasn't even aware that he was indeed, my sex buddy.

I heard him blew out a sigh but I chose to just ignore it.

"Boys, here..," I told them as I point to the long hallway that will lead us to my father's gaming centré.

"This place sure was massive, Celestine!" Louis exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air.

The rest of them nodded in agreement without tearing their gawking at the marvelous looking chandeliers that was beautifully hung, up the high ceiling. Liam and Zayn was all busy admiring the paintings by the wall; I smirked, some of those were painted by me and some are bought by mother from her painter colleagues from all around the world.

The six of us soon reached the tall two-door of my father's gaming centré. It was painted white and its edges and designs were color gold.

"Wow.. what a massive door," Liam mused, "Which was this leading to?"

"My father's gaming room.. we call it Gaming Centré," I said.

"Gaming Centré..?" Harry asked.

I nodded, "Let's play. Just to kill time. Plus we'll enjoy ourselves," I said, grinning at them. I lifted up a hand and knocked twice on it. The door slowly opened. It's pretty heavy that why it's hard to open.. it'll take time. I could sense the lads' lack of patience. Harry, Louis and Zayn kept on stealing glances inside the room behind me. I chuckled, "Relax.. the door is heavy so it opens quite slow.."

"I figured..," I heard Niall mumble beside me. I gave his hand a soft squeeze which made him to look at me. I flashed him a toothy grin and he returned it with a pink cheeks. He blushes often. That's cute.

Just then, the door finally opened completely and so I stepped inside, dragging Niall along with me. I let go of Niall and turned around to face the lads, "So.. this is my father's gaming centré..," I said, widening my arms, as I introduce them the place.

Harry's mouth was forming a lopsided smirk as a sign that I'm taking, that he was impressed. Zayn and Liam had their jaws hanging open and Louis' already looking for the nine balls on the pool area. As for Niall, he was sitting at one of the high stool by the bar already. The lads started to walk on separate ways to have themselves occupied by any game they would like to play.

You see.. even I, was quite amused at this part of the mansion. If you go inside this massive room, the first thing that would have you hooked on the spot was the enormous glass windows my dad designed on the center of this room. My father was the brain behind the beauty and magnificent design of this house. He's a very successful architect in his 67th year of living. He's a cheeky man and very kind. He never once laid a hand on me back when I was still a little kid. He always treated me as a princess and we love each other very much. He's super dedicated to his job and well, he's famous to his clients and I'm very proud of him with that. As for my mother, she's five years older than father. Weird? No.. love sees no age limit.

Mother runs the biggest flower shop in Italy that was owning almost three thousand branches all over the world. She loved flower ever since; even in her teenage years and so she fulfilled her dream of having a flower shop of her own. When she met father, he helped her with her business and then stuff just happened eventually and now here they are.. living the life as if they were royal. And again, I'm proud of them. I love them.

Harry was playing at the bowling alley with Zayn. Louis was focused on the billiards, Liam was just looking around and was seeming to enjoy himself by my mother's collections of all the dinosour figurine lined up by the glass stand by the walls.

I looked at Niall's direction and he was just there, staring at Harry and Zayn's happy time. I decided to walk towards him and take a seat next to him by the stools. I leaned an elbow by the bar and looked at him by face. He took a glance but then he averted his gaze almost immediately. A mischievous grin found itself on my lips, "What are you staring at..?" Niall asked as I could sense him feeling uneasy with me around.

I shook my head gently as I look at the ground, "Nothing.. I was just.. thinking..," I said softly.

Niall shifted from his position to face me completely, "Thinking about what?"

I looked up at him in a flirty way, "About our first sexual activity..," I answered teasingly and I could already sense that he was tensing up from my looks to him.

"Uh.. I.. B-But why must you think of t-that..?" he stammered which his cheeks tinged with rosiness.

I sighed dearly then shrug, "Well.. it just popped in my head.. can you blame me?" I teased.

He pursed his lips and shook his head, "Right..," he mumbled shyly.

My eyes lit up when I thought of a wonderful idea. I hopped off of the stool, grabbed Niall's hand and I intertwined our fingers. Niall cooperated in clasping our fingers together which earned him a happy smile from me. He returned my smile with a shy smile that he had muster.

I dragged him towards the door to exit the room. But before that, I turned around and yelled, "We'll be back!"

The lads doesn't seem to care for they didn't even took the time to say okay or take care to us. Shrugging at the thought, I continued to walk and drag Niall along with me.

"Where are we..going?" Niall asked softly.

I looked at him and smile with my eyes nearly closing, "I'll show you my room.."

He didn't say a word anymore and just walked along. I lead him to the red carpeted hallway that father designed just for me. This part of the mansion was mine and only mine. There were only two doors here which will lead to my private bathroom and to my room that was more spacious than my hotel room back in Beaugrenelle Hotel.

"Why was there only two doors?" he asked.

"My bathroom," I said pointing to the first door, "And this, my love, is the door to my room..," I said dearly, opening my door.

Niall was in awe and was seeming so impressed by everything he sees. The both of us trudged inside. I flopped in my king-sized peach colored bed and sprawled my legs and arms wide on it. I watched Niall as he roam his eyes and hands along my book shelve.

I shifted on my position and leaned my head by my hand, "Was it too much?" I asked him.

Niall turned his head to face me, "Are you kidding me? You're so rich!" he gushed.

I giggled, "I told you.. it's not me.. my parents were..," I said softly.

He bit his lip, "But still..," he mumbled, caressing the books that was neatly labeled by the shelve.

I sat up from bed and that's when I started to scan Niall's body.. from head to toe.

Silence took over the whole room..

It was just the two of us and to think that my room's in the middle of this house..makes my hormones go all excited. Because no one goes here. Not a single maid. Just my parents, but then they were gone. The lads didn't know the ways around here so technically, no one can interrupt us at this state.

So, I scanned Niall from head to toe.. he was wearing a red polo-shirt that compliments his fair complexion perfectly. His hair was half bleached and half brunette and it was deliciously messy. I bit my lip when my eyes darted on his beige chinos. I wasn't staring at his pants. I'm staring at his crouch. My eyes went back up and stopped to look to his pair of crystal blue eyes. They looked so innocent.. they were terrified.. and he looked so.. virgin.

"Niall..," I said with my husky yet softy voice. I can't seem to take it anymore. My hormones were going ballistic under my privates and I'm totally craving for Niall's touching on my body, "Come here.."

I saw Niall swallow a lump as he tense from where he stood, which was at the corner of my room in front of my book shelve. He was hesitant but eventually, he started to move forward. Once he stopped in front of me, I fixed my position in bed and faced his standing figure, my toes touching my carpeted floor. I reached for his hands and had them palms touch my cheeks. They were cold. I closed my eyes and felt their coldness on my face, "W-What is it? Got something to tell me..?" he asked nervously.

"Relax Niall.. just relax," I whispered as I trail some kisses on his hand. I slowly stood up, still trailing kisses on his hand until I opened my eyes and there we were; face to face as I was standing up as well. Niall stared at me with that poker face of his. I was still holding his hands. I stifle a soft giggle when I noticed that we're just staring at one another. Niall wasn't complaining nor budging. I didn't care though and so I continued on trailing kisses on his hand 'till I proceeded on his neck down to his collar. A moan escaped his mouth which only made me crave for more.

"Niall, make love to me..," I said through his neck with my voice full of lust. I can't help it anymore.

Niall didn't utter a word. Instead, he started to move his hands and they reached my back, rubbing it tenderly. It roamed down and stopped at the hem of my shirt. He slipped in his hands that was now warm to my cold skin. I shot up my head and looked to his eyes that was very beautiful. They were now full of lust and I'm beyond happy to see that. Niall leaned in his head till our lips were mere inch away from each other. I could feel his minty breath tickling my lips with our noses brushing ever so slightly.

I lifted up my arms and snaked them around his neck and that's when I crashed my lips to his soft and pinkish ones. Our lips moved in sync and I could feel that he was also craving for me which didn't help, cause my ovaries just went worse and was already in the verge of exploding, "Niall, please make love to me," I moaned.

Niall's hands under my shirt came back to life as he resumed on roaming his palms on my skin. I felt him tugging on my shirt so I parted from the kiss and took off my shirt right away. Niall did the same with his red polo-shirt, then we resumed back on kissing passionately. Niall wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. I walked us backward to flop down on my bed. Finally, we made it on my bed. Niall laid my body down gently as if though I was that precious to him. That made butterflies flutter inside my stomach again.. strange..

Just then, Niall was on top of me once again like the first time we did this. I felt his left arm struggling on unclasping my bra so I arched my back to help him take it off. He managed and that's when he stopped kissing me to have a good look on my breasts. I bit my lower lip as I stare at his eyes that was focused on my chest. I saw him lick his lips then he turned his attention back on looking at me, straight in the eyes.

"You're.. so enchanting," he said softly.

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked.

He shook his head and then he leaned down again to close the gap between our lips. He tugged his tongue on my lower lip so I granted it right away by parting my lips. Our tongues explored the mouths of one another. He parted again and that's when he started to trail kisses from the crook of my neck down to my collar bone and in between my breasts. He stopped there and then we made an eye-contact. He was asking for permission whether he should take advantage of my breasts. Me being me, acted innocent.

I nodded my head like a first timer school girl with me biting my lower lip in excitement.

Niall then started to nibble on my right breast whilst his left hand giving my left breast some soft squeezing.

I moaned his name in full bliss.

Niall's hand was already making its way down to my stomach to my shorts when we heard some muffled yells coming from the lads.

Niall stopped.

I sighed.

The both of us looked at each other then shrug. We shot up from bed and gathered our shirt to wear them over our heads. I wore my bra as well then I helped Niall fix his shirt's collar. I could feel his eyes boring to me, while I fix his collar, "I'm sorry..," he said softly.

I blinked, "Whatever for?" I asked for I was completely dumbfounded.

"I shouldn't take advantage of you.. that's not so gentleman of me.. it makes me a jerk. A complete jerk," he muttered most to himself, angrily.

I cupped his face, "No, Niall. Look at me..," I said softly, "Look at me..," I repeated, making him fix his gaze on me, "It's okay.. it's okay with me. I love your company," I said.

He sighed, standing up the bed, "Fine. Anyway, I hadn't got your number the last time.."

I stood up from bed as well, "Right. I'll let you have it later.. only if you wanted to see me again."

He gave me a look, "Of course I would love to see you again..," he mused.

I felt my cheeks burn. Why..

Just then my door burst open, "There you are!" Louis exclaimed and in came Harry and Liam.

"Wow.. your place sure is incredibly massive..," Louis mused.

"Wow! Look! Books!" Liam beamed running towards my book shelve.

"What.. a.. cozy.. bed!" Harry chirped in awe as he flop on my bed where me and Niall almost had sex at. Almost.

"Guys! You must check out the bathroom! It's massive!" Zayn gushed, peeking by my slightly ajar door.

All of them ran after Zayn to go to my private toilet.

Niall and I exchanged glances and burst into fits of laughter because of his anxious band mates.

I can't blame them though. Monsour's mansion is just really amusing.




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