Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


6. Le chapitre cinq ...

#113 Niall used to have two fish named Ben & Jerry that both died due to being overfed..


Le chapitre cinq ...

"Mine mine mine! Get your own, Harreh!" I yelled at my best mate.

Harry ruffled his curls and sweeped it on sideways, he huffed, "You're so selfish, mate, really."

Liam stood up from his chair and reached for the pizza. My eyes widened. He cut it in two, "There. Share."

My jaw dropped, "Didn't you know that I never share?!" I yelled exasperatedly.

Harry took the other half and laughed as he scamper away, "Oh no you just didn't! Liam! Why must you hurt my feelings like this?!" I frantically screamed yet there sat Liam on his chair as he tap away on his phone. Right. He was chatting with Danielle. That kept my cool. Just seeing that smile on my best mate's face while he chat Danielle made me happy all the same. They got back together, enough said.

I sighed, "I hate it when someone gets half of mine," I mumbled, picking up the other half. I slumped back on my seat and grabbed a bite out of my 8th piece of pepperonni pizza. I can't help it. Food are the most awesome thing that's ever been invented in this planet.

As I finish my pizza, a burp followed. Liam whined in disgust but I didn't care at all. I looked at the fridge on the corner of the room as I think of something to nibble on next.

I was about to stand when Liam spoke about something that intrigued me.

"So how's things with Celestina?"

I narrowed my eyes at him, "That's just rude, Li.."

He looked up from his phone to me, "What is?" he asked completely baffled.

"It's Celestine. Not Celestina," I said flatly.

He chuckled awkwardly, "Sorry, Nialler.. so uh.. how's things with her?"

I shrugged, "Good..?"

Liam gave me a look, "Good? Are you two even dating?" he asked, raising his brows.

I shook my head, "Nope," I answered simply. It's true anyway. We're not dating and.. well, I didn't think Celestine believes in dating anyways.. or did she? Oh, I don't know. That girl sure got some weird perspective on how she live her life.

Liam gave me a look, "Well I thought you two are..," he mused.

I shook my head, "Well, now you know. We aren't.."

Why would he even think that me and Celestine are dating? Was it too obvious that the two of us were doing something suspicious behind their backs..? If so.. then Liam must've interrogated me now but he still hasn't so I guess it wasn't that obvious then. Right?

He placed a finger on his chin as a sign of pondering, "Hmm.. well it seemed as if though that you two are..," he mumbled, "Say. Why do I feel like I'm missing something here? Come on, Niall. Tell me. I'm your best mate, I could keep a secret," he said suggestively.

I bit my lip. Dammit. Liam's friendly words are just too tempting and convincing at times. Especially at a time like this. Should I tell him about me and Celestine's sex life? I mean.. that would be so awkward for my part because the lads always think that I'm innocent when it comes to.. things like that. All they know was I love food, I do not share food and that's that. That's a Niall Horan. Harry would be more suitable for being sneaky in bed but not me. I'm always single as well..

"So?" Liam pressed.

I gulped. I parted my lips to start to tell him a few but I was interrupted by my phone's ringing sound. I scratched the back of my neck and stood up from my seat. I shoved my hand inside my jeans pocket and fished out my phone. I pressed the accept call button without looking at the caller's identification; I pressed it on my ear.

"Ello?" I said to the phone.


My heart beat quicken, "Ce.. Celestine?" I almost choked.

"I need you, sweetie.. I'm not feeling well alone..," she croaked. Why does she sounded like she just cried?

Suddenly, worries filled me. Liam was looking at me with that concerned look plastered across his face which only added up to my worried mind, "R-Really?" I stammered.

"Yeah.. can you come along maybe..?"

Liam stood up from his seat and walked towards me. He mouthed, 'What's wrong?'

I bit my lip, "Okay, princess.. I'll be there..," I said to the phone.

"OH! DID I HEAR NIALL CALLING SOMEONE, PRINCESS?" Louis, Zayn and Harry trudged inside the kitchen. And it was Louis who talked loudly.

I rolled my eyes.

"That's great, Niall.. I will wait for you..," Celestine said softly and I could tell that she's smiling dearly, "Eh.. is that Harry who yelled?"

"Oh no.. that's Louis. He's annoying, really," I said with a loud sigh.

Louis shot me an evil smirk. Oh God...

Celestine giggled, "Why was he like that? Is he the youngest? I always thought that you are the youngest.."

I laughed, "Lou! Celestine thought you were the youngest amongst us because of your silliness!"

Louis mocked offended look as he playfully gasp. He moved forward, "Give me that!" he squeaked as he snatches the phone from me. I laughed. "Hi! I'm not the youngest! In fact I'm the eldest!" Louis bragged.

Harry and Zayn was making some gagging noise from across the table like high school girls while Liam's just enjoying every scene. These boys, I swear they could be weird to look at sometimes.

I tugged on Louis' shirt, "Hey, gimme back my phone, Loueh."

Louis raised his index finger on me, "Sshh, shut up, mate. She's telling me something."

I cocked an eyebrow. Louis was grinning from ear to ear.


"Oh no no no. Harry is the youngest! Niall? You think it was Niall?!" Louis laughed out loud.

"Hey! I am the baby of the band!" Harry piped in and I had the urge to huff.

"Oh of course! Niall is a sweet boy. Why? You fancy my mate?" Louis shot me a smirk which caused my cheeks to burn.

"L-Loueh.. G-Gimme back my phone!" I stammered, reaching for my phone. Louis blocked my face using his arm, "Argh! Lou!" I whined. But.. I wonder what is her response to that..

"Ohh... I see...," Louis mused to the phone which had me all confused but then he gave me a smirk.

What the potatoes are going on there now?

Harry laughed, "Someone fancies our little Irish boy!" he sing-sang. Liam and Zayn chuckled causing me to get annoyed to the tip of my bones.

I gritted my teeth in annoyance, "Louis! Gimme the phone!" I hissed.

"Bye, sweetheart! I will chat with you soon! Niall's a fuming clover!" Louis panicked then he tossed the phone back to me. He playfully huffed going towards Harry for a hug.

I rolled my eyes as I returned to talk with Celestine, "Hello, princess? Sorry about that.. the lads are crazy..," I said shyly.

She was giggling. "It's alright, Niall.. and oh.. so I see that you're an Irish. I heard Harry.. No wonder you didn't sound exactly as a British to me.."

"I.. yeah, I'm Irish."

"Mhmm. Cute."


"So.. see you in a while?"

"Yeah.. I miss my Niall!" she chirped happily.

I smiled, "Miss you too.."

"Mhmm. Bye for now, sweetie. See you," she said softly.

"Okay. I'll be there," I said then we hung up.

I turned to glare at Louis once I've shoved my phone back in my pocket.

Louis threw his hands up in the air, "Look, mate! I was just curious, okay?"

I scoffed, "About?"

"The two of you...," he teased.

I felt my cheeks heat up again, "Shut up..," I mumbled.

"God. You're blushing, mate," Liam pointed out.

"So?" I said rhetorically.

Liam shrugged.

Zayn reached for the remote across the table and turned the TV on, "Leave Niall alone, lads. For once let's be proud of him. He's finally got himself a girl. Ain't that lovely?" he said.

Harry clapped, "There goes Zaynie. Being all so deep again," he teases which earned him a glare from Zayn. "But! I agree with him," he added.

I pursed my lips, "But, lads. We're not an item. Me and Celestine..," I said truthfully.

"Strange..," I heard Louis mumble.

"What is, mate?" Liam piped.

"Them, being not an item," Louis said and this time he seemed so serious. That is new.

"Why?" Harry asked as he sling an arm around Louis' shoulder.

Louis stared at me, "The girl fancies you."

Butterflies fluttered inside my stomach.

"W-What?" I choked out.

Harry grinned, so as Zayn and Liam.

"Yes, Niall. Finally! Our Nialler's getting married!" Louis exclaimed, "Lads? In betweeners dance!" he gestured.

And soon enough the four of them dances the famous 'In betweeners dance'. As for me? I still can't sink in every words Louis blurted. I know Louis. He might be silly and all that but he would never lie about something serious.

* * *

I ran my finger through my hair that is almost perfectly clay-doed; courtesy of Louis. He helped me to dress up my best for I would simply go to Celestine's. He and Harry's been teasing me about her. The lads like her for me and yet, I can't imagine what they would react if they knew about Celestine's alter ego.. She's very different from all the girl that the lads knew. She's unique and if you may compare her with Eleanor, Danielle or Perrie? I just.. no. I can't compare her with anyone, really. As for Louis, I don't get that lad sometime.. one second he's silly then the next thing I know he'd be the best mate one could ever have. I mean, him? Helping me to look my best after all those teasing he shot towards me? He is weird in a good way, I must admit. All of them actually. I smiled to myself as I wait for a cab along the street. I love my mates.. it's like I've known them in like.. forever.

I rubbed my palms together then I blew at it, trying to gain some warmth. I thought it was pretty weird that it's summer time yet the breeze was cold. Strange.

My senses got alerted once I saw a cab approaching, I hailed for it right away. Must get it first before someone beats me to it. The black-colored cab stopped short in front of me and so I opened its back door then I climbed in. I told Celestine's address then the driver sped up almost immediately without any further question; I would hate it if he try to start a conversation for I simply can't understood French. I must learn it soon enough.. for Celestine.

Funny, Niall. You? Niall Horan? Would be willing to learn something really hard let alone impossible to learn, for a girl? A girl that you barely knew? That's just funny..really. Yet I am still willing.

Something is really wrong with me.

I looked outside the window and saw familiar structures and that only meant one thing; Celestine's hotel will finally come in view. I lifted up both my arms then I sniffed at each of my armpit. I mentally smiled. I smell good. Celestine would probably-- wait. Am I trying to smell my best for her? There's definitely something wrong with me.

"Nous sommes ici, monsieur (We're here, mister)," said the driver. I peered over to look at the fare. I pulled out a hundred pound and lend it towards him. I opened my door and hopped out the cab without asking for my change. He shall keep it. I straightened up my shirt then I trudged inside the building before me.

"Room 9134," I told the lady in charge by the reception desk. She smiled when she saw me. I guess she'd known me by now. She nodded at me then I walked away to head on the lifts.

I pressed the up button then it opened right away. Celestine almost lived here. I wonder since when did she start to check in here..? Isn't she planning to check out any moment soon? I stepped in the lift and pressed 9. I fidget on my fingers as I wait for the lift. This hotel is pretty much fancy for anyone and I couldn't imagine how long now is Celestine's bill..

The lift stopped at 9th and so I strolled out once its door opens. I could feel my heart beat quickening at every step I take towards Celestine's room. I was feeling anxious; anxious excited, because I'll be seeing her..beautiful face again. Then there is this feeling that my heart's sort of sinking; what if I would come across with another man that had visit on her room again? I know I'm not in the right place to get offended with the fact that she's sleeping with various guys but you see.. I'm just a boy. I have feelings, I get hurt, I get jealous. Celestine is like my.. girl somehow and we do stuff together that is beyond two couples does and well, I.. somehow wanted her to myself and myself only. I don't like the fact that she's just using me as an option. That hurt. Any simple or normal guy would be hurt as well if they're in my shoes.

I stared at the door in front of me. I let out a sigh, "Here it goes.."

I knocked twice.

I heard movements coming from the inside then seconds later, the door swung open. My breath got caught up in my throat; there stood an angel behind this door with her messy bed hair and that oh so simple PJs that she's wearing, rubbing her eyes as a sign that she just got up from a deep slumber. What popped inside my curious mind right away is written along these line, I wonder what would it be like..waking up next to this girl, every single day..?

Niall, get a grip on yourself, will you?

"Niall!" she gushed, jumping on me with her arms snaked around me right away. I felt her rubbing her face at the crook of my neck which sent a pleasing feeling to me, "You smell so good, sweetie..," she murmured.

I lifted my arms up to return her hug gently, "You just woke up, princess..?" I asked softly.

She parted from me and nod like a cute innocent child, "Yes.. would you want to come in?" she asked softly. I nodded my head then we strolled inside as I shut the door behind us, "Hungry?" she asked. I shook my head, 8 slices of pizza is enough for a while. I roamed my eyes around her room and was happy that no guy was here with her..

I watched her sit at her couch. She stretched a little then soon she reached for the remote, "So uh.. were you crying this morning when you called me?"

She looked at me and smile, "Sit with me and we'll talk about that, yes?" she said, tapping the space next to her.

I nodded my head and moved towards her, I took a seat. She clicked on the remote and the TV turned on, lowering the volume to 11. She settled the remote back on the coffee table then she leaned her head on my shoulder. I felt butterflies flutter inside my stomach just having her near like this..

She snuggled closer to me, "So, I was crying because...," she trailed off so I waited.

Minutes passed and she still hasn't talked yet 'till I realize it when I heard her snore beside me. I smiled. I fixed her position on my side which caused her to scoot even closer to me.

Then she murmured, "Je pense que je ne peux pas vivre le reste de ma vie maintenant .. sans mon Niall .. (I think I can't live the rest of my life now.. without my Niall..)"

What did she say..?

* * *

I sniffed. I smell something good.. it smell so good that it had me woken up. I felt a smile creeping on my lips once I realized whose scent it was. I roamed my palm without prying my eyes open. I touched something moving. It was going up and down. I opened my eyes; I was touching Niall's chest.. it's his breathing, that's why it was moving up and down. I bit my lip when my eyes darted on his sleeping face.. he looked so peaceful. I've woke up on lots of sleeping men beside me but Niall's my most favorite amongst them all. To wake up next to him every morning is to die for..

I sat up from bed and tip-toed to the kitchen. Must cook something before he wakes. As I search for veggies in the fridge, I thought about what happened last night.. The last time I check; I slept on the couch..

I took out the cabbage and smiled dearly. Niall carried me to bed.. and he didn't leave me despite the fact that I've slept on him. Talk about sweetheart..

I settled a pan on the electric stove and then I chopped off the cabbage, onion, tomatoes and all the various ones. I turned to chop the chicken once I'm done with the rest of the vegetables. I'm not really good at this but I got to try; for my Niall. Once everything was ready, I poured the right amount of oil on my heated pan then I started to grill the chicken first. The rest of the veggies followed once I saw that the chicken's turned brown. I grilled them all at once then I sprinkled some pepper and salt on it for seasoning purposes; I learned that from our chef before. I poured in a half cup of water then I stirred it with my spatula. I waited for it to boil.

I peered from the kitchen counter to where my Niall is lying like a child. He just really looked so peaceful which caused me to smile..

I turned back to my masterpiece and was happy to see that it has started to boil. I walked towards the cupboards and pulled out two bowls and two spoons. I served it on the dining table then I turned the stove off after I saw that it's already totally boiling. I looked over to Niall again and he has sat up on bed. I grinned.

I ran over to him, "Good morning, sweetie!" I chirped. I wanna be happy today. Last night has been tough for me.. I just really hate hearing news from that place..

Niall smiled softly, "Morning," he greeted with his husky voice from waking up.

I leaned down and planted a kiss on his temple. I felt him stiff which caused me to giggle once I parted. I reached for his hand and held it, I pulled him up from bed, "Come. I cooked us breakfast," I said.

Niall stood up from bed and let me drag him with me to the kitchen. I let go of him to get us some of my chicken soup, "Mm.. smells good," Niall mused as he sniff behind me while I serve some on a bowl.

I giggled, "Learned it from our chef back home," I said. I put down the bowl on the table and went to pick up the other one, "Go ahead, taste it!" I beamed. I served myself some then I settled to sit next to him.

I looked at Niall, I'm quite anxious on how would his reaction might be after he taste my creation, "Okay. Let's try it." I watched him took his spoon then he drawled a spoonful. He shoved it in his mouth.

"So..?" I bit my lip.

Niall's eyes lit up, "Hey.. I didn't know you're good at cooking..," he smirked.

I blew out a sigh of relief, "Thank goodness. I was worried you might not like it..," I said. He chuckled as he eat some more. I started to eat mine as well. I covered my mouth with my widened eyes. I felt my tongue twisting backwards for my dish tasted awful. I hastily stood up from my stool to run in the bathroom. I threw up everything on the sink and rinsed my mouth in disgust. I walked back to the kitchen. I looked at Niall and he was giving me this apologetic look. He lied to me. I'm a horrible cook after all.

"Princess..," he uttered softly in a concerned tone.

I walked out the kitchen without any other word being spoken. I was hurt..

I slumped on the couch and ran my fingers through my hair. Niall lied to me.. I shut my eyes as I try to keep my cool. I don't get mad at someone, especially Niall. I never hold grudges but this one is severe. I can't explain the feeling but.. Niall's every movement or act seemed to affect me right through which I thought was strange. It still hurt me, though I knew deep in me that he lied because he just don't want me to feel bad about my food.

I felt a hand weighing my shoulder. Niall drew me in for a hug, "I'm sorry, princess.. I didn't mean to lie to you. I just don't want you to get upset..," he almost whispered.

I felt my heart melt. He's sounding so sincere. I wrapped my arms around him as well, "It's alright, Niall.. sorry I wasn't good enough..," I murmured against his chest.

"Sshh.. not everybody knows how to cook. I can't cook. The lads can't. Only Harry can. See? Not everybody knows how..," he said softly.

I can't help but smile..

"Princess.. I didn't notice that you have a guitar.. do you play?" he suddenly asked. I looked up and saw him staring at my guitar.

"Yes. But that was long ago. Why?" I asked.

He looked down on me and grinned, "I play.."

My eyes lit up, "Sing for me?" I chirped.

Niall stood up to go get my guitar. He sat beside me once again and settled the guitar on his lap. He readied his composure then he started to strum. He smiled at me dearly.

I'm gonna pick up the pieces,
and build a lego house
when things go wrong we can knock it down

My three words have two meanings,
there's one thing on my mind
It's all for you

And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got ya to keep me warm
and if you're broke I'll mend ya and keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on

I'm out of touch, I'm out of love
I'll pick you up when you're getting down
and of all these things I've done I think I love you better now

I shut my eyes as I listen to his wonderful voice. Suddenly.. I wanted him again. All of him.

"Niall..," I breathed out; my eyes never prying open.

He stopped singing, "Yes?"

I opened my eyes slowly, then I bit my lip, "Do it with me again..."

His lips parted as I saw his body loosen from holding the guitar against his lap. I stood up from the couch and walked towards him. I reached out to take his hand. He set aside my guitar and stood up from the couch. I lead him back to bed and we both laid quietly. No words were needed at this time.

I shifted to get on top of him. I saw him swallow a lump from his throat which only added up to my excitement. Niall is an innocent boy yet he never fail to have me wanting his body; all of him.. I bent my arm to reach for my back, I found the hook of my bra then I unclasped it slowly. I took off my bra and threw it aside. I saw Niall bite his upper lip. He looked so adorable..

I leaned down and trailed kisses on Niall's neck down to his collar. I held his hands and had them reaching for the hem of my night gown. I can sense that he got the message, so he pulled my night gown up and he had it taken off over my head; now my naked breasts is all shown to him. I leaned down again and helped him take his own clothes off. I stared at his bare chest. He's very attractive..

Niall lifted up his arms, snaking them at the back of my neck. He pulled me down towards him then he kissed my lips gently. I felt him do the first move by tugging his tongue on my lower lip. I parted my lips and let him in; I tasted his wet tongue on mine.. Our lips moved in sync and I am loving it. Soon enough, I felt his arms going down to the small of my back, caressing his cold palm on my warm skin.. I rubbed circles on his chest as we make out passionately, our tongues touching each other as dearly as it gets. His lips were very soft and warm..

My heart beat quicken all of the sudden. I've never felt this before.. this kind of sexual intercourse. Only Niall can make my pulse rate go wild.. it was only him who could make my butterflies flutter against my stomach and this kind of affection.. it's very passionate. It's far from all those I've done this with.

I parted my lips from his. He was panting which I find really cute, "Something.. wrong, princess..?" he asked through heavy breathing.

I stared at his dazzling blue eyes, "Niall.."

Niall cupped my face; concern filled his eyes, "What is it, princess? Tell me.."

This will be the first time that I will ask someone this.. cause, I've never had one to begin with..

"Be mine, Niall. Officially.. be my first boyfriend," I said, seriously.



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