Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


2. Chapitre un ...

Frankly, I don't care what others say.. -Niall Horan.


Chapitre un ...

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, indicating that it's almost 10 in the morning. I shifted from my position to reach for the alarming clock. I tapped it gently then it shuts. I rubbed my eyes a little to brighten my vision and there I saw the sun's ray evading my slightly opened window. I smiled. I liked it that way.. reminds me of God's creations..

I pulled myself up from bed and let my feet touch the white tiled floor. I looked around and couldn't help but think about that innocent kid from yesterday.. Niall.. I wonder how on earth could we meet again? Would that be possible? I mean, for us to meet again..?

I shook the thoughts away and proceeded to go out the balcony. I slid the sliding door open and met the cold breeze of Paris. I sniffed in the sweet scent of coffee caramel that's coming from my neighbor. Feeling my hunger erupting from my stomach, I pulled out my lighter and my packet of Camel cigarette; I took one stick out of it. I put it in between my lips and lit it up with my Zippo. I puffed once and blew it into the thin air. I watched the smoke as it get united by the fresh air until it faded completely.

"Bonjour! (Good morning!)," I heard someone say.

I looked around and when my sight landed on the balcony beside mine, I saw a man smiling widely with a mug on his grasp. Oh, so he was the one who's having a caramel drink. "Matin (Morning)," I greeted back politely with a smile.

"N'est-il pas trop tôt pour fumer? (Isn't it too early to be smoking?)" he asked with a sly chuckle.

I shrugged, "Eh bien j'ai bien aimé cette façon .. (Well I liked it this way..)," was all I said then I left the balcony to go to the kitchen.

I went straight to the fridge and opened it wide. I racked for something to cook. I saw cheese, butter, lettuce, strawberries in a bowl, ice cubes, frozen medicines and all that sort. I scrunched up my nose seeing there wasn't any that caught my attention. I shut the fridge gently and then I walked to my bathroom deciding that I should just go out in town to have myself fed. Speaking of fed, I have to visit the fishes. A grin found my lips and so it made me run my way in the bathroom. Once I got in, I stripped on my velvety night gown and let my hair fall down my shoulders. My hair was usually messy.. I really don't have a keen interest on combs, you see. I liked it this way. Bed hair.

I climbed in the tub and just stood there as I turn the shower on. I scrubbed my skin with a bubble bath soap and my hair with my strawberry scented shampoo. I washed myself off after. Once I'm all done with showering I felt my stomach grumble, "J'ai besoin de nourriture .. (I need food..)," I mumbled to myself. I hopped out of the tub and stopped in front of the sink. I opened the mirror case and took out my tooth brush and tooth paste; I brushed my teeth.

I spit the foam I have created from cleansing my teeth then I smiled in front of the mirror. I reached for my blue towel and dried my hair with it. After that, I wrapped it around my naked body and then I walked out the bathroom.

I went straight to my closet for something good to wear. I opened it wide and racked my neatly hung clothing. I settled on some loose white shirt and faded blue denim shorts. I let my dried hair fall on my back messily and then I walked on my whole body length mirror to check out my appearance; a total hipster.

I took my bag from the study desk and pulled out my red lipstick. I put some on and that was it. I'm ready to go. I don't really fancy putting loads of make up.. it felt disgusting and irritating on my skin.

I walked towards the front door and put on my white low-cut converse that was pretty smudged with dirt due to its age. I've had it since 2009 and was still treasuring it. It's one of my favorite and besides.. I love vintage. I grabbed a sweater from the rack and then I'm off to the town for my brunch - breakfast lunch.

I walked coolly on the hallway of the hotel and was often greeted by men that I don't even know. I stopped in front of the lift and waited patiently for it to open. Once it did, I stepped inside and pressed the Ground button. Three quiet people was with me the whole ride down and I was contented and happy about it. I love silence and peacefulness..

The elevator door slid open and then I stepped out. I walked towards the exit and finally I'm out. I walked freely and happily by the streets and saw people pass by me. Some kids were happily playing by the sidewalks and some are with their parents. That just remind me of my own parents..

Note to self; visit mommy and daddy today. You miss them, you love them, they love you, they miss you.

As I turn left by some narrow alley, I spotted an old man with an empty thin can beside him on the cold ground. I frowned as feel my heart sank. I walked near him and stopped in front of him; he's a poor beggar.. I hated seeing people like this. Sometimes, I would ask myself.. why does a person have to suffer like this? Did He do this on purpose? Then again, why?

I shoved my hand inside my bag and took out my wallet. I pulled out a £500 cash out of it and placed it neatly inside the poor old man's front pocket. The man looked at me in awe. He smiled gratefully and was seeming as if thought he was in the verge of crying out some tears of joy.

"Merci, jeune femme .. merci .. Que Dieu vous bénisse .. (Thank you, young lady.. thank you.. God bless you..)," he thanked me profusely, giving my hand a gentle squeeze.

I smiled softly down on him and patted his head, "Vous n'avez pas à me remercier, monsieur. Que Dieu vous bénisse .. Je prierai pour vous, monsieur .. (You don't have to thank me, sir. May God bless you.. I will pray for you, sir..)"

He nodded with that weak smile that had formed in his pale lips, "Merci beaucoup, madame .. (Thank you so much, madam..)"

I flashed him a one last lopsided smile and then I resumed on walking my way out that narrow alley. I was sad.. really sad.. seeing that it's almost the end of winter weather which only made the wind more cold for the snow were melting slowly. That old man..doesn't have a home. He'd freeze to death. Not only him..but thousands more that doesn't have a home. If only I could help them all..but I can't. I'm just a girl..

I sighed.

I was walking with my mind drifted off to somewhere. I got teared away from my trance once I've noticed that I'm already at the dead end of the narrow alley. I chuckled to myself and shook my head. I walked a few step backwards then I turned to my right. There, I saw the main street with vehicles passing by. Suddenly, I thought of my Volkswagen. It's its due to stay by the parking lot today; coding. Once, I've reached the busy streets of Eiffel La Tour, I started to look for a restaurant or shop to have myself fed. I walked by the safe side and passed by some stores and small shops.

My eyes lit up when I saw the Gourmét La Pâz shop. I ran across the street when the stop sign popped on the traffic light. I pushed the door open that will lead me inside the shop.

"Bienvenue, madame (Welcome, madam)," one waitress greeted once I've stepped inside. I smiled at her direction and that's when I approached the counter. I looked over the glass and sighted several pastry breads that was beautifully assorted with each vintage-looking baskets. I licked my lips and bit my lower lip as I roam my eyes on each of them. Just then I have spotted the one that I want to buy. I looked to the lady that seemed to be in her early 30's with that soft smile on her face. I grinned, "Un pain espagnol, trois miches de pain moka et quatre pains à la cannelle s'il vous plaît (One Spanish bread, three mocha bread loaves and four cinnamon rolls please)," I chirped.

"Bien sûr! (Sure!)" the lady beamed, pulling out a paper bag and taking the thong in her grasp; she picked out everything I desired to get and placed it inside the paper bag she had. Once she have everything, she walked onto the cash register and typed somethings on it. She looked up and smiled at me, "Ce serait un total de £ 7,30 (That would be a total of £7.30)," she said.

I nodded as I pull out a £100 just because it's what I have randomly taken out. I gave it to her. I took the paper bag from her and turned on my heels to start searching for a seat. And so I spotted one; I was about to go now when the lady halted me in which it caused me to glance back at her.

"Vous avez oublié votre changement, miss (You forgot your change, miss)," she said, handing out some cash.

"S'il vous plaît, gardez-le (Please, keep it)," I said with a smile.

She frowned and shook her head, "Non, madame .. il s'agit d'un lot .. (No, ma'am.. this is a lot..)"

I giggled, walking back towards her. I lifted up an arm and tapped her right shoulder, "S'il vous plaît. Gardez-le (Please. Keep it)," I winked at her then I walked off to take a seat on the window seat that no soul was occupying. I glanced at the lady once again and caught her looking at me with her slightly parted lips. She averted her gaze once she noticed my stare and there I saw her blush. I saw her shove the money inside her pocket and then she sat on her stool by the counter again.

I shook my head as I smile to myself. This is me.. the girl that loved to give away love and care to random people. I once knew the traits called thoughtfulness, hospitality and generosity; I applied them to myself since then. I loved helping people and giving them something I own or have. I love nature, animals and everything that God's made. I don't know if there's something wrong with me because I could be extremely kind and all that but then again, nobody's perfect because despite my kindness and politeness.. there shone my flaws. I'm a user of drugs if I fancied to. I smoke, cut myself if upset and well.. I'm pretty much addicted to sexual intercourse. Horrible? I thought so too but that's just me being me and, that me, is always true to everything. I will do what I want when I want it and no one can stop me.

My name is Celestine Monsour, 22 years old, a daughter of two of the most awesome person who was luckily born in this world.. world that is fortunately and unfortunately filled with happiness and sorrow. I must admit that not everything in this world is perfect but me being me, stuck to my own perspective and so I will forever think of this world as perfect. Everything is perfect. Perfect..

I looked down to my paper bag full of delicious bread and sniffed in its mouthwatering aroma; again, my stomach grumbled. I took one bread loaf out and then I started munching on it. I was in the middle of my brunch when I smelled the scent of Dr. Pepper soda. I stood up from my chair and decided to bought one myself. I approached the lady once again, "Une Dr. Pepper s'il vous plaît (One Dr. Pepper please)," I said.

She nodded vigorously and trudged towards the see-through fridge and took one out. She handed it to me so I took it with my cash slipped to her grasp, "Oh non! Vous n'avez pas à payer pour cela, manquer! (Oh no! You don't have to pay for that, miss!)" she interjected.

I pursed my lips and turned around with a shrug, "Merci pour aujourd'hui! Aimée votre nourriture! (Thanks for today! Loved your food!)" and without any words and shy protests from her, I stepped out the shop and into the streets once again, "Ah .. combien j'aime cette ville .. Paris .. (Ah.. how I love this town.. Paris..)," I said to myself in glee as I inhale the cold breeze.

I clutched my bag as I walk and sip on my drink with my left hand. My paper bag half contained with left over bread was still on my right grasp. I walked to the safe side and soon I reached the familiar signs on the way. There parked some random bicycles in one long straight line, Pine trees everywhere, concrete figures of flats and lastly, the wonderful sight of the water that was coming in view the more I walk further. I stopped short once I reached the passage down the stairs.

A smile crept on my lips just looking at this very familiar stairs. I started to walk down and soon I reached the end and well, as usual, I sat on one of the steps. My gaze landed on the cute little fishes that was swimming freely under the dark blue water. I lifted up the paper bag I have and shoved a hand inside it. I crumpled the bread inside it and soon enough they all became bread chunks. It's ready.

I grabbed a handful and threw it in the waters. I watched as the fishes go wild and happy, grabbing by their mouths on the food I had for them. I threw some more.

And more.

And more.

Till I'm all out.

Suddenly, the image of that blonde boy I had a one night stand with popped in my mind. I chuckled, shaking my head, "C'est un enfant .. (He's a child..)," I muttered underneath my breath.

Just then, I stood up from the step and dusted myself off with my palms. I looked around me and that's when I noticed that the sun's almost at the center top of the sky, indicating that it's already noon time.

I glanced back at the fishes then smile. They all looked satisfied now and well, that's my cue to leave to head to my parents'..mansion.

Monsours are one of the most known group of people here in La Tour. Not because we're famous but because..we're extremely wealthy. Yeah.. I'm not that proud about it though. But I'm okay with it. There's nothing to be sad about it anyway but then, I, Celestine Monsour always loved being alone. I love my lifestyle. I live on my own. Sadly though, my parents refuses to make me work for my own expenses. They want me to live like a princess and it's all fine by me. I love them too much to argue. I would love to live my life as simple as possible. I dislike complications and debates. I'm always fine with everything. I'm that strange but you'll love me somehow cause I already love you even if I haven't met you yet.

I'm a secretive person. I have a secret that not even my parents know. Only God knows and no.. I will never let anyone know. It's all on me. Only mine.

I made my way up, step by step. I skipped happily as I go towards the cab stop. While I was still in the process of skipping like a 5 year old, I felt the wind blow and it fanned quite hard on my face; I shivered which had me stopping on my track. I saw something that was lying on the cold ground. A piece of newspaper.

The curious ole me, bent down to pick it up. I continued to walk whilst I read through the news paper in my hand. I narrowed my eyes, convincing myself that I am quite interested in reading today's news. I ran my fingers through my hair for the blowing of the breezy wind was kind of making my hair block my vision. I flipped the newspaper to look at the headlines.

My lips parted slightly at the sight as I found myself stopping on my tracks.

It was Niall.

His face was plastered on the headlines with his other four band mates.. I don't know their names.. I even forgot about Niall's last name. They were all smiling happily on their illustration here; I smiled, mirroring their happiness. They seemed so awesome and fortunately, they're all successful gentlemen. I'm happy for them.

I noticed that I reached the cab stop. Well, just my luck. There stood a pile of people in a long line, waiting for cabs as well. I decided to sit aside first and wait 'till everyone had their rides. I sat on the bench beside the railings that was dividing the land and the ocean. I stared to no one in particular as time passes.

I glanced back to the line and was happy to see that there were only three people left to have their designated cabs. I stood up from the bench and stretched. I walked towards the line and glanced back to the bench where I had the newspaper left behind. Ignoring it, I turned my head back to the sight of the cab stop but was only met by someone bumping on me.


I had my teeth grit together as I smile sheepishly, "Je suis désolé, monsieur! Je ne cherchais pas. C'est de ma faute! (I'm sorry, mister! I wasn't looking. It's my fault!)" I apologized profusely, raising my hand in surrender.

A man with his brown hair up in a quiff chuckled, "It's okay! It's okay! But forgive me cause I can't understand French. So, if you apologized or what, just so you know, I am not hurt or anything," he said in a thick British accent.

My lips pursed itself on its own as I look at the one I have bumped into. There were five of them. Only two of them were paying attention towards my direction though. The other three were looking around as if though they were on a mission. They were wearing strange clothing and incredibly large glasses that hung on their pointy noses. I thought that was strange for this was a country that really doesn't need sun glasses to be worn. I nodded my head, "My apologies," I said in English.

"Oh look, she could speak our language," the other one with the olive-colored skin piped in.

"What? Who could speak our language?" one of those who were looking out the distance turned to ask. He's had this fake-looking mustache under his nose and his hair was sorta messy. Cool.

The one I have bumped into pointed to me, "Her, mate," he said to the one who asked.

I just smiled in return. They were foreigners. That, I figured with the way they acted. They seemed lost and well, not being against my own nation, French people tend to ignore foreigners, even if they were being polite on asking for some directions. But make me as an exception, cause I'm always open to help for everyone. Citizens or foreigners were all accepted.

"Oh, good! Just what we needed. A help for directions! Hallelujah!" the guy with the fake mustache gushed. I stifle a giggle at his immature actions and way of spilling out words.

Just then, the other two finally turned to my direction as well. The tall one with a mop of curly locks, wearing black Ray-Bans over his eyes, slung an arm on the shoulder of the one talking simultaneously, "Who do we have here?" he asked with his low and slow voice.

The other one with blonde hair sighed heavily and slumped an arm on the shoulder of the one I have bumped into just now. He looked up lazily, "Yeah!" he exclaimed with a strange bored tone on his voice, "Who do we have--," he cut himself off once he darted his gaze on me.

A soft gasp escaped my lips as my hands flew to my 'O' shaped mouth to cover it once I have realized who he was.

The others took off their glasses and glanced at him and I.

They're not just random foreigners.

That explains why they were five and wearing strange clothes; disguise as I prefer to call it now. Now that I knew that they're the famous boy band, One Direction.

"What is it, Niall? You know her?" one with black hair in a quiff, asked.

Niall looked at me as if he was asking for my permission, whether he could tell them, yes or no. I let go of covering my mouth as I felt myself regaining its composure. I nodded and smiled at Niall.

Niall nodded to his band mates, "Yes.. she's a friend I met yesterday when I parted from you lots.."

The curly head boy and the one I find cool with his messy hair, shot the both of us a smirk hinted by mischief. Niall blushed furiously which caused me to smirk.

"So.. you guys needed directions, am I correct?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes. Could you help us out?" the one I bumped into, pleaded to me.

I nodded once, "Sure.. uh.. your name?" I asked, squinting an eye.

He smacked his forehead, "Right! Where are our manners? Of course! I'm Liam," he said, offering a hand. I shook it.

The one with black quiff hair, moved forward, "I thought you'd figure who we were once we have removed our glasses," he mused, sticking out his hand, "I'm Zayn," he said. We shook hands.

"Well, I'm sorry, I don't follow the news," I admitted with a shrug.

"That explains it..," the curly one mumbled, reaching out his hand, "Harry Styles," he said, shaking hands with me.

"And I'm Louis Tomlinson," the one with the mustache introduced himself. We shook hands, then I reached to his mustache to feel it.

"Is that real?" I asked curiously.

He chuckled, "No. Just for safety," he said, stroking his mustache.

"Right," I nodded. Just then I walked towards Niall and hooked my arms with his. I felt him stiffen from my touch. I leaned my face to his side and stopped to his ear, "Relax..," I whispered to him.

"Uh.. yeah.. o-okay..," he stammered and I can't help but giggle. He's a child.

The other four gave the both of us strange looks but I didn't care at all. I usually neglect stuffs like that, "So! Where are you boys headed exactly?" I asked.

Zayn looked at Liam. Liam looked to Harry and then to Louis. Until they all shrugged, "It's quite boring staying at our flat, so we decided to lurk around. I think we're sort of lost. Any place suggestion?" Liam asked.

I pursed my lips, "I'm actually headed to my parents' house right now. Want to tag along?" I asked. I don't really hoped for them to come but I was happy that I have bumped into Niall again.

Note to self; must ask Niall what his surname is. I tend to forget surnames.

A grin crept on Louis' face, "A true French's house! That would be great! What do you think, mates? Zayn? Liam?" he asked anxiously, tugging on his mates' clothes.

Liam seemed uneasy about it.

Harry placed a finger on his chin as a sign of pondering, "That actually sounded great. I mean, it's not everyday that we see a French-styled house.."

Zayn shrugged, "I'm in. Liam?" he turned to Liam.

Liam let out a sigh of defeat but then eventually, he smiled, "Count me in."

"Yes!" Louis cheered.

"Lovely," I said in glee. I looked at Niall who was very quiet next to me, "Hey..," I said softly. He looked at me and smile, "You'll love my parents' house. It's massive," I said.

He nodded, "The lads will enjoy the invitation then."

They will surely enjoy it.

I mentally sighed as the six of us rode a cab to go to my parents' house..not.. it's a mansion.

The Monsour's mansion.. is just really.. really.. really.. huge. Sigh.

"Hold on. You haven't told us your name yet," Liam asked once he noticed.

I smiled, "Celestine Monsour."

The whole cab erupted an, "Oh..," by the four lads.



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