Celestine - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

She's French, extremely wealthy, down to earth, full of vices but throughout kind and very loving. Will our innocent ole Niall be able to handle her with the fact that she's naturally liberated and sex addict?


13. Chapitre douze ...

Niall: I wanna have kids someday.


Zayn: It won't happen because you'll never be pregnant.



Chapitre douze ...



Happy Birthday, Celestine..

Now, die.

I could almost see my end..

No! Niall! My Niall! I couldn't just leave him all alone and suffer..



"Celestine? Princess! Princess, wake up!" I heard Niall's voice. My eyes shot wide open as I could feel my struggles on breathing, "Hey.. hey, you're just dreaming.. sshh..," he caressed my face.


I curled up next to him, gripping his arms, not wanting to let go, "N-Nightmare... I had a nightmare, Niall...," I hissed in fright.


Niall drew me in much closer to his body. I grabbed on his arms and I can't help but, grip it with much strength. I was too scared. I can't ever leave Niall.. I can't..


Niall cradled us both like he usually do whenever I'm crying like this. There's always this feeling that eases my heart whenever her does this and that's just one of the reasons that I'm afraid to get parted with this lovely and special boy. He's my everything. Without him, I'm nothing. He changed me. I am the one whom already had myself focused on living my life to the fullest and by means, living my life into nothing good but, sex and drugs. Until this boy came along. God did this on purpose, I'm positive about that. He made me and Niall come across each paths to simply change our perspectives in life. But, God.. why must you do this to me? After bringing me to someone that would make my life complete, you would scare me to death with this sort of dream? You're just reminding me that nothing lasts forever, Father. Please just spare me. For the first time ever, I will beg on that. I love Niall so much and I couldn't take such tormenting nightmares.. I hope that this would be the last.


"Niall.. don't you ever leave me.. okay?" I croaked as I nearly beg. I'm feeling so pathetic right now. Like this, in his arms.. but, I don't care. I'm genuine about all of these.


"Princess, look at me..," Niall said, cupping my face and making me look to him, "Look at me straight in the eyes.. what do you see?" he asked.


I swallowed. I don't know what to answer so, I said what I really see, "Me."


"Correct. It's you and only you, Celestine.. that these eyes will ever see amongst all of the other people that lives on this earth," he pointed to his chest, "That this heart will ever love," he pointed to his head, "That this mind will ever think of and," he pointed to himself, "That this boy will ever cherish, treasure and take care of..," he said, he leaned down and kissed my nose, "I love you so much to the point that I will never ever think, even once, Celestine.. even once, on leaving such person as you. You're my everything. Please believe me with this one, princess..," he said softly with pure sincerity, "I will never ever leave your side. Ever.. I hope you'd do the same.."


My heart was burning in so much happiness. I attacked him with a fierce hug, "Those you just said.. are so pleasing to my peace of mind. I will never leave you, Niall. As long as I'm breathing.. I wouldn't dare. You're my everything..," I whispered.


Niall cradled us both once again, "I will never get tired of doing this each morning...," he mumbled.


I stifle a sly giggle between hiccups, "I.. I've noticed that we've been doing this kind of drama in the mornings these past few days... I'm sorry that your fiancé's a cry baby..," I said sheepishly. True to my words, it is true that I've been having these bad dreams, that's why we're becoming this dramatic these past few days. I just really hope that this nightmare I had just now would be the last.


Niall chuckled, "I would love to own a cry baby wife if it was my Celestine.."


I smiled. Just then, Niall cupped my face again. My heart pounded all of the sudden for his smile faded and was replaced with a frown, "Why?" I asked worriedly.


He blinked a couple of times; that made my stomach churn. I don't think I'm gonna like this.. I saw him swallow a lump; it was too visible with his Adam's apple. His lips then parted then he spoke quite inaudibly, "You're... you're sweating too m-much.. Celestine.. w-why?"


My breath was caught up in my throat. I wiped on my face with my palms, multiple times, "Was it all gone now?" I asked in panic, "Was it?"


Niall just stared at me with gaping mouth.


I could already feel my eyes welling up some new batch of tears again. It can't be. The symptoms were already showing. I can't let this happen. At least, not now. I shot up from bed and ran to my dresser. I looked at myself in the mirror and to my horror, I saw that my forehead's raging with unstoppable trickling sweats. My heart and mind was now in total panic. I ran out the room.


"Celestine! Princess!" I heard Niall calling from our room but I ignored him. I went straight inside the bathroom and locked it. He pounded on it, "Open the door, princess! What are you going to do?! Don't dare cut your wrist! Please, I'm begging!"


I sat on the bathroom floor, feeling hopeless and broken.. I did the only thing that I could come off with in my mind now - I cried.


"Go away!" I cried, pulling on my hair. I wasn't actually referring to Niall from behind the door. I was referring to this illness I am containing within my body.


You see.. I'm sick.. and no one but, myself knows it. Not even my parents knows about it. It all happened when I was in for my check up just last year, because I usually catch colds by winter. So, I went to a hospital on that fateful day. Since I was independent and living on my own, my beloved parents weren't there with me for my check up. The doctor said that he's got to talk to me with something. I wasn't aware with anything about the sickness I was beholding so, I was kind of tad blunt that day and wasn't paying that much attention. But, then he dropped it to me like a bomb on that moment. It was as if though that the world suddenly crashed down on me like millions of arrows got fired on me when he blurted to me that I have a virus spreading inside my body. After knowing that, I became mute, deaf, blunt and lifeless during the whole two months - January and February. Two months of my life was wasted. I'm sick with something incurable. And that's why, I started to live my life to the fullest now. I drink, do narcotic drugs and have sex. Because my perspective says that 'I'll die anyway so, why not?'.


But, then... Niall... he came along and went in through my life... he touched my heart once and now he's like a drug to me. He doesn't deserved to be left alone. What if I die? Who will love him now then? Who will take care of him? Who will be brave enough to stand beside him through thick and thins then? Who will be genuine enough to love him like I did then? Niall means so much to me. Niall matters to me more than anything and anyone in this world. He's all I'm thinking about in regards of my fights with this illness of mine.


I got to keep living for him. I gotta keep breathing for his sake. I promised not to leave him.


"No! I will not go away! Just please tell me what's wrong! What's going on?!" he pounded even harder on the door.


I gathered my legs close to my body and covered my ears with my hands, "No! No! Go away!" I can't stop crying to myself to make my illness go away. I stood up from the ground and climbed straight in the tub. I switched the shower on and let the water pour on my body. I have to let these sweats washed off! I will not let this stay!


The pounding of Niall suddenly stopped.


In a matter of seconds, I heard a loud crashing sound and there I saw that Niall had knocked the door down. Sorrow filled me. He ran to my side in the tub then he drew me in his arms rather quickly, "What's wrong with you?! You gave me a massive fright! I almost died in fear! I thought you'll cut yourself again!"


It was silent for a moment. I could feel his chest vibrating against mine as water was sprinkling on the both us.


He was crying..


My heart ached. I'm thoroughly torn.


My tears never halted for a second.


"Niall... I'm so sorry...," I managed between frantic sobs. I could barely breathe..


Niall's arms tightened around me, "Why?! Why did you scare me like that?! Why don't you just tell me what's wrong with you?!" he cried.


Hearing him like this sure is tormenting for my part. It cracks my fragile heart into two. I came to wrap my arms around him weakly, "I'm so sorry, Niall.... but, I can't tell you...."


"Tell me what? You're confusing me, princess...," he sobbed.


I stroked the back of his neck. I almost forgot that my Niall is just a child. I'm not just a girlfriend and fiancé to him. I'm also a sister to him. I'm horrible. I scared him too much with my sudden panicking. My right arm tightened around his waist, "Sshh.. I'm sorry, my love... I'm sorry.... I'm fine... I really am..," I whispered calmly this time. I have to be strong for the both of us.


Niall didn't stop from sobbing. We parted from hugging and that's when I saw his vulnerable self for the first time. I'm hurting so much. So much.. I didn't expect to feel this so much pain once I'd finally see a crying Niall. My Niall is crying and it's all because of me. My eyes didn't leave the sight of him. His head was hung low and he was stifling soft multiple hiccups from crying so much. Just then, my eyes landed on his hands. I was fully taken aback seeing some bleeding wounds scattered on his hands. They were shaking and shivering. I took his hands and was shocked to see his fists swollen. Realization hit me, remembering him pounding on the door just now. He knocked the thing down!


"Oh my goodness, Niall!" I panicked once again, "Come with me, quick!"


I dragged him out the bathroom, not caring if the shower was still running. Niall didn't utter any word out and just let himself be dragged by me. I lead us back in our room. I made him sit by the chair then I hurried out to the kitchen; I grabbed my first aid kit that mother supplied me. I ran back to our room and I saw him there. Seated on the chair with himself drenched with cold water, his hands swollen and full of reddened wounds, he was quiet, not sobbing any longer and was just staring at the ground.

He.. must have.. had it badly.


I came to get a towel then I went towards him, I wiped his face with the towel to dry him, "Don't scare me like that again...," I heard him speak ever so softly. I halted with what I'm doing when he looked up at me, "I nearly died..."


I swallowed. He was staring blankly at me and I can't look at him straight in his eyes as of now. He was scarred by me. I can't believe myself. I did not respond. Cautiously, I continued drying him again. Dropping the towel, I held the hem of his shirt and indicated on him that I must take it off. He obeyed, raising up his arms; I took it off over his head. Then I resumed on drying him with the towel.


"Take off your boxers, Niall...," I said softly. He took it off with no further hesitations. I dried his thighs and legs. I'm like his mother and he's like my son right now, "Now, sit back down again.."


So, he sat. I crouched down in front of him and took out some gauze, alcohol bottle and beta-dine. I cleansed his wounds scattered all from his hands to his swollen fists. My heart leaped seeing him wearing his own pair of our engagement ring on his ring finger... I couldn't help but smile at that. Just then, I finally finished aiding his wounds by wrapping gauze on each of his hand.


I sighed, "Niall.. let's go to my parents' today..," I started, "I want you to meet my cousin. Just to.. just to let go with what happened just now..," I said in a hushed tone.


Niall suddenly engulfed me in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around me, having both of my arms stuck on my side, "I love you, princess.. please don't make me worry like that again.. please..," he whispered with his now raspy voice.


I shut my eyes tight, feeling the coolness of our room now. I was feeling too numb that I didn't notice that I'm still drenched with shower water. I buried my face at the crook of his neck and kissed it, "I love you so much more.. I promise I won't scare you like that again.. I promise..," I said through his skin.


"Thank you.. thank you..," he said then he parted to look at me, "Let's get dressed then.. I would love to meet your cousin.."


I smiled, "Alright, my love.."


He smiled back.


That was close. He didn't ask any further. I was beyond relief. Because, I don't think I'd be able to handle it if he would knew about the truth behind my madly sweating.


* * *


Niall had completely let go of the subject as to why I panicked like that, this morning. He didn't ask any further about my sweats and I was relieved by that.. As for my sweats, it stopped. Thank goodness. I couldn't afford another panicking state.. I've hurt Niall enough just this morning. I truly am lucky to have him as my partner because I'm positive that if it wasn't him, he could of cussed me out. I reacted too much this morning, yet he still understood..


I felt Niall's hand touched my thigh. I sighed, seeing his wounded hand. I glanced at him by the passenger seat, "You look bothered, princess.. don't tell me you're still thinking about...," he trailed off, becoming uneasy.


I shook my head, "No.. not really," I lied. Who could not stop thinking about that big of a deal incident? I almost blurted out my secret. That was the secret that I've been speaking of. I'm ill. I'm so pathetic because I can't even admit the truth to my lover..


He smiled that smile that I love so much, "Good.. don't think about it anymore, okay? Let's just have fun and forget everything that happened.."


I nodded with a smile, "Yes, my love," I gave his hand a gentle squeeze then I lead my attention back on the road again. We're currently on our way to Maison Saint Lión. I don't know what got into me; suddenly suggesting to go there but, I just thought that maybe Taleema was there today for a short visit. As I recall, she usually visit there every Saturdays and Wednesdays. I just hope that I'm right because, I really want her to meet Niall. And of course, I'm going to tell my parents about my engagement with Niall. I know they would be loving to hear that. Not only because I'm now legal to get married but, also because they've been longing for that moment.


The sight of Maison Saint Lión finally came in view. I fasten my pace and pulled up once I got near by the side. This time, I honked twice to inform anyone inside that I came. I turned off the engine then me and Niall quickly got out the car. He was first to come beside me. He held my hand and entwined our fingers; we both trudged toward the gates. In a matter of seconds, Myrna had the gates opened wide for the two of us.


"Myrna," I hugged her. I don't know.. I just missed her. I missed this place. I've been living with Niall quite sometime now and we haven't visited long enough for me to miss everybody here.


"Bienvenue, Mlle Célestine .. (Welcome back, Miss Celestine..)," she said, returning my hug.


"Est-il Taleema? (Is Taleema there?)" I asked, after we parted.


She nodded with a smile, "Oui, elle l'est. (Yes, she is.)"


"Oh, génial! Quel bonheur! (Oh great! How lovely!)" I chirped. I came to grab Niall's wrist. He winced. "Oh! I'm sorry...," Because of so much excitement, I forgot about his wounds.


"It's alright, love," he quickly uttered. Then he turned to Myrna who was just watching us, "Erm. Hi Myrna," he said, awkwardly. He's too cute.


Myrna bowed her head, "Bienvenue, Monsieur Niall .. (Welcome back, Mister Niall..)"


I giggled, "Désolé de vous interrompre deux. (Sorry to interrupt you two.) But, we got to go, my love.."


"Right!" Niall chuckled. The two of us continued through the gardens till we reached the hall.


"Mère? (Mother?)" I called. Mom was usually by this part of the house because it was near the garden, "Mère, je suis à la maison! (Mother, I'm home!)" I tried again. I cling onto Niall as we walk.




"Oh fu...," Niall almost swore. I jumped in shock as I turn my head behind. It was Taleema. She was grinning cheekily. I gritted my teeth as I keep my cool. She tends to scare me like this.


"Taleema! Tu as peur mon fiancé! (Taleema! You scared my fiancé!)" I scolded lightly with a laugh.


She stared at Niall from head to toe, "Votre .. fiancé, dites-vous? (Your.. fiancé, you say?)" she mused.


I nodded vigorously, "Oui! N'est-il pas charmant, mon cousin? (Yes! Isn't he a charming, cousin?)"


"Uh...," Niall uttered, rather confused. He just really couldn't understand French.


Taleema crossed her arms over her chest, "Où avez-vous rencontré? (Where did you two meet?)" she asked. Oh, God... here she goes.


"Port de Grenelle La Tour Eiffel..," I bit my lip to keep myself from smiling. I'm feeling so giddy right now.

I'm like being asked by a real mother. My mother or father doesn't interrogate me like this, that's why.


"Uhuh ... Je connais cet endroit ... et comment vous at-il repérer là-bas? Je sais que ce garçon soit dit en passant (Uhuh... I know that place... and how did he spot you there? I know this boy by the way)," she said.


My eyes lit up, "Vous faites?! (You do?!)" I beamed at her.


"Uh.. Princess.. what's she saying?" Niall asked. I giggled, mouthing him 'I'll tell you later'. He nods.


"Mais bien sûr .. il est de Westlife, n'est-ce pas? (Why of course.. he's from Westlife, ain't he?)"


I laughed uncontrollably.


"What?" Niall asked.


"Quoi? Ai-je tort? (What? Am I wrong?)" Taleema asked in a demanding way.


"Okay, let me just do the honor of introductions," I said. I hooked arms with Niall, "This is Niall Horan, my fiancé and he's from One Direction. Not Westlife.. those boys were quite old now, don't you think so?" I said with slight giggles.


Niall chuckled awkwardly, "Right.. I get it now..," he offered a hand, "You must be Taleema.. Hello.. I'm Niall.."


"Donc, il ne parle pas français .. (So, he can't speak French..)," Taleema was hesitant but, she still took Niall's hand, "Taleema, yes..," they shook hands, "So, One Direction. I know that band.. I just didn't know who's who was the members in that band..," she said sheepishly.


"It's alright," Niall said with a sly chuckle.


"So, is mother and father around? I wanna share them the news about our engagement," I said with much enthusiasm.


"Aunt and uncle's in their room. I was about to leave now when I saw you," Taleema said.


Taleema is the eldest in our cousins tribe. Her father was my father's eldest brother. Taleema is 27 while I just turned 23 today. Strange, Taleema didn't seem to remember my.. never mind. Well, Taleema, she's sort of a tomboy and just like I said, she's a hustler in Poker. She's also a horseback rider and track racer. There was once that happened when her father found out about her relationship with a woman named Acacia. They've been dating for a whole year now and well, her father got upset about it. He was too upset to the point that he talked it with some news company. One day, he was called on for a news televise. He called on all the men in the world that whoever wins Taleema's heart and would be able to make her a real woman, will be granted with $62 million. This is true. That's just how Monsours are. Insane? I know. But, now, her father's alright with it now.. I hope. I don't have any news about them anymore. I'm too caught up with other stuffs and way too in love with Niall to care.


"Oh! Right! Alors, êtes-vous .. aller maintenant? (Oh! Right! So, are you.. going now?)" I asked as I held on Niall.


"Yeah .. Acacia est en colère contre moi encore une fois de ne pas lui faire porter un toast au caramel ce matin .. (Yeah.. Acacia's mad at me again for not making her a caramel toast this morning..)," she said sheepishly.


I giggled, "Oh .. qui suce .. (Oh.. that sucks..)"


Taleema leaned in and whispered to my ear, "Qu'est-il arrivé à vos mains fiancé? (What happened to your fiancé's hands?)"


I bit my lip, "C'est une longue histoire ... (Long story...)," I mumbled.


I saw Taleema pursed her lips, "Droite. Eh bien, je dois y aller maintenant (Right. Well, I must go now)," she hugged me, "Je vous ai manqué, cous ... (I missed you, cous...)"


I hugged her in return, letting go of Niall's hand, "Tu m'as manqué aussi .... (I missed you too....)," I whispered. I really am gonna miss this girl if I... if I... sigh.


She then turned to Niall once we parted, "Take care of my cousin, okay Mr. Pop star?" she reprimands.


Niall hastily nodded, "Yes, ma'am!"


Taleema chuckled and manly nudged Niall, "Very good," Taleema walked pass us, "Bye! See you later, guys!" she jogged coolly away. I watched her as she hug Myrna too before going out the gates.


"Let's go..," I told Niall, holding his hand once again. We walked our way toward the stairs to head up my parents' room.


I smiled, sighting the neat hallway that leads to my parents' bedroom. As I recall, my last walk along this hallway was almost four months ago. I wanna muse to myself because that's just a very long span of time. I usually don't go up here whenever I'd visit and I don't really know the reason as to why.. I would either be on the gaming centré or dining hall.. or my room but, not here. Now that I think about it, I still can't comprehend with the real reason behind my lack of stepping here. Maybe because of the fact that the place was insanely massive and pretty pretty much spacious for only a total of three members of a family and.. well, also we barely have 10 helpers that lurks around this mansion.


As we walk, I keep noticing that Niall's feeling uneasy at each step we muster. I gave his hand a squeeze, "Something wrong, my love?" I asked.


"I just.. are you.. going to tell your parents about my proposal to you?" he asked shyly; his cheeks tinged with pink.


I smiled at the ground, "Well, yeah.. I mean, I have to, right?"


"Right," he sighed exasperatedly, "I'm just too nervous," he admitted.


I stifle a giggle as I stop in front of him, "Now now, Niall.. don't get nervous..," I fixed the collar of his blue polo shirt, "They'll be happy for us, I'm sure..," I said softly.


Niall looked at me and there goes his precious smile, "I.. I hope so..," he uttered softly.


I tip-toed and smacked my lips to his, "I love you, Niall.."


He smiled between our kiss, "I love you so much more, princess.."


My heart fluttered with joy. He would always beat my I love you's to him, I keep on noticing. I would say a simple 'I love you' and he would always return it as 'I love you more' or 'I love you so much more'. It's... really sweet. Really really sweet...


I snaked my arms around his neck and hugged him fiercely, "Now.. let's go and face my parents..," I whispered in his ear. I felt him nod gently then we resumed on walking toward my beloved parents' room that was located by the far end of this massive hallway. Unlike my very own hallway that leads to my room and private bathroom, this one is longer and more spacious. My carpet was red and their's was dark blue. My walls are beige and gold while theirs was white and gray. Royalty.. always reminds me of royalty.


We stopped in front of a two-door that leads to the room. I knocked twice, "Mère? Père? (Mother? Father?)" I called softly for I don't want to be a bother. They must be on their rest or quality bonding..


"Celly? Ma fille? (Celly? My daughter?)" I heard my mother's soothing voice and I couldn't help but grin.


"Oui, maman! (Yes, mom!)" I chirped in.


"S'il vous plaît, entrez, mon enfant! (Please, come in, my child!)"


I opened the door gently and there I saw my mother and father and they're playing.. monopoly?


I made my way inside with Niall by my side. I came to give them each a hug, "J'ai raté vous deux ... (I missed you two...)," I said dearly with pure delight.


"Comment avez-vous été? (How have you been?) Niall, come here, my son," father beckoned for him to give him a hug. So, they hugged. Him and mother as well.


"Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Monsour..," Niall greeted shyly yet politely.


"Niall.. it's Adelpha and Clifford..," my mom said with a giggle.


"Erm.. right, Aldelpha.. Clifford..," Niall uttered shyly, scratching the back of his head. He looked so nervous! That's it, I will break it to my parents now.


"Mother, father..," I stole their attentions.


"Yes, my child?" father asked.


I lifted mine and Niall's hands, showing off our engagement rings, "Niall.. proposed to me..," I said softly.


Silence... I could feel Niall tensing up next to me.


Just then, mother gasped. Uh-oh.. is she mad? If then, that's new..


"Well, that's great to hear!" father mused.


"Why, Niall, son.. what happened to your hand?" my mother asked worriedly, checking Niall's hand. I giggled, I thought she was shocked about the news. Typical mother.. she's more concerned with people's health.


And that just reminds me of my own health...


"I.. I knocked a door down this morning is all.. nothing big really..," Niall said awkwardly.


Mother stood up from bed and dragged Niall along with her, leaving me and father behind, "Oh no no no. It is no small deal. Come here you and let me clean your wounds. Celly didn't know how to cleanse it better," she lightly scold Niall.


I sat down on bed beside father.


"Tu l'aimes vraiment, n'est-ce pas, mon enfant? (You really love him, don't you, my child?)" he spoke first.

I nodded slyly, "Oui, mon père .. Je pense même que le fait que je ne pense pas que je serais capable de vivre sans lui .. (Yes, father.. I even think of the fact that I don't think I'd be able to live without him..)," I admitted softly, "Je suis tellement attirée par lui, le père .. (I'm so drawn to him, father..)"


Father pulled me in his arms for a fatherly hugged; my heart pounded against my heart. I hadn't realized to myself that I've been longing for his fathering towards me.. I was even more shocked when he started stroking my hair like he used to do when I was just a little girl. I heard him sigh dearly, "Ma fille .. Je me suis souvenu quand je vous ai tenu .. retour sur cet hôpital. J'étais au bord des larmes ce moment-là parce que vous avez l'air si fragile et précieux que le temps. Je suis si heureux ce moment-là. Vous étiez si peu à l'époque, et maintenant vous regarder .. vous êtes près de se marier maintenant .. Vous êtes 23 aujourd'hui, non? (My daughter.. I remembered when I first held you.. back on that hospital. I was in the verge of crying that time because you looked so precious and fragile. I'm so happy that time. You were so little back then and, now look at you.. you're nearly getting married now.. You're 23 today, right?)"


I blinked a few times, trying to hold back the tears of joy that was threatening to escape, "Oui .. et moi. Je sais, mon père .. le temps passe vite, n'est-ce pas? (Yes.. and I.. I know, father.. time goes by quickly, doesn't it?)"


"Oui ... Joyeux anniversaire, mon enfant .. (Yes... Happy Birthday, my child..)"


I came to peck my father's cheek, "Je vous remercie .. Je t'aime, papa .. (Thank you.. I love you, dad..)"


He looked at me in an amused expression, "Vous m'avez appelé papa. (You called me dad.)"


I giggled, "Je me sentais vraiment bien, qui vous appelle papa, papa .. (It felt actually good, calling you dad, dad..)"


He chuckled and pecked my temple, "Eh bien, Je t'aime aussi, ma princesse .. (Well, I love you too, my princess..)"


I playfully gasped, "Niall m'appelle comme ça. Nuh-uh, ne pas se moquer de lui, papa .. (Niall calls me that. Nuh-uh, don't mock him, dad..)"


We both burst out laughing and it was just then that mother and Niall came back. I looked at Niall's hand and sure enough, his hands looked a lot more better now than the first we got here.


"Here's your fiancé. Take care of him, Celly. Okay?" mother reprimands.


Father lets go of me as I came to stand in front of Niall. I took his hands and examined it, "Thank you, mother.. they looked a lot more better now..," I mused, "And yes, I will take good care of him.."




"Celestine," father spoke.


I glanced his way, "Oui, papa? (Yes, dad?)" I smiled.


"Pourquoi ne pas vous deux vont à Notre-Dame aujourd'hui? J'ai entendu dire que le pont de verrouillage est disponible dès aujourd'hui. (Why don't you two go to Notre Dame today? I heard that the lock bridge is available today.)"


My eyes lit up, "Oh! Oh mon! C'est génial! J'adorerais! (Oh! Oh my! That's brilliant! I'd love to!)" I gushed, "Niall, come on, let's go!" I dragged him along with me, "Bye père! Mère! Je t'aime! (Bye father! Mother! I love you!)"


And I though I heard mother yell Happy Birthday. And I was glad she said it in French.


* * *


It took us almost 2 hours before finally reaching Notre Dame. Because we bought some padlocks and keys along the journey and it was unfortunate for us for every stores we have stopped by along the way was sold out with padlocks. So, it was quite a challenge for us. But eventually, we have managed to bought some. Thank God.


As I was struggling to search for a parking space, I have taken in the surroundings. Pont d'Archevêché is quite crowded today. What can I say? The lock bridge is popular here in Paris, that's why. I wonder what had made them to allow people today? I just.. really don't follow the news.


After a mere moment of searching for a free space to park, I have finally found one. I quicken my pace to park the car before someone beats me to it. Once I've parked, I turned the engine off right away. We gotta hurry. The spaces on the bridge railings might run out. Me and Niall climbed out the car then I locked it. I held on my padlock then I came by Niall's side. He held me by my waist then we went through the crowd.


"Niall Horan, c'est que dans un sens ..? (Is that Niall Horan from One Direction..?)" I heard someone say from somewhere.


"Oui .. oh mon Dieu .. c'est lui! C'est bien lui! (Yes.. oh my goodness.. that's him! That's really him!)" one squealed.


I giggled, "You're recognized here, my love.."


Niall looked at me with a ratherly confused facial expression, "Hmm?"


I pointed to the group of girls as we continue to walk through the crowd of people and tourists, "Fans..," I said.


He looked over at where I was currently pointing at, "Oh.. fans..," he waved at them.


The fan girls stifled some giggles. It was adorable. My fiancé was surely loved by many.


As we struggle on going through the crowd to get to the bridge railings, eventually, we got there. I fished out a sharpie from my pocket then I started to write..


"Niall est mon garçon préféré pour toujours (Niall is my favorite boy forever)"


I handed Niall the sharpie then I watched him as he write.


"Is breá liom mo banphrionsa, Celestine. Deo (I love my princess, Celestine. Forever)"


I don't know what it meant but, I'm feeling some butterfly fluttering inside my stomach. Niall looked up and grinned at me, flashing his braced teeth, after he finished writing. Suddenly, I just had the urge to kiss him straight away without a warning. It didn't even gross me out with the fact that I have kissed him on his teeth. I can't help it. I just really had to kiss him.


He blushed furiously which caused me to giggle, "Not pleasant, princess... you just kissed my gritted teeth... it's embarrassing," he whined like a little kid.


I held his chin, "You taste so good. You don't have to be embarassed, really," I winked at him.


He bit his lip, "Someday, I'll get these braces off then I'll be more attractive for you," he grinned.


I frowned, "Sweetie.. you are attractive. Very attractive actually," I emphasized, "Who says you're not?"


He shrugged, "Some don't think so..," he mumbled sadly.


That made me sad.. I wrapped my arms around him, not caring about other people who was waiting for their turn behind us, "You're the most attractive guy these eyes of mine have ever seen... don't let anyone downgrade your self-esteem... you're beautiful and handsome at the same time, my love... in every single way...," I said softly in his ear.


"Thank you, princess...," he pushed me gently for me to face him. He kissed my lips passionately till he pulled away, "You're so enchanting. Never failed to make me fall in love with you each time. Even in our worst times.."


I smiled, "You too.."


He lifted up his padlock and unlocked it, "Let's put these now.."


"Alright...," I said then I faced the railings that was almost full of locks.


I searched for an available space and I found one eventually. I hooked it at a certain spot and locked it. Niall's padlock was quite far from mine. Just then, I saw him approaching towards me again, wearing a warm smile with the key on his left grasp. I flashed him a grin as I wait for him to get completely near me. Once he made it, he surprised me by engulfing me in for a hug; my eyes widened and despite the fact that we've been dating quite some months now, my heart still pounded against my chest. I was still getting excited and my hormones were still craving and longing a lot for his touch. My body was still craving to get engulfed inside his arms. My chest always wanted to get jolted with his hard and toned ones. My skin always wanted to brush with his soft and smooth ones. I never... wanted to be separated with him... never. I wanna be with him forever.


"Let's go home..," he whispered in my ear.


"Let's throw these in the water first..," I whispered back, referring to our keys. We parted from hugging and together we throw our keys by the water, "Now, let's go."


We both walked through the crowed again.


Today is my birthday. I know it was shameful of me not to tell Niall and I blame myself for that because, I know that he could of do something special for me. I just know him too well. But, you see.. I'm the kind of person that doesn't really celebrate birthdays.. I don't know.. that's just me. Mother and father knows that. They know that I hate it when they involve money for my birthday. I mean, what's the big deal out of it, anyway? It just meant that another year had passed for me. I just aged. So, why celebrate? The money that could've been used to celebrate for some birthday party will be more useful if it was given to some charity or to some poor people that barely eats two times a day.


"Mr. Niall! Mr. Niall!" someone called with a raspy voice. Confusion filled me because I felt my heart leap just hearing that.


Niall and I stopped short to look behind us. I heard myself gasp. It was a little girl seated on a wheelchair. She was being strolled by a woman that seemed to be on her 60's. I could tell that the little girl was bald despite her beanie covering her head.. I swallowed a lump as I look at her. I could already feel my eyes tearing up. It hurts to see such beautiful girl suffering some severe case like this.. I wonder what illness she have. Niall crouched down to the wheelchair's level and greeted the girl.


"Hello there, beautiful.. are you a directioner too?" he asked.


The little girl nodded vigorously with a wide smile plastered across her pale and dried lips, "Yes yes yes! I love One Direction!" she chirped though, rather weakly.


As I looked around us, people were gathering around us. Some were taking pictures and everyone's smiling warmly. They were 'aww-ing'. That made my heart ease a little..


"That's awesome. Glad you can speak English," Niall said in awe. He took out the sharpee we own, "Where do you want me to sign?" he asked with a smile.


"I want you to sign my beanie please," she said, taking off her beanie. I was right. Her hair is falling off. She's barely own strands.


Niall took the beanie and signed it, "Here you go.. do you want to take a picture of us as well?"


The little girl nodded, "Yes!" The woman handed me a camera. I took it from then I captured multiple shots of them, "I want her to be with us two. I know that you two are getting married," she said afterwards.


"How did you know?" I mused, crouching down in front of her.


She reached for my hand, "You have the same rings...," she said in her weak voice.


The crowed erupted with an 'aww'. I felt myself blushing madly as I glance at Niall. He shrugged with that lopsided smirk. I giggled, "Well.. yeah.."


The little girl grinned, "Awesome! You're two are so perfect for each other!" she chirped.


Feeling utterly overwhelmed, I came to crouch beside her as Niall did the same. The woman then did the honor on capturing the picture for the three of us. My first picture with Niall was with this precious little girl.. I will never forget this moment.


* * *


I blinked softly as I stare up at the ceiling. Me and Niall was sprawled over the bed in the middle of the night, not feeling sleepy at all. It has been a fateful day for us, as I reminisce about it in my mind. My sweats as the first symptom this morning was included. Also, together with Niall's injured hands because he pounded on the bathroom door. That was scary.. Then there was the shower incident.. after that, our encounter with my lesbian of a cousin and short visit with my lovable parents.. my moment with my dad.. and then, the lock bridge back in Notre Dame.


Lastly... that sick little girl.






We spoke at the same time. We both burst out into soft laughter, "You go ahead first...," I offered.


Niall shifted from his position and put his arms at the top of my tummy, "I was still thinking about that girl...," he said softly.


"You too..?" I asked softly.


"Yes... she's too young to suffer like that... I know stuffs like that, you see. Me and the lads used to sing for charities and we've come across some patients like that little girl...," he uttered softly.


I glanced at him, "What did you feel when you... saw her?"


"Sad... I honestly wanna cry that time but, I know I shouldn't. I musn't. I might have their hopes down. She seemed aware with her illness. She was looking brave. She knew about her health... And she knows that she's bound to...," he trailed off.


"Die..," I whispered, finishing his sentence.


Niall buried his face at the crook of my neck. He sighed, "I don't know what I'll do if that situation happens to you... I just can't... I don't think I'd be able to handle it..."


I gulped.


Silence took over the room.


"Niall...," I breathed out.




"Let's shower again..."


"But we just took our bathes...," he chuckled.


"Individually...," I reasoned out.


"Alright alright. You know I always lose over you..."


Niall slowly sat up from bed; he offered his hand so I took it. He helped me up then we got off the bed. Hand in hand, we went out the room and strolled our way towards the bathroom. We both stepped in, not even getting bothered with the fact that we're stepping on the door that Niall had knocked down on the floor. Niall faced me as I was facing him.


Cautiously, he reached for the both side of my nightgown straps; he was slowly sliding it down off my shoulders. Then he took it down my torso, leaving my bare breasts and underwear revealing upon him. I helped him to take it off my body completely. It was his turn to undress him so, I tugged at the hem of his beach tank top. I pulled it over his head and now he's topless before me. He also went to take off his boxer shorts, leaving his brief on. We both climb inside the tub. I switched on the shower then we both sat down.


Showering didn't really matter to me, to be honest. I just really wanted to cry. And to cry under a pouring water would make my tears invisible. This was the only way to convince Niall that nothing's wrong and that I'm completely fine. You see.. if I would choose to cry alone somewhere in our flat.. he'd notice. I just know him that well now. So, this was my brilliant idea. Why must I cry? I feel so bad. I'm... dying. Niall said he wouldn't be able to take it. I just... can't... I need to let this out.


"Hug me...," I said.


Niall came to wrap his arms around my waist. I snaked my arms around his neck.


And we just stayed like that. Letting ourselves get poured by the shower's warm water.


"I love you so much, princess... never ever leave me, alright?" Niall uttered softly.


Tears started to trickle down my eyes, "Of course....Niall. I will never leave you...."


"I will die if you leave...."


I bite on my lower lip quite hard, trying to keep myself from sobbing loudly. I don't want Niall to hear, "Don't say that.... I will never leave you.... okay?"


Niall's arms tightened around my waist as he drew me even closer to him, "We will build a family someday... I will do great on my singing career and I will make sure to have ourselves feed three times a day...," he said softly and I could almost imagine his smiling right now.


"I like that... I really like the sound of that..," I managed. More batch of tears fell off my eyes as it unite with the pouring water.


"Then we'll live in a nice house.. just the average size. Not too big, not too small... you know. And that's us with our sons and daughters, and they'll be running around the house like little angels playing on a top of a cloud... Sounds really awesome, innit?" he chuckled slyly.


I nodded, not being able to speak. I might stifle a sob and hiccup. What he was saying right now is just making my cries even worse. Who am I to give him a child? I'm dying... I'm worthless... While he was planning a future for us, here I am, crying about my approaching death.. I just hope my time would extend.. please, God.. hear me..


After some moments, silence took over again.


"Oh, I just remembered...," he started to say.


"What...?" I croaked. Uh-oh.. hope he didn't hear.


He cleared his throat then he started to sing a certain song which got me all out shocked, "Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday dear Celly.. Happy Birthday to you..," he finished with a chuckle, "Surprised?"


"H-How did you...," I stammered.


"Adelpha told me.. she said that you don't like it broad casted with anyone so, I didn't break it to you right away.."


I parted from hugging him. I don't care anymore if he'd see me crying, "Thank you, Niall..."


"For what?" he asked, caressing my face.


"For everything... just... everything..."


He smiled and kissed my forehead, "Thank you too... for being my everything..."




Ultimate A/N: So this would be the last chapter for now. I'm still working on the next chapter. So, please like and leave some feedback (good or bad) just for boosting up my interest in writing. I'm gonna need it, yanno? Cause lately I've been very lazy because I'm having lack of feedback regarding this matter. I need some boosters! - Lou x

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