The Magic Awaits You....

The three sisters Jessica, Brittany, and Callie were best friends. Jessica and Callie were twins and Brittany was older by a year. They didnt always fight like normal sisters. They were extremely close towards eachother. What will happen when one of the twins, Jessica, gets hit by a car and dies. While the sisters morn Jessica turns into a ghost, for some unfinished buisness. Eventually her and her 2 other sisters all become supernatural and they meet one direction. One of the sisters has the power to change people into something supernatural, but it has to be what their heart desires and what fate brings upon them. Will there be love in the mist of confusion? Read to find out......


2. Your going to change, you have no choice

Jessica's Pov

"Do you guys know that i can change you too?"

"Really?!?!" they both said at the same time

"I want to be a Fairy!!!" Callie said, She lookes like me, but with shorter hair and mine has blue on the ends. Our eyes are blue, but when i changed they became bright, like blue lightening. Our hair is bleach blonde, mine goes to my waist, hers is a little past her shoulders. Guys have always found us beautiful, but we only dated one or two. Brittanys hair is dark brown and goes down to the middle of her back. Her eyes match mine and Callies. Even though shes a year older, She looks the same age as us.

"Well i want to be a vampire!!!" Brittany said "i cant choose what you are, its your fate and your heart that chooses. Are you guys ready to change?" i asked them. I looked at callie and she was nodding excidedly. While Brittany looked deep in thought. "I will decide after Callie gets changed" she replied hesitantly "okay Callie when your ready, go stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes"

She slowly followed my instructions. "im ready" she said "okay, Brittany cover your eyes its going to be bright" She did as instructed. I looked at Callie her eyes were closed and her arms were by her sides. I walked over and put my hands on her shoulders and closed my eyes. "Let this girl be, what her heart desires for her to be, let her change into what her fate has in store to her. But in the process, Let her be a gift from God that represents goodness and no darkness..." The room went bright and Callie started to sparkle. When it was all done we saw what Callie was.

Callie Pov

"Oh my gosh!! I changed into a ....."

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