The Magic Awaits You....

The three sisters Jessica, Brittany, and Callie were best friends. Jessica and Callie were twins and Brittany was older by a year. They didnt always fight like normal sisters. They were extremely close towards eachother. What will happen when one of the twins, Jessica, gets hit by a car and dies. While the sisters morn Jessica turns into a ghost, for some unfinished buisness. Eventually her and her 2 other sisters all become supernatural and they meet one direction. One of the sisters has the power to change people into something supernatural, but it has to be what their heart desires and what fate brings upon them. Will there be love in the mist of confusion? Read to find out......


3. We're what?!

Callie's Pov

"a......goddess" I run to our walk in closet and look in the mirror. My hair is the same but my eyes are brighter and I can change into human form!! My dress is incredible! I can't believe it! It's golden and goes down to my ankles. I have a tiara on my head that has crystals in it. My shoes are gold flats that shine. Everything is sparkling. Just like I'm glowing, wait that's because I am!!! My outfit changes back to normal when I go into human form. I can't believe how amazing this is!! I wonder if I will stay this age?" hey Jessica?"  "yea Callie?" " how long will we stay 17? And if Brittany changes how long will she be 18?"  "we will all continue aging until we are 21 and if someone is older when they change then they become 21" Wow I wont ever get old!! I'll stay young forever! And since I'm technically dead I won't have to buy food to eat unless we want to!! And no more trips to the bathroom!! Yay!! "Brittany are you going to change? I mean look its not bad! I'm beautiful and magical!!" I said to Brittany  " I will but I just hope I get something good!!" she replied. She sounded a little nervous, but I mean who wouldn't be? "you will thats why I added the last part" Jessica said reassuringly  "alright let's do it" she walked to the middle of the room and closed her eyes like I had done  "Callie you dont need to cover your eyes since you already changed" ok cool so I can watch. Jessica did the same thing she did to me to Brittany. When I looked back at Brittany she had pearl white wings and was beautiful!!  

Brittany's pov

I went to the closet and looked in the mirror like Callie had done. I was beautiful.....I had a gold halo over my head and snow white wings that glistened in the light. My dress went down to my knees and was pure silk. It was also white. My shoes were pearl white heels that had crystals on them, and some how I could walk in them. My eyes were brighter like Callie's and Jessica's and I could. Change my clothes when I went to human form like Callie. How come Jessica didn't do that? "hey Jess why don't you change clothes when your in ghost form?"  "I will when I become a spirit. That will be after I find the love of my life, weird right. As you girls mature though, you can change your outfit with your thoughts. But before you mature I have to become a spirit so I can take you to the place for you to mature" "well I suggest that Callie and I start helping you find the love of your life" "yea how about a concert" Jessica suggested. We all looked at eachother and shouted "ONE DIRECTION CONCERT"  "and since we can change where we only see eachother and no one can see us then we can go into the concert, take backstage passes, and wait backstage!!!!" Callie suggested  We all agreed and we changed into some cute clothes in our human form, then we changed to our non human self. Then we changed again so that we could only see eachother and no one could see us. Then we grabbed our phones and left.  "OFF TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!!!!" we all shouted together! 




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