The Magic Awaits You....

The three sisters Jessica, Brittany, and Callie were best friends. Jessica and Callie were twins and Brittany was older by a year. They didnt always fight like normal sisters. They were extremely close towards eachother. What will happen when one of the twins, Jessica, gets hit by a car and dies. While the sisters morn Jessica turns into a ghost, for some unfinished buisness. Eventually her and her 2 other sisters all become supernatural and they meet one direction. One of the sisters has the power to change people into something supernatural, but it has to be what their heart desires and what fate brings upon them. Will there be love in the mist of confusion? Read to find out......


5. The concert

Jessica's Pov

We all pretty much ran to the building that the concert was being held at. Once we got inside we walked past the security guard into the open door. It makes everything so much easier when no one can see or hear you unless your one of us too!! Callie stood infront of the man who was selling backstage passes and when he was looking she got three. When we carry something it becomes invisible to everyone except us too! She handed us each a backstage pass and we went into the bathroom. Once we were inside we went to our human form. "Okay girls" I started. "Get your hair and everything fixed and put your pass on I want to leave in five minutes to go backstage" They both nodded and began fixing loose hairs. Callie was wearing red skinny jeans, black vans and a 1D jacket with some accessories (      ) while Brittany was wearing a red ' I <3 1D' shirt, black skinny jeans and white heels with accessories.

(   ) I was wearing a read and white 'Live While Were Young' shirt with black ripped skinny jeans and red 'I <3 1D' Toms with accessories.

(    ) We all stepped out of the bathroom and went to the security guard who lets people backstage. We showed him our passes and and he guided us to a couch and told us that the boys would be here soon.Apparently we would be the only ones meeting them and staying backstage.

About half an hour later all of us were deep in convorsation with eachother and because im the most hyper one, Callie and Brittany were laughing so hard tear were forming in their eyes. Once they setteled down it was silent. "Im hungry Brittany can we get some food??" Callie whined

"Callie we ate before we came!" I told her

"I know but im still so hungry" She whined again

"Okay lets go find something to eat, but dont eat it all!! Were not the only ones here, theirs the boys and workers here and its for them too!" Brittany told us, well mostly Callie but I was listening too. We walked over to the food table and Callie out some chips on a plate and started eating them. While she was eating me and Brittany were talking. We got bored so we started telling eachother the lamest jokes we have ever heard. They were so terrbile they were funny! Neither of us could stop laughing while callie was looking at us like we were idiots and still shoveling chips into her mouth. We were still laughing when we heard some one speak up. "Well it looks like we have got some beautiful ladies with beautiful laughs and smiles" I heard a british accent say. Me and Brittany stopped laughing and looked at Callie whos jaw was almost on the floor. I slowly turned around and there stood the one and only Louis Tomlinson.

He looked even better in person which i didnt know was possible!! "Oh um..thanks" i said nervously and looking down furiously blushing. He put his hand on my chin and lifted it up "dont hide you face love, it's too beautiful to not want to show the world" He said and I started blushing again and smiled at him. We made eye contact and I could feel my heart melting. "Why dont I introduce you girls to the boys"

"Okay but first im Jessica, thats Brittany our older sister, and thats Callie my twin." i told him and he smiled.

"Nice to meet you all im Louis" he told us and smiled again. We walked over to where the rest of them were and they were practicing Summer Love. Sure on the CD they are amazing , but close up and in person, they are angelic. Then Louis spoke up "Hey boys this is Jessica and Callie and they are twins, and this is Brittany their older sister" "nice to meet you" Liam said and the other boys nodded "Oh and this is Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall, which since your at our concert i think you knew that" Louis said sounding a little shy. Why was he shy? I giggled and said "yea we kinda did" amd he blushed. We all were talking and laughing and having fun until it was time for the show to start. They all ran on stage and started singing Live While Were Young. During their performance i saw Louis look and me and wink and i blushed. "so what do you girls think about the boys?" Brittany asked

"I love them and I think Niall likes me!!" she said with a huge smile

"Louis winked at me whie he was on stage and he has already stolen my heart" I said blushing and smiling

"AWWWW Your blushing!!" Brittany and Callie cooed and I just smiled and blushed again

"So what do you think of them Brittany?" I said trying to pry something out of her

"Their all really nice.................but I really like Harry" She said shyly

We all started talking about them until we heard them run off stage for their break. We quickly changed the subject and we were talking about jobs. I mean we need to all get one so we can pay for things since we wont ever die! I suddenly felt lips against my cheek and I looked over to see Louis running back on stage smiling. I started blushing furiously again and the girls cooed 'awws' again. "That was soo sweet Jess!! Hes totally into you!!" Callie said jumping up and down smiling like an idiot. "I know" I blushed again

~After the concert~

All the boys ran off stage tired and sweaty. Suddenly I felt strong arms around my waist and my feet getting farther away from the ground. I started laughing and looked up to see Louis smiling. "Louis your all sweaty!" I said giggling like I was insane. He sat me down for a second before picking me up from the front and throwing me over his should and running to their dressing room with me hitting his back. I was laughing so hard I could barely hit his back anymore and I just gave up and relaxed.

He sat me down and put his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him. I put my arms around him and looked into his eyes smiling. We stood like that for a minute and I found him leaning in and I did too. His lips were so close to mine I could feel his breath on them. I closed my eyes as he started to fill the gap between us. 'This is it' i thought 'im going to kiss THE Louis Tomlinson'.......

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