The Magic Awaits You....

The three sisters Jessica, Brittany, and Callie were best friends. Jessica and Callie were twins and Brittany was older by a year. They didnt always fight like normal sisters. They were extremely close towards eachother. What will happen when one of the twins, Jessica, gets hit by a car and dies. While the sisters morn Jessica turns into a ghost, for some unfinished buisness. Eventually her and her 2 other sisters all become supernatural and they meet one direction. One of the sisters has the power to change people into something supernatural, but it has to be what their heart desires and what fate brings upon them. Will there be love in the mist of confusion? Read to find out......


4. Not a Chapter

Sorry if you thought this was a chapter but i will update one tonight!!

here are some link to the previous outfits

~Callie's Goddess Outfit

~Brittanys Angel Outfit


Thats all I have for now but i will be updating later I promise!! There also will be links to all of the girls concert outfits later!!


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