Accidents Happens

"Why did I let her slip right out of my hands just like that?WHY?"Zayn thought to himself


2. Meeting Him

Jays POV.

So I was out on a walk until I run into some one.I was falling untill he caught me.when I looked into his eyes I felt amazing.he was...


I couldn't stop stareing into them until he snapped me back to reality.i couldn't believe it I just couldn't when he asked me if I was ok that's when it hit me I ran into ZAYN MALIK.I told myself stay calm stay calm.after that moment he asked me,"why is such a beautiful girl walking out here by herself?","oh um well I don't have a boyfriend.","would you mind if I walk with you?","no not at all","ok then"so when we were on are walk well after the walk he walked me back to my house.He asked me for my as we were exchanging #s plat started so as Zayn
Left I went inside and took care of plat.All of a sudden I get a text from Zayn


Would you like to go out to dinner with me tommarrow
I would be delighted
Great I will pick u up at 7
That will be great see you at 7 tommarrow Bye
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