Accidents Happens

"Why did I let her slip right out of my hands just like that?WHY?"Zayn thought to himself


1. Jay Lynch(Girl)

Hi I'm Jay let me tell you about myself

Hair Color-Bleach Blond with Blue Streaks
Eye Color-Blueish Green
Favorite Food-Pizza And Chicken
Favorite Drink-Dr.Peper
Favorite Color-Blue
Favorite Resturant-Golden Coral
Animals-A German Sheperd(namePlat),A Golden Retriver(name AJ),And a Black Lab(name Mellow)
Favorite Song- They Don't Know About Us (1D)and Blown Away(Carrie Underwood)
Favorite Book-Hunger Games
Favorite Type of Music- Pop And Country
Birthday-December 29,1995
Star Sign-Leo
Siblings-4Brothers(Jason(26)Ross(17)Riker(21)andAustin(14) 1sister(Breanna(12)
Parents-Malia and Zach

P.S Ross and I are twins besides the blue streaks?

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