Will I Ever Be Happy

Valentina is definitely not an average girl. Her life is all messed up and she's in the search of herself.
She thought she was never getting in love because of her kind of life she's stuck into.. But everything changes when she meets Louis, everything was going ok, until he looses her...
The question is: Will he ever find her?


3. This Feels Like Home

I was tired of all the house hunting but my dad and my step mom said that we had to find a place asap. It was around 9 pm and I was getting hungry, we were on our way to the last house of the day. When we arrived the whole family was amazed by the beauty of the house, it matched my step mom, it was fancy but cozy at the same time, it just felt we belonged there, it felt like home. It was a white 2 story house, it had a lot of windows and big chandeliers, and a huge chimney in the formal living room, the kitchen looked like a kitchen a chef would use, it had wooden floors all over the house and the second floor had another chimney and 5 bedrooms, I was in my own world thinking about this place when Sophia, my step mom ripped me out of my thoughts.

"Bill this is the one!" She yelled with excitement in her voice "C'mon Bill don't you see us here?"

"Actually yeah, it's quite impressing, but we have to discuss it as a family" My dad said.

"I actually like it, it's quite impressing" My brother said.

"What about you Valentina?" Sophia asked

"Do you even have to ask!? This is it!!" I said jumping up and down with excitement.

"Dad this house is big! Can you buy me a dog? It will match the house!! Please Please Please" Camila begged and everyone laughed at her innocence.

"We'll see darling" He replied with gentleness to Camila "Can you contact the owners to see if we can get a deal?" He asked the real state agent.

"Of course, I'll see if I can get a meeting for tomorrow and try to get a deal" She replied

And with that we left back to the hotel to change and later go to a restaurant and explore the city. I took a shower and I was blow drying my hair when I remembered about Niall and quickly messaged him to the number he gave me.

*Hey Niall! It's Valentina.. I saw your message earlier but I couldn't reply cause I was house hunting with my family.. Sorry xx Valentina :)*

And with that I kept blow drying my hair when my phone started buzzing on the counter.

*Hey Valentina so i was just wondering if you were busy tonight because me and some friends are going to get dinner and probably some shots after that and maybe you wanna join? xx Niall :P*

I didn't reply, instead I called my parents room.

"Hello?" Sophia's charming voice answered.

"Oh, hey Soph, I'm I calling in a bad time?"

"Oh no sweetie, I just got out of the shower. What's wrong?"

"Nothing I was just wondering if I could go out with some friends instead of going with you and I promise I would make it up" I asked with an innocent voice.

"You already have friends here? Well I was hoping to have a family dinner but it's ok I guess.. I mean you're not a 5 year old to ask for permission but I'm glad you do"

"Well yeah, I met them at the airport, so can I go?"

"Yes, I'll tell your dad when he comes out of the shower, but don't come back late and be careful"

"Ok I promise" I said and with that I hung up and started to text Niall.

*So uhm yeah I think I'm up for dinner and some drinks :) where do you want to meet?*

And I started to straighten my hair and get ready.

*Uhm well since you don't know the city why don't I pick you up? Btw I'm with Louis, hope you don't mind and we'll meet the rest at the restaurant* As I read the message I got butterflies in my stomach when I saw Louis name in the text, and I'm not a One Direction freak or something but I do like their songs and if they were like Niall I liked it cause he's cool and not too much of a 'I'm a celebrity and you don't deserve my look' type.

*Kk I'm up for that :) ok can you pick me up at The Dorchester?* I replied and within seconds he replied back.

*Yeah yeah sure Dorchester, got it :) pick you up in an hour? I need to pick Louis and he takes forever :P but sshhh don't tell :P*

*An hour it is then :) see you laterrrr!*

I kept doing my hair and decided to have a light makeup, a light eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and some lipstick. I was debating on what to wear because I didn't want to look too formal or too informal either so I decided on wearing a long-sleeve back shirt and a dark grey skirt with jewelry on it forming a belt and a black necklace, I was about to put some black heels but decided to keep it cool and take some flats and I was about to go say bye to Sophia and dad when my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I answered 

"You ready to get some shots!!?" He asked, practically yelled with excitement 

"I know I am, are you?" I asked with a sassy tone

"Psshhh you don't know how ready Horan is" He answered back "I'm at the lobby hurry up"

"Be there in 2" And with that I hung up, I was about to go to my parents room but decided to just text Sophia

*Hey I was going to say goodbye but they were waiting for me.. See you later or tomorrow and promise I'll make it up :) xx* And with that I pushed the elevator button and waited for about half a minute till the doors open, I pushed the lobby button and with that I made my way down

Louis' P.O.V:

We were waiting for Valentina in the lobby and not to lie I was kind of anxious to meet her, I mean Niall's been talking about her all day but he says he doesn't like her so I think he's trying to hook us up. We were chilling in the lobby when this gorgeous brunette came to us, at first I thought it was a fan but then she hugged Niall so I guess she was Valentina. Niall wasn't lying, she was beautiful, chocolate brown haired not too tanned, not too pale, she was kinda short and that's probably because she wasn't wearing any heels, she looked like natural beauty, not fake with a lot of makeup, I liked it, but yet I didn't know her.


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