Will I Ever Be Happy

Valentina is definitely not an average girl. Her life is all messed up and she's in the search of herself.
She thought she was never getting in love because of her kind of life she's stuck into.. But everything changes when she meets Louis, everything was going ok, until he looses her...
The question is: Will he ever find her?


8. Passion

Valentina's P.O.V:

The next following days Louis and I kept in touch, either we spend the day together outside or he would come over or I would go to his flat.

Now I guess we are a couple because every time we go out or something and someone tells us that we look cute together he just says: 'I know, she's just perfect' or something similar, but actually he never asked. I guess I'm a little old school but it's cool for now. I just love the way he looks me in the eyes or the way he calls me babe. I just love our relationship.

My dad's family is coming over for the holidays and Louis is spending the holidays with his family and we're not gonna be able to see each other as much as I would like to.He's gonna go to a world tour and I'm gonna start off college.

Christmas is 2 weeks away and my family is arriving in a couple of days so Soph and I have to get everything ready since in total we're like 18 people and dad insisted in them to stay at our house instead of a hotel.

He wanted to be able to see all his brothers and sisters every day while they're here. Specially my aunt Jessica who is suffering leukemia for 3 years now and apparently this the reason everyone's coming. To spend her last Christmas as a family.

My dad's been a little stressed out and it's probably because of that and my twin, Lucciana doesn't make it any easier.

Yeah I have a twin. When my parents divorced 9 years ago she decide she wanted to live with my mom and I decided to live with my dad, since all my life I've felt like my mom never loved me. I was always left out because according to her Lucciana was the pretty one and all that shit. I don't even know how she was the pretty one if we're twins but that's what my mom thought back then.

My dad called her the other day and asked her if she wanted to come over and see my aunt for the last time but she said she didn't care and just hung up on my dad.

"Hey V, wanna go to the mall with me? I need to buy some stuff for your family's arrival" Sophia said while entering my room.

"Yeah, sure. Let me just brush my teeth an I'll be ready in a minute" I said getting up from the bed.

Our car ride was silent. Except for Alicia Keys playing on the radio and I could tell Sophia was a little nervous.

"What's up? Why are you nervous?" I asked turning the volume down.

"Nothing it's just nothing's ready and I don't want your family to think that I didn't care" She said as she pulled down on the mall.

We got out of the car and we walked inside side by side.

"I really don't think they'll think that. And you'll see everything will be ready for when they come" I said comforting her. "I'll help you.

"You promise?" She asked knowing I would say yes.

"Yeah, I promise" I replied. 

Just then my phone started buzzing on my pocket and I quickly checked who it was. Louis.

*Hey babe.. are you busy right now? :)* And I as read I started getting a whole zoo in my stomach.

I wanted to say I wasn't busy at all but I had promised Sophia that I would help her.

*Sorry but I'm at the mall with Soph buying all the stuff for when my family comes. That makes me sad :(* I replied and locked my phone again and I was about to put it back on my pocket when it started buzzing again.

I thought it was Lou but no, it was Niall.

*hey, so I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out since we're going on tour soon and for the holidays I'm going with the fam. I haven't seen you in ages! xxNiallerxx*

*Sorry I can't right now :( I'm at the mall with my step mom. Wish I could but you know :( Maybe for NYE we can do something all of us and hang out :)* I replied to Niall. Oh how I loved Niall. He was just like another brother to me.

And again my phone started to buzz. I was about to unlock it when Sophia asked me something.

"Is it Lou?" She said with a huge smile. She really like him for me. She kept repeating that all the time.

"Yeah, he wanted to hang out today but I promised to help you so I said I was busy" I said a bit disappointed about that.

"Well, then invite him over for dinner. I'll cook something special" She said with enthusiasm. 

I quickly grabbed my phone and checked the texted I received a few seconds ago.

*You're not the only sad one! Well but I'm still going with you to pick up your family, right?* He texted.

*Of course you are. I mean if you're not busy* I texted and then I remembered about the dinner *Soph wants you to come over for dinner, what do you say? :)* I added.

I was about to put my phone back in my pocket when it started buzzing again.

*See ya for NYE then.. Miss you though :(* Niall texted.

*I miss you too!:(* I texted back.

And again someone texted.

*Ok babe.. See ya tonight then :) xx* Louis texted back.

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping everything we needed.


We were about to sit in the table when someone knocked the door. I quickly ran and saw it was Louis.

I guided him to the dining room and we started eating.

The whole time Louis was teasing me by squeezing a little upper from the knee. 

We finished eating and we were at the front door saying our goodbyes when he kissed me. A different type of kiss. A really really passionate kiss.

Louis' P.O.V:

We were kissing at her front door and I could feel her smile against my lips. I knew it was wrong because her parents were right inside but I just couldn't control my self. 

We were in the middle of our passionate kiss when her little sister, Camila, came up to us.

"Eww gross!" She said covering her eyes.

"Camila go inside!" Valentina said to her.

I had to step in.

"We're just gonna go grab some ice cream. Can you go tell your mom that we'll be right back?" I said grabbing Valentina's hand and heading towards the car.

She just winked at me and squeezed my hand.

We were at the car and I was about to start the engine when I saw she was staring at me.

"What?" I asked laughing at her face expression.

"Are we really going to the ice cream or we're just gonna continue this somewhere else?" She said with a 'sexy' smirk.

"What do you want to do?" I asked and she barely let me finished what I was saying when she just kissed me passionately. "I guess we're gonna get some desert" I said and winked sexily to her.

Valentina's P.O.V:

We were at the driveway of his flat when we kissed. This time it was gentle but it had a lot of passion.

I had an adrenaline rush. I could feel my blood running through my veins.

Once we got inside our kiss was more passionate, but still filled with love.

He lead me to his room, he took my shirt off practically ripping it off and I did the same with his.

We were completely naked and our bodies were touching until I broke the kiss.

"Do you have any condoms?" I asked. I just didn't want to risk it.

He quickly got up and came back with a pack.

The rest of the night was full of passion and love.


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