Will I Ever Be Happy

Valentina is definitely not an average girl. Her life is all messed up and she's in the search of herself.
She thought she was never getting in love because of her kind of life she's stuck into.. But everything changes when she meets Louis, everything was going ok, until he looses her...
The question is: Will he ever find her?


5. Moving Out and Falling In Love


A week went by, Louis and I kept texting and seeing each other. We couldn't move to the new house until the furniture arrived and I guess it was time.

"Come on start packing! We have to do a lot you guys!" Sophie said while we were all in Brandon's hotel room having breakfast as a 'normal' family, well at least normal to us. 

I went to my hotel room, got all my suitcases and left to the lobby. I was waiting for my family when I got a text from Louis and immediately I smiled.

*Good morninggggg!<3* He texted me and I was debating if I should text him right away or if I should wait.

"Oh screw it" I whispered to myself.

*Good morning to you tooooo!<3 What are you up for today? :) xx* I replied hoping that he'll reply right away and he did, which made me think that he care i don't even know why.

*I guess I don't have nothing in my super scheduled agenda. haha :P wanna go out today to grab some ice cream or something? xx :)* Since he replied right away I did to cause I didn't want him to think that I didn't care.

*I wish I could :( I'm moving out.. remember I told youuu? maybe some other time :) xx* It made me sad to reply him cause I really really wanted to see him again.

*Need some help? I've heard i'm really good at unpacking haha lol but seriously!! :P* That's what i'm talking about! I started jumping up and down forgetting that I was in the lobby and that my family would come anytime soon and they did.

"What's this all about?" My dad said laughing at me and so did the rest of my family.

"Oh, nothing, I just saw a video that made me laugh" I lied and Sophia realized I was lying and just smiled at me and gave me thumbs because she kinda knew about Louis.

"Of course cause everyone dances and jumps up and down when they see a video" Brandon asked sarcastically. Ugh his such a jerk.

"Oh quit it! You seriously need to get laid" I replied.

"Both of you stop it now and I don't want to hear you say that kind of stuff at each other again" My dad practically yelled at us and with that we left to our new house. I was mad that I forgot to reply to Louis, he probably thought that I didn't want him to come over.

"So dad, I was just wondering if my friend could come and help me unpacking? Pleaseee?" I asked with a puppy face cause I knew he wouldn't say no.

"Yeah, yeah. Sure" He replied without even looking at me because he was too busy texting. I think he didn't even heard what I asked him. Oh well.

*Well I need to see those unpacking skills :) xx Thanks by the way* I texted Louis back and within less than a minute he replied back.

*Alright you'll see my unpacking skills in 20!! and no prob, it's my pleasure xx* He replied back and then texted me again. 

*I'm taking Chinese :) how many people?*

*Oh it's fine, don't worry* I texted him while we arrived at the house and started taking all the suitcases inside while my phone vibrated in my pocket again.

*I'm taking food and I don't care if you don't like it, it'd the least I can do and if you don't tell me for how many people i'll take the whole restaurant!!* He replied. Aww how sweet, I think I'm falling in love and I don't know if I like it due to my kind of life.

*Ok fine, just because I have no choice! And we're 5 people.. Well 6 with you. Thanks by the way xx* I replied and smiled to myself, I think I really like him...

"He texted you? Didn't he? Oh how cute" Sophie said from behind me.

"You scared the shit out of me Soph! Don't do that again!!" I said a little shaky. One because I didn't want anyone to know even though she knew and I don't even know how and two because she scared me while I was kinda daydreaming.

"Oh don't avoid my questions! What's his name huh? Is he cute?" She started asking so much questions and I had to stop her before she asked more.

"Calm down, his name is Louis and you'll see him in a few. He wanted to help and since my dad said yes I told him he could come. You alright with that?"

"Oh darling you still ask for permission? You're 20 come on! I can't wait to meet him" She said with so much enthusiasm.

"Meet who?" My dad said from behind us.

"Oh my friend. Remember I asked you if he could come help unpack?" I asked and I don't think he remembered.

"Oh yeah. Wait a minute, it's a he!?" He asked shocked and it was quite funny how he was so jealous.

"Oh give her a break Bill" Sophie defended me, like always.



Louis arrived with the Chinese and I think my dad liked him because of that, I mean he always wants to eat and he was starving so yeah he liked that he brought food. Sophie really liked him, she said he was quite charming and looked like a good boy. Brandon at first didn't like him, I guess he was jealous in a brotherly way, but at the end they were exchanging phone numbers cause they were going to see some soccer game together or something. And finally, Camila, I don't think there's a lot to say. She was in LOVE  with him, I guess she was a fan or something and she kept asking if she could date Harry. It was quite funny but I was kinda embarrassed about my family. Oh God, they were so awkward, but Louis said that it was fine and quite charming.

"Do you really have to go now?" I asked as we walked outside.

"Yeah, it sucks, but yeah" He said and I got a little sad, I really liked him being around "Hey don't be sad" He said lifting my chin up and giving me a small kiss in my cheek "What do you think of me and you going to grab some tea tomorrow, huh?" He said letting go of my chin and smiling

"Coffee" I said smiling at him.

"Well we have a deal. You grab some coffee and I get some tea. What about that?" He said smiling with that cute smile of his.

"I guess we have a deal" I said looking up at his beautiful eyes.

"Pick you up at 3" he said walking away to his car. I watched him as he drove off and stood there a few more seconds before I decided I should go inside.



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