Will I Ever Be Happy

Valentina is definitely not an average girl. Her life is all messed up and she's in the search of herself.
She thought she was never getting in love because of her kind of life she's stuck into.. But everything changes when she meets Louis, everything was going ok, until he looses her...
The question is: Will he ever find her?


4. Making True Friends

Valentina's P.O.V:

We arrived to a fancy restaurant and to my surprise Liam, Danielle, Zayn, Perrie, Harry, Taylor, Ed Sheeran and Josh Devine. Niall introduced me to all of them and they were really nice to me, I was sitting next to Niall and to my right was Louis, in front of me was Harry and next to him was Taylor. The whole dinner was exquisite and we talked about everything and nothing. They asked about me, why I moved and of course I wasn't gonna tell them that it was because my dad was running from the police, so I just lied.

"My dad's work" I replied with a smile.

"Well, hopefully you won't move again" Louis replied to me and everyone notest I blushed and there was an awkward silence so I replied back with a little bit of confidence and a flirty tone.

"Hopefully" I said smiling and Niall poked me as in saying 'Uuuh' so I just smiled back and we all agreed to go to a club.

We were on our way to the club and I was on Louis' car on the passenger seat and Niall on the back, Louis insisted on me to go with him and I agreed, why not?

We arrived to the club and Niall went right away to the bar and ordered some shots, leaving me with Louis alone while we waited for the rest, we got our table and we were talking about how Niall was taking shot after shot when the rest came and sat next to us.

The entire night was liked that and I was feeling a little awkward since Louis kept winking at me but it was kinda cute. We decided that it was getting too late and Louis insisted to drive me back to the hotel and Harry said that he would take Niall back home cause apparently he barely could walk.

It was around 3 am when we arrived to my hotel and we said our goodbyes and right when I was about to leave he gave me a kiss in the cheek and gave me a little piece of paper folded and with that he left leaving me in the lobby with a whole zoo in my stomach.

I got to my hotel room and even though I was really tired I got into the shower and then I went to sleep with Louis in my mind.

I woke up to Brandon and Camila yelling me to wake up cause apparently we were going furniture shopping for the new house so that meant that we got a deal. I quickly got up, brushed my teeth, did my makeup and when I got out the bathroom my siblings were no longer in my room so I started to change and decided to wear some dark skinny jeans, a tank-top, a Burberry coat and some ankle boots, and with that I was ready to go.

I met the rest of my family in the lobby and we got into the rented car, we all agreed to have some breakfast and later go to the furniture stores. I was in the middle of my breakfast when my phone started buzzing. I grabbed it from my coat and right when I was about to unlock it my brother took away from my hands and passed to my sister and everyone laughed until Sophia said it was enough.

"Thanks, you're the only one on my side" I said and smiled to her.

I unlocked my phone and I saw a text from a number I didn't recognized, I started to read the text without knowing who it was.

* Good morning, hope I didn't woke you up, but I just couldn't wait for you to text me so I stole your number from Niall's agenda. Hope this won't scare you or makes you think I'm a creep xx Louis xx*

As I read it I started to get butterflies in my stomach and I think everyone saw me blushing so my dad had to ask.

"What was that about? And who was it?" He asked with a little bit of jealousy.

"Leave her alone and mind your own business" Sophia defended me just when I was about to answer and gave me a little smile. 

The rest of the evening we went shopping and nothing else. We arrived to the hotel and I remembered to text Louis back.

*Sorry I didn't text you earlier or didn't reply your text right away but I was furniture shopping with my family :) What's uppp? -Valentina xx" I texted back and turned on the TV.

*It's ok, no worries :) I'm just chillin playing some FIFA wbu? :) xx*

*Just watching some tv and resting.. I'm exhausted of so much walking from store to store :/*

*Well if ur so tired then rest and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow ;)*

*Thanks, I will...:) Hopefully :) Good night xx*

*Good night gorg ;)*

And with that I went to sleep with Louis again in my mind, it was another night with him in my mind. 


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