Will I Ever Be Happy

Valentina is definitely not an average girl. Her life is all messed up and she's in the search of herself.
She thought she was never getting in love because of her kind of life she's stuck into.. But everything changes when she meets Louis, everything was going ok, until he looses her...
The question is: Will he ever find her?


2. London

Valentina's P.O.V:

We just talked and he asked me to give him my twitter so we could go out in London and I gave it to him. I saw my brother, Brandon, standing right behind Niall and i stood up cause I knew we had to go.

"What were you doing with that guy?" He asked kind of jealous.

"We were just talking. Why?"

"I don't know" He said kin of confused.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"Nothing, I just thought I knew him"

"Well he's the guy from that boy band called One Direction" I said in a sassy tone trying to show off.

"Oh shut up! There's no possible way he'd be talking to you"

"I'll prove you wrong"

"What are you guys talking about?" My step mom, asked

"Oh we were just talking about what a liar Valentina is" Brandon said

"Oh shut up!" I replied

"Go to sleep, when we arrive is going to be a bit crazy" my dad said from the other corner of the plane


We were about to land when I woke up. After landing we had to wait a few minutes, so I decided to go to the bathroom, I got scared when I saw myself  in the mirror so I fixed my makeup and suddenly I remembered about yesterday but I wasn't sure if it was a dream or if it was real so i checked my twitter and saw that Niall Horan followed me.

Even though he was really handsome I didn't liked him as a boyfriend or something but as a friend, and I don't think he did either.

I decided to go ask if we were ready to go and stepped out of the bathroom. Everyone was ready and waiting for me, I grabbed my stuff and breathed deeply thinking this is it, this is my new life and hopefully didn't had to start another one again because of my dad's kind of work.

We were in a rented car on our way to a hotel. All I could think was Niall, I mean I just didn't believed it. My phone started buzzing on my pocket so I took it out, unlocked it and saw a message on twitter.

Hey Valentina! So I just landed and I'm on my way home.. idk if you probably landed yet but when you do text me back :) oh and my number is 578417813 :) see ya xx - Niall

I smiled and putted the phone back in my pocket, I din't wanted to reply right away so he wouldn't think wrong. On our way to the hotel I was just admiring the city. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. When we arrived to the hotel we gout our rooms and I was about to put my clothes in the drawers when my dad stepped in and told me that they were going to go house hunting and I decided to go with them, just to see the beautiful city that was waiting for me, besides I needed to know where I was going to live.


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