Will I Ever Be Happy

Valentina is definitely not an average girl. Her life is all messed up and she's in the search of herself.
She thought she was never getting in love because of her kind of life she's stuck into.. But everything changes when she meets Louis, everything was going ok, until he looses her...
The question is: Will he ever find her?


1. It's Happening Again

Valentina's P.O.V:

It was around 4 o'clock and I was on my way to my equestrian lessons with my driver when my dad called and told us it was happening again. On our way home to get our stuff all I could think was what was going to happen now? Will I ever see my friends again? Will I ever see my boyfriend, Daniel, again? A thousand thoughts ran through my mind, but deep inside I knew it would happen again.

When we arrived home it was chaos and mostly everyone was crying and packing. I quickly ran upstairs and started packing and it was then when my little sister, Camila, came up to me and asked me what was going on. But how do you tell a 7 year old that your dad is not the person she thought he was? How? So I just lied.

"We are moving out, don't worry, everything's fine" I smiled even though it hurt to lie to her but she believed me and smiled back.

"Where?" She asked with her little smile of hers full of happiness and hope.

"We are moving to England" My dad stepped in my room and smiled to us. "Isn't it that awesome?"

"Dad do you know it's always cold in there?" she asked and we just laughed.

"Yes, I'm aware of that" he said smiling. "Hurry up! The jet is already waiting for us!" and with that he left.

Camila wasn't that happy because she didn't really liked the cold. Me from the other side didn't mind, I actually liked the idea of London but I was kind of sad leaving my life behind, knowing I wasn't coming back.


We arrived at the airport with all our stuff and once we stepped in people stared at us. It was probably because they saw all the suitcases we had. My dad told us to wait while he did some paperwork and that a guy will come for us to take us to the jet so I went to the coffee shop to buy a cappuccino 

"Look at what she's wearing" I heard a girl said. She was tall and blonde, really pretty actually.

"Shut up!" A blonde haired guy said. "Sorry about my sister, I'm Niall, Niall Horan, by the way"

"It's fine, but thanks anyway" I said and smiled. He was actually kinda cute in person, I was fangirling on my inside knowing who he was, Niall Horan from the boy band One Direction, but I kept it cool."Want a cup of coffee? It's the least I can do."

Niall's P.O.V:

I was waiting the jet to be ready with my sister at the coffee shop when this pretty brunette stepped in, I thought she was gonna come to me asking for an autograph but no, she didn't even noticed me.

"Look at what she's wearing" My sister, Mariana, said. Ugh she's always thinking about how people should look, even though her outfit was kind of interesting, it looked what an equestrian rider would wear.

"Shut up!" I said kind of pissed. I got closer to her and apologized "Sorry about my sister. I'm Niall, Niall Horan" and I reached out my hand introducing me.

I saw her staring at me, she probably recognized me so I was waiting for her to ask me for an autograph or a picture but she just stood still for a couple of seconds it gave me time to look at her back and I realized she was really pretty.

"It's fine, but thanks anyway" that's all she said. Weird, but I kinda liked that, somebody who played it cool. "Want a cup of coffee? It's the least I can do"

"Thanks but I already have mine" I replied and she just smiled "But maybe I can make company?"

"Sure, why not?" She said, grabbed her cappuccino and sat down while I followed her.

"So, where are you going?" I asked.

"London" Was all she said. Was this coincidence?

"Oh, really!?" I asked surprised "Me too"

"Really? Is your flight boarding anytime soon?"

"Well not to show of or anything but I'm just waiting for the jet to be ready, but what about you?"

"Same here" She said and smiled, showing of her dimples, but who was she? why did she had a jet. I mean is none of my business but it intrigued me,

"Well if you get bored on your vacations, call me" I said.

"Oh, they're not vacations and I don't have your number"

"You live there?"

"Not exactly, I'm moving there with my family"

"Oh, that's awesome!" I said "Well what's your twitter account so I can DM you my number when I arrived, maybe we can hang out and I can introduce you to some of my friends"

She gave me her twitter and with that she left.

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