This Story is about a Girl Named Gabby Machuca a.k.a who is a Secret agent for The Perez International Spy Corporation and She has Been Married to her Husband "Ethan" for 3 years and She doesn't know that her Ethan (Her Husband) is in this gang called "The Reapers" and "The Reapers" Want to steal Gabby's huge sapphire wedding ring that Ethan gave to her when he proposed to her but the only reason why "The Reapers" wanted her ring because it has a secret code to open a safe filled with jewelry,gold and over $1 billion dollars in it . I hope you like it :)


2. Who Am I ?

Hello, what's up? My name is Gabby Rose-Machuca a.k.a Agent Machu-chu .I am from San Juan,Puerto Rico.I am a professional international spy for The Perez International Spy Corporation (P.I.S.C.). I have been married to my husband "Ethan" for 3 years. I am 22 years old . I was born on September 17,1990. Yup I am sign of the virgo . Just for you to know,Ethan and I got married on July 4,2009 . Enough about myself now I'm going to tell you about my family . Ethan was born on August 24,1990. He is from California,United States .He's 22 years old too. We have a white teacup Pomeranian named "Snowy" and a double yellow headed amazon parrot named "Tico". They are the best of friends. Tico talks a lot and sometimes screams in your face. Snowy is friendly, loves to smile,hyper an loves people. We live in San Juan , Puerto Rico. I speak English and Spanish but Ethan speaks English and is still learning Spanish . We do not have any children if you we're wondering but our children are Tico and Snowy. Now back to my life . It was a regular day. It was just a hot and sunny morning. It was 75 degrees outside , here in San Juan,Puerto Rico. I am wearing a white,baggy and one shouldered shirt with black leggings and black combat boots. I have on my finger my huge Sapphire wedding ring and my black ,straight hair with short and cut bangs . I have on black eyeliner ,mascara and red lipstick . I have a zebra print purse with my white iPhone 5. I lastly have on a red bow on my head.
"Now I'm ready to go ." I said to myself, As I went downstairs to leave .
"Goodbye honey , I'm taking Snowy with me ." I said to Ethan as I gave him a hug and gave him a kiss on the cheek . Ethan was wearing his usual ,Black skinny jeans,white v-neck t-shirt , black and white chucks,but a different black leather jacket with a skull symbol on it, black Mohawk and he was playing on his iPhone 5.
"Okay,Bye babe." He replied with a smile.
And I left in my red buggy (Volkswagen) with snowy on a leash . As I was on my way to P.I.S.C. , I stopped by Wendy's to get me and Snowy something for breakfast . I notice something unusual as I was walking in Wendy's . I felt like a group of people are following Snowy and I .
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