This Story is about a Girl Named Gabby Machuca a.k.a who is a Secret agent for The Perez International Spy Corporation and She has Been Married to her Husband "Ethan" for 3 years and She doesn't know that her Ethan (Her Husband) is in this gang called "The Reapers" and "The Reapers" Want to steal Gabby's huge sapphire wedding ring that Ethan gave to her when he proposed to her but the only reason why "The Reapers" wanted her ring because it has a secret code to open a safe filled with jewelry,gold and over $1 billion dollars in it . I hope you like it :)


7. London , United Kingdom

So it's Friday and Ethan ,Snowy,Tico and I are ready to leave to the airport. We have everything we need to bring to London. But to tell you the truth , I'm kind of going to miss this ugly house and neighborhood and my friends . Now we headed out to American Airlines airport . Tico and Snowy are with us because I got us a private jet. Ethan fell asleep and Tico and Snowy are playing together and I'm just here texting on my iPhone 5.
(10 hours later)
We are finally here in London and Ethan and I can't wait to explore London .
"Where do you want to go first?" Ethan asked.
"How about to the mansion to unpack ?", I asked .
"Sure.",Ethan said.
So we headed to the mansion and it was really nice and the Wendy's fast food restaurant is right next to the kitchen which is great and Tico and snowy have their own room and their own playpen . After we packed . We called one of my sisters because she lives here in London , if she can watch my pets so Ethan and I can go out and she said sure
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