This Story is about a Girl Named Gabby Machuca a.k.a who is a Secret agent for The Perez International Spy Corporation and She has Been Married to her Husband "Ethan" for 3 years and She doesn't know that her Ethan (Her Husband) is in this gang called "The Reapers" and "The Reapers" Want to steal Gabby's huge sapphire wedding ring that Ethan gave to her when he proposed to her but the only reason why "The Reapers" wanted her ring because it has a secret code to open a safe filled with jewelry,gold and over $1 billion dollars in it . I hope you like it :)


6. Lets Move!

When I walked in the kitchen to say "Hi honey " to Ethan . He was talking on the phone with someone about getting a diamond ring or something like that and when I walked in he quickly hung up which was suspicious because whenever he's talking on the phone , he doesn't care If I hear the conversation but this time it's different ,he just hung up quickly like I didn't see or hear him talking on the phone.
"Hi Honey.",I said as I gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"Hey babe.", Ethan replied.
"How was work?",I asked.
"Good and you ?", he questioned.
"Same."I replied. "What are you doing ?", I asked out of curiosity.
"Oh nothing .just doing paperwork.",Ethan replied suspiciously .
"Well , I'll be upstairs if you need me.", I stated with a smile.
"Okay ... Bye.",Ethan replied.
Today is really an awkward and weird day . At first, I almost got robbed by "The Reapers" , I shot someone's finger off ,Ethan has the same leather jacket as "The Reapers",Kelly was acting too perky and so full of joy which has never happened before,I got chased and I walked in while Ethan was talking to someone about getting a diamond ring ,something like that. Anyways I was on google finding houses online because first of my house is a two story house with one room ,one bathroom , a living room and a kitchen. Which now I want. A bigger house cause my house is really ugly. Second of all , we are moving to London . On google , I found a mansion with eight floors ,a gold kitchen , a chandelier in the middle of the living room , a pool, a jacuzzi in the main bedroom plus a Wendy's fast food restaurant . It cost $3,000,000 which everyday I get paid $1,500,000. Which is great because its $3,000,000 a month. So I went downstairs to show Ethan it .
"Its great but Why are you showing this to me ?", Ethan questioned.
"Because we are moving to London,UK.",I said with excitement.
"Uhm , no we are not.", Ethan replied.
"Uh...,yes, we are." I stated .
We paused for a moment. Then
"Okay ,fine we'll move.",Ethan said. "When are we moving ?", Ethan questioned .
"Friday.", I stated.
"Okay.",Ethan replied. "I guess I'll pack now since its in 2 days ."Ethan continued.
"Yay! Thanks babe !", I screamed as I gave him a hug and a kiss.
I went back downstairs to buy airplane tickets for the four of us (including Tico,snowy) . Then I called Vanessa to tell her I'm leaving and she said "Alright then I guess this is goodbye . So goodbye." Vanessa said through the phone . "Oh wait Gabby.", Vanessa said.
"Yes .", I said.
"Get a pencil and write this down ".
I got a pencil and started writing .
"The adress is 1509 Korth place. And your bosses name is Priscilla",Vanessa stated.
"Okay , Thanks.", I said.
"Bye.",Vanessa said.
"Adiós.", I replied.
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