This Story is about a Girl Named Gabby Machuca a.k.a who is a Secret agent for The Perez International Spy Corporation and She has Been Married to her Husband "Ethan" for 3 years and She doesn't know that her Ethan (Her Husband) is in this gang called "The Reapers" and "The Reapers" Want to steal Gabby's huge sapphire wedding ring that Ethan gave to her when he proposed to her but the only reason why "The Reapers" wanted her ring because it has a secret code to open a safe filled with jewelry,gold and over $1 billion dollars in it . I hope you like it :)


5. Can I transfer?

"Cause I'm thinking about moving to London,UK.", I replied.
"And why is that?",Vanessa questioned.
"So I can protect my husband and my pets from "The Reapers".", I answered.
"Well ,that's just stupid .",Vanessa said.
"How?", I said.
"Because your a secret agent/spy and you have foughten more than 10 bad guys in your life but your scared of a bunch of teenagers in a hoodie with a sign?",Vanessa asked.
"Well , when you put it like that it makes me feel like a scaredy cat .", I replied.
"Now , do you still want to move to London?", Vanessa questioned.
"Yes.", I answered.
"Do you even know where your going to stay at?", Vanessa asked.
"No.", I replied .
"How about where you can eat at?",Vanessa questioned .
"No.", I said.
"How about tiny and snowy ,have you thought about how they will travel there ? Or how about if there are any pet stores there?", Vanessa stated with confidence.
"No.", I mumbled.
"When do you expect you will be moving there?", Vanessa asked again.
"Probably , by Friday. Why?", I asked.
"Well , it seems like you really have this planned out.", Vanessa said sarcastically .
"Pleaseeee give me the transfer and I promise I will have everything under controlled .", I begged.
"Alright,Alright." ,Vanessa replied.
"Yay!", I screamed.
"But." Vanessa stated.
"But what?", I questioned.
"But you have to show me all of that by tommrow.",Vanessa Proclaimed.
"Okay ,thanks,see you tommrow,bye snowy.", I said while giving her a hug.
"Ruff Ruff" Snowy barked
Bye.",Vanessa said.
"Well , Kelly I'm going to go home now ,so bye.", I stated to Kelly as I waved goodbye to her.
"Okay , bye snowy, bye best friend!", Kelly replied as she gave me a tight,big hug and gave me a smile.
I left P.I.S.C. Headquarters and went home. When I was driving up my drive way ,I seen Ethan's car so I knew he was home.
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