This Story is about a Girl Named Gabby Machuca a.k.a who is a Secret agent for The Perez International Spy Corporation and She has Been Married to her Husband "Ethan" for 3 years and She doesn't know that her Ethan (Her Husband) is in this gang called "The Reapers" and "The Reapers" Want to steal Gabby's huge sapphire wedding ring that Ethan gave to her when he proposed to her but the only reason why "The Reapers" wanted her ring because it has a secret code to open a safe filled with jewelry,gold and over $1 billion dollars in it . I hope you like it :)


3. Breakfast

But as I kept looking back , no one was there so I ran into Wendy's bathroom with Snowy. I looked out of the little window in the bathroom And it was a gang with 4 people all wearing black leather jacket and black skinny jeans with a symbol that looks like a skulls face on the back of their jackets.
He was wearing his usual but a black leather jacket with a skulls face on it .....
(Flashback ended)
That's weird because when I went to go say bye to Ethan , Ethan had the same exact leather jacket but he that couldn't been him ,it just couldn't be. So I decided to take a picture of it and have my best friend "Kelly" search it at work. They left so I got out the bathroom and went to order a frosty and 4 piece chicken nuggets for my puppy and left. When I went on the highway there was traffic ,which sucks because I'm already kind of late to work. I switched a lane then this black car switched to the same one a me but I don't think it was following me , I just thought I was going crazy so I just switched to another lane and it went to the same lane as me again now I feel like its actually following me so I tested the car one more time and switched a lane . I feel like the car already knew that I figured it out that it was following me because it started shooting my car and almost cracked my car back window so I grabbed my dog with me in the front and luckily I had a gun with me and I shot one of the cars through the window and I seen someone's finger on the floor on the road and the cars ran over it . It was really nasty cause a chopped finger with a car print on it and a bone on the floor and all of the blood scattered everywhere . Not to get you disgusted or anything but that's what's happened . But good thing the exit to my job was here.
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