Normal kids, from a not so normal school, figure out things that they never thought they would have found out. Nothing would ever be the same, who knows what will happen, it's kids vs. teachers.


6. Why? Why me?

They don't really let me do anything freely now. No one else is like this. I keep asking my friends about information, for one, I keep asking them where the heck Dani is. I think it's because she must've flipped out when the place became an asylum and was kept in a private area. I think the guard's are starting to cut some slack, they never have seen me flip out and don't think I intend to. But I do. When the time's just right I'm gonna flip out, even if it means having to go to the torture chamber, that's what I call it. Word's got out that I'm the only one that goes in there so they're starting to say it's my chamber. Well, not much has been going on, it's pretty much the same thing that I told you last, I haven't written a while because at one point I found my room trashed, like they were searching it. Luckily this book is hidden behind a brick in the wall. They've hand cuffed my left hand to whatever I'm sitting in when I'm in class so I can still write. I'm surprise that I haven't broken down yet. Normally I would have ages ago. I'm going to go to the main office eventually and ask if the guards can die down a little, none of my friends like talking to me when they're around. I'm gonna tell them that they can still cuff me and stuff just, tell the guard's to keep some space. I haven't looked in a mirror for a while, but I assume I look bad, they took away my glasses because they think I'll use them as a weapon, so I can't really see. No one really talks at all any more, only the few with hope left I guess. They gave us new uniforms to where on laundry day, they're the same as the orange jumpsuits but white instead of orange. That's what I'm wearing now. I found out that they usually let me go to the meetings because they're supposed to "help" us. Then they take me to class, then the torture chamber, class, torture, lunch, torture, class, class, then torture. If I'm especially bad that day then I miss all my classes but lunch and I'm in the torture chamber. You start to get used to the screeching after a while, so now it's not as bad. I chew gum when I'm upset, and don't worry I tested it by chewing it one day and not chewing it the next, it's normal gum, it doesn't do anything. It helps me think of ideas though. I hope 
Dani's okay, I hope Alyssa, Nadillyn, Emily and Sally are ok too, I don't want them dragged into it just because of me. I don't want them getting tortured too. 

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