Normal kids, from a not so normal school, figure out things that they never thought they would have found out. Nothing would ever be the same, who knows what will happen, it's kids vs. teachers.


3. The beginning

First off I'm Piper, in case you didn't catch on when I said it was MY idea. Ok, how it started.....................It was a normal day, or well it started as a normal day, and near about.......11:30, which is right after lunch for us, everyone was called down to the gym for an emergency. No one knew what it was for and when we asked the teachers, all they said was, "You'll find out." Well we did find out, we were there for a while and everyone watched the clock and I know no one said it but, I think everyone was a little nervous because nothing happened. Soon the principal came up to the podium and said, " We are all staying here. This is your new home, you all have mentally deranged minds and cannot be let out into the real world for danger of hurting someone. In each of your lockers are uniforms, your books have been put into your rooms. Your rooms, if you were wondering, are underneath your lockers, if you're one of the lockers in pod c and are not in the pod a or b hallways then the bottom of your locker has been torn off and there is a ladder leading you to your rooms. If you are in one of the hallways then you have stairs, some of your rooms are deeper than others because of space. You all will still have your regular classes and have lunch but you will have meetings in homeroom and things like that. You may use your cell phone but we made sure there is no reception in any part of this building so you're not able to contact anyone. After today you will be assumed dead. Any questions?"

I raised my hand. "Yes?"

I put my hand back down, " Don't they need the bodies to confirm that were dead, they can't just assume that we're dead, and what's your plan to make us dead?"

"Yes, well we pulled some strings with the police and doctor that will do this, they're friends of ours. We are going to stage a fire and the police and fire department will come, pretend to look around while you are all in your rooms and then take a look in the field, board up all the doors and then leave."

I told Alyssa, "Don't worry I'll figure out a way out, or maybe you will, who knows someone'll have to."

"Now all of you to your rooms! Anyone that is not in their room within five minutes will be experimented on!"

I went to my room as quickly as possible, I felt like crying, I could see a bunch of other people were, but I never cry in public. I held up as much as I could and when nearly everyone was gone I started crying. One person was there other than me and I just noticed him, it was thing 2. It looked like he was about to say something but then I ducked quickly into my room.

All of a sudden an intercom was screaming, "Put your uniforms on! You will hear an alarm each morning telling you to get up and head up to your locker. Your locker is shut automatically, you don't need to close it! You cannot open it until the morning! Goodnight!"

I found my uniform in the dim light. Using the one and only candle in the room, I saw that it was an orange jumpsuit. I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight, I wouldn't be able to sleep for a while. I laid down on the cot anyway and attempted to fall asleep. While I was trying to do that I saw a bin. Then my curiosity got the best of me and I got up and looked in the bin. I was at least partially relieved, they had my kindle in there, all my school stuff, my coat, and, something that kinda seemed weird, gum. It was apple pie gum, mint chocolate chip gum, tea berry, and a bunch of others I liked, underneath it was a note. It read, "From Mr. E. Not a bad one." I was relieved at least there was possibly some good at the school. Maybe I would get some sleep tonight.

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