Normal kids, from a not so normal school, figure out things that they never thought they would have found out. Nothing would ever be the same, who knows what will happen, it's kids vs. teachers.


5. Lunch

They didn't take me from lunch like they did before, thank god. I told my friends, and they felt bad. We decided not to talk about anything in public. I didn't know when we could talk about it then, we tried talking about it in the hallways but the guards were always watching me. Soon whenever I left a class, I noticed they would follow me. Then I tried putting notes in the bathroom, but they started searching the bathroom after I was in there. I kept coming up with ideas, where to put the notes, writing it on toilet paper, putting it in the trash. ANYTHING!! One day after all the classes were done and we were supposed to report to our meeting rooms. The guards were waiting for me there, everyone inside was staring at me. The men were big and I assumed new, they had cuffs. I started to run but they were way faster and tackled me, put the cuffs on me and then escorted me to who knows where. I found out it was the same room as before. I braced myself for the screeching noise and I almost thought it wouldn't come....But then BAM! It hurt my ears so bad, I started to cry. The screeching felt like it went on longer, then I heard the screeching stop, the door open and the light hurting my eyes, I saw that everyone must be leaving their meeting rooms and going to their rooms. I got up and they put cuffs on me and escorted me to my room, I assumed it would always be like this. I wonder why they thought I was so special.

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