Normal kids, from a not so normal school, figure out things that they never thought they would have found out. Nothing would ever be the same, who knows what will happen, it's kids vs. teachers.


4. First Day, O boy

I was able to catch some sleep, no nightmares, yet. I woke up to a loud screeching noise, I assumed it was the loud speaker and it meant that I need to get up to my locker.

"This is the principle here, stay in your uniforms and then report to the cafeteria for breakfast. Your no longer going to be calling the pods, pods, you will now refer to them as sectors. Sector 2a will be the first and will go into the 7th grade cafeteria, sector 1a will be first and will be in the 8th grade cafeteria. Before you sit down you will find the sign up sheet to make sure everyone is there, you will then be given a number and you will find that number and that is where your seat will be for that day, the seat numbers to change and they aren't always in order so don't go trying to sit by your friends. The same rules go for lunch. If you do not have lunch or breakfast first then you will be going to the staff in your sector and they will give you your room to go to. Good day."

That was nice, another upside though, FOOD! First too!..... I wonder how many meals we'll get a day, probably two, cause the principal said breakfast and lunch and not dinner.

"I almost forgot you will be getting two meals a day breakfast and lunch, that's it. So I hope you can cope, you will be able to buy a snack for later, o and about buying lunch you will be able to get anything free, so don't worry. You won't die of starvation."

Wow, that's real nice, well, I'm hungry I'll go and have breakfast, I wonder what gunk they'll have.... I hope no one looks less stupid then I think I do....

Alyssa came out, "Hey, so you do look as bad as I do, good."

"They don't even have brushes, so did you except me to look better than you?"

Emily, Sally and Nadilynn came walking up. "Are we gonna have to live like this forever! I dunno if I can live without brushing my hair!" Emily said.

"I don't think anyone can, do you see my hair!?" I said.

"I hope they get brushes soon." Sally said.

"Let's head to breakfast, I don't feel like finding out what happens if we don't." Nadilynn said.

We all went to breakfast, and to our luck the numbers were in order, so we all sat by each other after we signed in. I just remembered the note from last night.

"Hey did any of you guys get a note!?" I said.

"No." They all said, "Why, did you?" Nadilynn said.

"Yeah, I did, it was from Mr. E, do any of you have him first period?"

"Yeah." Alyssa said.

"Well, I think Mr. E, is good, I don't think he's one of the bad guys."

Just then one of the staff walked up and said,"Piper, you need to come with me."

All of my friends looked at me, I got up and went with him.

They threw me in a dark room where I couldn't see anything, and the closed the door. At first I didn't think it was that bad but then came the screeching noise from the intercom. It wouldn't stop. The noise felt like it was getting louder and louder, I didn't know when it would end. Finally, they took me out and said, "You held up longer then others ever did, now go get your things and head to first period."

I got up and hurried to my locker, I assumed they thought I was the most dangerous, I hoped that they didn't do that to my friends.

I went to first period, there were guards everywhere. They all seemed to stare at me. I went inside Mrs. W's class and sat down. Everyone pretended to act normal, I knew everything wasn't normal, it couldn't be, I know I wasn't dreaming it I would've woken up ages ago, unless I was in a coma or something. That'd be torture, I can't live like this. Either way, I promising to myself, I will NEVER, ever let them break me. I'll find a way for me and my friends to get out. I WILL.

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