Normal kids, from a not so normal school, figure out things that they never thought they would have found out. Nothing would ever be the same, who knows what will happen, it's kids vs. teachers.


1. 2013 theory

Piper was a crazy girl but had her reasons, but she had an explosive personality that could sometimes scare people, and a temper that could kill someone. She had a very active imagination and told her friends many of her ideas and theories, and sometimes just randomly blurt something out that she was thinking. She had lots of friends, Alyssa, Sally, Nadilynn, Emily, and Dani. She also had other friends, like thing 1 and thing 2, that's what she called them. Well her main theory was that the school was an asylum. She thought that everyone in the staff worked there but her two favorite teachers, Mr. E, and Mrs. W. She thought that they just worked at the school and didn't know it used to be it asylum. All of her friends knew about her theory, too. She told her one friend, thing 2, about it and he said that there were probably rooms behind the lockers, and he said, "Did you ever wonder about why the heck the school was so small?"

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