The Wedding

Astrid Left Everything, her friends, her family, her school, and her home when she was 15. So what happens when she comes home at the age of 18 for her sister's wedding? Will old flames relight and will they forgive her for leaving? Will her younger brother Liam tell her something that could change her life forever?


3. The Call And The Reunion

*Present Day*

I woke up early, my phone was ringing. I ran to grab it,


"Hello?" My groggy morning voice croaked,

"Hey, Astrid?" My olde sister's cheery voice exclaimed,

"Yeah.. Hey Sis...." I muttered,

"So guess what?" She questioned,

"How the hell am I supposed to know Katie. I haven't seen or talked to any of you in four years...." I mumbled,

"Well.... I'm engaged!!" She exclaimed, oh my god.. Engaged...? Katie? She wasn't the type to get married. I didn't know what to say..

"Astrid..?" She said loudly,

"Yeah.. I'm still here.. No worries..." I mumbled,

"So the question is... Will you be in my wedding?" She asked,

"You expect me to come back? After what happened?!?" The sound of my voice increased,

"That was four years ago sweety, its time to come home," She told me,


After what happened to Sam I ran home as fast as I could, I packed all of my things and moved back to Ireland with my dad,

"Sam and Zayn were in love, he has managed, you can too," She said sterny,

"I will consider it," I muttered,

"You are coming, its in three months. I want you here next week to help prepare," She demanded,

"Fine," I said defeated,

"By the way.. Louis' your date!" She yelled quickly as she hung up, trying to avoid arguement, great.. Quality time with someone who I knew was beyond pissed at me...


*A week later*

Katie's POV:

"Are you sure she's coming?" All of her older friends (excluding Sam) questioned me,

"Yes! She said she would and we all know she's a woman of her word!" I shouted back,

"I can't even think of her as a woman," Niall said,

"I know, I barely remember her voice," Lindsey said,

"What about you Louis? What's going on in your mind?" I asked him,

He muttered something inaudible and looked away from us all increasing the distance seeing as how he was already standing a few feet away from us as we stood outside the terminal she would be exciting from at any second, it was a struggle enough to get him here.. Let's see what happens when she tries to talk to him herself,

I looked over to see a few people exciting the terminal and then this one beautiful woman excited, she has almost bum length blue black hair up in a high ponytail, her thick bangs falling just above her eyes, heeled tan boots, black skinny jeans, a ruffled white top with lace which really complimented her noticably large chest, and a brown leather jacket over top, she has thick rimmed glasses which rested on her freckle covered cheeks, she was the definition of beauty and she was walking towards our group, she stood in front of all of us with a small grin on her face,

"Really??" her face angered,

"Umm...." Liam muttered,

She removed her glasses and I would have recognized those lavender tinted gray eyes anywhere,


Astrid's POV:

Their eyes grew wide, I didn't think I had changed that much but I guess I had..

"Holy shit.." Was all Harry could manage to say..

"Really guys?" I questioned,

"You look..." Zayn started,

"Amazing!" Niall said louder as he pulled me in for an excruciatingly tight hug,

Everyone cameamd hugged me and told me how much they missed me, everyone except Louis, he wouldn't even face me.

I looked to my old closest friend Harry and pointed at Louis making a face like "Whats his problem?" He clearly got it because he wrapped his arm around me and directed me out of the terminal while whispering in my ear,

"He's not very happy with you.." Harry giggled in my ear his voice high,

"Why not?" I questioned, hurt by his words,

"A, relax. Why do you think? He loved you and you left without even saying goodbye.." He told me,

"I had to, after what happened-" I started but was cut off,

"Didn't you hear me? He loved you! Not just as a firiend and he still does," He explained.. oh my.. I turned to look at Louis, he scowled at me and I quickly turned my head back to the crook of Harry's neck,

"Really? Because he just gave me a look like I killed his mother," I said more quietly making sure Louis wouldn't hear,

"Obviously, he's pissed. Just give him some time. You're going to have a lot of it seeing as how he's your date," He told me,

"Don't remind me," I grumbled,

"Don't act like you don't still love him" He laughed,

"Whatever," I laughed back as we excited the airport,

We jumbled into cars and everyone ran to cars ensuring that joining Louis in his car was my only option, he had already gotten into his car so I put my luggage in my sister's jeep and opened the door to his car, I slid in and sat down and sigh sighed loudly in frustration,

"Really Louis?" I questioned him sternly and really irritably, he said nothing he just pulled out quickly and speeding to a stop sign until pulling to a hault which I wasn't expecting and my face hit the dashboard,

"Holy shit!!" I yelled in pain, blood dripping from my nose,

"Oh my god!! Astrid!! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to! I was just mad cause I love you and you left me and I.. I.. I just.. Oh shit...." He blabbered on,

He told me he loved me...

"Its okay Louis.. Just get me a kleenex," I said quietly a cry catching in my throat,

"Yeah, of course!!" He yelled as he jumped out of the car, running back into the airport for something for my nose.I heard him yell to our friends behind us what was happening and they all freaked, I covered my face and told them just to go and we'd catch up, Harry grinned, I'm going to hit that boy once we get home.

Louis came running back with two whole rolls of giant toilet paper and a petrifyed look on his face,

"Louis, its really ok.. I would say it was an accident but it wasn't so...." I muttered through the toilet paper,

"That's why I'm soo sorry!!!!" He shouted getting back into the car,

he looked around quickly,

"Where is everyone?" he asked me quickly,

"They left, I told them we'd get there soon," I told him,

"Look.. About what I said earlier... I mean.. I..-" he stuttered,

"Louis, can we just talk later? I mean we have two and a half hours.. I doesn't need to be horribly awkward.."I told him,

"Ok," he smiled and drove out of the parking lot,

The car ride was great surprisingly, we laughed and joked around, reminiscing, shouting, it was awesome. We sped and blared music throughout his small two seated sports car, we settled down and just sat in silence,a nice comforting silence. I had my hand in my lap chipping at the black nail polish that rested on them with cute white bowties on each nail, his hand slowly reached over and his fingers entertwined in mine and squeezed them once, he looked at me with a nervous look on his face, I smiled and squeezed back. Our hands stayed like that the entire ride.

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