The Wedding

Astrid Left Everything, her friends, her family, her school, and her home when she was 15. So what happens when she comes home at the age of 18 for her sister's wedding? Will old flames relight and will they forgive her for leaving? Will her younger brother Liam tell her something that could change her life forever?


8. The Big Secret

Okay readers!!! Here it is!!! The big secret that Lindsey plans on using against poor Astrid! Please tell me what you think in the comments and tell me, are you #teamlastrid, #teamastrarry, or #teamastriall, I want to know!!!! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to like, favourite, and share with your friends!! Love you all!

-ThePopsangria xX


*4 years ago*

Louis' POV:

It was our first high school party! It's Halloween night and everyone was thrilled. Everyone was dressed up, Sam and Lucy went as opposites, Sam went as the devil and Lucy went as the angel, of course in flimsy costumes, Lindsey was a fairy but she looked more like a prostitute, Tara was a purple crayon which was insanely adorable, and Astrid was a bumble bee, she had little wings and everything, we figured the couple costumes were cheesy so we went as our own individual but still together. Harry was a hockey player, Liam was a boxer, Zayn was a referee, I was a soccer player, and Niall was a swimmer, he shower up in a very tight swimsuit and had goggles on the top of his head, we all went together pretty much.

Astrid's POV:

I was so excited! I was our first party all together and I planned on making the night amazing, Louis and I have been amazing, I couldn't be happier. We all piled up in the car and drove to our friends house who was throwing the party, it took forever to get us all at mine and Liam's house then get everyone in the cars without wrecking swimsuits.

I stepped in and it was probably the coolest thing ever, people were bumping and grinding and drinking it was a hot mess. I went to the drinks table and tried a bunch of different things, I didn't like very much I had never been a big drinker, Niall on the other hand was already on his second drink and dancing with a group of people, I decided I could have fun without drinking so I went and stood in front of him and we started to dance, a dance eventually turned into a grind and at the moment I really didn't mind it. We danced for a long time until I saw Louis sitting on the armrest of a couch and didn't want him to catch me with Niall so I quickly turned and gave Niall a hug and ran to Louis' side.

"Hey babe, where have ya been?" he yelled over the music as he pulled me between his legs,

"Just dancing," I kissed his cheek,

"Are you all danced out?" he asked,

"I'm alright, a little sweaty but I'm fine," I told him,

"Good," he said hastily as he pulled me onto the dancefloor and started to grind against me, it was a bit more sexual and aggressive than Niall had been and I wasn't particularly enjoying it, I turned around and he managed to put his leg between mine so I was riding his leg, it was really intense and I wasn't ready for that, 

"Louis I'm a little tired," I told him guiltily,

"Oh... Ok," he seemed disappointed,

"I'm just going to go mingle, I'll find you later," I said and kissed his cheek and left, I went all around the house waving and small talking with people I knew until I figured the party was getting a bit much. I went upstairs to find someplace a bit more secluded, I went into a bedroom and saw to people in a position I couldn't even comprehend, I quickly shut the door and went to the next door. I opened the door and saw Niall sitting on the bed I walked over and plopped down beside him,

"Hey Niall, whatchya doin?" I laughed,

"It got really overwhelming down there," he smiled,

"Yeah I know what you mean," I agreed and we sat there for a minute or two, just enjoying the space and lower noise level, 

"Thanks for the dance," he grinned cheekily,

I laughed and put my head on his shoulder,
"My pleasure,"
I lifted my head off his shoulder and smiled at him and before I could think twice his mouth was on mine and his hands were holding the back of my neck, our lips moved in sync and it felt incredible.

He licked my bottom lip to ask for entrance and of course I went with it and opened my mouth, he tasted like alcohol and mint from his gum he had been chewing earlier, I pulled away and looked into his eyes,

"We shouldn't," I stuttered,

"I know," he agreed quietly,

"I really want to though..." I said,

"Me too, I always have, I adore you Astrid," he said,

I don't know if it was how sweet he was, the little booze I had drank, or the spur of the moment but next thing I knew I was straddling his lap and my tongue was exploring his mouth, he fell back on the pillows and his hands held my hips, we moved together and everything felt right, eventually my costume and his were off and he was on top of me,

"Niall... I've never done this before.." I said quietly,

"I know, I'm trying to be gentle, I haven't either but I know it hurts for you the first time," he said sweetly,

"Ok, please go easy," I said nervously,

"Trust me, I will," he kissed my forehead and slowly thrusted into me,

I let out a cry and tears slid down my face,

"Shit, Astrid I'm sorry," he said feeling guilty,

"No.. Shhh Niall its not your fault," I said as I calmed him,

He continued to slowly thrust until after what felt like an eternity of pain it all subsided and the real pleasure kicked in, his pace quickened and we really got a movement going and we were both letting out noises I had only heard in movies when they have sex, it was probably the greatest moment of my life,

Harry's POV:

The party was alright, people were dancing and I danced with a couple girls but I wasn't incredibly interested, I decided I'd go look around the house, I went upstairs and walked in on a couple nearly breaking the cheap bed beneath them, the next door was shut but there was a small light probably from a dim lamp, I slowly opened it and had never been so surprised in my life.

I recognized that bleach blonde hair and dyed blonde hair anywhere, they were so busy doing what they were doing they didn't notice me in the doorway, it really was happening, Niall and Astrid were having sex, Astrid and Louis are doing so well though... I shut the door quietly and crept downstairs, Louis was sitting on the couch laughing, he looked so happy. Poor guy...

Astrid's POV:

When Niall and I hit our highs it was like heaven on earth, it was intimate, sexy, romantic, and insanely pleasurful, we finished and I put my head on his chest, his arms wrapped around me and I really came to the realization of what I had just done. I started crying like a baby, Niall tried comforting me but I had just cheated on the person I love, the person who wouldn't dare do that to me, I cried and put my clothes back on, I wiped my face so I looked semi presentable, I called a cab and went downstairs. I found Louis and he pulled me onto his lap and put his arms around me, Harry was glaring at me, did he know?? I gave him a weak smile but he gave me a look telling me he had saw what I had done with Niall, I gave him a look asking for his sympathy but he just looked to the stairs where a flustered messy haired Niall stepped down the stairs,

"Ooooohhh!!!!! Looks like Niall finally popped his cherry!!" Louis shouted and laughed, 

Niall gave him a weak smile,

"Who's the poor bitch who slept with this guy?" Louis laughed, 

Niall just sat down and looked around,

Lindsey must have been upstairs because she came down them and all eyes were on her,

"What?" she yelled,

"Bow chicka wow wow," Zayn laughed with Sam under his arm,

"Lindsey slept with Niall, Lindsey slept with Niall," everyone chanted, Lindsey ran out and I followed,

"Lindsey wait!" I shouted, I ran to her and grabbed her arm, she didn't look impressed,

"I'm sorry, this is all my fault," I told her,

"How?" she asked sternly,

"You can't tell anyone....." I said quietly,

"You slept with Niall????" she shouted,

"Yeah..." I muttered,

"Wow..." she said expressionless,

Lindsey's POV:

Finally!!!!! My fire against Astrid, I can use this against her! I have to wait for the perfect time though...

*present day*
Astrid's POV:

I was running around everywhere trying to get the preparations for the wedding perfect, the cake was ready, the decorations were set beautifully, and all of us bridesmaids looked great! I was almost done, I was running to the back door to check everything for a fourth time when I was pulled into a broom closet, Louis pulled me in tightly and his hands travelled down my back. He kissed up my neck and pulled at the hem of my shirt, I really wasn't in the mood,

"Hey Louis... I can't right now..." I said softly,

"Come on... I've waited years," he said into my neck,

"Not now Louis.. " I said as I pushed away from him and exiting the closet,

I bumped into Niall as I left and have him a weak smile, I tried to walk away when he grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs, he sat me on his bed and he sat next to me,

"Lindsey hasn't told anyone," he told me,

"I know, what do you think she's going to do?" I asked nervously, 

"I really don't know, all we can do is hope she doesn't tell everyone at the wedding tonight," he explained,

"Ok," I replied more comforted knowing I had Niall with me, I gave him a tight hug and kissed his cheek, as I was kissing his cheek the door to his room opened and in walked a now enraged Louis,

"What the hell Astrid?" he said loudly,

"We weren't doing anything I swear!" I exclaimed,

"Is this why you won't have sex with me? Because of him?" he said angrily,

"No! I promise there's nothing going on between Niall and I, never has been never will be," I explained,

"Promise?" he asked sternly,

I hesitated, should I lie to him or tell him everything?

"I promise," I said,

"Ok, I'm sorry I reacted that way, I love you Astrid," he said calmly and left, I fell on my knees in guilt and the feeling of being so ashamed,

Niall came down beside me and rubbed my back, with him by my side I knew everything was going to be okay.
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