The Wedding

Astrid Left Everything, her friends, her family, her school, and her home when she was 15. So what happens when she comes home at the age of 18 for her sister's wedding? Will old flames relight and will they forgive her for leaving? Will her younger brother Liam tell her something that could change her life forever?


6. My Girl

Hey guys!! Sorry for the late update!! Had a lot going on this week!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Astrid's POV:

It was dress day today! Yay! (Sarcasm) its been a while since I've been back with everyone and they were all welcoming me like I had never left! It was great, Louis told me he still loved me last night in bed but I pretended to be sleeping, I didn't know what to do, I mean I'm just not sure if I feel the same way still. It was a long time ago and people change...

Louis' POV:

 I told Astrid my feelings last night, she said nothing she just pretended to be a sleep, she was a horrible actress, I was heartbroken, it was probably the worst moment of my life, except when she left.

*Last Night*

"I'm enjoying being back too," she smiled at me and turned so her back was to me,

"Tired?" I asked softly, as I stroked her cheek with my thumb,

"Very," she snuggled into me and smiled,

"Astrid..." I muttered nervously,

"Mmmm?" she said quietly,

"This is going to sound way out of left field but I... I still love you," I explained, she froze, her muscles tensed and she squeezed her eyes shut trying to make me believe she was still asleep. I was heartbroken, I finally told her completely how I felt and she ignored me, a tear slid down my cheek as a turned my bak to her and fell asleep...

Astrid's POV:
*present day* Wednesday,

The colour scheme at the wedding was black and white with an accent of pale baby blue, it was beautiful, all of the groomsmen were to wear black tuxes with an accent of the blue colour, and all of the bridesmaids were to wear blue dresses and black heels, it was really lovely.
 We stepped into the dress shop and Katie told us to spread out and find a dress in the right shade of blue and show her, I found a silk halter dress that was really cute, Lindsey found a tight mid-thigh length strapless dress, Lucy found a strapless poofy dress, and Tara found a dress that was sparkly and strapless at the top, it was the right shade of blue and it had a white ribbon that made a big bow at the back, 

"Sorry girls, but no contest, Tara I think we need to go with your dress," she announced,

I was so happy! I mean I loved that dress more than the one I had picked and I knew it would make us all look great,

"I agree, that dress is amazing, good job Tara," Lucy smiled wide,

After we finished with our dresses we went shoe shopping, since the dress was cut just above the knee shoes also mattered, we all agreed on shiny 4 inch heels that everyone would feel comfortable in, I mean I could walk really well in heals, I can't say the same for Tara but she'll get it before the wedding which was exactly two weeks away! We wanted to wait and get the dresses so that nobody grew or shrunk too much and didn't fit in their dress. The wedding was in two weeks which meant my birthday was less than two weeks away,

Harry's POV:

The wedding was next Saturday which meant Astrid's birthday was next Friday, May 4th,  since all next week everyone would be preparing for the wedding I decided we should do something this weekend for her, I gathered everyone in the living room (except Astrid of course) and explained myself to them,

"So I just wanted your guys' ideas for what we should do," I told them,

"I like a classic party, lots of drinks and lots of girls," Niall said, Lucy looked a little hurt, Niall noticed,

"I mean.. Lots of women to discuss serious things with..." he tried I save himself, it didn't work too well, Lucy just looked at me and gave me a look to start talking again,

"I do like a party, but what kind of party?" I asked,

"A nice lunch?" Tara said,

"Really? She's turning 21 not 80!" I laughed, Tara also laughed in realization of how awful that might be,

"I say we just do something Astrid would like," Louis began,

"Like?" I asked,

"The 9 of us just hang out like we used to, we make her her favorite dinner, rent her favorite movies, but some beer, and junk food and watch the movies together, you remember that was her favorite thing to do with us, why not bring it back?" he finished,

"Wow Lou, great idea.." I told him, he genuinely did care for her, 

Saturday came around quickly and we sent Louis out with Astrid to distract her, he gave us a checklist of her favorite things do we'd know what to get, her favorite ice cream: Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, her favorite movies: Horrible Bosses and The Dark Knight, her favorite dinner: Cheesy tortellini and caesar salad and garlic bread, and so much other stuff! It was crazy!! Niall and Liam spent the day setting up a 100" projector screen to watch the movies on and I spent the time trying figure out the surround sound.

Louis's POV: 

I took Astrid out for lunch then to the mall, we went to New York Fries for lunch and then walked around the mall for a while, she went in to a girly looking store and I stopped her before entering,

"I have to go grab something, mind if I run and grab it and meet you back here?" I asked,

"No problem," she smiled and entered the store, I took off towards the jewelry store, I walked in and asked them for what I had ordered a couple days ago, they gave it to me and I payed, then hid the box in my  other bags, I ran back and she was standing there sweetly, waiting for me.

"You didn't get it?" she asked, noticing I didn't have a new bag,

"No, they didn't have it anymore," I told her, I checked the time and it was ten minutes before Harry wanted us back, I figured it was a twenty minute drive so we had better get going,

"Ready to get going?" I asked,

"Sure thing," she said excitedly, I couldn't wait for her surprise when we got home,

Lucy's POV:

We spent all day setting up and now Tara and I were just finishing up dinner, Louis and Astrid should be back any minute so I was trying to hurry, Lindsey set the table and everyone was ready for her arrival, we turned the lights off and waited, eventually we heard the door creak open and Louis and Astrid step in, she turned the light on and we all jumped up and yelled "Surprise!" in unison, her face lit up and she looked so happy!

" oh my god! Thanks guys! So much!" she yelled as she came to each one of us individually and have us a tight hug,

"Don't thank us, it was all Lou's creation," Niall said,

"Hey! It was my idea to do something for her!" Harry shouted,

"Thank the two of them then," I laughed,

We all went into the dining area and sat down, it was a circular table so the order went, Niall on my left, Zayn on his left, Tara on his left, Liam on her left, Louis on his left, Astrid on his left then Harry to her left and to his left who was on my right sat Lindsey, we all ate and laughed Nd joked with each other, it was really fantastic.

After dinner we went to the living room and before watching the movie everyone took out their present to give to her, I gave her a new pair of Doc Martins that were silver and sparkly, Tara gave her a new sweatshirt that had the Nirvana logo on it, Lindsey gave her a pair of sunglasses that were sort of like aviators, Harry gave her a new case for her phone that had The Beatles Abbey Road cover on it, and a nice lace top, Zayn gave her a really soft black blanket and a bunch of new makeup and a picture of he, him, and Sam in a beautiful frame, Liam gave her a yellow sundress and heeled sandals to go with it, Niall gave her 4 tubs of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia icecream and an autographed picture of Chris Martin the lead singer of Coldplay that said "Happy 21st Birthday Astrid xX", when she got that she teared up and hugged him super tightly, when everyone turned to Louis to cue him to give her his present he just went and sat beside her on the love seat and whispered in her ear, nobody could hear but I guess it was something good that he whispered because a smile grew on Astrid's face, we cleaned up the mess from the presents we all sat down together, Louis and Astrid shared the loveseat with her head on his shoulder and his arm around her she had her new blanket Zayn had gotten her covering them, Niall and I decided to camp out on the floor and make a nice bed of blankets and pillows, we were sitting there for a while went Niall decided to put his arm around me and I leaned on him with a smile that he reciprocated, Liam and Tara looked adorable all snuggled up on the couch together, and Harry and Lindsey were on the other end of the couch with her head on his shoulder but his arm away from her, they were definitely finally going to break up soon, 

Astrid's POV:

The party was amazing, I was so thankful and happy with my presents, Louis whispered to me that he would give me mine later so I was eager to find out what it was, I loved cuddling with him, he was always so warm and smelt so good. After the movies and some drinking with everyone and a hilarious and scandalous game of truth or dare Louis and I made our way upstairs, neither of us drunk but I couldn't say the same for Niall, Harry, Lucy, and Tara they were wasted.

We got into our room and changed into our pajamas, we were standing facing eachother and Louis wrapped and arm around my waist and pulled me closer, his hand travelled down my arm and lifted it over his shoulder it fell back down with a weight on my wrist, I held it up and saw a beautiful silver bracelet on my wrist, it has diamonds on it and it fit my wrist perfectly there was a small plate where you can engrave small messages or names, I looked at mine and it read "Lou's Girl" my eyes teared up and I looked into Louis eyes,

"So... Astrid.. Will you be my girl?"
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