The Wedding

Astrid Left Everything, her friends, her family, her school, and her home when she was 15. So what happens when she comes home at the age of 18 for her sister's wedding? Will old flames relight and will they forgive her for leaving? Will her younger brother Liam tell her something that could change her life forever?


2. I left Home That Night

*16 years ago*

"Come on Liam, it's time for school!!" I shouted up the stairs, as my mom brushed my long bleach blonde hair,

"I'm coming!!" his three year old voice shouted back, his short brown hair a mess.

It was his first day of school and I was sooo excited, we caught our bus and sat in the very front seat, I walked him to his class seeing as it was my second year. All of the kids were hustling and bustling around and Liam was really shy so I saw a tanned skinned dark haired boy in the corner by himself, I sat Liam down with him and they began talking and playing. I was about to leave when Liam stopped me,

"Astrid! Wait!" he shouted, yeah my names Astrid, weird right? 

I stood and waited for him, he came running with his new found friend,

"This is Zayn," he introduced his friend,

"Hi Zayn, I'm Astrid. It's nice to meet you!" I smiled,

"Hi.." he said shyly but smiling,

After that day Zayn came over almost everyday and played with Liam, me, and my best friend Lindsey, she had short choppy blonde hair that just reached her shoulders and emerald green eyes, we had been inseparable since we were born.  Zayn and I became really close so it was the four of us who had become best friends for what felt like forever.

*14 years ago*

Liam and I were in the same class this year, we were in a split class so the first and seconds were put together, we were sitting at a round table that consisted of me facing the teacher then to my left was Sam then to her left was Zayn, then Liam, then two empty seats, there was a new girl in our class, she was the same age as Liam and Zayn then her older brother was the same age as Sam and I, the two of them scattered around looking for seats until I spoke up,

"There's two seats over here," I called out smiling, they smile in relief and sat with us,

"I'm Lucy," the young girl with curly brown hair said,

"I'm Nate," her older brother with straight blonde hair said, they were so different, the only similarity being their eyes, the both had deep brown eyes that were almost black, it was really cool, we all started hanging out so now there were six of us who were the best of friends,

*13 years ago*

Nate had a birthday party and we all went, his friend from where he and Lucy used to live came. They were from Doncaster and his friends name was Louis, he was moving to Wolverhampton with his family so we told him when school comes he can hang out with us, so when it did we found out he was a year older than me but we didn't really mind, we all started hanging out a lot more with Louis and he joined our "group" and Nate kind of left it... Liam was in the 1/2 split this year and there was another new boy, he was in grade one and seemed really nervous and scared so being the nice person Liam is he invited him over that night to get to know everyone. He came over and was pretty cute, he was really short though, he had dirty blonde hair and green eyes,

"I'm Harry," he said quietly,

"Hi, I'm Astrid," I said as I showed him to the living room where the rest of the group was siting, and everyone introduced themselves with smiles, Harry and I started hanging out a lot, we were the best of friends and everyone liked him so he was welcomed to the group as well,

*8 years ago*

The group hasn't changed much, my older sister Katie hangs out with us a lot now since we are a bit older and we have lots of fun with her, I'm in the sixth grade with Sam and the rest are in fifth, aside from Harry he's in fourth, there's a new girl in my class and because the teacher gave us assigned seats I was sat next to her, she had straight long brown hair, almost as long as mine and choppy box bangs and blue eyes, she was really nice, we started talking,

"Hi, I'm Tara," she said sweetly,

"Hi, I'm Astrid," I said in return,

"I like your hair," she responded,

"Thanks," I said excitedly,

"Is it your actually colour??" she asked,

"Yeah, I like it but I would love black hair," I told her,

"Yeah black hair is nice but your hair is really pretty," she told me,

She became a really good friend of mine and started hanging out with our group, and she seemed to have taken a liking Liam and it was really cute,

Closer to the end of that year the boys in the younger grade were really excited because every year the fifth graders get a pen pal somewhere around the world. Liam had one in Ireland, they talked a lot and became good friends, they sent eachother pictures and movies and birthday gifts, it was sweet.

*Six Years Ago*

Things got weird over those two years, the girls and I started to really grow up and the boys... Not so much.. Us girls were getting interested in boys and umm.. Developing.. And in the words over developing, my chest wouldn't stop, so my self esteem wasn't the best. Guys were falling at my feet but to be honest I kind of had  a thing for Louis... He came over all the time still but I acted weird around him, I didn't know how to act.. Eventually he told me he felt the same so we started to date.. I know what you're probably thinking, little young? Not old enough for love? But this was a life long thing, I had always felt something for Louis and we were finally dating! I came home after the last day of school, after being at Tara's house all night, to a unidentified boy in my living room, he was just standing there casually, he had visibly dyed blonde hair but I couldn't see his face,

He turned to me as I slowly stepped in, 

"Umm, who are you..?" I asked shyly,

"I'm your angel sent from heaven" his eyes were ocean blue and his Irish accent heavy,

"Mom!!" I yelled to her as I backed away, hitting a soft warm wall,

"Ow," I hear Louis exclaim,

"Oh, sorry Louis!!" I apologized, 

He hugged me and said its all good, I asked him and he explained that he was Liam's pen pal from Ireland,

I walked up to him and stuck out my hand,

"I'm Astrid," I gave a smile,

"Niall," he smiled big,

After that Niall and I became really close, I loved his charm and wit,
Every few nights if one of us couldn't sleep we would stay up and  talk on the phone for what felt like forever,

*4 Years Ago* 

It was the Christmas holidays and my sister was back from college for Christmas with her boyfriend Jake, Tara's older brother, we were all having a blast, Louis and I broke up a couple weeks ago but we patched everything up quickly so we could still have fun, I was out shopping with my life long best friend Sam, buying last minute Christmas presents the day before Christmas eve. It was pretty bad weather out and the roads were slicked with ice, we went to walk across the street and I slipped and fell, my bags went everywhere and I couldn't get up without slipping again, finally I got up and Sam was chasing a sweater that I had bought for her. She finally grabbed it with relief and stood up she lifted it in the air and smiled. That was the last time I saw her smile, the last time I saw her move, the last time I saw her alive.
She took a step towards me and a truck came and hit her at full speed, they must not have seen her and couldn't stop because of the ice. I broke down and cried I couldn't even handle it.

I left home that night.
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