The Wedding

Astrid Left Everything, her friends, her family, her school, and her home when she was 15. So what happens when she comes home at the age of 18 for her sister's wedding? Will old flames relight and will they forgive her for leaving? Will her younger brother Liam tell her something that could change her life forever?


11. I Can't Go Back There

*The night of the wedding*   Astrid's POV:   Everyone looked amazing, everyone was sat at a round table after the ceremony and the exchanging of rings, it was beautiful and for us all to be a part of it was incredible. Katie looked gorgeous and the speeches were now taking place. When all the speeches were done or so we thought Lindsey jumped up onto the stage with a massive grin oh shit..   "Hi everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a blast!! I'd just like to take this moment to welcome back my dear dear friend Astrid, I mean after she abandoned us she has still found her way back into our hearts!"   Ouch...   "And glasses up to Louis who has done nothing but love Astrid through all of this and everything she's done,"   Oh no.. I looked at Niall who returned my look of utter terror.   "I mean what a great guy! Still loving her after everything she has done, let's take think about everything she has DONE in the past, she dumped him for no reason, she wouldn't  sleep with him,  Niall," And as she says Niall she raises her glass to him and winks at him, our friends at the table think about what she's said then all their faces turn to shock and Louis' pure anger.   "Have a good night everyone!" she says cheerfully as she sits down at a different table.   Louis storms out of the hall and I follow him quickly running after him.   "Louis! Wait! You don't understand!" I shout,   He stopped and turns,   "What don't I understand Astrid? The fact that you slept with my best friend?" he shouted at me,   "It was a long time ago.." I cried,   "How long?" he asked sternly,   "Before I left, the Halloween party we went to," I cried,   "So you cheated on me?" he asked, his face red and eyes forming tears,   "Yes," I wasn't going to lie to him,   Niall came running after us,   "Lou listen I'm s-" Niall was cut of by Louis fist colliding into the side of his face,   "Thats for sleeping with my girlfriend you piece of shit!" he shouted at Niall who was on the floor in pain.   The rest of our friends showed up and Lucy had tears in her eyes, her and Niall just got together and now she thinks I slept with him while they were together, just great!   "Luce-" I said to her,   "Just don't!" she yelled as she stormed off, Niall got up and followed her,   "Tara?" I said softly,   "How could you not tell me? Who else knew Astrid??" she shouted, Liam placed a hand on her shoulder but she shook it off angrily, he looked hurt.   There was silence,   "I did..." Harry muttered,   "You told him and not me??" she yelled,   "It's not like that," I tried to explain,   "Really? Cause that's sure as hell the way it seems," she said and marched off, Liam followed her and gave me a look of disappointment as he left,   "We're done," Louis said to me as he walked away,   I broke down and started balling.    "I don't know what you want me to do," Harry said,   "Can you just go?" I cried,   "Okay.." he knelt down and kissed the top of my head as he left,   I sat there for what felt like forever before someone cleared their throat, I looked up to see Zayn still standing there waiting to comfort me,   "You didn't leave with everyone else?" I asked softly,   "No, come on I'll take you home," he said as he helped me up and walked me to his car,   "I can't go back there with everyone else," I said softly,   "My place it is then," he whispered as he helped me into his car and ran over to the drivers side and got in.   I must of fell asleep because next thing I knew I woke up and Zayn comfortable bed with my head on his bare chest and his arms wrapped around me, I fell back asleep instantly.   *The Next Morning*   I woke up next to Zayn who was half-sleeping. "Good-Morning," I grumbled, "Morning," his groggy morning voice responded,   "I hope this doesn't change anything between us I mean, we're just friends..." I said softly,   "Of course, I'm just being a good friend," he smiled weakly,   "I'm going to go call Niall.." I said,   "Ok," he muttered as he rolled over and fell back asleep.   I got up and dialed the second number on my speed dial, it rang a couple times,   "Hello," Niall spoke into the phone,   "Hey Ni..." I said softly,   "Oh... hey Astrid," he said guiltily,   "Look Niall..." I began,   "No Astrid listen, Lucy and I talked for what felt like forever last night and she made me realise something..." he spoke,   "What is it?" I asked nervously.   "I still love you Astrid," he said calmly.   "Wow.. Ni.. I don't know what to say," I spoke,   "I know, it's crazy. I mean I don't want to further confuse you or anything I just needed to tell you exactly how I felt,'' he said sadly,   "I appreciate that but I need to talk to Louis before anything, I do love him Niall... at least I think I do..." I said,   "Just don't force yourself with him Astrid, I know it sounds like I'm just saying that because I want you but he doesn't need you pretending to love him, like you always have," he explained,   "I used to love him...." I mumbled,   "I know A, I know... I'll talk to you later, I have to go talk to Harry he's calling me," he fare welled,   "Bye Ni," I said as I hung up,    
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