The Wedding

Astrid Left Everything, her friends, her family, her school, and her home when she was 15. So what happens when she comes home at the age of 18 for her sister's wedding? Will old flames relight and will they forgive her for leaving? Will her younger brother Liam tell her something that could change her life forever?


5. Her Dirty Secret

Lindsey's POV: 

I didn't know what was wrong with Harry, I mean he did always have a thing for Astrid so I guess that's why I was so happy when she left, I mean yeah it was tragic but you can't blame me, I have loved Harry forever and she's just played little miss innocent but unfortunately for her I know all of her secrets and I plan on revealing them when the time is right, send her back to wherever she was and let everything go back to normal, Astrid was always the center of attention and always came out on top but after she left it was me! Everyone followed me and asked me what we were doing on the weekend! Not her! And now she's back and everything will be just like before she left, Lindsey in the shadows, how could I ever compete with perfect ingenious Astrid, scratch the perfect part, I know her dirty secret that she's never told anyone but me I'm the only person that knows, living person anyways, you better hold tight Astrid cause this is going to be a bumpy ride, 

I thought the to myself, I know I sound crazy but I need attention that's just the way it's always been and I plan on getting it.

Astrid's POV:

 The next week,

We just started dance classes, everyone had a partner so fortunately for Louis we got to spend a lot more face time together, everyone was paired up, Harry and Lindsey, Tara and Liam, Lucy and Niall, and Zayn and my distance cousin Grace, everyone seemed awkward and uncomfortable, and Louis really couldn't dance, he kept stepping on my feet and pushing me over, he would pretend to be distracted and let his hand fall around my bum but I always quickly pulled them back to where they were supposed to be, I looked over at Harry and his face was turned towards me so we smiled at each other sweetly but his smile slowly faded as Lindsey barked demands into his ear and controlled him like a puppet, he really seemed depressed, 

Harry's POV: 

"One two three one two three one t- Harry!!! You're off count again! Start over! This time let me lead!!!" Lindsey shouted at me, man was she a bitch, it had been like this since we started dating, Lindsey changed after Astrid left and it wasn't for the better, she told me what to wear, how to walk, how to do my hair, how to sit when in eating, hell she even orders for me at a restaurant according to what ever diet she has me on. I'm seriously getting sick of her, I plan on dumping her after the wedding, I mean I can't let her go alone and I don't want it to be awkward when we dance together, people will notice, Katie would freak. Louis and Astrid have been reunited and I couldn't been more happy for them but then again I was also really upset I mean they aren't together yet but you can see in Louis' eyes he still loves her but when you look into hers it's blank, unknown, a stranger, I have always had a crush on Astrid, she was great, smart, funny, probably the nicest person I've ever met and did I mention probably the most beautiful as well, her long now black hair felt as soft as rabbit fur and her freckled cheeks just below her eyes made her that much more adorable not to mention her cuts dimples she got whenever she would smile, she was perfection, she was the one person I would give my life for and it just sucks that she'll never know how I feel.

Niall's POV:

Man Lucy could dance, I mean I guess I expected it since she's been a dancer since she was three, an her body showed it, let's start from the feet up shall we? Feet, perfected pointed and an expensive pedicure complimented her toe nails, her legs were long and thin and had all the curves in all the right places leading up to her hips, which were pretty small but she was just generally a small framed person, her arms were toned and muscular and wrapped around my like warm.. Spaghetti... Spaghetti? Really Niall?? Man I'm hungry.... Anyways! Her stomach was flat and showed the shadow of an almost six pack, her boobs aren't the biggest I will admit.. Maybe a B but I'm not complaining... Boobs are boobs.. Except Astrid's.. Hers are pretty big for her size, I mean she's probably what? An E pushing a DD? Sounds about right.. But enough about her, we're talking about Lucy and how beautiful she is to me, I've never felt this way about anyone else, it has always been Lucy I mean I did have really strong feelings for Astrid just before her and Louis broke up but I never wanted to be the cause even if I knew I truly was,

Zayn's POV:

  Grace was nice. I mean she was a good dancer and we could generally have a nice conversation, but I still missed Sam, god I loved her, we would spend every weekend snuggle up on my parents' couch watched movies and occasionally making out, she was incredible, we were the perfect match and there is no one in the world that could ever replace her, she was my second half and I still remember the call we got when she died, the phone rang and we had assumed it would be either Sam or Astrid but it was neither, it was a police officer. They told us our friend with the bleach blonde hair (Astrid) had given us the number but refuse to move from where she had collapsed on the ground, the conversation followed,

"Hello?" I spoke into the phone, we were all gathered at Harry's for Christmas, 

"Hello, this is Officer Brown, are you a friend of a girl by the name of Samantha Davidson?" he asked,

"Y-yeah.." I muttered worry washing over me,

"Is there any other of her friends or family there with you?" he asked,

"Yes, e-everyone is h-here," I stuttered,

"I'd like you to put me on speakerphone please son," he said calmly,

"O-o-okay," I said as I told everyone to listen to the man on the phone, they all circled around it, 

"Hello everyone, my name is officer Brown and I'm afraid I have some bad news for you all," he said slowly,

We all looked at eachother, Liam already had tears forming in his eyes thinking it might have been something about Astrid, 

"I'm afraid your friend Samantha has passed on," he said, clearly exhausted an depressed from having to tell a bunch of sixteen year olds one of their best friends just died, everyone had tears, everyone loved Sam, everyone was close to her, but nobody was as close as her and Astrid and I mean nobody they could pretty much read eachothers minds and know what to say to eachother, they were seriously the two closest human beings I've ever seen in my life.. Where was Astrid.?

"H-h-how?" Lucy muttered, Nialls arm casted around her holding her tightly,

"She was chasing after some gifts that had gotten blown by the wind, she slipped on the ice on the road and when she stood up there was a transport speeding towards her, there was too much ice and he couldn't stop in time, I'm sorry," he said calmly, choking on his words,

"Thank you for calling us and letting us know," Lindsey said pretty nonchalantly, bitch.

"Ok, I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you this, I'm sorry I had to tell you at all," he said guiltily like he had done something, the poor man,

"Ok.... Bye now," Harry said softly as he went to hang up,

"Bye.... Wait a second!" he said loudly so that we wouldn't hang up,

"What is it?" I said,

"There's a young lady here, she collapsed on the ground after the accident, nobody can get her to move or stop crying, I'm assuming she was with the victim?" he said sadly,

"Yeah, that must be Astrid," Louis said quietly,

"We need someone to come get her, she's in shock," he said"

He told us the location and we told him someone would be around shortly,

"Whose going to go?" I asked everyone,

"I will, she's my sister, I'm the second closest person to her after Sam.. I guess the first now.." Liam muttered,

"I'll go with you, she needs both of us right now," Harry said trying to stay calm,

"Oh no you're not," Lindsey told him,

"Why? Do you want to go help Astrid?" he said kindly,

"No, you're staying here with me, we're not canceling our Christmas plans just because a friend is being a drama queen," she said sternly,

"Lindsey... Her best friend just died. She just witnessed her best friend get hit by a transport!!! And you're saying she's being a drama queen??!" he shouted at her, 

"Yeah, stay. Or we're through" she said sternly,

"Oh..." Harry muttered as he sat next to Lindsey and she put a hand on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, poor guy, she has something on him,  I can tell,

" I'll go" I told him, I had to see it for myself,

"Zayn, I think it's best if you stay here, I don't think you'll be able to handle it, I mean we all know how close the two of you were," he told me, and I kind of agreed, I just went to the bathroom as slammed the door, I heard Louis say he would go too and the two of them left, 30 minutes later I heard the door open and slam and then open and close again, I ran out to see Astrid storm past me and into the bathroom I had just vacated, Louis and Liam were hurrying after her but it was no use, boy did she look awful, we all sat in Harry's living room while we waited for her to come out,

"What took you guys so long?" Lucy asked softly,

"She wouldn't move, she was paralyzed, I've never seen my sister cry so much in my life," Liam told us,

"Yeah, it took a lot but we managed to get her into the car, you should have seen her face, pale as a ghost," Louis told everyone, everyone had been crying and comforted eachother, except me, nobody understood the connection Sam and I had so I just sat on the floor away from everyone, an hour later Astrid came out of the bathroom and everyone stood, Liam approached her to hug her but she stepped away, she was really out of it, she walked in front of me and I stood, as soon as I did her worn and exhausted arms wrapped around me tightly, I wrapped my arms around her and squeezed reassuring her that I understood, I felt as if Astrid really was the only person that felt as torn as I did, she stepped back and looked at us all, she back away from us and towards the entrance of the living room, 

"Astrid..." Liam tried consoling her but she just took off, the door whipped open and she didn't bother shutting it, she was a sprinter, she was on the roster for the women's 2012 Olympics 100m dash, there was no use in running after her, we didn't see her the day after that, or the week after, or the month after, or the four years following, we asked her parents and they said she moved away, she said she couldn't handle the death of someone that meaningful to her, I felt alone. The only person that could have gotten through this with me ran away, I would never forgive Astrid for that, but I could never blame her for it either..
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