The Wedding

Astrid Left Everything, her friends, her family, her school, and her home when she was 15. So what happens when she comes home at the age of 18 for her sister's wedding? Will old flames relight and will they forgive her for leaving? Will her younger brother Liam tell her something that could change her life forever?


4. Crazy Two Months

We arrived with our fingers intertwined and I was exhausted, the flight had really worn me out. I offered to take my bags in but the boys insisted and I went to bed,

Here's just to catch up:

Tara; shoulder length brown hair, her box bangs grown out and her blue eyes . 20
Currently crushing on: Liam,

Lindsey; just below shoulder length curly blonde hair, and emerald green eyes, 20

Currently dating: Harry,

Lucy; straight waist length wavy brown hair, eyes a lighter shade of brown now, 20

Currently crushing on: Niall,

Astrid; as described in last chapter, 20

Currently crushing on: Maybe still in love with Louis..

Katie; shoulder length strawberry blonde hair with light green eyes, 25

Niall; as he is now, 19

Currently crushing on: Lucy,

Liam; as he is how, 19

Currently crushing on: Tara,

Harry; as he is now, 18

Currently dating: Lindsey,

Louis; as he is now, 22

Still in love with: Astrid

Zayn; as he is now, 20

Still in love with: Sam,

I woke up the next morning with a deeply sleeping Louis next to me, he looked so adorable in his sleep. It was really cold so I snuggled into his back for warmth and he was really warm, almost immediately after he rolled onto his back and put his arms around me, he kissed the top of my head lightly and sang deeply in my ear, and I fell back into a deep sleep. I only woke up when the feeling of coldness washed over me like I had just been put outside in a bikini. I was frozen, I curled up in the blankets then I noticed Louis was gone. I looked around for him and saw that the bathroom light was on, he must have just had to go pee but when he stepped out, boy was I wrong.

It looked like a scene from a movie, I saw in slow motion. The bathroom door pulled open and a threshold of steam fills the room, Louis stepped out with his toned naked body glistening with the water from the shower he just took, his hair slicked from the dampness, he shook his head and water droplets flickered all around the room. He walked over to his dresser and bent down to reach new boxers, oh my god... I couldn't help but let a giggle escape my mouth, he quickly turned around to see where it had come from,

"Holy shit! Astrid! Your awake and I-" his eyes shot down to his visible genitalia and his hands shot down quickly to cover himself,

I couldn't help but die laughing, 
"Oh Louis! I've seen it now, no use covering!" I died laughing,

"Why didn't you tell me you were awake??" he demanded,

"I just got up.." I told him innocently,

"Sure, you just wanted to see this," he said seductively gesturing down his body, 

"Ok then Lou," I laughed,

He ran over to the bed and jumped on top of me tickling me ferociously, I tried fighting but he was too strong, I was flailing about trying to get away from the tickling of my upper thighs, he held my arms above my head with one hand and tickled me with the other, I was helpless,

I was laughing to loud to hear someone enter the room,

"Hey Astrid I- .... What the fuck...?" Liam looked shocked and angry,

"Liam! It's not what it looks like!" Louis shot up from on top of me to try and explain,

Liam held a hand out trying to block Louis visible boxer area, 
"Just put some clothes on man!" he shouted,

"Liam," he started as he put some boxers and track pants on, 

"I just hopped out of the shower and Astrid was asking for it.." he tried explaining,

"You're disgusting," his glance changing from Louis to me then back to Louis,

"I didn't mean that!! I was tickling her!! Like I used to!! We weren't doing anything Liam!" he explained,

"Naked?" he questioned harshly,

"I just got out of the shower.." he said quietly,

"Whatever," Liam said sternly as he walked off,

"That was awful!" I exclaimed as I covered my face with my hands,

"Could have been worse?" he sighed,

"How?" I asked sternly,

"We could have been doing what he thought," he winked with a grin,

"Louis!" I shouted as I chucked a pillow at his face, he just laughed and went downstairs.

I went downstairs and said Goodmorning to everyone, they all smiled and made room for me at the table, I was between Harry and Louis, great. 

"Heard you and Louis hooked up," Harry whispered sinisterly into my ear,

"You're such an ass, I missed you," I smiled and put my head on his shoulder, getting a weird look from Louis and getting a watch yourself look from Lindsey, she had always thought I had feelings for him but really he was like my brother, I could tell him anything. 

"Yeah, I missed you too, wanna do something today?" he asked sweetly,

"Umm, sure, I think I have to catch up with everyone first though.." I told him,

"So what's been going on?" I asked them all,

"I'm in uni to be a vet," Lucy said,

"Wow, that's great Luce, that's what you've always wanted," I smiled,

"I'm going to college for business," Tara said,

"Awesome," I said cheerfully,

They continued to catch me up and explain all the dates, the wedding was in May, a day after my birthday, it was two months from now, we were in the middle of March right now. We had a lot to do though, dance classes, dress fittings, taste testings, music selections, and soo much more. This was going to be a crazy two months.
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