What's Worth Dying For

Avalon Burge knew why she shouldn't like Gabriel Woods. But she couldn't help herself. It's not like she knew before they became friends, but she'd seen the signs and chose to ignore them. Their types weren't supposed to mix, but something about Gabriel was different. Start reading to find out about the demons and angels in all of us, what happens when they form a forbidden friendship and what they experience when their true natures start to burst through. Please comment your thoughts and some of your own stories! I will read them!! :)


6. Chapter 5: Red Prius

As soon as Gabriel left to go home, Avalon pulled her log out from under her mattress. She had to keep it hidden so her eleven year old brothers, Jace and Evan, didn't find it. She didn't want them to see it when they'd sneak into her room and take her stuff. Avalon opened to the next blank page and began to write.

      April 7th

    Gabriel called a boy names and knocked his lunch over in retaliation for being shoved out of his seat.

      Avalon had hundreds of entries in her log, so she could keep track of what Gabriel had done. She thought that maybe if she could look back at what he'd done and why, she'd be able to figure out a way to get him out of those situations. It hadn't proved much help, but she continued to write down what he did. Sometimes Gabriel wouldn't do anything bad for days at a time, but now his wrongdoings had become more frequent, all most everyday.
      Avalon sighed and put the log back in its hiding place.


  "Are you nervous to go to biology," Gabriel asked Avalon between mouthfuls of burrito. Avalon pushed what was left of her Caesar salad around with her fork.
        "I think I definitely got in the B range, at least, so I'm not that nervous to get the test back. How about you?" Gabriel gave her his signature smirk.
        "Oh please," he said, "When's the last time I've ever been worried about a test grade?" He took a swig of his soda. The lunch room was bustling with students, a constant buzz of chatter filling the room.
          "I suppose that's true, but if you haven't noticed, you're failing biology," Avalon replied. Gabriel leaned across the table to Avalon.
          "If you haven't noticed," he whispered, "I don't give a crap." He leaned back and smiled. Avalon rolled her eyes at him and took another bite of her salad.
        "Of course you don't, Gabriel." Just then, the bell rang, so Gabriel and Avalon threw their lunches away and started to walk to biology.
          They got to class and took their seats while Mr. Edwards gave them a stern look. They were only five minutes late. "I've graded your tests," he said in his nasally voice, "And you all did pretty well." Mr. Edwards picked up a stack of papers, clearly their tests, and proceeded to pass them out. Avalon looked across the room to see Gabriel got his already and was smiling down at his paper. He glanced up and mouthed, "B." Avalon grinned at him and gave a thumbs up in return.
          Avalon nervously awaited the arrival of her test. When Mr. Edwards finally placed hers face down her desk, she flipped it over immediately. Relief flooded through her. She looked back at Gabriel, who was waiting to hear her grade. "A," she mouthed to him. He smiled at her and then looked back at his paper, flipping through it proudly.
          After a boring class of taking notes and listening to Mr. Edwards speak, Avalon was ready to go home. After getting all of her binders, Avalon got on the bus and plopped down in a seat beside Gabriel. "Today was a good day," Gabriel decided, looking out the window.
        "And why would that be?" Gabriel turned to face her and smiled.
        "I'm no longer failing biology and I was good today," he added the last part in a quieter voice. Avalon grinned back at him, it had been a pretty good day.
        "I was wondering," Gabriel said a few minutes later, "if you would go to the dance with me." Avalon had completely forgot about the dance, she didn't even have a dress.
        "That's Friday, right?" Gabriel nodded. "Sure, I'll go with you." Gabriel flashed her his perfect smile.
        "I knew you would." They were going as friends, of course. That's what they always did for that type of social event.
        "I still need a dress. Want to come with me to find one?"
        "Not really but I'll go with you anyways," Gabriel said, "When do you want to go?"
        "As soon as my mom finishes whatever she's doing when we get to my house," Avalon told him.
        When they got to Avalon's house, they pretty much had it to themselves. Mrs. Burge was working in the kitchen, Charlie had soccer practice, Ella had cheer, Mr. Burge was still at work and Jace and Evan were at school.
        They had finished the majority of their homework when Mrs. Burge was ready to drive them at six o'clock. Mr. Burge still wasn't home, so Mrs. Burge told Ella and Charlie to watch the boys on her way out the door.
        When they pulled into Cali's Dress Shop, Mrs. Burge promised to be back in an hour and then drove off. When Avalon and Gabriel walked in the store, a kind lady said, "Welcome to Cali's, looking for anything special?"
        "Just a dress," Avalon replied.
        "You guys are such a cute couple," the lady told them sweetly.
        "We're not a couple," Gabriel said quickly, "We're just friends." Avalon nodded in agreement.
        "Oh, well, let me show you our dress selection."

        "What do you think," Avalon asked as she stepped out of the dressing room. She twirled so Gabriel could get the full effect. It was a sparkly yellow dress that had little flower details along the bottom. Gabriel looked at it thoughtfully.
        "Yellow is not your color, you need more of an aqua blue. Lose the sparkles. And on top of that, it's almost touching the floor," Gabriel concluded.
        "Thank you, Mr. Stylist, for your advice." Avalon started looking for more dresses and found an green, lace dress. Gabriel grabbed her shoulders and spun her around.
        "I said blue," he reminded her, "Not green, blue." He steered her in the direction of some pretty blue dresses. A rack of ties caught Avalon's eye.
        "While we're here," Avalon said, "we should get you a tie. It has to be blue so we don't clash." She picked up a navy tie. "Too dark." She found a lighter one and held it up to Gabriel. "I like this one. It brings out your eyes," Avalon decided, "I'm holding onto this one." Gabriel saw something Avalon didn't and his whole face lit up.He walked over to it. "What is it?" He took a dress off the rack.
        "Try this on," he told her. So Avalon did. It was silk and fell just above her knees. It was light blue with a beaded belt running across it and a sweetheart neckline. She walked out of the dressing room and Gabriel smiled. "I like that one."
        "Me too." So after Avalon changed back into her clothes, they went up to the front of the store to pay for the dress and tie.
        "Thanks for coming to Cali's," the cashier said, "Come again soon." They still had fifteen minutes before Mrs. Burge came to get them, so they sat on the old wooden bench outside the store.
        "I'm cold," Gabriel announced. Gabriel was always cold. Demons didn't like the cold, they lost body heat faster than normal people. Avalon wasn't cold at all.
        "I'd offer you my jacket but I don't think you'd want it."
        "You're right, it's pink."
        "There's nothing wrong with pink," Avalon countered, giving Gabriel a playful shove. He pushed her back and she fell off the bench. Demons were strong, too.  Avalon laughed but Gabriel frowned.
        "I didn't realize I would push you that hard," he said, looking at his feet.
        "It's okay," Avalon responded, "Dude, cheer up." Avalon got back on the bench. Gabriel put his head in his hands, something he had been doing a lot lately.
          "Now I have to worry about hurting people even when I'm not mad," he said in a muffled voice.
          "Gabriel, chill out." Avalon nudged him gently.


          Gabriel looked handsome in his suit and tie as he came to pick Avalon up for the dance. "I like what you did with your hair," he told her, sticking his finger through the middle of one of her curls.
        "Thanks." Avalon flinched when she saw Mrs. Woods car.
        "What is it," Gabriel asked worriedly.
        "D-did your mom get a new car?"
        "Yeah," Gabriel responded, "It's a red Prius."
          "Oh," Avalon said softly. She kept walking and got in the car. She didn't know why it scared her so bad. But then she remembered that blue Prius and shuddered. For some reason she was more terrified of this red Prius than of any blue one. She used to have nightmares about a red Prius chasing her down. Maybe because red was the color of blood.

          "Be good," Mrs. Woods told them, "I'll pick you up when it's over." Avalon and Gabriel waved as she drove away.
          They went inside the gym, which was decorated with balloons and streamers. A disco ball hung from the ceiling. "Shall we dance," Gabriel said with a smile.
        "We shall."
        They had been there for almost an hour when Joe Parks ambled over. Joe was one of those jocks who hated people like Gabriel and was adored by all the girls. Avalon hated him. "Hello," he said in a slurred voice. He was drunk. "Can I take this dance?" He reached for Avalon's hand. She stepped back.
        "I don't think so," Avalon replied.
        "Why not?" He stepped closer to her. Gabriel blocked his path.
        "Joe, you're drunk," Gabriel said, "Go away." That made Joe angry.
        "Shut up, Gabe," he sneered, "Get out of my way, I'm going to dance with Avalon."
        That was when Joe punched Gabriel in the face.

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