What's Worth Dying For

Avalon Burge knew why she shouldn't like Gabriel Woods. But she couldn't help herself. It's not like she knew before they became friends, but she'd seen the signs and chose to ignore them. Their types weren't supposed to mix, but something about Gabriel was different. Start reading to find out about the demons and angels in all of us, what happens when they form a forbidden friendship and what they experience when their true natures start to burst through. Please comment your thoughts and some of your own stories! I will read them!! :)


4. Chapter 3: Who We've Become

        Stella was born as Avalon Burge, into a relatively wealthy family, surrounded by other siblings. Four  more, to be exact. Avalon was the third oldest, it was easy for her it slip away unnoticed as the middle child. She grew up knowing what she was and what she learned, carefully hiding it from her family. Avalon was a clever girl, but often denied the truth.
      Gabriel Woods had lived down the street from Avalon all her life but when she actually met him in kindergarten, she was drawn to his gentle silence. She was determined to bring something out of him.
      Gabriel wasn't the brightest student and Avalon was is his only true friend. He had no tolerance for the other children, often getting angry with them, yet he showed Avalon only kindness. Avalon found this peculiar, it sparked thoughts of what she had learned about demon children. But looking into his deep, blue eyes, all such thoughts faded away.
        Gabriel was a troublemaker nonetheless. He never did his homework and was always challenging what teachers told him, but those imperfections started disappearing as he grew. He occasionally had sudden outbursts that took Avalon by surprise, none directed at her, though. There was one such case she wouldn't ever forget.
        They were in fifth grade, playing outside during recess, a normal day. Avalon and Gabriel roamed the basketball courts, talking, Gabriel bouncing a basketball as he walked. The other kids didn't particularly like Gabriel, even Avalon had to admit he was odd. But that was why she liked him, he didn't judge her.
        As a dare, one of the other boys ran up behind Gabriel and jumped on top of him, sending him crashing to the ground. The boy jumped up and snatched the basketball as it rolled away, shouting in a taunting voice, "Sorry there, Gabe, I needed a basketball and yours was the only one around!" He proceeded to run back to his group of friends, basketball in his hands.
      This sort of thing wasn't unusual. The others often took Gabriel's things, broke them and laughed at him. But they had never physically hurt him before. And after the show, they wouldn't again.
      Gabriel sat up painfully, cradling his left arm. His eyes burned with hatred. "Gabriel," Avalon warned him, "Don't do anything stupid." He was already on his feet, limping over to where the boy had come from. Gabriel had never hurt one of his classmates, Avalon was afraid that was about to change.
      Avalon chased after him, but he had already gotten to the boy before she could catch him. Gabriel grabbed the other boy's shirt from behind, spinning the kid around. "What the hell was that for," Gabriel seethed. The kid's expression turned to terrified as he saw Gabriel's fist hovering near his face.
      "I'm sorry! I'm sorry," the boy screamed. "I won't do it again, I promise! Please don't hit me!" Upon hearing the last part, Gabriel's eyes flickered to his fist, still clenched and ready to hurt this horrified boy. Gabriel's whole face fell. He dropped his fist and released the kid. The boy scrambled away from him but didn't tell a teacher, because he was afraid.  Gabriel took a step back and then turned to face Avalon. His eyes were horrified, of what, Avalon didn't know. She stared at him blankly, not sure what to make of what she'd witnessed. Gabriel nervously raked his hands through his dark hair, breathing hard. He winced and then held his left hand protectively. Gabriel turned around and walked away. Avalon let him go.
          He was gone the rest of the day and Avalon didn't like not knowing where he was. She survived the rest of school day, not managing to focus on anything else. The minute she got home, she retreated to her room to think.
          He had never acted that way before. Avalon couldn't shake the image of him with his fist raised, his blue eyes blazing. She'd really thought Gabriel was going to hurt the boy. Could he really hurt someone? Would he sink that low? This wasn't like him, something was wrong. Avalon didn't know how to approach Gabriel to ask what that was. So she found her sixteen year old brother, Charlie, to ask for advice.
        "He's been acting really weird and I swear I thought he was going to knock this kid's teeth out today. I want to ask him what's wrong, but I think he'd tell me. I don't know what to do, Charlie." Being the good brother that Charlie was, he listened to Avalon's story. He was always the one to offer Avalon guidance, something she didn't get a lot of from her parents. Being the oldest, Avalon naturally looked up to him when she had troubles.
        "I think," Charlie replied, "that Gabriel will tell you if he wants you to know. I wouldn't push him to tell you. He's clearing trying to figure out what happened, too." Avalon looked up at Charlie, amazed. "You can tell just by hearing the story?" Charlie smiled.
      "Yes. Now get out," he said affectionately, "I've got an essay that needs writing." He tousled Avalon's brown hair and sent her off. Now that she knew what Gabriel was going to do, Avalon went into Ella's room. The ninth grader was at her desk on her laptop. Avalon saw her close out of Facebook as she neared.
        "What do I do when I need know what is going on with a boy and he has no intentions of telling me?" Ella pulled out her earbuds and sighed.
        "Gabriel?" Avalon nodded. Ella absently looked at the keys of her laptop, thinking. "I would suggest going to his house right now and demanding an explanation." Avalon frowned at her.
        "Wouldn't that be a bit forward?"
        "Which will tell him that you won't leave until you get an answer and he will have no choice but to give one to you."
        "Thanks." Avalon bounded down the stairs with a new determination. On the way out the door, she hollered, "I'm going to Gabriel's house if you need me!" Then she continued on her way.
        Avalon walked four houses down and turned into a driveway with a familiar blue house. She went up the walkway, thinking of what she would say to him. She took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. Gabriel's mother answered the door with a smile. "Gabriel's in his room," she said, letting Avalon in the house, "He has been all day." Avalon went up the staircase and turned right, stopping in front of the second door on the right. She softly knocked on his door. "Gabriel, it's me." She heard no reply. "Gabriel, I'm coming in if you don't answer me." Still no response. "I'm coming in." Avalon opened the door and walked in.
        Gabriel wasn't there. Avalon scanned his room, looking for any indication of where he was. Gabriel's window was open. She poked her head out and could just see Gabriel's outline on the far side of the roof. So Avalon cautiously climbed out the window. She tentatively made her way over to Gabriel. "What do you want?" Avalon hadn't known he'd heard her. Everything Ella told her fled her mind.
        "I was worried about you."
        "Go home." Avalon was hurt by his words but held her ground. She shuffled over to Gabriel. He scooted farther away. Avalon sighed.
        "I'm not going home, Gabriel. Not until I get an explanation."
        "No, you wouldn't understand."
        "Try me."
        "I don't know what happened. I just got so mad, it was like I couldn't control myself." Avalon saw that his left hand was badly bruised and swollen.
        "Your hand." Gabriel glanced up at Avalon and pulled his hand from her view.
        "It's fine."
        "It doesn't look fine. Let me see your hand." Gabriel reluctantly showed her his hand. Avalon gently held it.
        "Does it hurt?"
        "Did your mom see this?"
        "You should wrap that up." Gabriel's eyes flickered to hers. A mixture of annoyance and appreciation for her concern crossed his face.
        "No, it's fine." He gently took his hand back.
        "What do you mean you couldn't control yourself?"
        Gabriel looked up at the sky. "I mean that I wouldn't have gone after him, but I couldn't stop myself." Avalon thought about that for a moment.
        "Like anger management issues?"
        "No." Avalon still didn't understand. He couldn't control is anger and claims it's not anger management problems. Well, then what was it?
        "Gabriel," Avalon began, "You need to tell me what's going on. Please."
        "You won't believe me."
        "Tell me."
        Gabriel put us head in his hands, clearly distressed. "Avalon, I'm a demon."

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