What's Worth Dying For

Avalon Burge knew why she shouldn't like Gabriel Woods. But she couldn't help herself. It's not like she knew before they became friends, but she'd seen the signs and chose to ignore them. Their types weren't supposed to mix, but something about Gabriel was different. Start reading to find out about the demons and angels in all of us, what happens when they form a forbidden friendship and what they experience when their true natures start to burst through. Please comment your thoughts and some of your own stories! I will read them!! :)


3. Chapter 2: Time

      "Kate," Stella said blankly. She didn't remember much of her sister, she'd been only five when Kate died. But the girl standing in the doorway matched the girl in the picture Stella used to keep in her room. "Your hair, it grew back." Kate's reddish brown hair was beautiful, but it looked foreign compared to the Kate with no hair Stella remembered. A tear streaked down Kate's face. Stella glanced curiously at her, unsure if Kate was happy or sad.
        "You're not supposed to be here," Kate whispered, "You were supposed to live a long life and have kids and grandchildren and be happy." Her words hit Stella like a brick to the stomach. She doubled over and took heaving breaths. After composing herself, she hugged her knees and tucked her head between them.
        "You were, too, Kate." Kate came and sat next to Stella, she gently pulled her into her own lap. Stella let a sob break through her and soon she and Kate were hugging each other, crying together. Happy to be with each other, sad about the circumstances. Sometime during this, Angela left them. "Will you explain what is going on?" Stella said between sniffles.
        "You might not understand this all, at first, but no questions until the end." Stella nodded. "Okay. All normal people are half angel and half demon. Even if a pure angel has a child with a normal person, that child will still be half and half. The same case exists for demons, too. A pure angel or demon can only be born naturally if both parents are pure, and the same nature. But me and you, along with most angels and demons were born another way. A lot children are miscarriages, and whenever possible, the dead child is replaced by an angel or a demon. We have people who are in charge of that, you know, trying to place an angel there before a demon is. Does that make sense?"
        "Um, I think I get it, for the most part," Stella replied, trying to process the information. "But what now? What does an angel do? How do angels die?" Stella had so many questions but didn't think Kate would answer them. And she was right.
        "That's what school is for, Stella. I promise it'll make sense soon. Are you okay? You don't look so good. Are you sick?"
        "I didn't realize angels in heaven could get sick. But, yeah, I'm fine. Can I meet the others?" Stella was eager to make more friends, but was a little scared.
        "Yeah, come here." Kate stood up and walked out of the room, turning in to the door immediately to the right. Two men were sitting at the desks, speaking about their families. They looked up when Stella and Kate walked in. "Jared, Nick, this is Stella, my little sister." The pair wore matching expressions, clearly surprised.
        The older man, Jared, who must have been at least seventy, smiled kindly, "You two look alike, very beautiful girls." Stella couldn't help but smile, she liked this man. Nick, who looked roughly fifty, said nothing and looked down at the desk.
        "We remind him of his daughters," Kate whispered to Stella, "He told me once before." Stella felt bad for the poor man, missing his daughters. Then Kate left the room to enter the one on the other side of the hallway. A girl and a boy, seemingly the same age, sat together on one of the beds. "They were married," Kate filled her in. Upon hearing the voices,they both looked up.
      "Well, there she is," the man said brightly, "We've been waiting for you." Stella turned to Kate.
      "What does he mean?"
      "I should've explained this earlier," Kate replied, "You died almost a year ago. You don't wake up from death until about a year later... So we knew about you, not who you were, but knew someone else was coming."
      "Why do I still look nine? And why do you look fourteen, Kate?" It never occurred to Stella why Kate hadn't aged.
        "Once you die, you don't age physically, but, say if you were two, your brain would still mature into adulthood. Get it?"
        "Yeah." Stella gave the couple on the bed a short wave. "I'm Stella, Kate's sister." They both glanced at Kate, who nodded once, reassuring them what Stella said was true.
        "I'm John," the man said, "and this is my wife, Mell." He gestured to the pretty woman, who smiled warmly.
      "Come on, Stella, I want to show you where we learn." Kate tugged on Stella's arm affectionately, leading her out of the room. She followed Kate through a maze of hallways until they finally stopped at one and walked inside. Stella didn't think she'd ever remember where the doors were. There was, to no surprise, ten white desks and one white stool, a blackboard and a bunch if confusing diagrams on the walls. Kate sat down at one of the desks, motioning for Stella to sit down next to her. So Stella sat.
      "This is all you had to show me? You couldn't have showed me tomorrow?"
      "No. I actually brought you here so Angela could teach you your first lesson. I figured you wouldn't want to come if you knew what you were going to do."
      "You're right, I'd rather not. In case you hadn't noticed, I've been through a lot today. I just want to go to sleep," Stella moaned. She didn't appreciate being lied to, especially by her sister.
      A few minutes later, Angela walked in, carrying a stack of papers. "Kate, are you going to stay?" Stella asked eagerly.
      "Sure, Stella." Angela placed a thick packet of Stella's desk.
      "Read this, talk later." So Stella picked it up and read.
        God and Devil were the creators of Earth, and are responsible for all the good and bad that come with it. They have a long rivalry, creating the tension between good and bad.
        Angels are God's gift to Earth, they bring good and peace with them wherever the go. But demons are Devil's work, and as children, are normal, but they start to grow into their true natures as they mature. A demon child is often aware of what they are, but will do nothing of it. A demon, in its true state, is a red creature that stands on all fours, foul and disturbing. But an angel's true state is what they looked like before their first deaths.

          Stella reread the part about demon children. Ben. She saw the image Ben drew with chalk in her mind. Ben was a demon. Stella choked back a sob. Not Ben, she thought, he didn't deserve this. Cautiously, she continued reading.
          An angel will be reborn after its first death, either as a baby or replacing a dead soul. An example is if someone wakes up from a coma, he or she is now replaced by either an angel or a demon(which ever got there first), the old soul was already dead.
        It is important for an angel to stay away from a demon, at all costs. Although it may be hard to spot one, there are certain characteristics that can identify one. A demon is generally shy, with sudden outbursts of anger. They have been recorded to have brown eyes, no other case has been identified. But this doesn't mean any person with brown eyes is a demon. They are said to be smart, but don't fulfill their full potential. Demons don't want to change who they are, and can become quite violent when they are aware of an angel.
          It is possible for demons, and angels alike, to die. A demon will only live once and reside in Hell after death, without rebirth. Demons can die of old age or severe trauma, like a normal person might, but are immune to sickness.  Angels, on the other hand, can die all the same ways as a human, but will be reborn. An angel can only truly die and go to what humans call Heaven if it is suicide.
        There are certain laws an angel must follow. An angel must not consciously interact with a demon. An angel is forbidden to tell anyone about what they are. An angel isn't allowed to visit Hell and a demon isn't allowed to enter Heaven. An angel must not do bad deeds. These laws, if broken, are punishable with eternity in Hell.
        The reason for the existence of angels is to bring the good that Earth desperately needs. The opposite of a demons purpose, which is to bring badness and destruction.
        There are two levels to God's realm. A lower level called Nativitate and an upper level called Vita. Nativitate is where the angels are kept in between life and Vita is where God lives and the good souls can live happily for all eternity. Vita is also know as Heaven to the people on Earth.
      There are three known levels to Devil's realm. The first level is Interitum, where the bad souls are claimed to be kept. The second level is Mors, where the the dead demons are placed. The final, lowest level is Infernum, where Devil stays, alone. No angel has ever been to any of the levels of Hell, because it is not allowed.


        Stella proudly strutted into the white room and sat on the bed. This was it. She had worked for six years and was finally going to be reborn. She was beaming with pride. She had learned all the required and excelled in the tests. Stella smiled at the thought that she wouldn't have to go to schooling after her next death. But the strange thing she still didn't understand is why they kept track of years and not days. She dismissed the thought, too excited about what was to come. For some reason, Stella's thoughts flickered to Kate, who had been gone for four years now. Stella hadn't really missed her, and besides, Stella would have many more sisters in her lives to come.
      Angela walked into the room and immediately grasped Stella in a huge hug. "You look like Kate," Angela told her.
      "I look nine."
      "Your pride and your smile remind me of her." Stella frowned. She didn't want to be compared to her old sister.
      "Please don't remind me of the sister I no longer have. For all it's worth, she died four years ago."
      Angela silently gave Stella the shot that put her to sleep instantly.
      It was time.

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