(For one of my besties Sydney.) Sydney got cheated on multiple times by her boyfriend. And to get over the pain of breaking up with him she gets a little drunk witch is how she ends up meeting Zayn. Will she get back with the guy who hurt her time after time or fall in love with a stranger.


2. With Zayn

Authors note: There is a lot of british slang in this

Sydneys POV

I woke up in a bed. But it wasn't my bed. And I was in someones arms. But they weren't Tristans. "Tristan?" I asked just to make sure. It wasn't him. I jumped up from the bed to see the guy I met yesterday. Realizing I was naked I pulled the blanket over me. He shot up from the bed and pulled on some boxers. "Sydney, love lay down. You were quiet drunk last night." "What The hell happened!?!?" I asked him. "Isn't it kind of obvious? I was drunk, you were drunk. Bobs your uncle." He asked me. "Well ya but why! I don't know you! Oh my god you used protection right?" I yelled. Everything was still swirling from being drunk. He sat down next to me and put his arm around me. "Yes of course I did. Calm down." His voice was so soothing and I almost gave in then I quickly stood up and franticly found my clothes. "No! I don't KNOW you!" "Love sit down your going to chunder!" He said. I looked at him. "Fine but I'm leaving as soon as I can walk straight." A look of pleaser ran across Zayns face. "Don't get any ideas." I said. I found my phone and grabbed it. A lot of notifications from Twitter. Then I read a post from Zayn. "Had a lovely time with Sydney! Lovely girl!" And he tagged me. I clicked the picture. Oh My God. I can't believe he posted that. It wasn't anything that bad But it was of us and someone had taken a picture of us on his phone of him kissing my cheek and his arms around my waist and my arms around my neck. I don't even remember this happening! I looked up at Zayn who was standing in front of me. "What. Is. This?!?" I show him the picture. He smiled. "Everyones going to think were dating!" I said. I had put on my clothes. I stood up and Zayn grabbed my hands. "Then why don't we!" He exclaimed. "Because I don't know you!" I said. "Yes you do! We talked for hours last night!" "Ok even if I did remember any of that I wouldn't date you! I just met you! And I don't care that your famous!" I said. and sat back down on the bed. Zayn sighed. "Fine but lets make a deal. If you hang out with me for a while and don't like me I'll get off your back but if you do, I'll ask you out." "Do I really have a choice?" "Nope." "Fine." I replied. I went through my news feed again. Most followers on Twitter I've ever had. Thats for sure. It was a short amount of time before I had past out again. And when I woke up Zayn wasn't in the room. I got up and walked out. "Zayn?" I called. Then I went into the living room of his flat. But Zayn wasn't just there but the rest of one direction. It took me a minute to process what was going on. Do they live here? Do they know we had sex? Oh my god. Apparently it was the next day and I had slept through yesterday. I quickly ran out of the room into Zayns room and shut the door. Zayn ran after me. "Syd, Sydney open the door." He said. I opened it. "Do they live here?" I asked quietly so that they didn't here. "No!" He said. "Oh my god! you didn't tell them we had sex right?" "No of course not! I'm not stupid!" I sighed of relief. "Thank god." 

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