(For one of my besties Sydney.) Sydney got cheated on multiple times by her boyfriend. And to get over the pain of breaking up with him she gets a little drunk witch is how she ends up meeting Zayn. Will she get back with the guy who hurt her time after time or fall in love with a stranger.


6. 6

Sydneys POV

My eyes slowly opened. I sighed and turned over looking at my clock. 11 am. Already? I picked up my phone that I guess I had put next to me and it had fallen on the floor. I had 13 missed calls and 20 text messages. I listened to the first voice message, still half asleep with my eyes closed. "You have 10 new messages. You have 13 missed calls. First message." The animated voice said. But as soon as I heard the fist message my eyes shot open. "SYDNEYYY WHERE ARE YOU GET UP!!" It was the voice of my best friend Terra. "End of first message. Next message." "SYDNEYYYYYYYYYY GET UP YOUR EVERYWHERE!!! PLEASE CALL ME BACK I NEED YOU!!!" The rest of the messages were the same as long as the text messages. I called Terra back. "FINALLY!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOUR PICTURE IS EVERYWHERE WHY DIDN'T I KNOW ABOUT THIS EVERYONE IS FREAKING OUT..." Terra was talking a mile a minute. "Terra.... Terra... TERRA!!! slow down!!!!" She took a deep breath. "so first of all you didn't TELL me your dating ZAYN FRICKEN MALIK" "WOAH WOAH WOAH," I cut her off. "Were NOT dating." "What ever. Anyways, so your picture is everywhere!!!! and get this!!! here let me read this article about it to you." "Wait theres an ARTICLE?" "Ya theres a lot! Google Zayns new girlfriend. Anyways. here it is. 'One directions Zayn Malik spotted with unnamed girl going on a fancy dinner date. After the date with this mystery girl, Zayn was seen being taken to the hospital after a car crash on Winton Ave. Is Zayn okay? Is the mystery girl the cause of this accident? We'll keep you posted.'" I couldn't believe my ears. Did I do this to Zayn? I was kinda snappy but I didn't mean for this to happen.


Zayns POV

I slowly woke up. The light was extremely bright. There were doctors huddled around me. I couldn't see too well. Everything was blurry. My head is KILLING me. I thought. Finally I can see clearly. "Where am I?" I asked. "He's awake." One of the doctors said. Not giving me a defiant answer. "Your at the hospital." Another doctor said. "What? Why?" "Get your rest." The man said. All of the doctors scurried out of the room. I groaned in annoyance. I looked around to room. I was sitting in a big bed. I'm in this weird hospital cover up. Its really uncomfortable. Theres a syringe in my arm and my other arms wrapped in bandages that had lots of blood stains seeping through. I can't see my legs because they are covered by a thin sheet. I felt the bandages on my head along with dried and fresh blood smeared and streaming down either sides of my face and across my forehead. What had happened? The TV was on, but I had no idea what the show was. So out of boredom I drifted off to sleep

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