(For one of my besties Sydney.) Sydney got cheated on multiple times by her boyfriend. And to get over the pain of breaking up with him she gets a little drunk witch is how she ends up meeting Zayn. Will she get back with the guy who hurt her time after time or fall in love with a stranger.


5. 5

Zayn's POV

I can tell. I can tell shes uncomfortable. How do I show that I'm not weird. Its my fault. I payed the bill and she hurried out. We rode in silence. When I dropped her off at her house I took her hand before she got out. She spun around. "Hey.... uh I had fun. We should do that again sometime." I could tell she didn't think i meant the dinner, which is what I meant. "Psh okay." She said sarcastically. "No thats not what I.." She had shut the door before I finished. She walked away. "Ugh shit." I cussed to myself throwing my arms down on the wheel along with my head. Great. I ruined it already. I became mad.I slammed my foot on the gas, probably to hard, but I didn't care. I just need to get home. I pulled out my phone and called Liam. "Come to my house as soon as possible." I hung up. I stopped at a red light. It seamed like the light was red forEVER! I became more and more mad. I didn't look very well but I slammed on the gas. Suddenly I saw two head lights coming for me. "HONKKKK" I looked over. Thats all I remember.



Sydney's POV

I walked inside and and through my shoes and bag to the side. Unzipped my dress while walked to my bedroom. Throwing on a tee shirt and pj pants and falling onto my bed. I just need to forget about this. I can't deal with this right now. So I went to sleep.


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