(For one of my besties Sydney.) Sydney got cheated on multiple times by her boyfriend. And to get over the pain of breaking up with him she gets a little drunk witch is how she ends up meeting Zayn. Will she get back with the guy who hurt her time after time or fall in love with a stranger.


4. 4

Sydneys POV

Zayn decided the restaurant to go to. When we pulled up I said, "I've never been here before. I've never had enough money." He had taken me to one of the most expensive restaurants around. Witch I think is kind of romantic and cute. i mean He must really want to impress me. He put his arm out and I took it. Poparitzie was everywhere, But I didn't mind. I also knew that our pictures would be every where. When we got seated I decided to order something not sloppy or messy so I didn't look like a mess. And the only reason Im acting this polite is if I do end up liking him, he wont think Im a slob. But I don't think he's my type. I love a good bad boy but he's in a boy band. I'm pretty sure he's not that bad. wow I sound like a bitch. Zayn kept starring at me. "What?" I asked. He shook his head and smiled. Hes not that talkative. I laughed and nodded. "Tell me about yourself." He said. I looked up. "Uh what do you wanna know?" "Anything." I shifted in my seat. "Uh okay. Um I have a sister named Kayla. Um, I love sports and modeling. Um. I dunno....." Wow my awkwardness is showing a little. He chuckled. "What?" I said. "Nothing." "So what about you?" I asked. "Well I'm in a band called One Direction. Uh I have only sisters. And thats about it." I smiled awkwardly. The silence was killing me. I didn't like it. He was just looking at me. I'm not sure why though. Finally our food came. The longing look of this feast must have been obvious since Zayn started laughing. "What?" I asked he shook his head.

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