(For one of my besties Sydney.) Sydney got cheated on multiple times by her boyfriend. And to get over the pain of breaking up with him she gets a little drunk witch is how she ends up meeting Zayn. Will she get back with the guy who hurt her time after time or fall in love with a stranger.


1. Drunk

Warning strong language, sex, beer are in this story. 13 and up only.

Sydneys POV

"Hey where are you?" I texted my boyfriend Tristan. "Just hanging out with some of my friends." I read. I looked up at him. Little did he know that I was standing right behind him watching him make out with some random ass girl. "I gotta go love ya." He sent me. I pulled my long blonde hair out from my ponytail and marched over to him. I whispered in his ear "Having fun." With my remark he jumped up startled pushing the girl away slightly. "Oh Sydney hey this isn't what it looks like..." I cut him off. I took a sip of my tall glass of beer putting my free hand on my hip. "Oh really? Is this the friend you were talking about? How long have you been with THIS one? A day? A few hours? Or is she just another one night stand? Oh I know. I don't actually give a fuck." I said backing him up. "Baby come on calm down.." He said putting his hand on my arm. "DON'T TOUCH ME!" I yelled. "Babe your just drunk. Your seeing things." "Honey I'm not drunk yet and I'm not seeing things but you will be." I threatened. The girl came over realizing what was going on. She had a beer in her hand too. After I backed him up I dumped the entire glass of beer on Owens head and so did the other girl. Then I whispered, "Oh by the way were over." Thats when all of my anger rushed out of me and I punched him in the nose. He tried to play it cool by standing up and saying whatever and leaving with his friends. After he had left the girl turned to me. "I'm really sorry, I didn't know he had a girlfriend!" She said. "Save it hun. You did me a favor." She nodded and left with her friends. I sat down at the beer counter and ordered another beer. A tall guy with dark hair sat down next to me. My mascara was smeared a little since I'd been crying. "Rough night?" He said taking a sip of his beer. I did a weak laugh. "Ya. You can say that." I said. "Let me guess. You were dating some asshole and he cheated on you again." I looked at him. "How did you..." He cut me off. "Thats usually what happened when I see a girl crying in a club. Or their just so drunk that they don't know whats going on." I laughed. "I'm Zayn. Zayn Malik." he said holding out his hand. I took it. "I'm Sydney. Sydney Hunter." I replied. 


After about three more beers I was really drunk. I actually don't drink a lot nor do I come to clubs. But Right now Is in exception. All I remember is telling Zayn all about what happened and about all the times he cheated me and thats it. Then I woke up.

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