Breathless, Speechless, In love

Alison is 18 she doesn't have the best life... her mother drinks and smokes, her father only visits once a month, and she becomes friendless for a while... Until she meets Zayn


1. Intro

**Ali's P.O.V**

I woke up smelling weed... Mum's smoking again. I dragged my feet into the bathroom and brushed my hair and teeth. "Ali! Tom's coming over today!" Mum yelled from upstairs. Mum always referred to Dad as Tom he tried helping her and taking her to rehab and she divorced with him for that reason. I ran downstairs and into the kitchen where Mum was smoking. "Good morning Mum! What time is Daddy coming?" I asked. She gave me a disgusted look. "He's coming at the usual, 1:00 PM." She said. "Can I go to Juli's house until then?" I asked. "Yeah get out the house." She said not looking at me. I ran upstairs into my room that was infested with One Direction posters. I put on a pair of light blue ripped skinny jeans and an old white shirt. I grabbed my brand new converse and my superman snap back. I got my wallet and started my walk to Juliana's house. I took the short cut into the woods. I walked along the trail I made. I began hearing the sound of someone following me. I turned around and no one was there. I continued walking. Again I heard someone behind me. This time I just ignored it. "BOO!" Juliana yelled jumping on my back. "You little turd!" I said laughing and throwing her off back. Juliana had crystal blue eyes with blonde hair and pink tips. "Okay so I was walking in town on my way here and I saw this bloke walking into the shoppe I followed him in there and he turned around!!!" Juli squealed. "...So?" I asked jumping into our hidden tree house. "THE BLOKE WAS LOUIS TOMLINSON!" She said jumping around. My jaw dropped. "Okay so I asked him what he was doing and he responded.. And I quote 'Why we're doing a concert here love.' So I ran out and came here!!" She tried saying in one breath. "Okay well what are we doing here?! Let's go see if he's still there!" I squealed jumping out of the tree and running into town. "WELL WAIT FOR ME!" She said sprinting up to me. 

When we got into town I looked left and right to see if I could spot any of the boys. "Ali... You know what this means?" Juliana asked. I shook my head in disagreement "We're gonna sneak in." She said nodding with a grin on her face. I sighed and nodded. "What time." I asked. "7:45 PM at my house I'll drive us there." She said walking off to her house. I sighed and walked into the corner shoppe. I got some popcorn and old movies for Dad and I to watch together. I payed for the movie and popcorn. Just as I walked out the door someone bumped into me. "I am so sorry love!" His thick Irish accent said helping me up. I looked up at him. Niall James Horan of One Direction. "Are you okay?" He asked. "Umh.. Uh.... Yeah! I'm sorry I've got to go." I said rushing out the door and running home. 

I slowly opened the door and the first thing I heard was Mum and Dad arguing. "HOW COME YOU AREN'T WATCHING YOUR DAUGHTER!" Dad yelled at Mum. "WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL SHE'S A SMART GIRL SHE KNOWS ABOUT NOT TALKING TO STRANGERS!" Mum hollered back. "I'm taking her home with me next week." Dad said lowering his voice. With tears down my face I ran upstairs locking the door behind me. I buried my face into my pillow. "Alison? Hunny... I'm sorry." Dad said at the door. I slowly opened the door for him. "Daddy... I don't want to go. I want to stay here with Juliana." I said crying. "I know you do but this area.. It's not safe here dear." He said hugging me. His phone rang and he walked out the door. He came back 2 minutes later. "Ali I've got to go I'll be back in a week to take you home." Dad said kissing my forehead. "Daddy... I love you." I said quietly. "I love you too sweetie." He whispered. I fell asleep for about an hour and woke up to see Juliana poking my face. "...Stop!" I said swatting her hand away from my face. "Okay well we gotta go!" She whispered pulling me off my bed. "Wait!" I said alarming her. "My snap back." I said giggling. "Come on you dweeb!" Juliana said messing up my hair. 

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